The Droid Life Show: Late as Hell CES 2016 Recap

Since CES was last week, and we almost always have a blast that needs to be shared, we figured even if this is about 5 days late, it’s time for a CES recap show from Tim and I. Look, we know that CES is 99.9% boring from an Android standpoint these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other tech stories to share, our personal experience stories to share, and all that jazz.

Today, we’re doing our special CES 2016 show where we’ll talk about Binge On drama (it started at CES!), Motorola branding news, all the VR happenings (because we tried a lot of it), the new wave of smartwatches, what we did for our annual CES dinner, if we ran into any random celebrities (sorry, no Dennis Rodman this year), and more.

Join us at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern) for the fun. And no, this doesn’t count as episode 100.

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below. We have a video embed as well, along with an IRC chat. Also, we’ll be chatting through the YouTube feed too.  (more…)

RIP, Motorola. Well, Sort Of. (Updated: Statement From Motorola)

The Motorola brand name will soon be phased out by Lenovo, as the company tries to unify its phone products under one name. Lenovo will be the company name on Motorola phones in the very near future, according to Motorola COO Rick Osterloh, who spoke with CNET here at CES. It’ll be a slow phaseout, but don’t be shocked if the next Moto flagship doesn’t say “Motorola” anywhere on it.  (more…)

New Balance to Launch Android Wear Device Designed by Runners

New Balance is ready to get into the age of digital sport, tracking, and community. Through an announcement at CES, New Balance states that it is opening up the New Balance Digital Sport division “dedicated exclusively to connecting consumers with the technology they desire to improve their athletic performance.” The first product from this new division will be an Android Wear smartwatch designed “for runners by runners.”  (more…)

Quick Look: New Huawei Watches, the Elegant and Jewel

After cruising around the Huawei booth and spending time with the company’s new tablet, we also snapped a few pics of their new Huawei Watch models, the Elegant and Jewel.

Created with a feminine flair “for ladies,” the Jewel and Elegant feature slimmer bands, sparklier curved cases with rose gold, and new watch faces, along with the premium specs of the original Huawei Watch. Nothing else is all that different from the original, so really, just think of these as slimmer and trimmer alternatives to the more masculine model. Well, and don’t forget that the Jewel has actual Swarovski crystals in it. Boom.  (more…)