Samsung Will Reveal “Very Soon” the Root Cause of the Note 7 Battery Issue

This afternoon, during their official press event for CES 2017, Samsung took the stage for the first time since the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Their opening remarks addressed the recall directly, noting how “challenging” the past year has been. Samsung Electronics America president Tim Baxter also suggested that the company is close to revealing the cause of the phone’s battery failures.  (more…)

CES Press Day: Watch Samsung’s Press Event Live Right Now

Alright, the big event of CES 2017 press day is here – Samsung takes the stage in moments. This is always the biggest of them all, even if that has meant a focus on TVs and other electronics outside of mobile in recent years. Samsung is just that damn big and people show up to see what they have in store for the coming year.

Should we expect anything at all in the mobile field? That’s tough to say, but I’m leaning towards “No.” There is always a chance that a random tablet or something shows up, but Samsung seems ready to talk QLED TVs and appliances for 2017. Samsung saves its mobile announcements for stand-alone events later in the year or MWC. Whatever happens, though, we’ll pass along word.

The live stream – which we’ve included above – kicks off at 2PM Pacific.

TCL Made a Blackberry Phone Powered by Android, With a QWERTY That Looks Nice

This week at CES, TCL, the company who essentially bought Blackberry’s handset business to continue pushing the brand into a physical form, showed off a prototype device that is powered by Android and includes the classic Blackberry physical QWERTY keyboard. They aren’t saying much about it, but did let select press get their grubby little blogger hands on it. This is what we know.  (more…)

CES Press Day: Watch LG’s Press Event Live Right Now

LG is about to kick off press day here at CES 2017 at 8AM Pacific. It looks like they will live stream the fun, so we’ve included the video above to get you in on this action too.

What will LG announce? On a mobile front, probably not much. Prior to CES, LG announced a new K series line of phones, plus some new TONE audio products, which likely means this press event will focus on the rest of LG’s range of offerings. We should see their new TVs and TV tech, an update on their high-end line of appliances, more on home audio speakers, and maybe even some vacuum stuff.

We’re at press day all day today, reporting back with the goods.