Verizon’s HumX Gets Google Assistant Integration

Verizon Hum Google Assistant

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Verizon’s HumX, their connected car solution that keeps track of car diagnostics, location, gas mileage, and more, is getting Google Assistant, the company announced at CES 2019.

For those not familiar, HumX is an accessory that costs $69 and requires a $15/mo service payment. That gets you LTE connectivity for hands-free calls, NumberShare, and a hotspot for passengers to access. It provides you with vehicle diagnostics, responds to crashes, can get you roadside assistance, and allows you to share your location with friends and family.

It’s made up of the car diagnostics dongle and a Bluetooth connected speaker that you can attach to something like your driver-side visor. It has an app too, so you can always check on car info.

How does Google Assistant play with HumX? With Google Assistant, you can ask Google to perform HumX actions, like locate a vehicle, access trip history, set a speed alert, and get a vehicle’s fuel status.

Verizon says you’ll be able to buy HumX with Google Assistant in Q1 of this year. For those who already own the 2nd gen model, an update will be automatically pushed to your device with Assistant onboard.

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