Sure Thing, Guys: Google and Sonos Say Again That Google Assistant Support is Coming

Sonos Google Assistant

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At CES today, Sonos and Google are back together, announcing that Google Assistant support isĀ finally coming. They’ve been saying this off and on for a year and a half now, and this comes after the previous update on the situation from Sonos at the end of 2018. Headlines today suggest the time has come, but we’re really in the same spot today that we were yesterday and a year ago.

Here’s the news today – Google talked a lot about Google Assistant today because a lot of fun Assistant stuff has arrived (like this and this). Sonos and Google Assistant support is not one of those things, they’ve just further acknowledged that some day, Assistant and Sonos will be friends. The Sonos One and Sonos Beam will get Google Assistant. We’re pretty sure. Like, this is said to happen in 2019, which we were told a couple of months ago after being told the holidays were the time.

In what might be even bigger related news, Google announced that they’ll find a way to bring Assistant to older Sonos models too, saying “earlier speaker models will be updated to work with the Assistant.” We don’t know exactly how that’ll work, since I’m not sure any of those older models have microphones, but we’ll take it.

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