Deal: Moto 360 With Metal Band Just $149 at Best Buy

A few weeks ago, Motorola and its retail partners dropped the Moto 360 to its lowest price yet at $149 for leather band models and $199 for metal band models. Today, Best Buy took it a step further and dropped metal band versions to $149 as well. That’s a pretty substantial discount, especially when you consider the fact that Motorola is still charging $199 for metal variants.

Keep in mind that a new Moto 360 could be here any day. We’ve seen it cruise through the FCC and show up accidentally on Motorola’s Instagram account.

But if you want a great deal on what is still the best looking Android Wear watch on the market, now would be the time.

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Did Motorola Just Tease the New Moto 360 on Instagram?

It’s not a stretch to say that many people have been waiting on the arrival of the next Moto 360 from Motorola. After what appeared to be a massive leak in March from Lenovo’s CEO, to FCC filings just a couple of weeks ago, we should be pretty close to an official unveiling.

Today on Instagram, Motorola posted a short clip featuring a Moto 360 with an unreleased design, but identical to the one detailed back in March. It features the Power button on the top right side of the bezel, as well as lugs to connect the bands. Looking back into previous Moto 360 posts on the account, Motorola has been very good about renders they use for the device, so a slip up like this makes us very curious.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Which New Phone are You Buying?

Within the last month, we have been introduced to four new flagship phones – the Moto X Pure Edition, OnePlus 2, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 Edge+. While those phones will either be here in days or a couple of weeks, we also are expecting new Nexus devices within the next few months. Toss in the iPhones that should be here next month and this really is a pretty incredible time to be in the market for a new smartphone.

We’ll have time for official reviews of each as we receive them to hopefully help you decide, but if you were deciding today, which phone would you buy?

Which New Phone are You Buying?

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Moto X Pure Edition Will be Available Starting September 3 (Updated)

Motorola, via Twitter, just announced that its new flagship phone for 2015, the Moto X Pure Edition, will arrive September 3. Previously, Motorola would only state that the phone was coming in September, which left a few of us worried that it might not arrive until the end of the month. With September 3 now set in stone, you only have three more weeks to wait.

You have to be excited, right?  (more…)

Moto G (3rd Gen) Review

It’s not that we are too good for them or don’t see their importance, but we typically don’t review mid-range Android phones like the Moto G (3rd gen). We tend to stick to the high-end guys, the ones that most of our readers get all sorts of opinionated about after flocking toward with wads of cash. But there is something different about the new Moto G. Not only is it the 3rd version of Motorola’s most successful phone of all time, but it’s also impossible to ignore. This is a sub-$200 phone that bests many $400 and above phones in performance, battery life, and style.

Since receiving a review unit a couple of weeks back, I’ve spent enough time with and without the new Moto G (3rd gen) to share some final thoughts. And while this is a step out of our comfort zone, I think you’ll see why after reading this that we decided this one was worth a deeper look.

This is our Moto G (3rd gen) review.  (more…)

Motorola on Stagefright: New Phones Have Patch, Working on Updates for Current Phones (UPDATED)

With Google, Samsung, and LG all weighing in with their plans to address not only the Stagefright vulnerability, but also security going forward on Android, we reached out to Motorola to see what they plan to do. In short, like the rest of the manufacturers of the world, they take the security of their customers “extremely seriously.”

In a statement sent to Droid Life, Motorola said that all of their new phones announced last week “will have the StageFright patch integrated into the software.” The new Moto G (3rd gen) will get the patch “soon.” As for their current crop of phones, they have already begun “working to integrate, test, and deploy the patch” for “many” of the devices that recently saw updates to Lollipop.  (more…)