Motorola’s MA1 Wireless Android Auto Adapter is $30 Off

Motorola MA1

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If you happen to own a car with Android Auto, but that Android Auto experience is not of the wireless type, a device like the Motorola MA1 seems like a no-brainer. As we slide into this new year, the MA1 is already on sale with a solid discount to help make your smart car experience (hopefully) simpler than ever.

For those not familiar, the Motorola MA1 is a wireless Android Auto adapter that plugs into your car – which has to be equipped already with Android Auto – and beams that experience’s connection from your phone, wirelessly. The idea here is that life in your car is easier if you can simply get in and Android Auto fires up without you needing to plug your phone in.

A number of cars now have wireless Android Auto built-in, but there are likely thousands of models of cars released years ago that do not, yet do have the wired Android Auto experience. This brings them into the future.

This Motorola MA1 typically retails for around $100, but at the moment can be had for $69.99. That’s a decent $30 discount! As far as I can tell from an Amazon price tracker, this is the best price it has ever been at.

While I haven’t tested the device (no car with Android Auto here), the reviews almost everywhere are quite positive. The makers if this device appear to have done a pretty darn good job.

Oh, and for those confused at how Motorola factors into this, no, they did not make this device. Well, the Motorola you know that is owned by Lenovo and makes phones, does not make this. This is a product made by a company you’ve never heard of who licensed the Motorola name because the brand still has some pull in the tech space.

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