Motorola on Stagefright: New Phones Have Patch, Working on Updates for Current Phones (UPDATED)

With Google, Samsung, and LG all weighing in with their plans to address not only the Stagefright vulnerability, but also security going forward on Android, we reached out to Motorola to see what they plan to do. In short, like the rest of the manufacturers of the world, they take the security of their customers “extremely seriously.”

In a statement sent to Droid Life, Motorola said that all of their new phones announced last week “will have the StageFright patch integrated into the software.” The new Moto G (3rd gen) will get the patch “soon.” As for their current crop of phones, they have already begun “working to integrate, test, and deploy the patch” for “many” of the devices that recently saw updates to Lollipop.  (more…)

Moto X Play Already Up for Pre-Order at Clove UK, Forget US Compatibility Though

The Moto X Play, Motorola’s new mid-range device that might be the battery king of the world, is now up for pre-order at Clove UK, with an expected ship date of around August 25. That’s only a few weeks away, in case you didn’t realize that we were already a week into August. At a price of £225.00, US customers are looking at roughly $348 should they decide to import one, because as you may recall from Motorola’s announcement of the X Play – it won’t be coming to the US any time soon.  (more…)

OpenSignal Posts 2015 Android Fragmentation Report

Note: Every year, OpenSignal publishes an Android Fragmentation Report, detailing a few conceptions about the relationship between how many different devices there are on the market to how this makes developing for Android more difficult. Everything from OS fragmentation to screen size fragmentation is measured, but in actuality, Google has released countless tools for developers to minimize any hardship there is to get an app working on any and all supported Android devices. Long story short, we enjoy these reports for the pretty graphs detailing all of the phones, not the misleading talk on how Android is a fragmented mess and is scaring developers away. Enjoy.

Fragmentation is an interesting word to Android users. It used to represent how bad Android was with regard to OS updates and app development, but it’s really just the nature of having a free OS available to any OEM that wants to use it. Yes, Google does its best at making updates readily available for OEMs who want to implement them, and powering developers with tools to create the best apps they can regardless of a device’s screen size, but according to the latest Android Fragmentation Report posted by OpenSignal, there is still a long ways to go.  (more…)

Here are Moto Maker’s Options for the Moto X Pure Edition (2015)

The Moto X Pure Edition is set to launch in September here in the US, but if you want to get a head start on the many ways you can customize the device through Moto Maker, the below image can help.

As shown, there will be four leather options, four wood options, and 10 CSR + Pattern options. For leather, customizers can choose between Red, Natural, Cognac, and Black, while those fond of wood can have either Bamboo, Walnut, Ebony, or Charcoal Ash.  (more…)

Motorola Updates Moto App on Google Play, Brings Auto Location and Activity Adjustment

An updated version of the official Moto app from Motorola is available to download on Google Play, bringing a feature perfect for those who attend the movies every once in a while.

With the update, Moto 3.0 adjusts to both places and activities. For example, if you head to the movie theaters, you can set that location for the device to recognize, and it will automatically silence itself for the duration of your stay.  (more…)

We All Need Motorola’s Direct-To-Consumer Approach With the New Moto X to Succeed

Whether or not you plan to buy the new Moto X Pure Edition when it arrives in September, you should be rooting for Motorola to sell record numbers of them. This new direct-to-consumer approach from a brand like Motorola is something that could help continue to change this industry for the better if it were to succeed. Sure, there are pretty substantial benefits to be had here in the short run if you buy their new flagship, but we could all see some real benefits in the long run. (more…)

Motorola “Smart Watch” Hits FCC, Presumably the Next Moto 360

According to a published filing on the FCC website, it appears a possible sequel to last year’s Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola just went through its paces. With test reports filed for Bluetooth and WiFi (802.11b/g/n), and the details stating that testing took place on a “smart watch” for Motorola Mobility, evidence suggests we may not be too far away from the company’s followup wearable.  (more…)