Upcoming Moto Razr’s Massive Cover Display the Future of Flip Phones?

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A new look at what is presumed to be the latest iteration of the Moto Razr has the interwebz chattering. Heck, I haven’t laid a finger on a single one of the foldable Razr phones and this new look even has me talking. As evidenced in leaked images of the device, Motorola’s newest Razr could sport a massive cover display, making for what could actually be usable space on the outside shell. Is this a game changer?

Shown in the renders, the front cover could be capable of doing much more than just notifications and the time. There are app shortcuts, as well as navigational buttons, meaning there may even be an actual UI for people to go through to do any number of things. The point is, the front cover doesn’t look like just a little square box with a clock. This is real, usable space on the outside.


Now, let’s not get carried away. It’s not as if I’ll want to do all of my business on the cover display, but the fact is, my concern with these flip phones in general is that I essentially always have to open them to get anything done. With a cover display of this size, I may actually be able to do a lot of tasks right from the cover, without ever having to open the phone. In my mind, that’s a big win.

Bring it on, Motorola.

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