Tonight is the Home Run Derby, Go Grab the App and Play Along


MLB’s All Star Week kicks off tonight with the Home Run Derby. To celebrate, the MLB launched an official Home Run Derby app to Google Play today, letting players take control of today’s hottest hitters. The game features some pretty sweet graphics and for being free, is actually quite fun to play.  (more…)

MLB At Bat Updated for the All Star Break, Brings Push Notifications for Teams


We are nearing the half way mark for the MLB season, meaning it’s not too late for them to push out new features for the official At Bat 13 app on Android. Inside the update, which is numbered version 2.3.0, fancy push notifications can be set for whichever team you would like, allowing for pings on when games start/end, there is a lead change and also when there are video highlights.  (more…)

MLB At Bat Lowered to $3.99 as Season Starts Dwindling Down to Playoffs

I don’t know about all of you, but my San Francisco Giants are killing it in their division, which means we can almost taste the playoffs this year. And as the season starts coming to its close, the official MLB At Bat application has been lowered down from a full $10 to the price of just $3.99. For those who have been waiting for the right time to strike on this app, this might be it.

With the paid version you can watch highlights, in-progress videos, and much more, making the $4 worth it if following some pitch-by-pitch text field isn’t good enough.

How’s your team doing?

Play Link ($3.99)

MLB At Bat 2012 Now Available in the Android Market

Baseball fans, the season openers are right around the corner. It’s now time to start getting ready with the official MLB At Bat 2012 application. Stay on top of your favorite teams no matter what city they are in with the ability to watch videos, listen to games, and track all the stats of your favorite franchises. Many argue about the $15 price tag, but that is just the name of the game when it comes to these officially licensed applications.

For those not looking to spend that much, last season they introduced the ‘Lite‘ version of At Bat, which suits most people just fine. Ice Cream Sandwich is supported, so Galaxy Nexus owners should have no problems putting this app through the paces. Let’s play ball!

Market Link ($14.99) | Market Link (free)

Amazon Free App Of The Day: MLB’s At Bat ’11

Now this is the type of application I need to see, as my SF Giants need to put in some serious work to have a repeat of last year.  At Bat ’11 is the must have app for all baseball lovers as we’re getting closer to the postseason.  The application once ran $15 last year, then they dropped it to $7 and there it has stayed. And now you can grab it for free thanks to Amazon.

At Bat ’11 lets users follow their favorite teams, watch videos, and read plenty of analyst’s opinions.  All in all, the app is fantastic – so if you haven’t already purchased it, go pick it up now.

Amazon Direct Link

I am a Giants fan to death, but what’s your favorite team?