AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Hit FCC

Once Samsung announce the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in Barcelona on February 21, the world will be anxiously awaiting their arrival for purchase at local retailers and carriers. Early reports suggest that March 11 could be the day that Samsung’s new flagships arrive in stores, but before that happens, we need to see pieces fall into place – like each stop off at the FCC for approval. Today, that happened.

According to FCC documents for Samsung devices under model numbers SM-G930 and SM-G935, we should be all set for launch. As a reminder, the Galaxy S7 is SM-G930 and the S7 Edge is SM-G935. The FCC IDs for each are A3LSMG930US and A3LSMG935US, respectively.  (more…)

Android Wear Update Incoming: Will Introduce New Gestures, Speaker Support, More

An update for Android Wear was announced this morning by Google and will start to rollout to all watches over the “next few weeks.” The update will introduce expanded functionality to items like voice actions and gestures, but will also activate the speaker (for those with speakers) that has been hidden for months inside of select devices.  (more…)

Amazon Echo Gains Spotify Support

Amazon Echo, the cylindrical speaker tube that some of us have in our kitchens to keep time on Shake’N Bake chicken, now works with Spotify. If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber and own an Echo, you can tell it to play any playlist, artist, or genre in Spotify’s catalog. Also, Echo also supports Spotify Connect, which means you can jump from your Echo listening experience to the Spotify app without missing a beat.

“Hey, Alexa, play Taylor Swift on Spotify.” Nope.  (more…)

LG G5 Confirmed for February 21 Unveiling

The LG G5 is coming to MWC on February 21. LG confirmed that the device will arrive in a couple of weeks, along with the name, through a Tweet posted to their official Twitter account this afternoon. The Tweet is accompanied by three images that all show off the number “5” in some form, along with the hashtag #LGG5.

We knew that LG was hosting a major press event at the conference and assumed that this phone would be the star. I guess we no longer have to assume.  (more…)

Google Safe Browsing Now Protects You From Those Shady, Fake “Download” Buttons

Google’s Safe Browsing team is continuously looking for ways to protect your browsing experience from creepy bad guys on the internet. As recently as December, they announced that their technologies now protect hundreds of millions of users who have chosen Chrome for Android as their browser of choice. They are also attempting to warn users before they enter a website that may be mimicking a trusted entity or that will try and get you to do something like share a password.

In the latest update from the Safe Browsing team, Google announced that websites with social engineering that could lead you into doing something you probably don’t want to do, like clicking a deceptive button or ad, will be flagged and show warnings before you enter them.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 100

Today is the day! After putting it off for what seems like a solid couple of months, we are finally sitting down for the official episode 100 of the Droid Life Show. It might have taken us a good 3 or so years to get here, but we made it and sometimes, that’s all that matters…or something.

On today’s episode, we probably won’t talk much about current affairs. While the Galaxy S7 and G5 are around the corner and quite exciting, we thought we would instead use episode 100 to reminisce a bit about Android and the past 6+ years of Droid Life’s existence. Seriously, we’ve been around for that long! The show will feature Tim and I, along with Ron (probably for the last time). We’ll talk about our favorite Android phones and moments or OS updates, random travel memories, and more.

Along with the show, we are celebrating the occasion with some giveaways as well. How does a gold Nexus 6P sound? Yep, you could win one of those. We also have a few hundred dollars in Google Play credits to hand out too. Exciting, right? To enter to win, we’ll update this post right around show time with Rafflecopter widgets that will give you instructions.

Join us at 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern) for the fun.

If you miss us live, feel free to subscribe to us by following one of the links below. We have a video embed as well, along with an IRC chat. Also, we’ll be chatting through the YouTube feed too.   (more…)