Download: 25 Wallpapers From the OnePlus 2

The OnePlus 2 may not arrive until August 11, but one of their lead OxygenOS designers just handed out the phone’s wallpapers ahead of time to “keep the hype up.” There are supposed to be 27 wallpapers in the bunch, but we’re only counting 25. Still, here are 25 free wallpapers that will probably look good on any device, not just the new OnePlus 2.

Below, we’ve put together a mini preview of the lot, but if you head through the download link, you can grab a .zip of all of the papers in full resolution.

You may not be interested in the OnePlus 2, but who can say “no” to hot wallpapers on a Saturday afternoon?  (more…)

Don’t Miss These Android Stories: 7/31/15

Wow, what a week this was. From OnePlus 2 and new Motorola devices to confirmation of Samsung’s arriving in a couple of weeks, the summer just got busier than expected. We also found out about a pretty scary security hole in Android that affects almost all devices, saw lots of evidence of a new Moto 360, and finally answered your questions from last week’s Q&A session.

Be sure to catch up on everything, because there was a lot going on. From hands-on time with numerous devices, to specs lists, to missing features, pricing and availability, you’ll want to know all that happened as we move forward into review periods. You may have a new phone in your future and this is the time to learn everything about what’s on the horizon.

Everything you need to know is linked below.  (more…)

Textra and Chomp SMS Issue Updates That Could Stop Stagefright Attacks

On Monday, a pretty serious security vulnerability in Android’s Stagefright was exposed, one that has left almost all Android phones susceptible to an attack. Of course, at this time, the vulnerability has been kept under wraps and supposedly only shared with Google and OEMs to hopefully get it patched. Unfortunately, patching Stagefright takes a system update that has yet to arrive on anyone’s phone. In other words, even though the vulnerability is known by Google and they have patched things on their end, we are all potentially open to attacks.  (more…)

New, Simplified Invitation Settings are Rolling Out to Hangouts

Googler Jordanna Chord announced via G+ yesterday that they are rolling out new invitation settings to Hangouts over the next day or so. These new settings should “make it easier for folks to communicate,” but from what we can tell, they are really just a simplified version of the current settings. That will surely help making communication easier, but it will hopefully make controlling your settings less of a pain.  (more…)

Android Developers Get Two New Ways to Beta Test Apps

Two years ago, Google introduced beta testing for Android app developers that allowed them to open new features and versions of their apps to users through closed groups on Google+. That beta testing method, even though it can be quite finicky, has apparently been enough of a success that Google has decided to expand upon the beta testing methods available to developers. Today, they are introducing open betas and closed beta that only require emails.  (more…)