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Verizon’s Testman Site Outs LG G3 Sign-Up Early

Not that there was any doubt in our minds that Verizon would be carrying the LG G3 shortly after the device’s unveiling, but Big Red went ahead and confirmed as much through the publicly viewable “testman” page for their online shop. For those new, the “testman” page is Verizon’s testing area for items that will soon hit their main website.

As you can see above, the listing states that the G3 is “coming soon” and that you can sign up to get the latest information, such as pre-order availability, device specifications, and an eventual release date.

Of course, if you click on any of the links, they all point to pages that are not yet live. But hey, feel free to call it “confirmed.” 


Via:  Verizon
Cheers Marco!
  • trob6969

    Why bother making the backcover different colors while keeping the front of the phone black?

  • bogy25

    Link doesn’t appear to be working 🙁

  • droidify

    So not only did they tramp stamp it they also removed the matching trim piece from the chin. That was the best looking part of the design.

  • lasthought

    Would there be any mods to remove the front logo? just wondering…

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  • pyro74boy .

    This could be the phone to beat this year I just hope it has the snapdragon 805 in it because it it does I can buy this phone and have a full year to pay it off even at full retail price and I don’t have to worry about being on a stupid carrier contract and can still have my unlimited data to use as much as I want. I’m in the driver’s seat here, YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Josh

    Man this phone is drop dead gorgeous

    • millyanderson49

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  • chris125

    At least the logo on the back is white so you can’t really see it. Then again logos don’t bother me as much as others on here. I more care about how it performs than a little logo on top.

  • Jared McClain

    I do see a difference in the Verizon version. It seems that the chin will be the same color as the rest of the front of the phone. I like that.

    • joejoe5709

      As long as I can use the same case, I’m happy.

  • dethrow100

    Looks like they changed the chin of the phone. Initial leaks suggested a brushed look to match the backside of the phone. This render looks more traditional. Could the international version carry the change?

  • yummy

    This comment area used to be good toilet reading, now it’s just a toilet

    • Adrynalyne

      You are floating in it considering you commented.

    • joejoe5709

      The weekend always brings out the weirdos.

  • Colton

    Honest question, does Verizon just think that the dude who decides to put the logos on is great? They don’t, at any time, question the appeal of Verizon logos put everywhere? It seems like someone high enough up in Verizon would have noticed the hate/ugliness of this.

    Edit: fixed words

    • joejoe5709

      I doubt that’s how it goes. I don’t think they care at all how their logos look. The bigger, the better. LG could try to throw their weight around but if Samsung can’t do it, LG won’t. At this point, just be happy the buttons are the same.

  • Justin Tierney

    The only thing uglier than the Verizon logo is the LG skin. It makes me prefer Samsung for some reason. Ugh.

    Its a shame because I would love to try an LG phone out, but their UI is horrendous

    • joejoe5709

      LG’s UI is amlost universally recognized as superior to Touchwiz. It’s not AOSP, but it’s far from horrendous. The logos are annoying, but that’s a stupid reason to pass up a phone.

  • Trevor

    I know it gets old when people complain about the logos, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Verizon are just straight-up dicks (that’s what she said?) about it when it comes to their stupid name/symbols. I get the back, that’s fine. But why squeeze it up there on the front, too? That’s just superfluous. Insert SNL Dana Carvey as Tom Brokaw skit here.

    • I don’t mind the LG logo since it’s small, not like Samsung. Its just Verizon one, that it looks out of place again.

    • calculatorwatch

      Hopefully next year LG will manage to make the top and bottom bezels so small that neither they nor Verizon can manage to fit logos on there.

      • Adrynalyne

        They will find other ways.

        Have you seen the new Note 3 boot logo?

        One ginormous red screen with Verizon on it.

        • calculatorwatch

          Yeah, when I was writing that I pictured Verizon just deciding to permanently dedicate a whole section of screen to their logo. But I decided not to mention it cause I didn’t want to be too pessimistic.

    • maxx1987

      obviously i’m not going to consider buying it any less than before i saw that logo, but i agree with what you say, regardless.

    • pyro74boy .

      Do you act the same way about this when you see the logo of the company that made your car on the car? Like it or not when your using your phone on Verizon you are using their network and without it you would not be able to use your phone. Also if this bugs you so much you can go out and get a sticker to cover it up. I hear that people are passing out on many great devices just because of the logo. This by itself is STUPID. I don’t agree with many things that my wireless company does buy this is not one of them.

      • Tee

        Car companies place their logos in normal places in a somewhat classy manner. Verizon does not.

        • pyro74boy .

          My point was and still is that this is such a non issue that I laugh at people still crying over the logo on a phone. The Verizon logo on my Note2 is on the home button and to be honest I don’t even notice it until I focus on the fact and don’t even know its even there. LOL really with all the issues in this word people need to stop all of this nonsense and just move on with their lives. If you don’t like it then just get a sticker and cover it up.

          • Tee

            Or just don’t buy it

          • Tee

            I get really bothered by logos of any kind on the front of a device. It’s constantly in my vision when on the front and distracts and bothers me. I keep looking at it. Being such I won’t get a phone like that.

          • pyro74boy .

            Then just get a sticker and cover it up. I look at my home button all the time and like I said it has the Verizon logo on it and I don’t even notice it’s even there until I focus on it. Really until I wrote this post I forgot it was even there again. LOL I really think that you and many other people are missing out on some great devices if this is the only reason why you passed on every single phone just because the placement of a companies logo. Sad very sad, This is such a non issue and does not effect the performance of any of these phones regardless of who made it.

      • Trevor

        I have the manufacturer logos on car, yes. Those are fine. I promptly took all trash from the dealer off the car, however. I understand the LG logos. I’m not a huge fan of the one on the front, but whatever. It’s the Verizon logos that make me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

        • pyro74boy .

          Let’s say that I was using your network to power my phone [just for example] wouldn’t you want people to know that it’s your wireless network that I’m using? I think people are crying way to hard over this non issue but that’s just my opinion.

      • rawr

        This isn’t the logo of the car manufacturer or the model of the car. This is the dealer decal. Something that shouldn’t be a part of something you bought (which, for cars, I make it a precondition for the sale of any vehicle. That it should not have any branding other than what it came with from the factory).

        • pyro74boy .

          Quit your crying and just go get a sticker and cover it up and move on with your life. If this was your network you know that you would not feel this same way. The Verizon logo is on my home button [BIG DEAL] on my phone and I don’t even notice that it’s even there unless I focus on it. Really this is such a non issue that people like you make me laugh hardcore and are missing out on some great phones if this is the only reason why you decide not to buy a phone. I also will be laughing even harder when someone like you goes out and spends like $5 or $10 bucks just to cover a logo of the company that powers your phone. Really go see a doctor at once if you are going to get mad over such a stupid non issue. For god sakes people grow the F*** up and get real it’s a logo on a phone it’s not the end of the world as we know it. [MAYBE FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO GET MAD AT NOTHING.] Maybe when you remove the logo Verizon should also remove wireless service from your phone as well. LOL

  • Eric R.

    I’m not getting this device just because of the Verizon logos. It reminds me of the Lucid with it on the front in the corner

    • ams165

      Then your an idiot.

      Get some acetone and take it off…

      • Eric R.

        LG didn’t have to put it on the front, just like HTC didn’t put it on the M8

        • Eddie Spageddie

          Cry me a river.

          • Eric R.

            Look at all of the latest flagships on Verizon, none of them have a Verizon logo on the front

          • Eddie Spageddie

            I too would prefer no logo on the front, but it looks like those who buy this phone will have to deal with it. Last year’s LG G2 had the logo on the front as well, but yes many current flagships don’t. Not sure how Verizon decides when and when not to place their logos on the front.

      • Adrynalyne

        Ironic comment.

  • Gebinsk

    I’m glad they put Verizon logos on both sides or I might forget who rapes me every month.

    • michael arazan

      I’m starting to wonder, after reading all the fine print, that after we pay for the phone, that verizon still actually own’s it still

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  • I REALLY REALLY want that wallpaper.

  • just4747

    I’m not gonna get started on the front logo, but I really do not understand and cannot even fathom why they would change the bottom bezel and it is just regular typical black now instead of the back material/color. Why would they change this and have to be different than every single other carrier version.

    • Charlie

      i know this is a “to each his own” issue, but i would welcome the plain black front, with a choice of colors for the back. i got the white N5, and like the fact that there’s no white on the front (except for the ear speaker). i threw a clear-backed Ringke Slim case on it, and it’s all black on the front and white on the back – i think it looks pretty cool, kinda like the black-and-white cookie. lol. if the G3 had matching white on the front, i definitely wouldn’t get it. but, that’s just me, and ymmv…

  • just4747

    Seems to be gone now.

  • SDemo

    Verizon blows.

  • Jim890

    OMG I just creamed my pants when I saw this! I don’t feel like changing now, eh maybe I should.

    • The Narrator

      It will get crusty if you don’t.

      • Jim890

        Yeah; That’s a good idea I should change my brief.


      You are disgusting. This is the lowest point of humanity, when men jizz when fantasizing about electronics.

      • Brady

        You are melodramatic.

  • Tony Byatt

    Tuesday can’t come fast enough…

  • MrDivaNYC

    fail! no USB 3.0

    • The Narrator

      It doesn’t make me coffee! Fail!

      • S Ra

        No, but if it comes with the 801 and lag on the QHD, it would make a good coaster for your coffee.

  • reyalP

    Love how the Verizon branding on the front of the phone can make a nice device look cheap.

  • Has anyone actually been notified when Verizon says you can put your e-mail in for more information?

    • The Narrator

      Nope ha

    • chris125

      Usually you get notified weeks after it is available for launch lol

  • vermiciouskanid

    Hopefully that verizon logo on the glass is on top so can scratch it off

    • CasperTFG

      Verizon’s logo on the G2 was under the screen. Couldn’t be scratched off.

  • Mudokon83

    Have they confirmed Micro SD card slot yet? or we gotta wait until next week announcement

    • The Narrator

      Yes. Confirmed.

      • turdbogls

        keep in mind the Korean G2 model had a few things the US versions didn’t. like a smaller removable battery, SD card, and TV antenne.
        So dont get too excited until we know for sure.

        the US versions might not have an SD, but might have a 3500mah non-removable battery….no one knows for sure what will come in the US G3’s

        sorry to burst bubbles

  • dannyWHITE

    I dont know what I’m most excited for Tuesday. The G3 announcement or the launch of Watch Dogs!

  • jgemberton

    Waiting on those benchmarks (power and performance). Slightly concerned over the pairing of the processor, screen, and battery. Glad the improved the speaker – that’s what kept me from the G2 (slightly deaf older person here). If Moto starts leaking X1 specs soon, I may have to hold out for that, but for now, the G3 is the frontrunner.

    • TheMacerator

      It better come with an 805 because based on GPU testing the 801 will be nowhere as good driving the QHD screen.

      • The Narrator

        800 and below is fine in tablets. Don’t buy it, we’ll enjoy a top phone.

        • D Andr

          Knock yourself out, Junior.

        • No P

          For $700, I want more than “fine”.

          • Macalee Harlis Jr.

            Then wait for the first phone that offers the 805 and buy it..by then though the 810 will be pretty close to production, so maybe you should buy the first phone with that processor instead.

          • Wing Lu

            No thanks, the 810 will be slower than the 805. The 805 is running more powerful Krait 450 adjustable cores, while the 810 (big/little) is Qualcomm half arsed attempt at 64 bit to catch up to Apple’s A7. If the G4 disappoints with the last gen 801 I will hold off for the Apple 6 with the A8 & 5.5″, that processor will probably be 18-24 months ahead of Qualcomm offerings.

      • Eddie Spageddie

        Chances are slim. It seems it will have an 801 with a higher clock. The 805 doesn’t have an LTE modem, and there may not be enough room or time to fit one. This phone is mine regardless.

      • Xavier_NYC

        I’m slightly disappointed that it’s going to pack a 801 vs 805 but if you look at phones like the MOTO X that didn’t have the greatest specs but out performed all of the phones with higher specs. It’s all about UI optimization.. I’ll wait for an MKBHD review before I buy it.

        • pyro74boy .

          The Moto X was one of the most overrated phones to come out last year in my opinion and I know that many people reading this on the D.L site will disagree with me about this and that’s fine but the camera on that phone is a joke I would much rather have the camera on the M8 and I’m not even crazy about that camera. If I wanted a phone with last years specs I would have gotten a phone back then. I do however agree that for the money it is the best value for the buck but I also feel that this is one of the major reasons why it’s so overrated in the first place regardless of the hardware specs. I do agree with you about the 805 and I think that this might be one of the only reasons why I don’t buy the G3 because if it does turn out to have the 801 then I won’t be buying it.

          • Tee

            For real!

    • The Narrator

      It scored a 36000. Higher than current flagships. Don’t worry.

      • Maxim∑

        the S5 also scores well

        • The Narrator

          Never said it didn’t. Just showing how the QHD doesn’t effect processing/etc as much as people are screaming that it does.

          • Maxim∑

            The Galaxy tabs perform nicely without touchwiz on the S800 and thats up to 12.1in so yeah that makes sense. G3 should be fine

          • Ryan

            Physical screen size != resolution. The galaxy tabs have very low resolution, even the latest 10″ barely has a 720p screen.

          • chris125

            The ones he is talking about are the high end ones with the snapdragon800, they also have high resolution screens, Reading is key.

          • HarvesterX

            Anyone who is using the screen size versus processor not handling it is basing their decisions on bad information and I hope they reconsider. When I talked about the ISP yesterday I meant the camera as that’s another good measurement but the 801 will be able to handle things fine. Sure I’d rather have the 805 as that would perform better not its not like the g3 is going to be crippled to the point of not being a top tier device.

            Plus I’m still holding off on a g3 “prime”.

            Btw… Anyone here ever try the browser “Habit”? It’s just beat all Opera variants and UC variants and all other browsers one tried last night (so so many). I recommend giving it a try

    • maxx1987

      i think if the s4 pro can handle a 1080 screen, the 800/801 would be able to manage a QHD. doubt the benchmarks will tell the story anyway.

    • pyro74boy .

      benchmarks are really for bragging rights only in my opinion because they don’t truly show how good or bad any of these phones perform real world everyday tasks. I have seen it before where the phone that scored a higher benchmark still got beat by a lower scoring phone. Now I understand that this is not always the case but many people over look this.

  • ckeegan

    Ah, the good ol’ testman site. Been using it for info since the HTC Apache in like ’07ish.

    • Such

      Ahh the HTC Apache… Now THAT brings back memories!

  • LiterofCola

    This…. or the Silver line edition?

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      If what they reported here pans out, it won’t be until Feb next year. That’s a whole yr difference. Pretty long in tech terms.

    • Charlie

      this may not apply to you, but who says just because Google changes the name of its Nexus line that this means VZW will carry it? or that VZW won’t demand that Google lock the BL’s for its Silver line before VZW will let them on its network?? i mean, this is VZW we’re talking about. just because Google is forward-thinking, this doesn’t mean that VZW is going to change its stripes.

  • The Narrator

    So the Verizon version is slightly different so no two color front.

    • Aooga

      Two color font?

    • Little Billy

      Great gif. LOL!! LMFAO!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Great job once again! Comedic genius!!! Wow, just wow.

      • The Narrator

        Move to Iraq if you don’t like freedom of speech.

        • MicroNix

          If you like posting gifs on every article’s comments section, you are going to eventually get ridiculed. Once in a while is ok but overkill is overkill.

          • The Narrator

            Boo hoo, I’ll keep doing it because it bothers them so much.

          • the fonz

            You are so cool and tough!

        • Abdul Mohammed

          Someone (hint: Narrator) doesn’t understand on the Constitution works. Unionized teacher education?

    • J D

      AT&T version is single color front as well.

  • Qbancelli

    Please DO NOT change the back bottons!

    • Aooga


    • chris125

      Luckily it appears they haven’t this time around

    • Rashad

      They won’t. The only reason why they did last time was because of the exclusive on the wireless charging. Since all of the G3s have wireless charging there is no need to change the back buttons.

      • Ray

        good point

    • Eric R.

      They need to seriously get rid of Verizon Messages. It should be for tablets only.