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Our Report on Verizon’s XLTE Confirmed by evleaks

Earlier this week, we broke news on Verizon’s plans to introduce XLTE, which would be a rebranding of their 4G LTE service in major cities that are putting to use Big Red’s AWS spectrum to help bring data speeds back up to respectable levels. Verizon is telling employees that XLTE is the “brand for the AWS spectrum that advances our 4G LTE network.” We are fully expecting Verizon to unveil XLTE on May 19, this coming Monday.

Today, through an image posted to Twitter, our report has seemingly been confirmed my leakster, @evleaks. Evan posted a promotional image from Verizon that says “Introducing Verizon XLTE – Double 4G LTE bandwidth in cities coast to coast.” 

Sources of ours gave us even deeper details, though. They are as follows:

  • Cities across the country will now have 2X the 4G LTE bandwidth.
  • The network will be capable of “faster peak” speeds.
  • No changes in device settings are needed, nor will there be a new XLTE indicator. Devices will continue to say “4G LTE.” Customers also will not need to upgrade their plans. XLTE should work with your current setup.
  • Not all devices are compatible, but most of the new devices from within the last year should work.

Here is the image from today:

verizon xlte

Via:  @evleaks
  • MattB

    Confirmed. I have a grandfathered Verizon “unlimited” plan and they throttle it like a mofo. I’m only getting 12 mbps down in SD, where VZW’s network in SD is *supposedly* at speeds far above that.

  • Moko

    What ever happened to verizon’s plans for voice over lte ?

  • Raymond Dyne III

    great! you can now fly through that 1gb of data faster than ever…

  • laheelahee

    confirmed MY? confirmed BY?

  • Shadowstare

    So let me get this straight, Verizon is going unleash XLTE that will “double” the bandwidth on compatible devices…on Monday? May 19th? And they haven’t hyped or teased anything? The same company that had Thunderbolt commercials running on all channels for months before they actually turned flipped the LTE switch. And this is supposed to happen Monday?


    • Don’t know if it counts as hyping up but they called me about 4 months ago and offered me a free phone (one of the models capable of using the new network, I picked the Motorola Maxx), with their expressed specific hope that I help seed the new network which was live then in certain parts of New York. That was the pitch anyway, I suspect they just got me to extend my contract looking back, but whatever, the normally $500+ phone did in fact arrive at my doorstep for absolutely zero dollars. It’s been hard to tell a difference if there has been — there’s nothing that flashes ‘You’re on the AWS’ network, but, well, things are pretty fast. I used a Mi-Fi and Hotspot and anything attached to these flies.

  • mofoliar

    well if band 4 is AWS, then htc one max and icon all good.. lets hope!!!

  • Damian

    I just wish they’d announce VoLTE already…..

    • michael arazan

      Their LTE network is strained out now, can’t imagine how it would react to having 70 million using their voice data on top of it. They have 2 different towers one for their 3g/ cdma and one for LTE, and there are far less LTE towers than cdma. They use the bare minmum in LTE towers to label an area “covered” which is why most towers are congested.

      Earning 30 Billion a quarter while paying 0 taxes for the past 4 years, you’d think they’d start reinforcing their LTE network by building more LTE towers, they cost about $250 K each.

  • John

    Will the Lg G3 be compatible? I’m guessing yes but I can’t find what radios are coming with it for Verizon.

    • Cael

      Well it’s not out yet so nobody knows!

      • John

        That has never stopped us from knowing things about phones before!

  • Seth K.

    Anyone out there with a VZW OG HTC One may be disappointed as per HTC and VZW’s sites the OG HTC One does not support AWS band 4. TMobile and AT&T’s version supports it though. Pretty crappy that it does not support it. I am guessing that there is no update that would add that support.

  • JasonWhite

    Is there a list of which cities it will come to?

  • Justin Fosco

    Anyone else having trouble getting in the Google play and gmail apps? They won’t sync and just the upload arrow blinks when I try…

    • John

      I did earlier with play and hangouts but now everything is working again

    • Cael

      Yes, been 3 hours since Play, Gmail, and Drive worked work for me.
      Newsstand is working for me now, Hangouts only messed up for about 1 minute.

      • Justin Fosco

        Yeah I noticed when I clicked on the titanfall app link DL posted and it wouldn’t load.

  • with these speeds i can bang 2gigs in a days time woo!

  • so no go for moto x?…is that confirmed?

    • Matthew DiGiacomo


    • kali bred

      Just searched around and CNET says that the Verizon moto does support band 4 for aws most likely just isn’t on hence the ota that will follow to turn it on

    • Mike Credelle

      I just did a speed test on my Moto X in San Diego and got 60mbps, that is the fastest I have ever seen. I had never seen above 30 before.

  • Danmheadache

    would s4 get this faster speed?

  • Khammy

    This is how they will try to move people of their unlimited data plans…

    • Khammy


      • Ray

        edit button

  • Mikey Styles

    Does this really surprise us anymore? Typical VZW thought process(lulz)……..

  • Just did the homework for myself and other Moto X owners.

    No 2x bandwidth for us:
    “4G LTE bands – 750 MHz (B13)”

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Now you can get to your data cap even FASTER!!

    • ShadowGTX

      Wouldn’t have to worry about data cap if u were with Verizon before. Grandfather unlimited baby <3 also no surprise people would bash verizon. At least they acknowledge their 4g was slowing down and did something about it.

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Until Verizon forces you out of it. It’s coming. That’s why I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over a year now!

        • ShadowGTX

          And you really think t mo wouldnt do that to you later? Verizon used to be garbage not to long ago. In LA area couldn’t even get 2 bars and when I was on Sprint full bars. Verizon fixed their stuff now one of the best networks… it’s when they made changes. If t mo gets as big as they do they will do the same as Verizon or any company would. Don’t kid yourself t mo doesn’t care about the customer they care about the money in their pockets. Also they had plenty of chances to remove mine, and I still got all 4 of my lines unlimited with my best buy 25% off discount when I haven’t worked with BB for over 2 years

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Not for the foreseeable future no. And have you even been paying attention to what T-Mo’s been doing for the past year? All the moves they have been making are to gain customers and keep them happy. I’d rather be a customer for them then stagnant Verizon who still like to control all their phones and overcharges.

          • ShadowGTX

            You are taking about a span of 1 year. So because of 1 year of some changes this means they will stay like this for life? Ofc not we will wait, and see how you talking about t mo in 3-4 years

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Companies don’t implement the kind of radical changes that T-Mobile don’t to just go back on it after a year. You need to get a grip. Sorry you are stuck on Verizon, but stop being so ignorant.

          • BillySuede

            don’t be naive. t-mobile is being aggressive to stay in the game and they are succeeding. that being said, if the momentum continues and they see their numbers in the black consistently, do you really think they are going to continue to be the uncarrier?

            right now, they are enjoying some great pr and making the likes of verizon and at & t alter a couple of their plans but we’re far being at a state where the big two are shaking their boots over t-mobile who are closer to a merger with sprint than they are to overtaking at&t, let alone vzw.

          • BananaBob

            So whats so great about Tmobile? Cause they’re cheap with horrible service?? All i hear is people complain about getting no service, edge, 4G speeds of 8mbps, lousy customer service, etc. Atleast with VZW, I am getting what I pay for. Stellar service everywhere I go. I probably get 5x faster data speeds than you do, have unlimited data, and don’t have to deal with crappy service. I guess some people are just cheaper than others…
            And changes Tmobile have in the past year were? getting rid of contracts? The changes they need the most are to their network, which functions like they’re still in 2008

          • zmr333

            Really? If they care about only money and they don’t care abo—- alright, you know what, I’m not even going to waste my time on trolls anymore. Thank you for letting me let go of some stress.

          • ShadowGTX

            I wouldn’t waste my time trolling on such a topic, but take my comments as you like

          • kali bred

            Lucky basterd lol I had mine for two years after I left home depot but they wanted to do a check of employment and so I lost my discount

        • Allyn K C

          I have no doubt that Verizon will eventually force everyone out of unlimited data – but that could be this year, next year, or in several years. No need to use that as a decision factor on where to get service until it becomes an issue.

          For when that does eventually happen, I do check the signal quality and data speeds of different services at my house when friends come over – as well as asking co-workers about their service at the office. So far, T-Mo signal strength is still pretty poor at my home and marginal at the office – and Sprint is virtually worthless at both locations. That leaves AT&T and Verizon as my only viable options.

          Hopefully, T-Mo can improve things before Verizon forces me out of unlimited. I live in a suburb of a major city, and they do seem to be improving things generally in the area – so hopefully, it’s just a matter of time. But, for now, I’ll stick with my unlimited at Verizon.

        • MicroNix

          LOL, T-Mo is still at 2G at my house. Verizon will be XLTE. You get what you pay for son, get what you pay for.

          • Matthew DiGiacomo

            Really? I pay $56 a month on T-Mobile and get upwards of 40 Mbps up/ 10 mpbs down consistently on LTE. Verizon can’t touch that. But maybe they’ll come close with the gimmicky “XLTE”.

        • j

          I used to think this, but not so much anymore. Unlimited users are a dying breed, and they may just let us hang out for a good while. The only person I know that still has unlimited besides me is my mother! Everyone else caved or didn’t give a crap.

  • joe

    Why are they marketing a frequency band they’re using? Plus, no phone will have 4G XLTE on them. Shouldn’t they just say they’re expanding their network. I’m sure most consumers don’t care what frequency their phone is using but do care if their network of choice is supposedly better for whatever reason.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Gotta have something to show against T-Mo

  • The Narrator

    Just please, don’t have J-Lo speak at the announcement.

    • michael arazan

      It’ll probably be PitBull next.

  • mike

    I slapped an X sticker on the back of my GNEX, next to the 4G LTE logo, and instantly noticed faster speeds.

    • The Narrator

      and the battery drained 2x faster! Experiencing XLTE for 30 minutes was worth it.

      • ToddAwesome

        30 minutes? pfft, with 2 extended batteries maybe!

        • MH

          I had to use 3 to get 30 minutes. Mine must be worn out

          • Rachel David

            I’m sure most consumers don’t care what frequency their phone is using but do care if their network of choice is supposedly better for whatever reason.

    • Ray

      i think that device is outside of the few years mark lol

  • morteum

    So is this supposed to use band 4 or not?

    • I believe AWS is Band 4

    • WCM3

      Didn’t you read the droid-life report a few days ago?