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Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition Appears to be Arriving Any Minute Now

It appears as if a Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S5 will be arriving at any moment now. Google changed out the picture on the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition with an image of the Galaxy S5, today, so we can only imagine the full listing will be updated shortly. If not, then Google has lost its mind – why else would they toss in a picture of the Galaxy S5?

We will keep an eye on it and let you know. 

We should point out that the image they are using is a pretty terrible mock-up of the GS5 GPE. You’ll notice the on-screen keys, coupled with the physical home button. Come on, Google, you are better than that. Or did you mean to do that? Interesting.

Big ol’ image of it can be seen below. Dimples, heart rate sensor, camera placement, design – check, check, check, and check. That is indeed the Galaxy S5.

galaxy s5 google play edition

Play Link

Cheers Jon!
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  • mcdonsco

    And of course no Verizon

  • Anthony Johnson

    really terrible. Why there is a need to add another soft icon of home if Galaxy
    S5 already have hard button on the screen. Well I already got my Galaxy S5 around
    two weeks ago along with qi charger and could say that it is even the best then
    my 6 months old Nexus 5. The feature that I like the most is 2800mAh battery
    that allows me to use it all day long after fully charging it.

  • gotluck

    I love my GPE S4

  • UncleFan

    I wonder if they will give us a way to update the T-Mo S5 to GPe without tripping the Knox flag…..

  • I thought there was supposed to be a Moto X GPE. I know there is a dev edition but thats not the same.

  • No_Smoking

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, I’m new to the cell phone game. But am I understanding correctly that this version is NOT compatible with Verizon?

    • Matt G

      Correct, you will not be able to use this on Verizon

      • No_Smoking

        ahh, dang. Ok thanks!

  • Arthur Dent

    Meh… S5. Give me a G Pad 8.3 GPE at $249 or less and I’m in. The Sony price got chopped big time, let’s see a drop on the G Pad.

  • alan

    In the US, do the GPE devices only work with GSM based carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile)?

    • Aooga

      Only GSM, but not limited to ATT and tmo.

    • Carlos Lopez

      I just checked and judging by what networks they support it looks like only gsm, but if you are comfortable with installing things like custom roms you should be able to get a stock unrooted rom to turn your device into a gpe version

  • Joe

    A review of this one would be nice. I mostly want to see if the lag and occasional complete hangs from the review of the bloated version go away.

    • Carlos Lopez

      they should, i mean the difference was day and night with my s4 and s4gpe

  • virginia662

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  • jeff manning


  • calculatorwatch

    They should call this the S5 Minus Lag!

    • C Sab

      Except I’ve used the S5, it doesn’t lag.

      • Maxim∑

        The gallery does and also pretty large delay on multitasking compared to other phones

        • Carlos Lopez

          unlocking has lag too, i see it all over the device so i can’t wait to turn it into a gpe version with no lag

          • Maxim∑

            probably cheaper to do it yourself too

          • Kane Desousa

            Thanks for being honest, people who think the S5 doesn’t lag has never used a nexus , moto x, or htc one.

          • Jossue Munoz

            I have the S5 and went with the Google Now Experience launcher because Touchwiz does indeed have lag. Its a split second stutter but its there, and can cause frustration when typing quickly or even to unlock with a pin. I’m always having to enter it twice because the lag always misses my first inputs. Anywho, I’ll be converting to S5 or plain out buying the google edition. The lag makes me miss my S4 Google Play edition!

          • mcdonsco

            Thing is, how long will it take to have a STABLE gpe ROM available?

            That’s the only reason I would want to ROM, is for a gpe ROM…but I did the gpe ROM on the m8 and lots of stuff didn’t work right.

          • Carlos Lopez

            I actually have never had any problems on my m7 or s4 versions

      • Marikel

        Except I almost bought an S5, and when the guy at Verizon turned it on the lag was so bad I made him put back and bring me out an HTC One M8.

      • michael arazan

        Home Button Lag, on every device, the most annoying thing ever eating precious seconds out of everyone’s lives one tap at a time

      • mcdonsco

        I own the s5…it does lag. Even scrolling the comments here on chrome lags…didn’t on the m8.

        If a gpe version for Verizon doesnt come out in the coming weeks I’ll be picking up the dev version, at least then I’ll have a factory unlockable boot loader and won’t have to worry about warranty issues running a ROM on it.

  • Pootis Man

    Could they please lower the freaking price of the gs4 gpe!?

  • Derek Duncan

    I guess you do lose 4K recording probably, unless Samsung’s camera app is included.

    • niuguy

      One of the more unnecessary features… The only touchwiz feature I really appreciated was the eye tracking. I wouldn’t mind a GE S5. The great screen and camera without the terrible touchwiz experience? *nods approvingly*

      • Derek Duncan

        not really. I record in 4k and it looks much better than 1080.

        • C Sab


          • hkklife

            With only 16GB internal storage AND losing the TW camera app (and thus the ability to record/write to an SD card) isn’t it basically pointless to think about 4K recording on the GPE variant?

          • Derek Duncan

            well it depends on if the TW camera app is included.

        • niuguy

          Wait. Really? Why would that be? Unless its some camera processing issue it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me how 4k video would look better on a 1080 screen.

          • Derek Duncan

            are you being serious or joking?

          • niuguy

            Totally serious. And I actually consider myself quite astute when it comes to A/V. Not trying be confrontational, bud. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If your screen is 1080 any content over 1080 shouldn’t look any different since its still being displayed at 1080.

          • Derek Duncan

            Ok here’s why. The 4K recording on the Note 3 and S5 record at a much higher bitrate than 1080p recording does. So even if you don’t get the benefit of the higher resolution on a 1080p screen, you get a higher quality recording because the bitrate is something like triple of 1080 recording.

          • Grayson

            The higher bitrate is negated by the fact that 4k video has 4 times as many pixels to store though. The bitrate/pixel is probably lower.

          • niuguy

            Yes. This is true….but probably an equal amount of compression into both videos. I suppose it could look better when put up on a big screen tv but I’d have to see it for myself.

            Anyways, given the small incremental value it could offer to most people and the drastically larger file sizes required, my only point is that its a mostly unnecessary feature that looks really good on a billboard….but will probably move a lot of handsets…

          • Grayson

            He has a valid point. 4k video should, in theory, look the exact same as 1080p video recorded by the same camera sensor when viewed on a 1080p screen. If it looks better, it just means Samsung is encoding the 1080p video poorly and/or improperly.

          • Derek Duncan

            I encourage you to read some Note 3 reviews on this topic.

          • malcmilli

            digital zoom

  • Jeff Miller

    Damn why cant they support/carry the Verizon model (or other way around).

    • Jason Downing

      Wrong question because they most definitely can.

      Correct question… Why won’t Verizon let them?

      Answer — will never get one so it’s time to let go.

      • Jeff Miller

        Kinda what I meant by the other way around

        • don’t you remember the nexus 7 debacle?? Verizon is capable but they don’t want it
          and Google probably doesn’t want to strike deals to get their devices on the network since they sell well enough on their own

          • Dominick White

            Yep they don’t even have the nexus 7 on display. Well at least at the e Verizon stores I have been too

    • ravenofdoom


      Because the GPE program removes the carrier from the picture – the update checks/pulls from the Samsung server rather than from the carrier, and the carrier is not a party to the update approval process. Verizon’s CDMA radios are proprietary, as are Sprint’s… thus the carrier must bundle radio’s/radio updates if need be with the software release… thus the update HAS to go through Verizon. They also allege that they have to test the radios, software for compatibility on their network (which has some truth to it, but by and large… radios can be flashed separately from the OS updates, and so there could have been a mechanism for the manufacturer to update software and for the radios to be updated in a separate parallel update feature from Verizon). GSM is opensource for the manufacturer to release directly with the update.

      Verizon doesn’t want anybody to have control over their proprietary CDMA radios for software updates (thus they mandate they be a part of the software release and ultimately release them), and Google doesn’t want the GPE name to be dragged into the mud with the sluggish + bureaucratic + totalitarian regime that is Verizon.

      It’s a beautiful discordance.

  • Jes

    why is there software buttons on the screen!?

    • Pootis Man

      That’s terrific!

    • litobirdy

      can prolly choose between using that or the capacitive buttons in settings

      • Ben

        Lets not jump to conclusions….could just be a Photoshop FAIL

        • litobirdy

          I htink the htc one google play has the options

          • matt

            it doesnt even have capacitive buttons so thats not possible

          • litobirdy

            sorry I just remembered it was the One plus one phone that has the options for both. i’m thinking this will too

        • Aooga

          Most likely since the button lights are on too.

    • Guest

      they r gone now

    • Joe

      Probably a Photoshop error.

  • Derek Duncan

    will be all over this if finger scanner is included.

    • Pootis Man

      It probably will be included.

      • I think he meant will it work… which is a good question
        given that htc put duo camera stuff in their one m8 i’d imagine Samsung will probably make it work…. hopefully

        • Pootis Man

          That’s what I meant as well. I mean look at the HTC one m8 boom sound software and gallery app. What HTC did was put many of there features from the original m8 to the gpe version as a download or add on via the play store.

    • maysider

      finger scanner is like a written password on your credit card (very iSt*pid)
      but the most important is …………….. EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!