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HTC Follows Motorola’s Lead With Software Updates, Adds Key Apps to Play Store

Over night, HTC pushed live to Google Play a whole bunch of apps for the “All New HTC One” that will be announced in under two hours at events in London and NYC. The apps are BlinkFeed, Gallery, SenseTV, Service Pack, and a companion app for their Fetch accessory. The story isn’t the apps, though, it’s what this move means for HTC devices going forward. 

Fans of the Moto X know that once Motorola started updating system apps through Google Play, that things became instantly more awesome. By updating Active Display, Touchless Control, and the Gallery for the Moto X, Motorola was able to introduce new features and fix bugs for their key apps without having to issue an entire firmware update to the phone. HTC can now do that as well with this move.

Their launcher – BlinkFeed – can see continual improvement without the need of an OTA update, that as we all know, takes months to get through carriers. Their Gallery app, SenseTV (remote and TV service), and Service Pack are all now capable of receiving updates as well, without interference from a carrier.

In other words, you should see new features and updates for your new One often. This could also mean that general OTA updates will be much easier, as HTC doesn’t have to worry about updating to new core apps, since the Play store will take care of that.

Pretty cool move, one that we certainly can’t find fault in.

Oh, the Gallery app listing also mentions that a Google Play Edition of the new One (M8) is on the way, but we already told you that.

Play Links:  BlinkFeed | Service Pack | Gallery | SenseTV | Fetch

  • tbonezx11

    great, except none of the apps are available on any device I own: HTC Amazce on ICS or my Nexus 7 on KitKat…I get it’s not going to work on everything, but what DOES it work on? Says “varies by device…” *annoyed*

  • AbbyZFresh

    This might mean that HTC may be able to update their Android devices faster now that the bloatware are being moved to the Playstore. Looks like HTC took notes from Google and Motorola on this one.

  • This sucks because none of my devices will work.

  • zapote21

    None compatible with my devices…lol

  • HairyLongProng

    nothing new here….another iPhone wannabe…

    • Cory

      You are a moronic twat if you honestly think that

      • HairyLongProng

        sorry the truth upsets you…..

  • they are all compatible with my old GNex. 😛

  • Robert Boluyt

    Smart move by HTC. Doubly so if it means I can uninstall the Blinkfeed crap entirely at some point in the future.

    • Cory

      Blinkfeed is awesome. if you disagree you are worse than a iPhone fanboy

  • Shadowstare

    So, their only compatible with the One? Booooo. I want them on my DNA.

  • Cael

    Of course HTC copies everything else except how to make a thin compact phone with a big battery. Hey HTC, copy LG next time please!

    • j


    • hornayg0rl


      • Cael

        i downvote your name

    • Cory

      You are a fool.

      • Cael

        HTC is.

  • traumadog

    It’ll be a great day when the OEM’s/Carriers are only left with the “core” OS to validate for changes… when all of the functionality – including any basic dialer, messaging, etc – can be updated through Google Play.

  • John Kitchen

    Hopefully this means someone can pull the file and make blinkfeed available for all

  • If Samsung did this I’d have hundreds of app updates every week for all of their bloatware.

    • traumadog

      And theoretically a way to block/remove them entirely.

    • Grizzy

      If Samsung did this then you wouldn’t have to have those hundreds of apps installed unless you wanted them..

  • JayMars84

    I’m looking forward to this phone. I had a One and it was near flawless. Sense looked great, was very clean, and ran perfectly smooth. The TV app was just excellent. Leaps and bounds better than the Note 3. Now to see them following the good things Moto is doing and adding an SD slot, I can’t find a reason to not get it. Especially after cracking my Nexus 5 screen. The bezel is unfortunate but to make it out as the dealbreaker as a lot of people are doing is ridiculous to me.

  • JBartcaps

    It’s amazing how this is just now starting to catch on, it seems like such a logical thing to do, logical for the consumer that is.

  • Rashad

    I am kind of surprised that they didn’t put their camera in the play store as well. I get the feeling that they will have firmware updates to improve camera quality.

    • Ryan Powell

      Might end up there. I believe Motorola slowly added more and more of their apps into the play store. Glad HTC owners can experience this benefit as well.

    • Chris

      Give it time and they may

  • Leonard Wong

    I really like how OEMs start to put application in Play Store and update from there.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. I still wish the 2014 One had a slightly larger screen, smaller bezel and better camera but HTC is at least doing all they can to listen to user feedback (guaranteed support, GPE variants, return of microSD slot). This is a nice and unexpected extra.

      • Hipster Troll Carwash

        It is only guaranteed as long as they are in business. Likely before the 2 years is up, HTC will have a new owner or a new bankruptcy plan.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Too early for the trolliing don’t you think? Unless you’re somewhere in Europe, then carry on.

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    • j

      Yup, this is great. Honestly surprised it’s taken this long though, as Google set the example from day one updating core Android apps from the store like gmail.

      • Leonard Wong

        Yeah! But it is better late than never