HTC’s Website Mentions 1PM Sales Start, 4 Carriers, 4 Colors and Unlocked, Developer and Google Play Editions of New One

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We are moments away from the unveiling at this point, but little details that are helping fully shape the full picture of the “All New HTC One” are still trickling in. We know all about its software features and specs, have seen it in countless videos, and really only needed release information to make this story complete. HTC’s own site may have outed that last item for us. 

According to a “Buy Now” landing page for the HTC One (M8), which seems to be the other official name for this 2014 flagship, the device will indeed be available for order at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific). Should you buy through HTC’s site, you’ll even be upgraded to free express shipping, so that you’ll have your device within a day or two, I’d imagine.

The site also lists out four carrier variants of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. We should point out that once the site is fully live and each of those variants is chosen, that they may have different release times or purchase availability when selected. No matter what, all major carriers are at least listed, which we would assume means that you will be able to purchase the phone with compatibility on them at some point.

In even better news, the landing page also lists out developer and unlocked editions, plus a Google Play Edition. So for the tinkerers in the building, or those who don’t want a device that is specifically tied to a carrier, you’ll have options.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.11.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.12.03 AM

We had previously heard of three color variants – silver, grey, and gold – but this site lists four:  gun metal gray, silver, gold, and black.

And last, the HTC Dot View case is listed as a compatible accessory. Those would be the cases that show patterns of light (like weather and time) from the device through a dotted screen cover – these were leaked weeks ago. If listed, I’d bet that they will be available at launch.

Now, there is always a chance that this info was simply moved over from the original One’s “Buy Now” page, but the colors certainly differ, as does the layout for the page and way in which the device types are listed.

Only hours away! Then this all becomes official.

Via:  HTC
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