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BBM 2.0 Update for Android and iOS Brings Free Voice Calls, Dropbox Integration, and Location Sharing

Are you one of the millions of former BlackBerry users that couldn’t, for whatever reason, let BlackBerry Messenger go? You probably have the BBM app for iOS and Android installed on your devices, then, and will be delighted to hear that an update with new features in tow will be made available for download today. It’s that BBM 2.0 update we mentioned not too long ago, and it seems like the wait might have been worth it.

Here are the highlights:

  • BBM Channels are kind of like messages boards. You can join channels about a certain topic or brand, and then chat about it with other BBM users.
  • BBM Voice is a VoIP service that allows you to call any one of your BBM contacts for free over Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • One-click sharing adds a convenient button for the quick sending of documents, photos, and voice notes to BBM contacts.
  • Dropbox has been integrated; you can send files from your account to BBM contacts, which they can then download or add to their own Dropbox.
  • Location sharing, powered by Glympse, is exactly what it sounds like: sharing where you are in the world with friends. A timer function allows you to specify the length of time you wish to make your location public.
  • Emoticons have been added – more than 100.

The update is for both iPhone and Android, so check your respective app store.

Via: BlackBerry
  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I would like BBM if I could have it gobble up my various communication points such as SMS and serve the up to me anywhere on any platform. I’m not aware that I can have BBM suck in things like SMS though… unless I missed something. I think the platform and app are great but since I and everyone I know don’t use BBM I can’t use it.

  • Intellectua1

    I didn’t get this update yet. Also I can’t even find BBM in the app store and I have it installed on my phone..

  • Blue Sun


  • abqnm

    Today, huh? Weve heard that one before, BlackBerry.

    Countdown to BBM-Gate 2.0 begins in 5…4…3…

    • Kevin

      To to today junior!

  • Warwick

    thank you so much blackberry team, i was waiting this app, its really great user friendly and smooth.

    • MK17

      Is there anything that you feel makes it superior to Google Hangouts. IIRC the calling feature is not available on Android for Hangouts but is there anything else?

  • jason h


  • Christopher

    Kyle, are you one of the thousands of bloggers who can’t, for whatever reason, type anything about BlackBerry without adding in some negative sentiment?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Christopher, are you one of the thousands of readers who can’t, for whatever reason, type anything about an article without adding in some negative sentiment?

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Other companies do what BlackBerry does better. Why should anyone give them a pass?

      • Pyroholtz

        Not many companies can mirror what BB does on their hardware side when it comes to security though.

        • Adrynalyne

          This article isn’t about that though.

      • Christopher Robinson

        Kyle, that seems kind of subjective, doesn’t it? Since the article is about a cross platform messenger (BBM), who does it better? Kik, Viber, Whatsapp? (Please), Skype? (Don’t get me started), Google Hangouts? (I’ll give you that one since this is a Google fan site and they do a pretty good job). But, the snarky intro seems a little excessive given the very solid performance, functions, and features of BBM, especially in comparison to its peers.

        RIP RIM all you want, but at least acknowledge you are doing it when called out on it.

        • AdoreAmaryllis

          I agree and I hope you agree with my post too 🙂

      • Kevin

        There should be an option to down vote articles. 🙂

        • Kyle Wiggers

          Glad you feel that way.

      • AdoreAmaryllis

        Whatsapp competition is with Telegram right now and both has stepped down in the competition since whatsapp has not done anything innovated with their messenger for a long time. Telegram is free and can send larger files over messenger than whatsapp which BBM can send not only large files but more of variety of files.

        Kik(done) spam central it has really gotten over the months recently

        Skype: When Skype actually focus on fixing their apps without having most of the important things break like contact duplication or constant drop calls(video) instead of focusing on putting skype on everything without it having it fluid enough to work on a daily basis then it can speak up in this messenger section.

        Google hangouts is fine but you won’t reap the rewards fully unless you signed up with Google plus. Also no voip but video calling and if you take out the picture from the video then there you go. Google hangouts has it’s own way of doing things as well as BBM but for the most well rounded friendly experience for people who aren’t as tech savy BBM is simple(in my opinion). Sign up and forget about it.

        Blackberry period has made comebacks before and it was a tough market of all things they had came back from in mobile markets. BBM is just a step and in the right direction. They have done a good job and the numbers don’t lie and the people who left Blackberry for years are now back with their old favorite messenger but revamped for this day of age. At least clap for them… dang… lol

  • Fry

    Honestly, the z30 isn’t a bad looking device.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    BBM channels hmmm. Similar to communities but it sounds like a chat room.

  • BeLogical

    I’m pretty sure you used Blackberry and awesome in the same sentence on Google+… Might want to check with your editor.

    • I said that. 😛

      • BeLogical

        2014 goal: limit your time with Blackberry Kevin… (haha)

      • Kyle Wiggers

        “Awesome” is one word for it…

  • tech247