BlackBerry Reminds Everyone That BBM Still Exists, Issues Minor Update to Help Find Friends

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Did you know BlackBerry was still around? Their stranglehold on the smartphone industry may be a distant memory, but the beleaguered company is still committed to supporting its existing products. Need proof? One of them, BlackBerry Messenger for Android, is the target of a minor update today.

The headline feature of the update is Find Friends, which allows you to identify those of your friends and family that use BBM (and are probably too embarrassed to admit it).  The app will scan your contact list for BBM users, and then allow you to send a PIN invite. You can invite non-users, but they’ll only receive an e-mail message or SMS to download BBM.

BlackBerry continues to devote resources to improving BBM, which makes sense considering the service’s relative popularity overseas. The company teased version 2.0 of the app, which it says will include “lots of great new features.” And BlackBerry will soon release a version of BBM compatible with Gingerbread devices.

Any BBM users excited about today’s update? Any BBM users period?

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