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T-Mobile to Broaden Contract “Break Up” Program to US Cellular and Other Smaller US Carriers

T-Mobile is looking to beef up its Break Up program soon, hoping to offer the same $350 per-line contract break credit that it already does for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint customers to US Cellular, and other smaller carriers throughout the US. If customers who switch to T-Mobile also trade in their old device, they could get up $300 in addition to the initial $350 – that’s $650 per line that is switched to T-Mobile. 

According to T-Mobile’s marketing chief Mike Sievert, 80,000 breakup letters have already been posted to social networking sites by customers who have made the switch.

This is not just a promotion – what we are trying to do is bring an end to unfair one-way onerous contracts in this country.

In addition to offering the Break Up program to customers of additional carriers besides the Big Three, T-Mobile is also looking to expand on the amount of devices new customers can trade in for credit, as well as to take in damaged devices, but customers should expect less credit.

No exact time was given for when US Cellular customers can make the switch and get credit, but we are sure that T-Mobile will make a big deal about it and will be sure to spread the word.

Do we have anyone here that has already taken T-Mobile up on its deal?

Via: Re/code
  • Comk4ver

    Was there an update for this deal? I read on XDA that T-Mobile won’t pay the ETF on phones only to break the contract… Anyone?

  • K. Carrier

    Sure don’t like the “break up with your carrier” theme or commercials!!!!! Take a look at my last name and you’ll understand why!

  • Me

    Already did it. Ask far 5 so good. Can’t wait to
    see how it all plays out. Could it be possible that consumers will just pay a fair price every month?

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Interesting, considering in most of the midwest where US Cellular has their biggest market share, T-Mobile roams onto their towers and does not have a presence of their own.

    I can’t see any way in which this could go badly.

  • SirLancelotTheBrave

    Did last Tuesday. Best decision so far this year(and I know this year is only 2 weeks old).

  • Ben Garner

    We switched our two lines from VZW to T-Mo last weekend. It was pretty painless. They even took my old Gnex with a busted screen and I walked out with a new Nexus 5 and no contract 🙂

    • Me

      Took me a month. Still have trouble with my account. Tmo needs English speaking support. They messed everything up from the start and no one at tmo even knew what happened. A better computer network so they can communicate with each other would be great

  • uras

    I switched a week ago straight forward procress i got the g2 and the wife got the note 3 and loving it. Take that verizon

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I would if I had an ETF for them to pay, I’m on straight talk with my nexus 5

  • Craig

    I already made the leap from AT&T to T-Mobile. One of the best tech decisions I’ve ever made. We’ll paint the world pink-one breakup at a time.

  • Jason

    no reason to switch, data still blows, and 2g only in my area and they have no ideal when it is going to get here, the only advantage would be switching having them pay my contract off than switch to month to month on trac phone,

  • Caleb Shahamat

    So is this for everyone, or just family plans? Wouldn’t mind switching my wife and I, but it’s just 2 lines I’d be switching.

    • John Legere

      Everyone. Up to 5 lines.

      • Caleb Shahamat

        Thanks John

      • ronald bernard

        Dam! Droid life is going big time. First Dennis Woodside and now John Legere. Woot woot. I will be switching my three lines on Sunday.

  • John Legere
    • ki11ak3nn

      Great gif!!

  • Pop Pop

    God I wish they would just improve their coverage. Where I live and work I’m in a -2G zone. Yes, the minus, it was intentional. Johnny L – I want to love you. I really do. My body is ready and all that. But I can’t love you until you start to make equal or bigger waves with the improvement of your network coverage. You have the T-Momentum, now do something with it. You can have “T-Momentum” for free, my gift to you, John. Now bolster your damn network.

    • Same here, about 10 minutes from me there’s LTE coverage but at home it’s GPRS only and useless for data.

    • michael arazan

      T Mo has the worse coverage, especially if you travel a lot. It’s only good in populous areas. I had T-Mo for years and it was awful traveling and always would lose reception when I left the highway even in small towns.

    • Me

      I second this. Except I’m a guy and I don’t want his body parts.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Go T-Mo
    I am switching from Verizon to T-Mo tomorrow, as soon as my new Moto X arrives! 😀

    • nexusplay

      I thought you had to buy a phone from Tmobile after you trade your old one in. Are you out of contract with VZW?

      • aBabyPenguin

        You are correct. My contract is already up.

      • Me

        No. Unlock your att phone. No problem

    • ki11ak3nn

      I’m waiting to sell my Note 3 so I can buy a Nexus 5 outright.

  • Philip J. Fry

    I hope this works for TMO. It’s past time for somebody to change the game up. Now if they can get more towers up, I will switch to.

    • ki11ak3nn

      I have a feeling that they’ll get more towers when they get more people to sign up for service. That’s what they’ll use your month payments for. I’m probably gonna go to a T-Mobile store this weekend and switch.

      • John Legere

        Late 2014, the Verizon 700MHz A Block spectrum that was just bought by T Mobile will go live. Will help tremendously with signal penetration and coverage.

        • Me

          Thank you. If you build it they will come. 🙂

      • Jeremy Turnley

        Yep, that’s exactly it. They get more subscribers, they get more money coming in, they can afford more capital investments in infrastructure. I am not overly worried about their lack of coverage at this time – once they get the people rolling in from this deal and start rolling out 700Mhz towers, things will get better in a hurry.

    • Me

      That’s the key. Coverage has been their downfall. JL knows that.
      I was gonna give them more time. But I couldn’t stand vzw or att for another day. So far, so good. Been a month, but I’m practically strictly on Wi Fi

      • Yakuzahi


  • Lincoln M King

    I took T-Mobile up on it’s offer this past weekend. Took a family plan from Verizon with three lines to T-Mobile. I seemed to know more about the offer than the people working there, but had no problems.

    • aBabyPenguin

      I had the same feeling when I was talking to the T-Mobile reps last weekend! haha

      • Lincoln M King

        One of them thought the offer was only available for Sprint and AT&T customers. The other knew it also applied to Verizon, but seemed surprised when I told her about the payment of ETFs and had to look up the details of how we would get reimbursed (which I already knew).

      • Me

        They, like all, need better support. They are reading from old books. But they eventually get it done. Hence hold times while they check for the answer

    • Eric R.

      Verizon’s like that too. When I went to get my Lumia 2520 for my dad, the guy didn’t even know how to work it or the correct software it ran.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      The people at our store knew what they were doing for the most part, but the system was so convoluted that it took 2.5 hours to get us swapped over.

      Totally worth it, though. Four lines moved over: two Nexus 5, an iPhone 5c and a Nokia 925. And it’s saving us almost $90 a month over our AT&T family share plan even after paying monthly for the phones (after dropping down to 500MB data and dropping insurance on 3/4 of the lines). That’s even with no work discount on T-Mobile vs a 19% one at AT&T. No more looking at that bill every month going “holy crap, that’s a lot of money for phone service”.

  • HeatherErin

    I took them up on the offer on Wednesday! Sprint was giving me the runaround about trying to get on a yearly upgrade plan, among other gripes I had with them, and a friend suggested T-Mobile. I looked into it, saw the ETF payment promotion, and marched myself into my T-Mobile store after work. It was simple, painless, and took less than an hour. The port also went through in mere seconds; no lag period with no service! Despite my credit being in rebuilding status, I only had to pay a deposit, and pay a down payment on the phone (Sprint wouldn’t let me finance a phone at all and charged a bigger deposit). The employees were extremely friendly and helpful. I’m now paying less than I was on Sprint, got a Nexus 5, and I can upgrade twice a year. I couldn’t be happier!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    oh look no free stuff on this post… so we don’t have 10,000 random people posting.

    Anyway I support T-Mobile going all out, with their very customer-centric approach. I need more news on their LTE rollout though.

    • John Legere

      Right? All those randys back there.

      • MK17

        It’s almost like with each contest people just broadcast it to let everyone know!

        • Well, one of the ways to get entries is to tweet about it

    • Snoop 1

      T-Mobile Freedom? T-Mobile Government Stooge?
      “Companies already retain some customer records, but the duration of
      their storage and the kinds of records they keep vary. While T-Mobile
      keeps records for seven to 10 years, according to a recent Senate
      Commerce Committee study, other major firms — including Verizon, US
      Cellular and Sprint — keep them less than two years.”

      • michael arazan

        I read Verizon keeps your data for the longest, up to 3 months, and that T-Mo and ATT only keep it up to a month, but that was from a year ago. They do this as a policy for people when they break or lose their phone and are able to retrieve data off it, and with a subpoena only can give info to law enforcement. If law enforcement have a subpoena and an open case on you, they can have your carrier collect data on you for as long as the case is open. But even my friends police buddies say the only can get a month long of backlog data on you from carriers because they can only store so much.

        • Double Oh

          You’re crazy if you believe that. 10 years of data is no problem to T-mobile to store. We are talking phone records not HD movies. PLus the US Govt is happy to assist with storage since it costs them nothing (just the taxpayers).