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T-Mobile is Readying UnCarrier 4.0, Any Predictions?

Ready for part 4 of T-Mobile’s UnCarrier movement? We have already seen them attempt to rid the world of contracts, remove subsidies from phone bills, introduce innovative new upgrade plans, hand out 200MB of free data to all tablet owners, and give away free unlimited data across the globe in over 100 countries. It’s been quite the year for T-Mo, to say the least. According to a recent Tweet from T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, there is more to come in early 2014. 

In his Tweet, all he mentioned was that it is “time to eliminate another customer pain point,” and that CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, should have a happy New Year. Nice dig.

So what could he have in mind? I feel like T-Mobile has already eliminated so many paint points. Any guesses?

  • Spencer Walker

    Once you go over your cap your dropped to 3g not edge

  • kanedog337

    This is from another site. They could be trying to ease the pain for people with multiple lines and family plans to switch over….”TMO is readying a program code-named “Houdini” which will give ATT and VZ customers up to $350 to offset early termination fees. There will be an instant trade-in and a follow-up credit when the cuts submits their final bill from ATT or VZ. Program launches around 1/8. It’s a major effort within TMO right now — as big as JUMP was last spring.”

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Legere sucks!

  • Omar Amer

    UnCarrier? No More roaming charges?

  • socalrailroader

    1.Getting a MINIMUM of HSPA+ to their still VERY numerous GPRS and EDGE areas. Yep, we’re one up here in Mendocino County, Northwestern California.
    2.Letting their customers use Metro PCS’s LTE, there are several areas, mine included that are LTE with Metro PCS, but still GPRS and EDGE with T-Mobile. So, it’s like dangling a carrot, it’s there, but you can’t have it.
    3.Getting big John to learn how to dress, I mean, come on, a CEO that dresses like a 13 year old? Ugh. lol

  • If he really did mean “Happy New Year #Randall”, then I would guess it’s a free 4G data roaming deal with AT&T (why AT&T would want to do it is beyond me.)

  • Jason

    Man, I SO want my Verizon contract over all ready so that I can finally switch over! >.<

    • Sankyou

      Me too. January 15th. Already have my X queued up and ready to go.

  • Aaron

    How about free international text messaging? Yes, they already have free international roaming (when you’re in another country), but they still charge for text messages between the US and other countries.

    • kanedog337

      They do not charge for International texting. It’s free also. The only charge is for phone calls (.20 cents a minute). Texting and data is free when international roaming. I just came back from the Philippines and loved the free roaming services.

      • Aaron

        I know it’s free to text from a US number to a US number when you’re roaming. But have you tried texting between your US number and a PH number? My understanding is that this still charged, especially if you’re texting from your US number to a PH number while in the US.

        • kanedog337

          Actually I did not test your example since my fiance’ and I used Messenger to text to each other. You might be correct in that scenario but I think it’s still going to be free. Can anyone else verify this?

          • Aaron

            This page shows that it costs extra for Calling and Texting from the US:

          • kanedog337

            From your link I had to do a little digging. What I found is if you are in the Simple Choice plan like I am international texting is free. If you are in a different plan then you are subject to their roaming charges.

            I had to move from my grandfathered plan to the Simple Choice plan before I went on my trip to ensure there would be no roaming fees.

        • Matthew

          I use viber and text to Canada and Australia daily. Lot of options if u need to send nessages

  • Aaron

    I just switched to T-Mo a couple weeks ago after my VZW contract ended, and I don’t regret it at all. I’m pleasantly surprised that T-Mo actually has better coverage and data speeds than VZW in my frequented areas of San Francisco. The WiFi calling feature is a good way to mitigate coverage gaps in other areas. I was also impressed with the friendly customer service when I called about a minor problem. I’m also loving my LG G2!

  • WickedToby741

    The death of bloatware and delayed updates!

  • slayer91790
  • GI Jed

    Eliminating another customer pain point? Good bye T-Mo retail stores

  • Ronaldo

    I love what T-Mobile is doing and would love to be one of their customers. Unfortunately they have nearly zero coverage in my area.

    • John Davids

      super ditto. i would be on their network in a heartbeat if they had coverage anywhere NEAR my home or work.

    • Matthew

      Everything they’ve done can be copied. AtT already said subsidies have to go. Contracts will pr

  • ahhh yes

    loving my $30 plan on tmo. but i only get e at home. so sms is ok. talking is in and out and mms and internet are slllloooowwwww. so hoping they announce piggy backing with att

  • trd105

    T-Mobile going full on #HOLOYOLO

  • SmokeNMirrors

    Hope they don’t get bought by AT&T and actually become an UnCarrier!

    • Matthew

      It will be Dish or Sprint. ATT already tried to buy them and failed

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Four year contracts!

  • wh1te_mag1c

    Was with Verizon for years, finally switched to T-Mo a few weeks ago. Love this company.

  • ehenry818

    Unlimited Tablet data/Hotspots, no caps, no slow downs.

  • jimt

    Satellite coverage for all. Tower in the sky!

    • Romdude

      That’d be awesome.

  • Spencer Walker

    Prediction Tmobile won’t round up towards the next minute so a 20 sec call is 20 sec not a minute also dialing voicemail doesn’t use your minutes

    • John Davids

      Unlikely. All carriers have all but abandoned charging extra for SMS or minutes. Everyone is unlimited minutes and unlimited SMS. The money is in the data and they know that.

    • Matthew

      Their plans are unlimited minutes

      • Spencer Walker

        Not 100 minute 5gb 30 dollar plan

  • TSON1

    What if they paid off ETF’s for people interested in switching over woah

  • a) youth.in.asia

    My prediction is that the UN-Carrier move is that they don’t own the network, but sell it to Sprint! XD then all that T-Mob turnaround is wasted and Sprint trashes what T-Mob built…

  • AndrewScottRox

    T-Mobile Latin! Wait…….

  • David Salsburg

    Google Wallet..
    Sorry…had to be done…. /ducks

  • red014

    Actual discounts on full price phones!

  • beck

    No more phones at all. 3rd party only

  • Mark

    Hopefully better service, that’s the one thing that has kept me from leaving Verizon. Or finally get rid of that awful and very large 2G network they have

  • mtaylor924

    Allowing all OEMs, not just Apple and Google (for Nexus devices) to push software updates without delay? That would be very UnCarrier!

  • wsfanatic

    Their LTE is quick but not in enough places yet. My area just received it in the last few weeks.

  • interstellarmind

    Free tablet data… Hmmm.

    The Padfone will release sometime in 2014 to the US. I wonder if the change TMo makes will be Part one friendly, like free tethering, or even more free data?

    Being that the Padfone is both phone AND tablet, I’m interested to see how carriers will bill its data usage. Current data billing for tablets and phones is separate and if remain that way, could seriously render the Past one DOA.

    • interstellarmind

      “…will be *Padfone* friendly…”

    • Franklin Ramsey

      You do realize that with the Padfone, the phone docks into a dumb shell that is basically just a screen. It would not require a tablet plan at all, only a cell phone plan.

  • Cael

    Theyre bring back Carly?!

    • She never went away, she’s still employed by T-Mobile. She’s just not their singular focus anymore since they’ve improved so much, T-Mobile isn’t just a Pretty face anymore. ; )

      • Cael

        LOL, i know. I just miss her. The all over the place commercials for the [other] carriers are just exhausting.

  • I have both AT&T and Verizon lines, but there’s something about T-Mobile making me real jealous

    • jimt

      Having just jumped from verizon to TMO It’s true you should be jealous. I love it. I jumped on HVF day. (Happy Verizon Freedom Day 12/5/13) There is no looking back!

    • Bill Stebbins

      I have my main line on Verizon (unlimited, Note 3) and the $30 T-mobile plan for my Nexus 5. A great secondary line for the money, and I can play with all the GSM phones while still have Verizon to fall back on.

  • Chris Hilbert

    Doing something about domestic data roaming, especially on partner networks they own majority stakes in like I-Wireless. At least that’s my hope. I shouldn’t be restricted to 50 MB of data on I-Wireless when T-Mobile owns > 50%.

  • Jeff C

    I just activated Tmo service on my Moto X this past weekend. As good or better service than Verizon in all the areas that I spend any amount of time. I work in a VZW dead zone.

    Data speeds:
    Home: Tmo=25 Mbps, VZW=15 Mbps
    Work: Tmo=10 Mbps, VZW=2 Mbps (on a good day)
    Girlfriend’s: Tmo=15 Mbps, VZW=12 Mbps
    Parent’s (out in the country): Tmo=6 Mbps, VZW=5 Mbps

    • Mike

      LOL, come to Northern California (specifically Ukiah up to Crescent City with Eureka in between the 2 cities) Verizon has 4G LTE up here averaging somewhere in between 20-50 Mbps where T-Mobile still has 2G up here only averaging about 300 Kbps. Then you tell me who is the good or better service….

  • Free wifi calling for everyone no matter where in the world you are? That would make the $30 a month pre-paid 100 mins/unlimited text and data (throttled at 5GB I know) the best deal in all of wireless.

    • Matt R Carner

      This is my #1 wish for what this announcement will be. This would solve “almost” all of my current carrier issues /want list.

      Even better if it’s the official Hangouts/Voice merger, although that would affect everyone and not be specific to T Mobile.

  • MasonMathews

    Not based off of anything, but I have a hunch that they are going to do some sort of makeover in their retail stores. That’s the last major headache I can think of in a phone buying process and dealing with a carrier. It might be a makeover for just the looks of their stores and maybe having less dummy phones/more real ones, and possibly retooling how customers are dealt with.

    • Detonation

      Something like a Genius Bar but for all devices would be great.

      • MasonMathews

        Exactly! Or maybe even a visual makeover as well, putting more functional devices on display.

  • Anon

    Ah! So glad I get great coverage with T-Mobile! Leaving VZW was the best thing I could do because T-Mo is doing things right in the cellular business.

    • OreoMan

      I’m getting great coverage as well. Love the WiFi calling option! Left Verizon several weeks back. My data speeds are actually better on TMo than they were on Verizon. (Denver/Littleton, CO)

      • WalterWhite

        Same! Love the Wi-Fi calling feature.

      • Matt R Carner

        The blocking of Wifi calling on the Nexus 5 is a huge pain point for me right now. Really only thing keeping me from sticking with them. The 100 minutes just isn’t enough for me.

  • moelsen8

    it’d be nice if they could uncarrier themselves a few more towers..

    • michael arazan

      Let’s hope they don’t take the “Uncarrier” literally and approve the Sprint offer making them not a carrier anymore.

  • arthuruscg

    Full Google Voice/ Hangouts integration with WiFi calling?

    • She_Beast

      HNNG. This would make me regret my Republic Moto X so hard.

      • Matt R Carner

        I loved the Moto X but sent it back to Republic Wireless within my 30 day return window because I don’t want to have to try to sell it when the inevitable Hangouts/Voice merger really happens and I can finally use my Google Voice number with my data plan like I should be able to. Can’t believe this already works on iphone.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Free LTE/HSPA+ roaming on AT&T’s backbone when outside of T-Mobile or on T-Mobile Edge? That would win me in a heartbeat.

    • Brian Menius

      Man, that’s lofty. But it sure does sound great…

    • Dustin Maki

      I agree I’m tired of roaming here in the states while everyone around me on AT&T is browsing there Facebook and Instagrams! I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

    • Bob G

      Wouldn’t it be real easy for AT&T to stop that?

      • sirmeili

        Sure, unless they’ve entered into a contract to provide that service (in which case AT&T would likely get paid $$$ for that option). Then you’d only have to worry about it when that contract is up for review.

        • MK17

          This is making me love being off contract. If Tmo pulls this off then I can jump over next month just to try it out!

    • Zach B.

      Ooo. That’s a long shot. Maybe some simple HSPA+ roaming?

    • T4rd

      That would be amazing, but I highly doubt AT&T would let them do that for any amount of money (that T-Mobile could afford anyways). I have LTE with AT&T and Verizon in my area, but only edge for most places on T-Mobile. So I’m milking my unlimited data on Verizon for as long as I can until T-Mobile has better coverage in my area.

  • jimt

    TMO gives 2.5 gig of tethering for unlimited customers.

  • Wyatt Neal

    Isn’t there some current rumor of T-Mobile & Sprint merging? Sprint has the LTE permeation, T-Mobile has GSM side … if they merge and keep the T-Mobile name? /stirspot

    • Sankyou

      Mr. Moneypants in Japan that just bought stock majority of Sprint wants to buy T-Mobile. It’s another one that reeks of getting shut down by the feds as it would bring the US down to 3. I do think it’s only a matter of time before we have 3 though. Sprint has so many fly-by-night re-sellers it’s getting ridiculous.

    • SUMmaro400ex

      There is nothing UnCarrier about consolidating competition though.

  • Kyle Miller

    $0 down on all phones all the time.

  • Dominick White

    Better coverage, for people who don’t live in major cities?

  • jimt

    Maybe it’s being bought by Sprint. But I hope not, Love TMO the way it is. I guess they could provide more coverage in the boonies

    • Tim242

      Boonies? Suburbs aren’t boonies

      • jimt

        It was a figure of speech. I live in a suburb and have LTE. I admit I haven’t ventured more than 100 miles since I got T-Mobile. But it worked in Monterey and Salinas (Hspa) No problems so far. Usually there is some wifi available, also.

        • Genghis

          I live around Monterey and I love the service too. Switched from slow data speeds with #Sprint and are happy with #T-Mobile’s contract free, easy upgrade, and affordable plans. Simple.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    No more Bills! Free Service for all! WOO!

  • Will Wells

    My vote is either “No Throttling” or “Free Tethering”

    • Sankyou

      They already killed throttling on the $70 plan but yeah the tethering would be nice and it’s inline with their moves of late.

      • Will Wells

        I missed that one when we moved out in the sticks… Only 2G service where I am, so I stopped following what was going on with their plans.

      • jimt

        They have 2.5 gig of tethering now on the $70 plan

        • OreoMan

          They have it on the Family plan as well.

      • KingofPing

        Yeah they did. Ate up 63GB last month ()just to test the limits) and damn…no throttling.

        Gotta love it. Now back to my “normal” 2-8 depending on how flash-happy I get.

    • Yep; mine too. Something to do with data within usa. (i.e. in addition to the international roaming data); as that’s the only pain point I can think of. “Network coverage” doesn’t fall under uncarrier imo.

  • J2886M

    Left big red last week for T-Mobile. Couldn’t be happier with their customer service. Couldn’t be happier with their service. Their twitter interactions are even impressive to me. Don’t know what John has up his sleeve, but I’m sure its going to be big.

    • Tim242

      That upload is horribly slow.

      • Christian

        Yet slightly faster than Verizon’s LTE upload speeds in my area.

      • J2886M

        Faster than my VZW LTE speed. And easier 4xs faster dwnld speed. I’m happy

      • T4rd

        That upload is still faster than the majority of home broadband connections. Time Warner only offers 5Mb/s up on their fastest/most expensive plan (50/5, I think). That’s not horribly slow, esp. considering upload hardly matters to anyone.

        • Tim242

          Yeah, because nobody is uploading pics, or uploading videos to YouTube. Of course upload speed matters. What doesn’t matter is whether download speed is 20, or 50. Pages won’t open faster, streams won’t stream better. Fast is fast. A lot of people upload, hardly anybody downloads large files to their phone

  • Treshy

    sadly, T-Mobile in germany is like verizon in the us… By far the most expensive but with the best coverage…

  • Sankyou

    Animated Shakira naked pumping boot screens for all phones. Screw the holiday moto x logo.

    • She_Beast

      Graphic animation or animated in behavior?

  • sirmeili

    I love what they are doing, unfortunately I just can’t support them due to no service in my area. I got a t-mobile MotoX last week and I can’t get service in my house and even when I have “4G”, the downloads are painfully slow. I guess AT&T here I come. If not them, then I guess I’ll be selling my MotoX.

    • jimt

      You don’t have wifi at your house? Don’t need 4G if you have wifi.

      • sirmeili

        Yes, I have wifi at my house and I could care less if I have 4G at my house. However, as I stated, I can’t get SERVICE in my house about 1/2 the time. And the times when I do get 4G are when I’m out and about and it would be really nice to have fast speeds. I guess Verizon spoiled me in that respect. I don’t need blazing fast, but waiting multiple minutes for a page to load when it says “4G” in the status bar doesn’t instill confidence.

        It’s actually been my experience that in my area, even when I do get 4G, it’s not for long. Of course that is because the Moto X reports either 3G or 4G as 4G. It has a separate indicator for LTE, which I have never seen.

        Please note that Ilive in a smallish town and I wasn’t expecting the service to super great, but I was hoping for better than this. My next step is to try StraightTalk (AT&T version) and see if htat is any better.

        • Romdude

          I think jimt is referring to tmobile’s wifi calling which is unlimited.

          • sirmeili

            And not available on tall phones. The MotoX does not do WiFi calling. Anyways, he specifically said “Don’t need 4G if you have wifi”. 4G is data, not voice.

        • Sankyou

          Cricket would also be a good option as ATT just bought them. Not sure if they’re done with the transition yet but they are better than Straight Talk if you need more than 2.5gb/mo.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Better coverage and paying my early termination fees would get me off Verizon in a hot second.

    • J2886M

      I agree. I still have to settle up with Verizon for that ETF.. Guess they can wait a little longer.. I waited 15yrs for some loyality from them ha

      • yazzj

        Bro i can take over that contract

        • Adrynalyne

          I’ll have an unlimited data plan line up for grabs (and a small price) in the next month or so if my Tmo tests go well.

          • KingofPing

            I have 4 coming up i the next 2-4 months. Should I let them drop when I jump them to TMo, or is there some easy way to transfer them to others? Is there a VZW Unlimited trading-post somewhere?

          • Adrynalyne

            I don’t know the process, but you can sell and transfer your lines to others.

          • KingofPing

            Sounds like someone should set up a “swappa” for VZW lines. :p

          • laheelahee

            it’s called assumption of liability

          • WalterWhite

            It’s really easy. I’m posting my 2 unlimited grand fathered plans tonight. What you need to do is call T-Mobile and request to port your Verizon numbers over while requesting new numbers for your current Verizon lines. Make sure you’re logged into your Verizon account while on the request new number page. Once the T-Mobile rep confirms the port. IMMEDIATELY request new numbers for your Verizon lines. Easy peasy lemon sqeezy. Just did this myself. 😉

          • laheelahee

            ooh i might be interested

          • Adrynalyne

            me at gmail dot com.

            Keep in touch, I will let you know if I decide to let it go. Contract ends next month, but it has unlimited. Its on a family plan though, so I need to see if it can be broken off of it (I think it can).

          • nvitone23

            I have one that I am looking to sell within the next 5 days or so!

        • crussell

          Want mine? Need someone to take mine, like now as I’ve already bought 2 Moto X and 2 Moto G’s – ready to jump!

        • J2886M

          That’s possible? Suppose anything is these days.

    • schoat333

      If they helped pay my ETF, I’d sign up right away. Sure VZW has nice coverage, but its not worth the $, and BS you have to deal with.

    • KingofPing

      The ETF bit might actually have legs…that’d get a whole heck of a lot of folks to jump. We have 4 lines in my family still on VZW, waiting on ETF’s to run out. If TMOb paid ’em, they’d have 4 more lines in a heartbeat.

      • jimt

        The ETF’s are quickly paid for by the savings you will have on TMO. I’m saving about $1000 a year by moving 3 lines to T-Mobile. If you stay on Verizon you will lose over $1000 just by no moving. I had to pay a $300 ETF on one of my 3 lines. I’m still a very happy camper.

        • KingofPing

          Not quickly enough….which is kind of the whole point.

          The remaining lines I have with VZW (my personal line is already TMo) have less than 6 months on them, one of them less than one month. Easier to wait on these at this point than pay the piper. If they had over a year on them yet then yeah…it’d be a serious consideration.

        • WalterWhite

          I just paid 260 for one ETF. Still saving $1700 in two years. 🙂

        • schoat333

          I have thought about that, but two ETF’s is a big upfront cost.

          • Eric Blackman

            I moved one line about six months ago and paid the etf and I’m about to move my second. Pay for a phone every month on each of the two carriers and that etf looks like nothing.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure it’s against some kind of regulations for them to pay your ETF fees.

  • TSON1

    I legit can’t even think of anything else that he could do at this point… Omg.

  • Intellectua1

    If T-Mobile had a better network I’d join but for right now I’m comfortable with this At&t coverage..

  • Jo

    Dat Paint points

  • Alchemy08

    late fees…..

  • Mike McGuire

    Ahhhh MORE Shakira

    • Me

      We’re all getting satellite calling. Military is ready to hand over the exclusive rights to it. Yay, no more towers

  • Greg Morgan

    I’m hoping a major revamp of their networks. I want to join Tmobile but Edge at my house just won’t cut it.

    • d-rock

      Won’t Happen

    • sirmeili

      At least you get service in your house! about half the time I get “emergency calls only”.

      • J2886M

        I went to twitter. They sent me a Celfi to my house in two days. Impressed me

        • sirmeili

          I hear they won’t do that if you’re on a pre-paid plan, which I am. I also have no plan on signing a contract for phone service ever again.

          • J2886M

            I did hear that as well.. Yet at same point I was under the impression they weren’t offering signal boosters at all anymore. Worth a shot

          • There are no 2 year contracts with T-Mobile’s postpaid plan either, the only contract is if you decide to get a phone and pay it off monthly.

          • sirmeili

            I was wondering about that (since they got rid of contracts), but my only guess is that they no longer give out CelFis then. I do plan on hitting up their twitter.

      • Bill

        You can use wifi calling

    • Dutch

      Their previous UNcarrier actions were things other carriers weren’t doing (yet). I feel like a better network isn’t very “UNcarrier” for them..?

      • vrm

        they are a carrier too, aren’t they ? So this time they will un-carrier themselves and improve coverage.

      • joder

        I refuse to switch no mater what… that is unless the reveal a Viva Movil service!!!

    • Brandon Golway

      I have LTE/HSPA in most areas by me but on one road that I take to work every day I drop down to EDGE or lost data completely for about the 10-15 minutes that I’m on that road. It sucks when I’m streaming. Also sometimes at my house it will drop from LTE to HSPA to EDGE and back up again, wish they would make it stable LTE soon.

    • sc0rch3d

      maybe the 4 refers to some agreement among the major 4 carriers in the US

      • Wyatt Neal

        Interesting thought. I did notice this some places I’ve gone and been on edge with them, att has been my provider

    • CHRIS42060

      That is the one issue I run into. I get excellent coverage where I live but other places I visit regularly aren’t above 2G.