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T-Mobile is Readying UnCarrier 4.0, Any Predictions?

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Ready for part 4 of T-Mobile’s UnCarrier movement? We have already seen them attempt to rid the world of contracts, remove subsidies from phone bills, introduce innovative new upgrade plans, hand out 200MB of free data to all tablet owners, and give away free unlimited data across the globe in over 100 countries. It’s been quite the year for T-Mo, to say the least. According to a recent Tweet from T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, there is more to come in early 2014. 

In his Tweet, all he mentioned was that it is “time to eliminate another customer pain point,” and that CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson, should have a happy New Year. Nice dig.

So what could he have in mind? I feel like T-Mobile has already eliminated so many paint points. Any guesses?

  • Spencer Walker

    Once you go over your cap your dropped to 3g not edge

  • kanedog337

    This is from another site. They could be trying to ease the pain for people with multiple lines and family plans to switch over….”TMO is readying a program code-named “Houdini” which will give ATT and VZ customers up to $350 to offset early termination fees. There will be an instant trade-in and a follow-up credit when the cuts submits their final bill from ATT or VZ. Program launches around 1/8. It’s a major effort within TMO right now — as big as JUMP was last spring.”

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Legere sucks!

  • Omar Amer

    UnCarrier? No More roaming charges?

  • socalrailroader

    1.Getting a MINIMUM of HSPA+ to their still VERY numerous GPRS and EDGE areas. Yep, we’re one up here in Mendocino County, Northwestern California.
    2.Letting their customers use Metro PCS’s LTE, there are several areas, mine included that are LTE with Metro PCS, but still GPRS and EDGE with T-Mobile. So, it’s like dangling a carrot, it’s there, but you can’t have it.
    3.Getting big John to learn how to dress, I mean, come on, a CEO that dresses like a 13 year old? Ugh. lol

  • If he really did mean “Happy New Year #Randall”, then I would guess it’s a free 4G data roaming deal with AT&T (why AT&T would want to do it is beyond me.)

  • Jason

    Man, I SO want my Verizon contract over all ready so that I can finally switch over! >.<

    • Sankyou

      Me too. January 15th. Already have my X queued up and ready to go.

  • Aaron

    How about free international text messaging? Yes, they already have free international roaming (when you’re in another country), but they still charge for text messages between the US and other countries.

    • kanedog337

      They do not charge for International texting. It’s free also. The only charge is for phone calls (.20 cents a minute). Texting and data is free when international roaming. I just came back from the Philippines and loved the free roaming services.

      • Aaron

        I know it’s free to text from a US number to a US number when you’re roaming. But have you tried texting between your US number and a PH number? My understanding is that this still charged, especially if you’re texting from your US number to a PH number while in the US.

        • kanedog337

          Actually I did not test your example since my fiance’ and I used Messenger to text to each other. You might be correct in that scenario but I think it’s still going to be free. Can anyone else verify this?

          • Aaron

            This page shows that it costs extra for Calling and Texting from the US:

          • kanedog337

            From your link I had to do a little digging. What I found is if you are in the Simple Choice plan like I am international texting is free. If you are in a different plan then you are subject to their roaming charges.

            I had to move from my grandfathered plan to the Simple Choice plan before I went on my trip to ensure there would be no roaming fees.

        • Matthew

          I use viber and text to Canada and Australia daily. Lot of options if u need to send nessages

  • Aaron

    I just switched to T-Mo a couple weeks ago after my VZW contract ended, and I don’t regret it at all. I’m pleasantly surprised that T-Mo actually has better coverage and data speeds than VZW in my frequented areas of San Francisco. The WiFi calling feature is a good way to mitigate coverage gaps in other areas. I was also impressed with the friendly customer service when I called about a minor problem. I’m also loving my LG G2!