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Dead Trigger 2 Launch on Android Imminent, Get Your Trigger Fingers Ready (Updated: It’s Live!)

dead trigger 2

It is always nice when a game company announces a launch date and sticks to it, unlike some games we know. Madfinger Games, the studio behind the popular Dead Trigger series, said that October 23 was the day that we could expect to get back to killing zombies and they were not lying. Dead Trigger 2 is about to launch on Android fairly soon. 

Taking to their Twitter account a while ago, they announced that DT2 was now available for download in the Apple Store. Android is “in the coming hours” according to their tweet, so stay tuned. We will keep you updated through this post as soon as we hear it goes live. Start stockpiling your ammo now!

Update:  It’s now live! Go get in through Google Play. [Play Link]

Via: Madfinger

  • shaylynnvacca321

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  • xXAaronSXx

    Loved the first one. Can’t wait to play this one! Downloading Now.

  • Roger S

    Looks stupid. Like most games for the phone.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Downloading Dead Trigger 2 NOW! Let the Zombie Slaying commence!

  • ORBiiTT

    when is it out for PC and where do i download it????

  • Menger40

    Just got it. Here’s a reason to dust off that Moga controller!

  • fredstykoolin

    When is amazon app store going to get dead trigger 2 I hope it’s today someone tell me

  • !!! Love it.

  • FknTwizted

    see dead trigger 2 but it’s under another name not mad finger legit or fake?

    • Menger40

      Fake. The Madfinger one is up now.

  • PhilSlim

    When is the Amazon store going to see this game ??

    • fredstykoolin

      Yeah that what I want to know

      • Michael

        like wise.

  • Menger40

    There’s an obviously fake “Dead Trigger 2” app posted on the play store today by a developer called “HORAMI.” Everyone should go report it as objectionable content.

    It’s got a 50/50 split between reviews calling it adware and reviews saying things like “btw zombies rock XD.”


  • ratnok

    Is it just me or does that look exactly like a scene from Resident Evil 6?

  • sk3litor

    This probly isnt right place for this but does anybody know how to get rid of the chromecast icon in the middle of the screen in the you tube app?

  • HotelQuebec

    Someone posted on Madfinger Facebook that Apple paid them off to intentionally delay Android release.

  • mukesh kumar

    This is bad. Sh*t i was waiting to play on my xperia z1.sh*thead madfinger.

    • bendynips

      Same here and I hate apple

  • EvanTheGamer

    Awesome! Time to kill more hordes of zombies! Hell yeah!

  • Josh Flowers

    2013…year of Zombies.
    has there been a Zombies version of Angry Birds yet? Hurl birds into things like buildings/tnt to blow them up? sounds like something that’d sell, or at least cater to the masses who want zombie everything.

    that being said, i hope the servers can keep up with the demand for this game.

    • hkklife

      The new Halloween tournament version of Angry Birds Friends, which JUST went live today, offers zombie pigs coming out of the ground. I’m serious!

    • Gerardo Bloomerfield

      “The only good zombie .. is a DEAD zombie” lol

      • socalrailroader

        Zombie’s are already dead though 😀

  • eli

    Apple: yessss yesssss that will show them, we get our things first……..Intuitive!!!!!!!!!


    • apple is dumb

      the only thing intuitive about apple is their innovating ways of holding back the worlds technology. they figure out what they want and pay other companies to make it then patent it and sue the companies that made it. now, does that sound intuitive to you.

      • eli

        twas sarcasm, friend.

      • Chris Newman

        So true… great response ti such a ridiculous comment. oh no sorry… twas sarcasm. Lol

      • michael arazan

        sad when a company’s only contribution to the tech world is hindering innovation #apple #verizon

    • Gerardo Bloomerfield

      to play a FPS on an IPAD is like to play CHESS using stones on the sand… yes, you can play it. But……………… waiting with my NVIDIA SHIELD TEGRA 4 console and my FINGERS!!

  • KleenDroid


    • EvanTheGamer

      Haven’t seen your default face around these parts in some time. Were you on an ‘Amazing‘ vaca?

      • KleenDroid

        I’ve been here waiting for amazing things to happen. Actually been playing a lot of Clash of Clans. 🙂

        • EvanTheGamer

          Oh, nice! Yeah, I’ve been playing quite a bit of Clash of Clans myself, building up my village.

          It’s a really fun game.

          • Kane Desousa

            Took a year to come to android but great game

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