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So Many Ridiculous Nexus 5 Rumors Today…


You know you are getting close to the launch of a new Nexus product when retailers start trying to steal attention (and raise search engine results) by prematurely posting listings for a yet-to-be-announced device and the trolls start spamming off bait to inboxes of tech media outlets. Today, appears to be the king of days as Nexus 5 rumors are flying around these parts with media outlet after media outlet just blindly posting it all, because maybe it could all be true! (Or there are thousands of page views to be had. Yep.) Let’s address a couple, so that you’ll stop emailing them to us. πŸ™‚Β 

Rumor 1!

So the first, which has popped into our inbox about a dozen times already, comes out of PhoneArena who received a “tip” claiming that there will be two Nexus 5 variants, one with 16GB of storage and a 2300mAh battery at a price of $299. The other will have 32GB of storage and a 3000mAh battery at a price of $399. Sounds amazing, right? Would be a nice move by Google, especially with all of the complaining we have seen thus far about potential battery life on a phone with a 1080p display, 2300mAh battery, and powerful Snapdragon 800.

But here’s the thing, the FCC documents and leaked service manual for the phone do not mention at any time that there is another model with a battery size other than 2300mAh. But the service manual does mention both 16GB and 32GB of storage, so if there were another battery option, wouldn’t it make sense for it to mention that as well? Well, it doesn’t.

In terms of an FCC filing, we can look to two of Motorola’s new devices for a potentially similar situation. When the DROID ULTRA and MAXX stopped off at the FCC, they showed up together in a single filing since they are technically the same device except with different batteries. The FCC documents submitted listed both battery sizes. We’d link you to the FCC docs for it, but the FCC is closed for the time being since our government is full of a bunch of morons. Instead, checkΒ this image for proofΒ (via). See that, one filing – two batteries listed. Now, if you look below at the FCC docs for the Nexus 5, we have one single mention of a 2300mAh battery size.

nexus 5 fcc

Also, we should point out that if you are changing the battery size in a phone, you are also changing the size of the phone. We have yet to see any mention of multiple sized Nexus devices. Previous Nexus devices from Google have never had varying battery or frame sizes outside of the Galaxy Nexus because one version had LTE and the other did not (and it was only 100mAh). From the Nexus One to the Nexus S to last year’s Nexus 4, all we saw was internal storage changes, never the battery or size. With the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, same deal – just storage changes. It just seems so un-Google to release two of the same phone with different battery and phone sizes. Because think about it, you can’t toss a battery that big into a phone and not have it adjust the thickness. Again, look at what Motorola did with the ULTRA (7.18mm thick) and MAXX (8.5mm thick).

Could Google surprise us all and give us two battery options? Sure, I guess. We just have seen nothing at this point to show any indication of that actually happening.

As far as the prices go, $299 and $399 would be dream prices. With that said, Google decided with this year’s Nexus 7 that they’d like to make some actual money off of device sales and upped the price of each model over last year’s. They may decide not to do that with the Nexus 5 to keep the phone at insanely low price points, but don’t be surprised if they come in at an odd $369 and $469 or something, just to help pad Google’s pockets a bit.

Rumor 2!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.13.38 PM

This one is a classic retailer play, which we see time and time again prior to product launches. According to random Japanese retailer Gecko & Co, the Nexus 5 will be released on November 14 in both 16GB and 32GB models. Who the hell is Gecko & Co? Apparently, they are a small enough outfit that they had to help sell their own listing and reputation as being legit because they previously sold the Nexus S and Nexus One. Seriously, go to their site and read for yourself.

If that isn’t enough to not buy into this listing or its suggestion that November 14 is real, take the picture they posted as another prime example. That’s a fake fan-made render that surfaced shortly after a Googler was spotted with the phone during the Kit Kat unveiling. And that “Nexus 5” logo – quick PhotoShop job, and not even a pretty one at that. How out of place does the 5 look?

So is the Nexus 5 coming on November 14? It certainly could, but this is simply a retailer who put out an early listing to try and grab your attention. It has succeeded.

Rumor 3!


This last one is more of a PSA than an actual rumor, but I just want to point out that accessory companies are going to start posting up Nexus 5 accessories all over the place with suggested shipping dates. These are by no means official. They’ll even include renders of the phone next to cases that will look very official. They aren’t. While many of these companies have the exact specs or molds for upcoming products so that they can get accessories ready in time for launch, they’d 100% ruin their relationships with these companies should they post actual images or renders of these devices before they are told they can. They are playing the SEO and marketing game. There is nothing wrong with that, we’re just warning you to not look too much into these listing as potential launch dates or official images. And this is not us taking shots at Cruzerlite or Spigen, we’re fans of both companies’ products.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 12.25.04 PM

Rumor 4!

The Nexus 5 will double as a taser. OK, not really a rumor, but we thought it was funny.

That’s all we’ve got. We know these rumors aren’t going to stop until the phone is announced, but wanted to make sure you were all aware of the wild information that is floating about and how most of it is nothing but questionable. A lot of hypebeasting to be had right now.

Cheers to all who sent these in!

  • Seth Jefferies

    Incredible, I can’t find a single down vote on a comment in here. Could somebody downvote me just for good measure?
    Oh, and Nexus 5 is going to be awesome.

  • bullwinkle

    so why does it say it is tested with a snn5925a 3500mah extended battery

  • hans

    so what is the snn5925a 3500mah extended battery it says it was tested with?

  • Martin JoFX

    Can we hope they’re taking this long to announce this Nexus cause they’re building up stock to avoid the Nexus 4 drought happening again?

  • mikean

    As I understand it, Nexus 5 is just the G2 underneath but slightly lower spec’d. The G2 is already out and I know these are carrier skinned but appears the same defects appear on each model: random rebooting, OS problems, etc. Reminds me of G2x. Now to see about update issues. Oh, LG you’ll never change..

    • HarvesterX

      What on earth are you talking about with the G2? I haven’t even seen one force close on it. My last phone was the GNex and as much as I love Nexus phones, I have absolutely NO reason to leave VZW. I’m off contract so don’t get me wrong, but the Nexus 5 isn’t offering me any incentive. Once my G2 starts rebooting on its own I’ll post back.

  • panicswhenubered

    “We’d link you to the FCC docs for it, but the FCC is closed for the time being since our government is full of a bunch of morons.” hahaha thanks for that!

    I really hope there is a 3000mah variant of the Nexus 5.

  • elmatrix

    leak collections

  • LanceMiller

    Thanks, now my daughter wants the “Taser” version she read about here for Xmas..

  • Patrick Bateman

    I like tits… goodnight..

  • J Dub

    What I care about (in this order): camera, pricing, release date. Switching to prepaid, I need another phone for me/wife. If $299 for 16GB then that’s worth the $50 over a used Nexus 4 16GB.

  • Noel

    Even though not on the FCC docks the D820 or the D821 manual…Google may have decided to make some adjustments due to overwhelming -ve reaction to the 2300mAh battery. Everything is possible..their goal is to satisfy their customers where possible. In this case a bigger battery is what a lot of the comments are calling for and the prudent thing to do is to add that option, besides the device that it is based off of has a 3000mAh. Very doable…why not.

  • acras

    2300mAh for a 5″ hd screen AND a tazer? What the hell is Google thinking? Anything less than 3000 is a no go , my Gnex barely tickles the bad guys with its weak ass tazer app and the 1750mAh battery.

  • Joe Cross

    Rumor 6: The Nexus 5 will be waterproof!!!! Oh wait that’s iOS7.

    • Jeff

      Can you prove that the actual OS isn’t waterproof?

  • kfath1978

    Release is imminent and so is the N5! πŸ˜‰

  • joejoe5709

    Lol. The hypebeast train is in full force. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of a date this week so that we’ll have a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Rumor #1 would be pretty excellent, but highly doubtful. I would definitely pinch my Christmas pennies for 32GB and a 3000mAh battery. But Google rarely reinvents the wheel and outside the Droid series, it’s rare to see two different models with two different battery sizes. IF (yes I know…) Verizon gets the Nexus 5, I would believe a rumor of a slightly larger battery similar to what they did with the GNex. Otherwise, no.

    But let’s not put a ton of stock into the FCC theory either. They’re full of just as many morons as the rest of the government. They get things wrong from time to time.

  • DJ SPY

    Well, after Google proudly announcing the new Nexus 7 was Verizon compatible (which it is) then Verizon being Verizon rained on their parade , I don’t see why Google would advertise it being compatible with Verizon even though it could be. Let’s hope it is and Google is just keeping mum about it.

  • I do not care. Shut up and take my money!

  • etche

    Galaxy Nexus also has an official extended battery, which comes with a different back cover that only increases its size by a couple of millimeters, even making it more comfortable to hold. This has nothing to do to the different battery sizes coming in the LTE and the GSM versions.
    Was that included in the FCC documents as well?

    • NexusPhan

      There is no LTE and GSM version. It’s one single GSM/LTE/(sprint)CDMA phone. Sorry. One battery size.

      • frhow

        He is talking about the Galaxy Nexus which did have both versions and a slightly larger battery for the Verizon version.

        • NexusPhan

          I re-read his original comment and I now have no idea what on earth he is trying to say.

          • frhow


    • HarvesterX

      The GNex also had the OEM extended battery that worked with the regular back. Of course, it was only a small bump up (2300mAh or so?). Even with that I’d only average 3.5 hours with it.

  • Vetal

    i wonder if it would be possible to put a 3000 mah battery in the phone after the fact of it does in fact come with 2300 mah option only.

  • Guy Meatdrapes

    just give it to us now

  • Vetal

    I cant believe its not waterproof, fail!

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    Dear Verizon,

    If you let us have this phone on your network then we promise we will never jump to another carrier for the the next 4 years!

    Oh wait…

  • RXG9

    If they added a removable battery I wouldn’t even care if its 2300mAh. I don’t get why only Samsung has removable batteries. (in the US) I know that the Korean variant of the LG G2 has removable battery and a SD Card slot. I wonder why it’s not in the US variant.

  • Conor Most

    2300 mAh Battery : 7 hours of talk time, 3 hours of web browsing, and 25 tased juvenile delinquents!

    • Pradeep

      If blog is true, i am planning to get 16GB, 2300 mAh Battery will be good for Nexus 5??

  • notthatfunny

    Funny that you pointed out the reason for other sites to “start trying to steal attention (and raise search engine results) by prematurely posting” . Which is exactly what you are doing with these false rumors.

    • Trevor

      And I applaud them for it.

  • Brett Wcislo

    I really hope this is coming to VZW, but I’m not holding my breath at all. Sadly, I think that’s what will hold this phone back from being a top of the line device.

    • Fool

      Silly American, Verizon’s customers are a tiny fraction of the global customers that will be able to buy and use this phone.

  • duke69111

    Rumor 1 would be a good one though.

  • Chris Hilbert

    Quick, someone photoshop a Verizon logo onto one of the leaked images to cause mass hysteria.

  • TheRobotCow

    NO TASER?!?!?!?!????!!!?!??!!?! WTF GOOGLE?!?!?!?!?
    I will NEVER EVER buy another Nexus again! THIS IS BEYOND A MAJOR FAIL
    Wtf was Google thinking??!?!?!?!!!??!?!

  • VZW Galaxy Nexus owner

    This just in… new rumor that a Verizon variant is coming…
    … just dreaming. Sorry. πŸ™

  • John Galt

    Man I want to bitchslap Verizon so badly…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’m on the edge of my seat. A date would make this wait better, even if it’s a month from now. Damn I hate anticipation.

  • Tony Stark

    Not a Nexus rumor, but I hope that the rumor about the SMS/MMS feature integrated in 4.4 means the end of the messaging app is false.

    • Epic Tea

      agreed I like it the way it is, honestly I like stock android in general how it looks from the notifications to the dialer to the messaging app and icons. I just wish they would offer more customization like cyanogenmod and nova launcher, so I don’t have to flash a rom or use a launcher to have more freedom, thats honestly my only complaint about stock.

      • Tony Stark

        Totally agree, I see certain features on other phones that I really like and wish I didn’t have to root my N4 to have. My most recent example is the LG G2’s transparent soft keys… It’s a glorious feature.

        • Mike

          love my transparent soft keys on the G2

          • For Real

            I love my transparent status bar and nav bar on my N4. No idea why it’s not stock. I’m assuming you mean the nav bar, because if your soft keys are transparent they’re invisible. I’ve had it like that too and it’s pretty cool seeing someone else not know where to touch it lol.

          • HarvesterX

            No, there’s an option for transparency on the soft keys. Or as they call them “Front Touch Buttons”. FTBs!

        • HarvesterX

          You mean, transparent “Front Touch Buttons”? Lol they could have just named them as soft keys.

      • For Real

        Well, you’re obviously not the Nexus type. Most of us LOVE flashing. Not to mention you clearly get that you can customize vanilla Android to your heart’s desire with a few visits to the play store. More freedom? There is simply not another line of devices in existance that gives you more freedom than a Nexus device.

        • Epic Tea

          Wow talk about making wrong judgement.

          For one I own a Nexus 7 2013 and I think it’s the best tablet on the market. Second, I am selling my galaxy S4 to get a Nexus 5 and plan on buying the nexus Watch that is codenamed Gem if released as well.

          I actually love Nexus devices but remember not everyone has GSM Network, I am on Sprint so I have to flash roms to get stock, and Roms. Its funny you say I don’t like nexus because I not Only Flashed a Stock rom on my Galaxy S4 but I even used Root Browser to deactivate the capacitive and physical buttons and code in nexus soft keys.

          When I meant freedom I was talking more out of the Box, because I flashed a Google Play Edition Rom on my GS4 and it had 0 customizing, without downloading apps, but like you stated their is an easy fix, I use nova Launcher on Everything even on top of stock roms because it gives me more freedom and gestures and it just seems to make everything run super fast, snappy and smooth.

          Don’t be so quick to make assumptions.

  • Jeff C

    hate the google probably doesnt wanna step on samsungs’ toes and wont announce this until after all the note 3 releases. if by some unfathomable chance this comes to verizon, ill be pissed

    • VZW Galaxy Nexus Owner

      why? Because your leaning towards the SG Note III?

      • Jeff C

        very astute of you. yea, i am. already pre-ordered and such because i have zero faith in this coming to vzw

        • Bionicman

          just sell the Note 3 and pick up the Nexus 5 out of contract for VZW. done and done.

          • Jeff C

            this is why youre Bionicman, and i am only jeff c.

  • Epic Tea

    i think the Name “Nexus 5” should be on this list, because in 2 years we will have a nexus 7 tablet and phone???

    I think Nexus 4 2013 makes more since because the Nexus 7 and 10 both have this name would think google wants to keep the naming system consistent, the screen is technically still in the 4 inch range at 4.96

    • Vincent Marino

      The name would make sense, but not because of screen size. They don’t name the phones based on screen size.

      • John Kiser

        The phones and tablets since the nexus 4 and nexus 7 have been based off of screen size naming wise.

  • Godzilla

    Obvious rumor is obvious

  • Rob

    The Nexus 5 is based off the G2 right? I don’t get why Google would make the battery smaller for the Nexus 5 and not keep it the same as the 3000 mah battery in the G2.

    • Epic Tea

      because battery size is only one small aspect, software and optimization play a big part. The Battery on my Galaxy S4 drains fast when running samsung’s touchwiz and all their stupid useless bloatware and features, but once I rooted it and Flashed Cyanogenmod 10.2 it is a lot better now.

      I Love stock android πŸ™‚

      • Mike

        My G2 gets me 48 hours on a charge with over 3 hours screen time. beast mode

        • For Real

          Yeah, and I’ll bet the farm the N5 will get better battery life with Kitkat and a 2300mah battery.

          • For Real

            Not to mention I can easily get 4 hours SOT on my N4 with 4.3 and a little 2100mah battery…days idling. I’ve gotten over 6 hours SOT when I was trying (undervolting and turning stuff off…using wifi). So it’s funny you think your G2 is “beast mode.” Hoping to hit 7-8 on my N5.

          • HarvesterX

            You realize that we can root the G2 and slap a custom bootloader on it? And that there is developer support? It’s not the same as having a truly open device, but considering that both are from LG and that the N5 is built off the G2, updates for the G2 won’t be far behind the N5 (from independent devs of course).

            Second, the G2’s is at the top of the class in regards to battery time (not to mention basically everything else). I really had hoped that the N5 would had gotte the same custom battery the G2 did. And I’m sure battery life will still be great. But 2300mAh simply isn’t going to match a 3000/3500mAh battery. Saying that Kit Kat will optimize battery life enough to match the G2 isn’t going to happen (unless Google radically redesigns Android which isn’t happening from a change from 4.3 to 4.4).

            If you are a Verizon user and want a N5 but can’t switch… Get a G2 before they release an OTA that breaks the root exloit. Otherwise, get the N5.

    • Epic Tea

      also rmr the n5 is like 1/2 the price of these other flagship phones with almost the same specs, that in of itself is insane.

      • Rob

        True, but I meant if the actual physical part of the phone is the same size, wouldn’t they need to make an internal change to keep a smaller battery snug in there? We’re talking about a third more capacity so it just seems strange to me for them to redesign something physically to accommodate a different battery. I guess that’s cheaper (a redesign) than selling it with a larger battery.

        • Dan Carter

          The Nexus 5 is much smaller that the G2. That’s probably why the battery is smaller.

          • Rob

            That’s right, the N5 is supposed to be 4.97″ or something, right? And the G2 is 5.2″? Makes sense now.

          • Dan Carter

            Yeah the G2 is 6.5mm longer, 9mm wider, .3mm thicker. It’s a much larger phone. The N5 is actually tiny for that 5 inch screen. Pretty impressive.

          • NexusPhan

            Except I’d rather have a big honking phone with a 2 day battery-life than saving a millimeter or two in thickness while not having 1 day of battery-life.

          • For Real

            Curious. Why do you need or want 2 day battery life? I’m more than happy with my (not stock) Nexus 4’s 4-5 SOT syncing everything and using it heavily on data. Gnex was pathetic though. I’m almost always around some sort of charging source. I take a $10 5000mah portable with me on vacation, camping, etc. I’d rather them use a tiny battery and better camera to shave cost. Not to mention the N5 hardware is much more efficient, and KitKat will likely bring opitmizations and better battery life. You don’t see Droid Maxx’s seling like hotcakes. Sensible people don’t f*cking care.

          • NexusPhan

            Only one reason. Internal batteries that have to be charged every night will reach end of life way too fast. Replacements are not straightforward and I want to recommend this phone to every person I meet.

          • Dan Carter

            I go back and forth about that. The Nexus 4 is a tiny bit too big for me to use one handed, which is important to me since I live in NYC and us it one handed on the subway and while walking down the street all the time. 2 day batter life would be awesome tho…

          • NexusPhan

            Fellow New Yorker here, and I hear you. I’m talking about thickness of the phone. Why do they insist on making these phones so thin? Sacrifice a few millimeters of thinness and throw a gigantic battery in it. Don’t forget that this phone has smaller envelope dimensions than the the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4. It shouldn’t be too bad at all to use one handed.

          • Dan Carter

            Oh yeah, I’d def go with a thicker phone with better battery life. I’m with you there.

  • markgbe

    i just want one. πŸ™‚

  • mmoreimi

    Here’s one direct from CNET: http://reviews.cnet.com/google-nexus-5/
    Look @ the “Carrier Support” section down a ways… Do they know something we don’t. I sure hope so.

    • KB

      Keep dreaming. Verizon thinks unlocked devices degrade their network.

    • Jason Kahn

      As far as I know it is missing Verizon’s LTE bands, I can’t of course confirm this because the FCC is closed for extended Holiday. Edit I Googled it, the Verizon LTE Bands are not included in the FCC documentation, the CDMA and LTE support is most likely for the Sprint Network.

      • DoctorJB

        Cnet was quoting the FCC filings which don’t mention LTE B13 (verizon). They must have just seen a long list of Band #s and went, “Yup, looks like they’re all there!”

  • SookRam

    You didn’t address the rumor that if you lick the screen it tastes just like Kit Kats.

    • ChrisI

      If that’s true, then Snozberry is clearly the frontrunner for Android 5.6 OS

      • Michael Vernon

        You actually wrote down all the point versions to get to “S” didn’t you?
        Man. I want your life so badly!

  • Don’t Nexus 5 me, bro!!!

  • Higher_Ground

    I think I may have missed something, have they made an announcement on when they will announce the phone yet?

  • King of Tweets

    The Oct 31 release rumor started because a case manufacturer figured it would be out in October and had to pick a date their case would go on sale. It’s a guess, and a few sites out there take it as gospel.

    Look at the big battery BS that’s been circlejerking today: a pretty dubious site reports an “anonymous tip” to get pageviews, then a decent Android site reports that the other site is reporting it and there’s no evidence. A third site then reports that the second site is reporting it, and by the time it reaches discussion forums like XDA or Reddit, it’s a confirmed release date.

  • Anthony Domanico

    I don’t care what it costs. If that camera is even remotely decent, Google should be prepared to shut up and take my money.

  • J Davis

    Damn… I was really hoping that taser rumor was true.

  • Nobunagashi

    Here a FCC photo from Nexus 5 with 3000mAh battery : http://www.gamergen.com/image/nexus-5-leak-fcc-batterie-391052-125060

    • Looks like it’s true.

    • Oh, I so want to believe…

    • I’m also curious: why have rulers at all if they’re going to be cheap plastic rulers that are cock-eyed and not really measuring anything accurately? It kind of makes the FCC look like it’s run by some guy in his garage o.0

      • DanSan

        you forget its a government project. i’d have more faith and trust in the guy in his garage.

        • Razma

          seems legit

      • Dustin Mingo

        Budget issue, last time they asked for a real square ruler the government trimmed them down the the one guy in his garage, and he’ll be damned if he asks again

    • Those were the pictures from the LG G2 filing that the FCC screwed up with some pics of the next Nexus. The G2 has a 3000mAh battery, so I’d guess that’s the G2’s battery.

    • a3uge

      BL-T7 is the G2’s camera. That picture is taken in front of a blue cloth, whereas the others are on a grey cloth.

    • me

      Sure looks like that is the G2 battery, not the Nexus Five. Look at the background of the battery, its a different background than all the other pictures of the nexus five, and the battery with the same background is a 2300.

      LG custom made the battery for the G2. If you watch the presentation that LG did when they announced the G2 they go into how they made a custom shaped battery to fill the back and gain the extra capacity. The Nexus sacrificed the size of the battery for thinness and wireless charging, and a more generic square, off the shelf battery.

      • Mike

        I have the G2 and it is extremely thin. I can’t see any point to having a thinner device and sacrificing battery at this stage in the game.

    • Here are the internal photos of the Nexus 5 in that leak. The 3000mAh is not in them: http://www.scribd.com/doc/167660910/LG-D820-internal-FCC-photos.

      Remember, the Nexus 5 was mixed in with the LG G2, which does have the 3000mAh battery. GamerGen is misrepresenting and mixing in the photos IMO.

      • Vetal

        I look at all these photos from the fcc and they all look so amateur, 2 yellow rulers, background is usually white or gray. I cant believe that they don’t have a standard jig to take pictures.

  • Trysta

    Thank you for the dose of reality…

    It’s just that, at least with rumor #1 I wanted it to be real SOOO much, even though I knew that two different battery sizes wouldn’t make sense especially given the info we have so far.

    Still excited for the Nexus 5 though.

    Please Google just announce something…anything. You can ship it weeks later. I just need to know what is coming NOW…so I can concentrate on work and stop checking these blogs…

    • Arve Svendsen

      I have the same issue. My mind is distracted so hard during the nexus pre release period. I never end up buying one, but this year i might give in and just send my money overseas (live in a country where nexus is unavailable thrugh g.play).

      To the point: Google, i need you to release this now, or im fired!

    • Pradeep

      Absolutely dude, can’t wait to know what’s next, every 30 minutes checking the blog regarding Nexus 5

  • sc0rch3d

    Still bummed that the last Nexus didn’t have PRIME in the name πŸ™

  • Adam Truelove

    I will believe any of these before I believe a “Nexus 5 coming to Verizon” rumor. Even the tazer one is more believable.

    • PolarBear

      Please don’t believe is coming to Verizon. The universe might listen to you and that might be dangerous.

    • MotoRulz

      No tazer is a deal breaker..

      • jackwagoner

        If it did come to Verizon, their version would probably be the only version without a tazer because….I dunno, a wizard did it.

        • LuckyStrike1944

          “After extensive and exhaustive network compatibility testing and months of focus groups, we have determined the “Taser” feature on the Nexus 5 by Google device to be detrimental to The Nation’s Most Reliable Network and have asked Google to remove the feature before selling the phone on The Nation’s Most Reliable Network.”

          • CasperTFG

            “And to reward our customers we now require all future OEM partners to bake in live Verizon wallpapers showcasing the best in scrolling Verizon logos. We connect people, companies, communities with powerful technology…and Viva Movil for the Hispanic peoples.”

        • ObviousNinja2

          No it would still tazer, but only over the MASSIVE verizon logo.

    • Guest

      also rmr the n5 is like 1/2 the price of these other flagship phones with almost the same specs, that in of itself is insane.

      • Droidzilla

        But that was the case with the Nexus 4. How are we all forgetting that so easily?

        • hacker

          It’s easy to forget when LTE should have been available from the start with the Nexus 4… hence, why no one mentions it

          • Droidzilla

            That’s just silly. I’ve had the Nexus 4 on both HSPA+ and LTE, as well as Verizon LTE devices and I haven’t noticed any difference in actual usability. This was a blog-fueled non-issue. Actually, I’ve have had the same peak speeds with HSPA+, T-Mo LTE, and Verizon LTE. The biggest difference has always been network congestion. Got blazing fast LTE on my old RAZR on Verizon until the iPhone with LTE came out; then it dropped to like 3-5Mbps max. I had the same speeds (>20Mbps) on T-Mo HSPA+, but more people got on it and it slowed to about 10Mbps. Then I had >20Mbps LTE on T-Mo with my Nexus 4, but it’s since slowed a bit since more people got on the network. That said, I didn’t notice a difference, honestly, in actual usage between the best Verizon LTE and so-so AT&T HSPA+.

          • Ryan

            This could also depend on the area for congestion. Verizon’s LTE with my Bionic was around 15 Mbps downstream, which isn’t half bad really. But it did vary. I think at most I might have seen 18 out of their network.

            T-Mobile’s HSPA+ on my Nexus 4 averages about the same as Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds in my area, with a better upstream which isn’t much. TMo’s 4G network on the Nexus 4 completely blows Verizon’s out of the park for me. And yes, Nexus 4 does have some LTE capabilities even though official documents don’t technically list it. Not even GSMArena does if I recall. At most I’ve seen 38 Mbps downstream and 12 Mbps upstream, that’s impressive and even bests my own home internet.

            So, it all really comes down to location and what network congestion is like. I’ve been quite happy on T-Mobile, just wish I was thinking and sold my unlimited data plan, but that’s alright I guess.

          • Droidzilla

            I cry a little bit every time someone says they’re paying an ETF or letting their plan expire on a Verizon unlimited plan. Those things are going for $200 a line right now!

          • Ryan

            I know… I really should have sold it. I die a little inside every time I think about it. Though I wasn’t even under contract when I switched, so I don’t even know if AOL would have worked.

          • Droidzilla

            AOL works when you’re under contract. The new line owner will be given a one year contract no matter how much longer your contract had. Sorry.

          • Ryan

            I meant that I was no longer under a contract. In other words, month-to-month.

          • Droidzilla

            Now that I don’t know. Let’s just say for your sake that it wouldn’t have worked so you feel better.

          • J Dub

            Getting ready to do this. 2 lines of unlimited on VZW. Prepaid plans cover what we use and offer more phone and provider flexibility. Unlocked phones are much easier to find than locked to VZW phones. You also get phones like the Nexus line, which we all like.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      But that would kill the battery life.

    • linseygibbens22

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  • Dan

    And there are still those poor deluded souls who think it will be available on Verizon…

    • Yooouuuu

      For $299 off-contract!

  • Droidzilla

    I heard it’s menstruation cycle attracts bears.

    • Mike

      The bears can smell the menstruation!

      • matt

        Well that’s just great, now they’re putting nexus fans in jepordy!

        • Lugnuts McGruff

          Alright everyone relax. Nexus isn’t going to take anyone’s roaming minutes…

  • Samvelavich

    Sometimes i wonder if Google or LG are behind all these leaks… makes sense to hype a phone up so much!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I think it’s mostly ridiculous blogs that barely exist leaking nonsense. If you google anything popular these days you’ll see so many useless new sites trying to BS their way to page views.

      • It’s a wild internet out there.

        • zepfloyd

          Can’t stop full HYPEBEAST mode.

      • Dee

        best site for that is BGR

        they post articles – then straightaway you have a few “regulars” start flaming + baiting does wonders for page hits.

        • TheWenger

          I stopped reading their site when they shut down comments a couple years ago.

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      You beat me to it, I hope to god though that the 1st rumor is right, would HAPPILY fork 400 over for a bigger battery.

    • MikeCiggy

      You can be certain that they do leak some information purposely. Kellen is trying to prevent us from being smashed by the hypebeast and only provide us with credible information.

      One of the many reasons DL is my main source of information.

    • Droidzilla

      Some are undoubtedly Google/LG leaks, but others are simply wild speculation and fanboism.