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Moto X Officially Arrives at Verizon on August 29

verizon moto x

Verizon announced via Twitter this afternoon that the Moto X will officially arrive online, August 29, for $199 on-contract. Yes, that would be this Thursday. The device will then arrive in stores over the coming weeks. We’ve reported this as the current target date a handful of times now, so we’re glad to finally have it set in stone.

As most of you already know, the Moto X will be available in both black and white models (woven design on the back), with MotoMaker customization coming further down the road. AT&T currently has the off-contract or full retail price set at $579 for the 16GB version – I’d imagine that Verizon will match that price point. AT&T currently has an exclusive deal on the 32GB version as far as we know, so you may only see the 16GB version on Verizon for the next couple of months.

If more storage interests you, as does an unlockable bootloader, be on the lookout for a Verizon developer edition that could arrive within a matter of days.

Be sure to read out Moto X review of the Verizon variant if you haven’t already.

Via:  @VZWnews

  • Nick

    Even when I try to buy the phone at full price it wants me to remove unlimited data. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Howling Fantods

    So if you can buy it online, does that mean that it ships in the next day or two?

  • emoney

    you can set google drive files to be accessible offline

  • bp

    what time does Verizon usually make the online ordering go live for new devices?

    • Dan

      would also like to know?

  • Seth B

    Just talked to the manager of a local Verizon subsidiary (GoWireless) and he said he should have it on the shelf on Thursday. I guess some local stores are getting it.

  • enigmaco

    played with the new moto x, just as happy with my droid razr hd.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    WIll the Dev Edition be available through Verizon or Motorola. Because I would really like to use Verizon Edge to get it as I am already on a shared plan.

  • Insect Overlord

    Sweet! I can’t wait until tomorrow to not get this phone and continue holding onto my SGN until the Note 3 comes out in about a month!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Only 16 GB of storage.
    A non removable battery.
    And a bootloader that’s likely locked all to hell.
    You guys can’t be seriously considering this phone?

    • Dan

      Do you really need to comment?!

  • Jeralmac

    I really want to buy this phone but my reluctance is coming from owning a Gnex on Verizon. As much as I’ve not minded using 3rd party ROM’s in order to keep my Gnex on recent builds, I’m ready to have a legitimate build from Google. I can just see the VZW MotoX version being behind 6-12 months and completely ruining the experience. And to all that would say “switch carriers then”, VZW is unfortunately the ONLY carrier that works where I live. Sigh, what to do…… I must might end up having my Gnex with Shiny ROM for years to come even with it’s 4 hour battery and laggy response.

    • Dan

      Motorola put the Active Voice function on Google Play for more frequent updates. They may also do this with Active Notifications. Meaning you have stock android on the phone, so basically you could continue to have the most up to date software, plus keep the things that make the Moto X different. I know Verizon will probably screw up updates but at least you can continue to upload yourself, because you know they will have this thing rooted very quickly.

  • AHoL2206

    okay, PLEASE help me here. I am DEF upgrading like this week. I am TORN between Droid MAXX, Moto X, and HTC One…..can I get some opinions? not going the Edge rout, but most likely opting out of unlimited for the 6gb plan because I am worried if I don’t take it now i will be stuck with a 2gb or 4gb plan later…. let me know what you think between the phone options…

    • Dan Letsch

      I personally think the hardware on the HTC One is the best, front speakers would be a big plus. I don’t care for hardware buttons, and especially do not like what they did with the buttons on the One. I also do not like custom skins that will cause bloat.
      This is all personal opinion, but I would go with the Moto X between those 3, but the battery life of the maxx, as well as wireless charging has me potentially willing to deal with the hardware buttons on the Maxx.
      In the end, I am waiting, but I do not think you will go wrong with any of those if you need to upgrade now. My order would be – X, Maxx, One.

    • fritzo2162

      I don’t want a 5″+ phone, so it was down to the HTC and the X. I like the hardware and design better on the One, and the screen is a lot better. Therefore, the One won out for me. Also, the sound on the One is fantastic!

      I’m sure roots and roms will be on the way to take care of people that don’t like Sense.

    • Brien Gerber

      Question, how do you plan to go the 6gb plan for $30 if you aren’t doing Edge? Isn’t that the only way that the Verizon Max deal is applicable? If I am mistaken then I will be doing the same thing!

      • AHoL2206

        Ahhh I see what u r saying….DAMNIT! looks like transfer upgrade it is…..does anyone know if they will do that in store even tho I will be using it on my line??? Held the maxx and x today BTW….maxx feels GOOD

      • Dan

        I don’t see the point of the MAX plan. You are still paying full price for the phone and then you get less data to use. I went over every possible option last night, because I know I am getting the X and no matter what I did I would be paying more each month. Like $50 more a month, plus have less data to use. So, just going to have to pay full price and keep unlimited.

  • Adam Truelove

    Gotta love that awesome giant 4G logo in the notification bar.

  • mrwufpack

    “Only being offered online to start.”

    Translation: we’re scared it will sell better than the Droid Ultra, so we don’t want people to see them side-by-side in-store. That way, people who have been waiting months since the last Verizon release (GS4) only have the Droid line and HTC One as options. Maybe they’ll bring it in-store the week they release the LG G2. Ah, Verizon…

  • Matthew Rebmann

    Mother F-, I planned on getting the 32GB option with the DPP… Like this coming week. Please only be a short exclusive? 🙁

    • Matthew Rebmann

      if not the Dev Edition :/

  • jonnyrazr

    ass monkey 16 GB for Verizon? Att can shove it they suck! Sorry Moto X

  • Paul Hansen

    Dev Edition please and thank you.

  • Vermin_Cain

    Buck Verizon…

  • Stephen Riss

    great so i guess I have no choice to wait for motomaker. I need a 32gb phone so if that is the only way to get it I guess I won’t be upgrading this week. ;(

  • Moto X = $600
    Nexus 7 = $229

    We’re getting ripped off plain and simple.

    The game changer will be a Nexus 4 priced phone available off contract on Verizon + the other 3 major carriers. Motorolaa missed the boat on this one.

    • Over priced, locked down, but hey pretty colors…

    • bakdroid

      And….you are delusional.

      • Why? Google/Asus prove that this pricing model works. There’s no reason why phones are more expensive than larger tablets (especially 3x more).

        The subsidized price is the fair market price, and Verizon takes the rest and ropes you into another 2 year contract.

        Ever wonder why a TI-83 calculator costs $100 today, same as 15 years ago? It’s because people will pay it.

        • Ryan N

          It’s not because Google/motorola can’t make a phone for that cheap. It’s that if they do there is little incentive for customers to buy it on contract. Therefore, little incentive for any carriers to carry the phone.

          Plain and simple, their hand was forced on this one. The carriers have too much clout. Now… if Google ever rolled out their own network, *cough* 2014 VoLTE rollout *cough* , then Google would be unbound by these evil-doing carriers.

  • Aaron

    Not that anyone would switch, but US Cellular is listing the Moto X for $125 for new customers and $699 full retail. Availability is shown as “soon”.

    • Gr8Ray

      Yup, they were running ads on the radio this morning.

    • LionStone

      Thanks…I don’t need to switch, but I need to add a work line and it has to be on US Cell. So this works for me.

    • Dan Letsch

      We were actually looking at switching once they have the iphone, as that is all my wife will use, but now they seem to have dropped unlimited, so the incentive is gone.

      • Aaron

        If Verizon got better service where I live, I would already be gone. But I am grandfathered into a 5 GB plan per device, so that is something.

  • jumpman


  • Rob Wisz

    Im at a loss for why you need this over the DROID Maxx ($50 more with 32gb vs 32gb and a MUCH bigger battery) other than needing a white phone

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      the feel. The main reason i’m getting the phone is for the ergonomics. thats the iphone 5 on top. 4 inch screen vs 4.7 inches. The height difference is very, very minimal.

    • tuname1t

      smaller form factor (subjective but still valid), most likely faster updates via the dev community if you are into that sort of thing, being able to give the Droid brand (VZW) the middle finger

  • Dave

    I remember when we (not me) thought this would be a dirt cheap spec beast.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Instead it’s an averagedly price feature real world useage beast! 😉

  • Cameron Laudick

    So I may be the only one, but when can I actually have this phone in my hands on Verizon?? Online on the 29th – what does that mean?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’m going to assume “available for purchase” means that you can order the device online August 29th. With free two-day shipping, it should be in your hand Saturday or Monday. They’re usually pretty prompt with shipping orders.

      I’m more unhappy that there was no presale. Verizon really is treating this device as a red-headed step child, so I think I may have to get as far away from it as possible.

  • Adam Truelove

    Ugh, offer me an 8GB version for less money and I’ll take it! After nearly 2 years I’m using a whole 4GB on my Gnex. What a waste.

  • fullmetal509

    *Looks down to my recently bought HTC One!* …….sh1t…….

  • boybert

    Oh man I think the Moto trade up $100 offer is only good in-store. Does this mean I’ll have to wait even longer to dump my D3?!

    • Mordy Festinger

      I was wondering the same thing!

      • boybert

        Just chatted with VZW rep who confirmed the Moto Tradeup needs to be done in-store and can’t be done for online sales. Bummer. The VZW trade in value on my D3 is only $15 haha.

        EDIT: for what it’s worth, rep also confirmed no in-store date for Moto X yet.

        • Mordy Festinger

          mototradeup dot com is what I was talking about. Everyone but verizon could send it straight to motorola so thats good for even online purchases but we must do it in store. If you ask me we are getting a very raw deal.

          • boybert

            Yup exactly the $100 moto deal is only good in store. Guess we either have to be patient or give up the $100. I was thinking I might buy one Thursday, then when Moto Maker is available for VZW maybe use my trade in then.

            The $15 I mentioned is for the Verizon trade-in program which the rep suggested. $100 vs $15, no thanks!

          • Mordy Festinger

            But then you don’t get your upgrade price.

          • boybert

            True. I’ll get my upgrade price on the online purchase, then will have to pay full price (-$100 tradeup) for the custom one down the line. Hopefully I’d be able to sell the original on eBay or something to make up some of the difference?

          • Theme Park Pro

            I still am using my Droid 3 but since Droid 5 most likely isn’t coming I’m going to use someone else’s upgrade and buy the Droid Maxx off of Amazon for $199. After taxes and activation fees I’m paying the price of the phone if I got it directly through Verizon before the fees. I’m keeping my unlimited data for as long as possible. If Verizons coverage wasn’t so good then I would switch.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Verizon gives everyone a raw deal.

            However, if you choose “Moto X (all carriers)” that provides you with the option to send in proof of purchase and get a Visa gift card, so I have hope.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Yeah, nevermind, Verizon still has Motorola by the balls. If you want to use Trade Up for any Verizon-branded device, you have to do it in-store.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The Trade Up program is available on Motorola’s site and is independent of Verizon. Details here: http://www.mototradeup.com/

      • boybert

        Unfortunately that’s only true for the other carriers. If you’re trading up to a VZW phone it has to be done in-store and you get a VZW gift card, not the $100 Visa gift card that you get on other carriers 🙁

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          By golly, you’re correct. That sucks. $100 is still $100, whether its in the form of a Verizon gift card or whatever else, but needing to purchase in-store really sucks. I’m hoping that later this week there’ll be a huge announcement from them regarding 4.3, additions to Trade Up, and dev edition pricing/availability. Those are questions that really need to be answered.

          • boybert

            $100 is $100 for sure, and at least the VZ gift card can be used to pay your bill. For one thing it’ll help defray the bogus $30 upgrade fee

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            One reason I’m not entirely unhappy about buying off-contract, no upgrade fee. Just go in and ask for a new SIM, or trim my own down.

          • boybert

            I’m gonna try my damndest to get out of the upgrade fee. I finally got them to waive the activation fees when I added 2 lines a couple months ago. It took a LOT of effort though, not sure if I can work the same magic again

      • AHH!!!!!!!!

        And of course, the Bionic isn’t eligible! Son of a bitch!

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          For now it is only available for 2011-2012 devices that were left behind on Gingerbread. I’m hoping that it is extended to any device that runs EoL, with older devices removed after a couple years, but we’ll see what happens.

          Either way, my Razr has had a good run. Gingerbread -> ICS -> JB, you really can’t be too unhappy with that.

  • wsnydes

    any word on phone orders?

    • Daeshaun Griffiths


      • wsnydes

        i’m old school. i like talking to people if i can’t buy something in person

  • Sam

    Even after years of following the mobile market, thinking I’ve seen it all, reading things like “exclusive deal on the 32GB version” makes my blood boil.

    • GentlemanScholar

      Agreed, but it appears that the 32GB “exclusive” might actually be due to AT&T having exclusivity to motomaker. Based on AT&T’s website, you can only order the white and black in 16gb if you are ordering directly from AT&T without using motomaker. I think the 32GB is exclusive to motomaker, and thus exclusive to AT&T. Not that that makes an appreciable difference.

  • loony2nz

    wtf is with all this exclusivity!?!? ugh! I can’t get 32gb on VZW at launch? Only if I jump to at&t? bollocks!! (yeah, i’m not european)

  • Michael Valadez

    So for everyone who is hating on having only 16gb of storage, what are you storing that is using so much space? I would love to have as much storage as possible, but since I switched to Spotify and/or Google Music, I really have far less need for local storage. Right now, I am using maybe 6GB on my GNex.

    • chris420o

      pics vids music backups yeah

      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        oh and backups, which i don’t like piling up.

        • Adam Truelove

          Backups of what? Why are these not in the cloud?

          • Daeshaun Griffiths

            flashing roms and mods creates backups if anything goes wrong,

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Most likely full device backups. They are rather large files, and I would much prefer to have them locally than in the cloud.

    • Booyabobby

      Same here! I still have 22GB left on my GNex. I keep thinking that im gonna take tons of pictures and videos. Turns out, I never record videos and maybe take a picture once a week. Now that I have a 32GB Nexus 7, I can use that to store my media.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      This s something that bothers me. What in the world do people have on their phones that need to be accessible at all times? I know good games have big files, but thats it. Everything else can be in the cloud. Music is the only other thing i can justify being worried about, but personally i don’t need my entire library stored on my device. Backup those pics and videos to G+, it’s a free 15 gb. use it.

    • Mark Roan

      I dl all of my Spotify playlists so that I don’t kill my battery on my GNex Verizon and for better playback (less problems, better quality). Hence, why I need more storage space..

    • Adam Truelove

      I’m using 4GB on my Gnex.

    • Stuff

      SGS3 here:
      32GB total – 6GB for the ROM = 26GB Available
      Apps (5GB) + videos/images (2GB) + Downloads (3GB) = 10GB
      ROMs / Gapps / Backups = 8GB
      Available = 8GB

      Even without ROMs/Backups, and with a 6GB ROM, my total on a 16GB device would be 16GB – 6GB – 10GB = 0GB. I could remove Downloads, but those would inevitably come back in form or another. I hate worrying about space. With 32GB+ I can store a ton of stuff and never bother checking remaining space.

    • Carlos Dangerousness

      I hardly use any storage…but I need at least a Terrabyte just in case.

  • chris125

    Its crazy moto gave att the exclusive on not only the moto maker but also the 32gb. What were they thinking? I could have seen one or the other but not giving them both. Guess some companies never learn exclusives dont work

    • chris420o

      32gig is motomaker exclusive not at&t

      • chris125

        Developer edition is 32gb though and no moto maker

    • Qwerty

      To me it it appears that AT&T seems more opt to try new things, whether it be a phone or something like Moto Maker. That’s probably why they’ve landed so many exclusive phones. A company like Verizon doesn’t seem as eager to jump onto something unless its been tried and proven which might explain why they got the iPhone after its success became apparent. You might say the same thing for a phone like the HTC One.

      • Paul Hansen

        Verizon didn’t want to agree to the terms Apple was proposing when it came to line subsidies. They wanted a percentage of all income from lines tied to an iPhone. It had nothing to do with not wanting the phone. ATT was in such bad shape at the time that they were willing to accept any deal to get new customers. It just wasn’t a hit in line revenue VZW was willing to accept. The percentage was VERY high. ATT figured something was better than nothing. In hindsight I’m not sure that VZW wouldn’t take that deal knowing what it would produce but then if they did, I truly believe the Android world wouldn’t be what it is today. VZW spearheaded Android as the iPhone competition. Quite successfully I might add. What’s the current smartphone share sitting at? Somewhere around 80%?

        Just to play devil’s advocate to your statement of VZW not trying new things:

        They were the first carrier to utilize LTE here in the US. New transmission technologies are way riskier than a phone that flops. Ask Sprint about wimax if you don’t know what I mean 😉

        They were the first carrier to jump in wholeheartedly into Android itself which was fairly unproven at the time. Yes Tmobile had the HTC first but they didn’t really embrace it.

        This statement doesn’t mean I particularly like VZW, just trying to point out the view from the other side.

        • Qwerty

          I definitely agree with everything you said. Verizon just seems a little too narrow-minded at times regarding their offering of phones. Part of me thinks they still believe their Droid line is as fresh as the day it was unveiled and their devotion to the Droid brand which saw major success initially is disrupting their offering of other phones. Not to say the Droid phones are bad, but I don’t think the Droid name resonates in people they way it did before.

          For a good portion of 2013, the only relatively new phone Verizon had landed was the S4. Only recently have they started to offer a decent variety of phones, some of which have already been on other carriers as the exact same phone or in another guise. I’ve caught myself saying “Wow. Another good phone landing on AT&T.” enough times for me to wish I was on AT&T for a brief second.

          You’re very right though. Verizon doesn’t turn a blind eye as on something up and coming as much as I made it seem initially. But I think that lately that pace has started to slow considerably.

          • Paul Hansen

            We’ll have to see if they keep their word to be the first to start rolling out LTE-A as much so as they were with 1st gen LTE.

  • djh36

    Perhaps it’s just me but when I walked into the AT&T store to check out the Moto X, I wasn’t very impressed with the build or feel of the phone. I guess the plastic back really stood out to me.

    • GentlemanScholar

      I kind of noticed that as well. I don’t know why, but I thought the woven back would give a noticeably more refined feel to the phone. It felt kind of like sanded down plastic. Not high-end by any stretch of the imagination. I still might get it nonetheless, but I’m waiting for the iPhone 5s announcement (for the wife) and the next Nexus. If after the iPhone is announced and it seems like the Nexus won’t come to Verizon, I’ll either get the Moto X from Verizon or from AT&T (and an iPhone 5s for the lady) .

  • chris125

    so the x, htc one or g2 if you were on verizon and needed a new phone @kellex:disqus?

    • I’m personally going Moto X until the next Nexus. But I’m different than most consumers heh. tough choice there. You may want to wait for the G2 just to get your hands on it and see if it’s the dream device LG thinks. If it grosses you out, you can’t go wrong with either the Moto X or One.

      • Bryan

        Are you going to do a follow up on life with the Verizon Moto X after using it for several weeks? Things like battery life, signal strength, more picture taking, etc.?
        I am interested to know what it’s been like using it for more than a week and getting a real handle on how it is in daily life.

        • Daeshaun Griffiths

          “living with my X”
          i like that title.

        • n900mixalot

          Exactly, cuz the X is destined to be as exciting as the Nexus 4 has been, after a few weeks. Which really isn’t that exciting.

      • ObviousNinja2

        …until the next nexus for ….verizon?…VERIZON!!!??

      • ApplesNAndroids

        The LG G2 looks amazing! However, then there is their skin… PASS!

      • n900mixalot

        So it isn’t a keeper …

  • iNomNomAwesome

    About time! I hate that they wait as long as possible to confirm it, A-holes. Whatever, on Thursday I’ll be ordering mine!

  • MatthewSimmons

    I wish exclusives would die.

    • WickedToby741

      I really think the exclusivity in this case is because Motorola wants a slow rollout to test this process. This is the first time anyone has done this for a phone so inevitably there are going to be some kinks to workout. It’s probably a logistical nightmare so starting with an exclusive carrier and expanding later makes sense.

      • sc0rch3d

        “This is the first time anyone has done this….”

        iPhone ring a bell?

        • chansterrrr

          When has the iPhone ever allowed you to choose between more than 3 colors at different combinations of both front/back and accent colors?

          They haven’t. The only thing they’ve done is engraving which is much easier as phones are already built.

          • instrument

            he said exclusive s based on storage size snarky guy

        • lolwut?

      • trixnkix637

        This is practical and applies only to Motomaker. There’s no need for a rollout test regarding 16gb & 32gb versions. Exclusivity based on storage types is beyond illogical.

      • michael arazan

        Bring on the Dev Edition, has the black and white I wanted anyways, just won’t get the blue highlights, screw verizon, rather buy straight from motorola with the Dev version anyways.

    • Crysmic

      Absolutely agree

  • AbbyZFresh

    Demoed out the Moto X at the local AT&T Store and it is sooo fast and sickly smooth and feels great. And the camera is pretty good for a phone of last year calibur. Google is definiely right about specs not being everything. The screen actually looks BETTER than the Nexus 4 and looks right about even with Galaxy S4 and 2013 Nexus 7 despite not being 1080p. Right now my Nexus 4 is having some lag problems and is pretty slow and its only a month old for me.

    • n900mixalot

      So … here’s a question: Speed aside, does it seem interesting as a phone? Or, does it just seem like a Nexus 4 without “lag problems”?

  • Guest

    I guess Motorola supports interracial relationships.

    • cancerous_it

      Your mom does.

  • jose

    How could anybody survive with only 16gb of storage space?

    F@#k yo cloud

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      I’m surviving with 8GB on my Razr, and 16GB on my N10. That said, I’ll never be unhappy about getting more, and certainly commiserate with people who want more.

    • LionStone

      Got 4.29GB available on my DNA, shrugs shoulders, I could free more space if needed from the 4.3GB of Photos/Videos by deleting, which I do periodically since it’s all backed up. I don’t store music, I stream all my music from Pandora and Slacker. Games, downloaded music, movies, extra apps etc. go on the 32GB Nexus 7HD…easey peasey as Chuck Finley would say 🙂

      • jose

        That’s the thing, I need to keep stuff locally on my phone for the times I don’t have a connection. The idea that we should have to connect to the internet to view/hear our content is ridiculous when it cost manufacturers pennies more to increase the storage space and takes up no more room in the phone.

        They (carriers and manufacturers) do everything they can to screw over the consumer and squeeze more money out of us when they could slap 64gb of memory in every phone and call it a day.

  • bonix

    I’m so sick of ATT and their freaking exclusives. The motomaker I can live with but 32GB really?! How much did they have to pay to grab that deal?

    Are we certain that the dev edition is going to be on verizon?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Yes, Motorola has officially announced they will have a Verizon dev edition and a North American dev edition. It remains to be seen if these will be available at the same time, how much, etc. etc.

    • n900mixalot

      ohhh ho ho ho shinchan

  • Lucky Armpit

    That confirms it – not interested in waiting a few months (or who knows how long, really), for the 32GB version. Droid Maxx, here I come.

    • Tyler Durden

      You’ll be able to enjoy wireless charging now also..

      • Lucky Armpit

        Yup, that too. Kinda forgot about that. Thanks! Now I have to pick out a good charger…

      • Guest

        I saw the Moto X at AT&T and it looked nice (minimal bezel) and felt really nice in the hands. Typing was very comfortable one handed. But I couldn’t wait till November for the 32GB version, so I picked up the Maxx instead. I love this phone, great battery life and buttery smooth interface, but I do wish it came in the Moto X body form.

      • Guest

        I saw the Moto X at AT&T and it looked nice (minimal bezel is Damn sexy ) and felt really nice in the hands. Typing was very comfortable one handed. But I couldn’t wait till November for the 32GB version, so I picked up the Maxx instead. I love this phone, great battery life and buttery smooth interface, but I do wish it came in the Moto X body form.

    • Ben Klene

      Picked mine up last Tuesday. Go for it, I’m not disappointed one bit. Amazing battery life, and all the same software as the X, but its available now, and has 32GB.

    • Paradisimo

      Seriously, if I knew that the Maxx would eventually gain root I would pick it up in a heartbeat. I don’t even care about an unlocked bootloader or custom ROM I just want the ability to use TiBU and Helium.

    • Teddy Chen

      I saw the Moto X at AT&T and it looked nice (minimal bezel) and felt really nice in the hands. Typing was very comfortable one handed. But I couldn’t wait till November for the 32GB version, so I picked up the Maxx instead. I love this phone, great battery life and buttery smooth interface, but I do wish it came in the Moto X body form.

  • Greg

    I only wish we knew when Moto Maker may be available for Verizon.

    • jose


      – Verizon

      • ObviousNinja2

        “why customize your phone when you get the latest droid razr maxx 2.0 verizion bloatware edition 2014 edition with extra Droid”


        • Paul Hansen


    • J

      I talked to an engineer for Motorola about two weeks ago and he told me if I want to customize it to wait until October or November so probably around then.

    • tyguy829


    • SparkysShocker

      I only wish they had more color options on Motomaker….especially for the accents.

      • Joseph A. Yager

        I agree – I think it’s kind of silly how the site is asking people to post pics of their moto maker’d devices. I don’t think there are really enough options for that to make sense.

    • Adam Truelove

      I can’t remember where, but I read AT&T has an exclusive on Moto Maker until November.

      • Pengwn

        I also remember reading that it would end in November.. now it’s going to drive me crazy until I can find that article again.

  • Trav

    August 29th is this Thursday.

    • Tyler Lamb

      Beat me to saying that!

    • Hah jesus. For some reason I’ve had it in my brain that the 29th is a Friday for like 2 weeks now.


  • Mark

    Sorry but the tweet says it will be available in stores in the coming weeks.. not on 8/29… online only 8/29

    • Indeed it does. Got a little ahead of myself. 😛

      • Mark

        No worries… I got ahead of myself too when i first read it…. im more interested in the developer edition price… since it will be 32 gb and unlocked…. any word yet on that price point and when it will be available?

        • John Davids

          $599 is my guess, if not higher.

          • imnotmikal

            IIRC, the normal 32GB is $629, so I don’t see the Dev Edition being any cheaper.

  • joe_fabeets

    Will the 32gb version be available from the Verizon site or only through MotoMaker?

    • Lucky Armpit

      As the article stated, the 32GB version is not available on Verizon for the foreseeable future. AT&T has the exclusive on the 32GB version for the time being.

    • jose

      No and Yes.

  • JasonWhite

    I keep hearing everyone rag on this guy’s camera. Is it a hardware or software issue? I.e. Could I just download a third party camera like Vignette and it should be fine? Seems like the custom Moto compression and what not wouldn’t apply then. Yeah?

    • T4rd

      It’s most likely software related, but a different camera app won’t make a difference.

      MKB breaks it down nicely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yKXTr7KB40&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBJycsmduvYEL83R_U4JriQ#t=4m38s

      • JasonWhite

        Excellent! Thanks for the informative video. I just subscribed to that channel. Seems like he’s a quality reviewer.

        • Tyler Durden

          The best

        • T4rd

          Yeah, he’s probably my favorite (mobile) reviewer on Youtube at the moment. He’s pretty thurough and seems totally un-biased in his reviews.

      • jose

        Seems like we’ve been telling are ourselves for years that Moto will fix the camera soon with a software update. Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since the OG Droid and Moto cameras still perform the same.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    If more details don’t roll out for the dev edition by saturday, i may regret it, but i’m buying it from VZ.

  • Tim Wing

    16gb only????

    • T4rd

      Yeah, pretty lame. At least they’re giving you 50GBs of free G-Drive storage though (for 2 years). I’m sure the 32GB version will be available through Moto Maker too once that’s online for Verizon.

      • Tim Wing

        Thanks, yeah doesnt help me now pretty crappy on VZW’s part. Why stream if your on a limted data plan

  • Michael Valadez

    so the question I have is, will there be a Verizon variant on the Google Play store at some point?

    • William_Morris

      The best answer you’ll probably get is from a magic 8 ball… if I had to wager, I’d say no.

    • No but there is going to be a developer edition sold through Motorola.com.

      • flyinggerbil

        Do we know that for certain? Did anyone explicitly say that Verizon will get the developer edition? I just want to make sure before I decide what phone to get.

        • socarwolverine

          I remember Motorola saying there’d be one for VZW.

      • DILNaOH

        Hopefully we will know soon about when the Developer Edition will be available for Verizon users; if we see it in the next few weeks, that will be my next phone.

  • MichaelFranz

    still having a hard time….this, maxx, or wait until moto maker

    • rphillipps16

      Developer edition

    • Jeff C

      well if you wait for moto maker the hype machine will be in full force for the next big thing and you’ll wanna wait

    • jstew182

      I am definitely in the same boat. My Gnex isn’t going to hold out much longer…I wish they would just announce the price of the Moto X Developer Edition and price on that!

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        This is what I’m waiting for. I will be getting the dev edition, either as the Verizon version or the NA version. I’m having a really difficult time deciding to be honest. Also, if I decide to go to T-Mobile, I’ll probably have a hard time not exchanging this for the next Nexus (not a fan of the glass back on the Nexus 4, or I’d probably go with that). So many choices!!

      • Booyabobby

        Agree. My Gnex won’t hold out till November (maybe) for a customizable 32gb version. May have to cave in for the 16gb on the 29th. I could get the developer edition but no official announcement on that. So that to could be 16gb at launch. Who knows.

    • Tony

      this phone feels great, checked one out yesterday at an att store. not as rigid as the htc one either, with 90 degree angled corners on the edges. maxx will be the same, except larger.

      the back honestly resembles velvet more than sticky rubber.

      • Justin W

        Agreed – I love the feel of it more than my HTC One, and am definitely interested in getting it. I really want a SIM unlocked version though, and I want it to be customizable, but I don’t know if that will be possible until whenever Moto Maker becomes available to the other carriers.

    • Gustavo Escobedo Jr.

      Get the Maxx, I did and I love it. Everything to love about the X except the size, but with lots of juice! It’s nice. Seriously nice. Plus with the great Motorola reliability and radios.

    • chaoslimits

      Get the Moto X Dev Edition if you can afford it. If you need the battery life get the Maxx. If you have to compromise between two things it’s battery life vs dev support IMHO.

    • NexusMan

      I’m waiting for Moto Maker. There’s no way, I’m getting a plain black or plain white phone when the phone will come in so many cool color combinations…besides, I might get wood. Aside from that, my contract’s not up until December, AND by the time MotoMaker hits Verizon, there will likely be news of a Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 would be the only “next big thing” consideration for me, besides this, and if it’s anything like the Nexus 4…it will be this.