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Custom ROM Friday: Jelly’Beans’ for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and MMuzzyROM for the Galaxy Nexus


It’s Friday, Friday, gotta flash ROM’s on Friday! Well, now that you all hate me for getting that stuck in your head, let’s start talking geeky ROM goodness. Today, we are featuring custom ROM’s for the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. 

The two ROM’s are Jelly’Beans’ and MMuzzyROM. Both are heavily based in the stock look of Android, which we here at DL can greatly appreciate. So, what makes these ROM’s noteworthy? Let’s start with Jelly’Beans’ for the Note 2. As I mentioned, the ROM gives the look and feel of Jelly Bean, while still retaining the functionality of certain software that Samsung includes on their devices, such as multi-window. By taking it a step further, the developer has enabled all apps to work with that feature, successfully bringing the best of AOSP and TouchWiz together and in perfect unity. You may now kiss the bride.

In terms of other features, there are the popular statusbar customization options for toggles and mods, the developer has removed the annoying location icon from the top bar (thank you!), and a long list of other goodies. To see the full list of ROM features and to download this ROM, check out the thread on XDA here.

Now, onto MMuzzyROM for the Galaxy Nexus toro. We all know there is a countless amount of custom ROMs available for this device – it’s the beauty of owning a “Nexus.” What makes people different is that some want features upon features, while others want a more pure Android, smooth experience without all of the bells and whistles. If you recall Bugless Beast, that ROM was well known for being pure Android with just a few tweaks to make it run very smooth, stable, and fast. And now with Pete gone from the development game, in comes MMuzzyROM.

With this ROM, users can take advantage of an enhanced power menu, quick setting modifications, and native data tethering. In essence, it is a bare bones ROM that brings minimal changes to the device, but plenty of performance tweaks and other small mods. If you are looking for speed and performance, try out MMuzzyROM. You can check out the full list of features and get downloads right on their thread here.

Via: Jelly’Beans’ | MMuzzyROM

Preview of MMuzzyROM:


Cheers Tim242 and and Jared!

  • Do these also work with the AT&T version of the Note 2 or do we need to look elsewhere?

  • Bj

    the jelly beans rom also allows you to swap the internal and external memory, for example if you have a 32 gigabyte card then it will show up as internal memory 32 gigabytes and you can install a lot more applications. Samsung really blew it with the note2 because there is not enough space on the inside and it does not allow you to use the memory card in the conventional Android manner where you could move the applications to the external memory

  • Tony

    I’ve always used Beanstown’s Roms on my GS3 and Note 2. Rarely any bugs with his builds…

  • Mike Muzzy

    Thanks for the great article! I also appreciate all the positive posts. I really appreciate it guys!

  • pubasnacks77

    Just flashed Mmuzzy’s ROM, loving it so far

  • Matthew Merrick

    I’ve been using beans in my note II for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it.

  • Jon Youngblood

    MMuzzy FV is absolutely fantastic!! I’ve been running it for months and the support thread on XDA-Developers is incredible. Congrats MMuzzy on the publicity!!

  • Jelly Beans looks fantastic! Is there a ROM like this that allows for onscreen buttons for the VZW Note II?

  • r0lct

    This might finally get me to pull the trigger on rom’ing my Note 2. I don’t want to give up the S pen stuff, but looks like it’s included.
    Right now I’m just unlocked, customer recovery and rooted stock.

    • FAL_Fan

      Give CleanRom ACE or the VZW special edition a shot as well, they are both great roms and keep the touchwiz interface, if you like it that is.

      • r0lct

        I do use is the s pen note taking feature and the TW camera app is good. The launcher, s voice and the rest I can live without.

  • DroidModderX

    Mmuzzy is one of my favorites and I recommend it often when asked. Also nice video. Thanks for including it Tim!


      “Hi guys its Shane here with Droidmodd3rx.com and today I’m going to show you”

    • Mike Muzzy

      I use the crap out of that video. Thanks again. 😉

  • Dave

    I just saw the goat version of Friday…..what a tune.

  • ddevito

    anyone know why 4.2 has had performance issues??

  • I flashed MMuzzy’s ROM about 2 hours before this post. as a long time AOKP and CM10.1 user, i am actually really happy being stock now. only a couple things i miss (main one being long press volume rocker to switch tracks) about the bigger names. but overall, very satisfied.

  • Happy Reader

    Hahahahahahahahaha YOU MAY KNOW KISS THE BRIDE… Genius!!!

  • I really don’t get the whole “stock experience” preference. I understand wanting stability, but so long as introducing additional features doesn’t compromise that, you can just ignore whatever added features you don’t like; maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how they interfere with your experience or constitute “bloat.”

    I use ParanoidAndroid 3.1, and it’s got a LOT of added functionality, but if you don’t turn it on or go into the settings to use it, it’s still a stock experience. And it’s stable as a rock, in my experience. I used Pete’s BB for ages until I made the leap to CM and now PA, and I couldn’t be happier.

    • DanWazz

      Some people just want to keep it simple. Too many features scare people. Not me though. AOSPA 3+ owns my G-Nex.

    • Jason Mow

      The zippiness and performance of a less bloated ROM is noticeable. I switched to MMuzzy after getting sick of ROMs that caused my phone to stall and freeze up occasionally in normal use (those that had lots of SYS UI customization and features, especially).

    • Matthew Merrick

      Why? Because asop android is gorgeous.

    • PhillipCun

      I used “full featured” roms like AOKP, CM, PA, etc and they’re nowhere as stable, fast, and reliable as a stock rom. I wish it was or I would be using PA still because the features are awesome. But at the end of the day I want my phone to work. I don’t want to see even 1 stutter in my phone and unfortunately Android as a whole isn’t there yet.

      • KleenDroid

        It was your choice of ROMs. I agree that I want speed and smoothness which is why the right choice in ROMs is very important. Some of the most popular ROMs are the worst ones and people don’t know it.

        Give Atom or Purity a try with the AK Pirates kernel. The stock ROMs are too slow for me. I cant stand a ROM that when I try to type with the keyboard there is a delay when you touch a key sometimes.

        • PhillipCun

          I only listed the most popular roms that I have tried. But I also tried JBSorcery, Atom, Purity, Project Elite, Muzzy, Jellybelly… more and more and more. I still stand behind my statement. A good stock rom (like BB, Shiny) or very very light featured roms are way more stable and fast.

          I’m going to give Purity a try again with AK. Thanks!

  • beng8686

    I’ve been running JDX (Formally jellyBelly) for 3 or so months now on my VW Gnex and haven’t had a real good reason to switch. Hes timely on his updates and runs for the most part super smooth. After 4.2.2 its been a teeny tiny bit buggy here and there but not bad.

  • dannyWHITE

    I’m still running Carbon on my N4….loving it!

  • YAY MMUZZY!!!!

  • ddevito

    running Shiny on my GNex – I find it laggy – especially while typing when notifications are coming in, driving me nuts.

    MMuzzyROM – Vanilla or Chocolate???

    • dcvolcom909

      French Vanilla Includes enhanced power menu, quick settings and expanded desktop. I prefer French Vanilla. This ROM is awesome!!

      • ddevito

        cool, thanks

  • Superdroid

    Beans and PBJ kernel is the best.

    • Didn’t see PBJ kernel listed in Jelly’Beans’ Aroma Features:
      *choice of Kernel*
      -JellyBeans Kernel
      -Perseus 31.2 kernel
      Edit: found it in the changelog:
      Build 10 – 02-21-13
      Added Peanut Butter & Jelly Kernel option

      So what makes that kernel the best option? Is there a comparison of the three somewhere?

  • This may have convinced me to finally root my Note (every previous device I’ve owned I rooted within a day or two)

  • JDub

    Come on Tim, you know that’s not the only reason we hate you.

    • Is it because I like Andy Rubin more than I like you? lol

  • TokyNeg

    any Razr HD owners out there.. that want some ROM love on their phones?? I know I do. anyone knows where to get some?

  • Tom Ball

    Shiny ROM is far better than MMuzzy IMO.

    • Can you give some explanation? I’m on BB and love the stock experience. Looking for a good replacement. Why is Shiny better?

      • Tom Ball

        Shiny literally has NO mods built into it. There’s a list of mods available but they aren’t baked in by default. The ROM is also NOT rooted to begin with (but the mod is available.)

    • br_hermon

      I’m in the same exact boat as Chris. And I’m curious for DL to comment as well. Why feature Mmuzzy instead of Shiny? Has Mmuzzy made better fundamental tweaks that Shiny has overlooked? What makes one better than the other?

      • Jared

        One reason why I like Mmuzzy so much is that he devs for all Nexus devices (at least since the GNex), so I run the same ROM on my phone as I do on my Nexus 7.

    • jarofclay77

      Ex-BuglessBeast user here. I was struggling to find a good 4.2 AOSP experience when I left BB. Tried AOKP and Cyanogen nightlies and just flashed Mmuzzy Vanilla last week. Love it. No reboots. No bells and whistles just like stock.

      I don’t have any Shiny experience, but I’m loving Mmuzzy

    • Mike Muzzy

      For the record, I don’t like comparing my ROM to others. I don’t want it to be a beauty contest. It started out as a ROM I built for myself and shared. I started getting requests and built it for other devices and just tried to build a ROM that worked well. I think it’s great that we have choices… there is nothing wrong with you liking another ROM more than mine. I would rather have tons of ROMs for my phone than only one, wouldn’t you?

      • Tom Ball

        I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with competition or choice. I’ve used your ROM on previous occasions, I just prefer Shiny.

  • louie louie

    Mmuzzy’s ROM is hands down the best.

    • HK416

      Mmuzzy’s ROM is the smoothest 4.2.2 ROM I have ran. It is lean and fast and there are a nice list of flashable mods if you need stuff like additional nav bar keys or 1% battery additions. Best all-around ROM experience.

      • Zac St. Louis

        I’ll have to try it next. I’m running Carbon ROM with Franco kernel 366 and everything is so clean now that Franco fixed the memory leak issue

    • adbFreedom

      MMuzzy’s ROM is awesome and Mmuzzy as a developer is even more awesome!!

      • wickets

        Mmuzzy as a developer is even more awesome ,……..ditto that sentiment 10000 times

      • Mike Muzzy

        adb, credit where credit is due the MODs and theming you bring adds a huge amount of what makes the ROM enjoyable for more people. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Bigsike

      Is there overclocking options with Mmuzzy’s can anyone tell me?

      • Jared

        If you flash a kernel that supports it, you can overclock. The ROM installs with the stock kernel. Check out Tiny’s kernel for a good option to go along with Mmuzzy’s ROM.

        • Bigsike

          Cool thanks!

      • for me franco kernel is the best with muzzy, overclockable up to 1.8ghz

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Mmuzzy’s ROM is awesome.
      However I have two things I don’t like about it. I don’t like the click sound when you click on things as apposed to the sound most other ROMs have.
      I also wish it had the ability to long press on the volume rocker to skip tracks in Google music. I use that feature a lot in the car.

    • feztheforeigner

      Even better than Shiny? I’m looking to flash a new ROM for my GNex.

  • flyinggerbil

    What’s better, mmuzzyrom or shiny? i need a replacement now that pete bailed on us.

    • SleepySensei

      shiny is what i’ve used for a couple of months now with no problems. feels very much like bugless

      • Jeralmac

        Same here, old BB user now using Shiny and it feels like I have Pete’s brother working for us.

      • br_hermon

        My question is… what tweaks did Pete make that I would lose if I leave BB? Or has Shiny also made those same tweaks?

  • spickle

    dudes camera technique is horrible. couldn’t even keep the whole phone in view. annoyed me.

  • gregmr

    MMuzzy’s is THE BEST ROM for toro. You’ll notice other mod developers are starting to test on his ROM specifically now.

  • will bartlett

    havent tried jellybeans yet…still on cleanrom but im having some issues so i was going to try it out pretty soon

    • FAL_Fan

      What issues are you having with cleanrom? And which cleanrom are you running? I tried build 8 and it was good, but I liked cleanrom 4.2.5 better so I’m still running it.

      • will bartlett

        for some reason on every version of cleanrom, i can’t get reddit news to work. it worked on eclipse, worked on stock, just doesnt work on cleanrom. right now i am on 4.5. i had a terrible time trying to get the gps working….terrible battery drain from mdm_hsic_pm0 that i haven’t really had before. just a mess kind of.

        • FAL_Fan

          Never tried reddit…but on 4.2.5 I’ve had no issues with any of that…I’m sure you’ve wiped it and reinstalled so I really don’t know why I wouldn’t be having those same issues as you on the same phone…

          • will bartlett

            yeah, i keep putting off installing jellybeans but i think i will finally do it this weekend.

          • FAL_Fan

            I’m personally waiting for build 11, I figure it’ll be out soon, that or clean rom 4.6

          • will bartlett

            i just remembered this little issue im having with google now…well its kind of important…i cannot get the setting in now to open. i hit the menu button, the menu pops up and then disappears right away. ive uninstalled it, cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled updates reinstalled updates, everything i can think of and cannot get into the settings.

          • FAL_Fan

            Ya know, oddly enough I don’t remember having this issue…I just tried it though and sure enough I’m having this issue right now…I know if you bring up google now and say “google” then hit menu it works (I just did it so it should work for you) so that can be a temporary work around for you, aside from that I really don’t know.

          • will bartlett

            good looking out! that worked surprisingly

          • FAL_Fan

            Not a problem, glad I could help. I don’t know if they figured that out yet in the forums, I’m sure they have though but if not maybe I should share.

    • Tony Allen

      I’ve kept my Note II stock til last night, I flashed Beans and so far I’m pretty impressed. Everything is just as it was except it looks more vanilla, so it doesn’t feel like such a departure from my GNex. Smooth, fast, fluid, no bugs that I have found, and I still maintain all of the unique functionality of TouchWiz *one-handed use, S-Pen, Etc.*

      • will bartlett

        i don’t mind touchwiz much at all. i actually kind of like it…i know, im terrible

        • FAL_Fan

          The functionality of touchwiz is amazing! I wouldn’t trade the multiwindow or s-pen functionality for anything.

        • nothing wrong with touchwiz….i would love all the features, i just can’t get past the look of the UI. give me touchwiz features with stock android UI (colors) and it would be perfect.

          • billy routh

            Thats exactly why you need Jellybeans rom ive been on it since build 1and havent had a single issue and best of all it looks aosp.

        • Larizard

          +1 for admitting you’re terrible lol

  • jaime

    what ever happened to pete? i know he had said that he wasnt gonna be updating as much cause of school, personal life, etc, but did he hang it up all together? i’ve always loved bugless beast. it was always the smoothest and stable rom for me

    • John

      ya he said he prob won’t update it again until after school n stuff

    • Jared

      That’s what drove me to Mmuzzy, I started hearing that his ROM was comparable to bugless beast. From what I’ve heard, Pete has moved on from developing to cars.

    • FAL_Fan

      Shoot I’m still running GPA19 on my OG! I tried other roms on it and didn’t like em as much as Pete’s stuff…oh well, I almost with he made something for my Note 2.

  • Wow, no love the the Nexus 4?!

    • Jared

      Mmuzzy has a version for the Nexus 4. Check out the link and at the bottom of the first post in his signature, choose the link for Mako.

    • asianrage

      They showcased CarbonRom for the N4 already.

    • Ermagherd!

      • Everyone knows the only real Android phone is the N4.

  • muffnman

    cool, my suggestion was taken. Achievement unlocked!