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Rumored HTC M7 Sports 5″ HD Display, 13MP Camera, and Aluminum Unibody Frame – You Have Our Attention

Making the rounds today is a new rumored device from HTC called the M7. As of today, we haven’t discussed this phone whatsoever, but over the past week, it’s been gaining attention through Asian-based tech sites and for good reason. The M7 is said to come to market here in the U.S. sometime in mid Q1 of 2013 in direct, but early, competition to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device. In order to compete, it looks like HTC is sparing no expense in the spec department and it is reported that the M7 will feature some pretty impressive characteristics. 

For starters, reports claim the device will come equipped with a 5″ HD display, much like the DROID DNA’s. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core chip, which means you’re almost guaranteed LTE capabilities along with a massive 13MP back-facing camera. To top it off, it’s all packed inside of an aluminum unibody case, much like the One X series, but more metallic.

If HTC is serious about the time frame the rumors are claiming, and it does launch sometime in Q1, you can bet we are going to be hearing about the M7 a whole lot more in the coming months.

Excited for a new superphone offering from HTC already? Let the hypebeasting begin yet again.

Via: Android and Me

  • memyself&i

    If this comes to T-Mobile in the next 4 months, I am sold. This will finally be an HTC phone with specs and features that aren’t beat within the month.

  • jordan reed

    I’ve owned quite a few “flagship phones” and the HTC Droid DNA IS TERRIBLE! The button placement is bad and the on/off switch is unbelievably difficult to turn on(way worse with a case), sense 4+ sucks, the battery is embarrassingly bad, the text messaging is so so bad(terrible keyboard even with the 5″ screen, as I text it lags behind badly at times, WHAT NO SD CARD SLOT? That has to be easily one of the dumbest things HTC decided on then only gave it 16gb. After less than a week I had .1gig left which made the phone nearly inoperable. I had high expectations but after loving my Razr Maxx which was a terrific phone, this Droid DNA is pathetic!!!

  • HOX

    and as per usual HTC will put the smallest battery required to give a max screen on time of 3 hours under average use. I learnt my lesson I will go cheap plasticky Samsung S4 or wait for the DAN+ after the market pushes this phone aside.

  • Im sure this would be for at&t

  • Dick

    Verizon won’t get this phone — there isn’t enough edgy black and red cyborg eyeball branding to appeal to children with bad taste.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Don’t worry. They’ll drop in a 1650mah battery!

  • Mchl496

    My S3 on Verizon has already had about the same number of updates my HTC thunderbolt had. I thought the companies were going to slow down on over producing phones and make just a couple quality ones. The s3 already getting replaced… well it shoulda came with a quad cored. How about someone use that new battery tech I keep reading reports on that make them charge faster and last longer.

  • I’m more excited for the Oppo Find 5. HTC had numerous chances to impress and have continued to fail over and over again. I’ve owned four HTC devices and my current one will be my last.

  • itznfb

    HTC should strap on a pair and release all their new phones with AOSP. They would dominate Samsung overnight. Their cameras have always been the tops and with their recent designs and battery life gains they could give Samsung a run for their money….. if they gave people a real reason to believe in them again… over time that would happen if they just keep releasing decent devices but it would happen over night if they AOSP’d their releases.

  • C-Law

    The article didn’t say the phone is android so maybe its just the windows version of the DNA. Didn’t Samsung recently do this too, make a phone just like the s3 but out of metal for windows?

  • Kindroid

    This is what makes Android so exciting. The competition just keeps making Android phones better and better. Every time I need to upgrade my phone….there is an awesome phone ready to take its place.

  • I returned a dna for a note 2 but dont understand why everyone kills sense and loves touchwiz. Touchwiz is beyond ugly

  • Tyler

    Probably for AT&T, Verizon gets pretty cool good phone first (Rezound), then ATT gets the better upgraded version of it that everyone falls in love with(One X)

  • Diablo81588

    Yawn? So the only thing different spec wise is the camera that won’t make pictures any better..

  • cgalyon

    Hah, just got my DNA as well. That’s how things go in the tech-world though. I don’t really regret it, the DNA is a fantastic device, but I do love aluminum.

  • Dave Amburn

    If it’s not released on all 4 major carriers like the S3. It has no chance of competing with Samsung no matter how good the specs are.

  • BustNHeadsDaily

    Hopefully this one will come with more then 16gd and If so i might consider it.

  • super smart

    Super phone with super lame HTC sense!

  • EC8CH

    Three words HTC:


  • If they really want to trump battery life competition, they should pay patent fees to Motorola and use their battery design/tech. Or, design their own battery from scratch. This should at least come with a 4000mAh.

  • MicroNix

    If HTC can’t make this available on all carriers like the Galaxy line does, then they shouldn’t even bother releasing it around the time that the SG4 is released because it will get crushed.


  • Mike

    Thank god, it is about time an android manufacturer stepped up with their case materials. I have always liked HTC design, but the aluminum unibody will feel so much sturdier.

  • I don’t care how nice it is or what kind of specs it has. With the way HTC has been acting when it comes to phone support and their lack of communication with customers, it’s tough to consider buying a phone from them again.

  • michael centeno

    3000+ mah battery and expandable storage please!!! Please htc dont screw this one up.

  • cooksta32676

    So it’s a tougher DNA capable of larger capacity pics…..that’s it? Samsung will annihilate this. They actually make new features and things to do with your device, not just throw specs at you.

  • hkklife

    Give it a 3000mAh+ battery, at least 32Gb of internal storage and maybe a microSDHC slot and I’ll bite…IF the next version of Sense is less jumbled and dated looking than what is currently on the DNA.

  • At this point, all the new phones have pretty great specs, so I’m focused on design. I want a cool looking/feeling phone, and aluminum unibody sounds pretty good to me.

  • guest

    its wlll be a good device for its hardware, but sense is what is gonna kill it for me

    • Rob Dennie

      I agree. Had the T-Bolt, now the Rezound, and I want to trade it for a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus SO bad. Ugh.

      • ZoomStop

        Haha, should have waited another month 😉
        Those delays at the end sucked but it was worth it.

  • tonysam1

    Are they using magic powered radios to connect to towers? IDK if I’d be happy with Faraday cage wrapped around my phone.. I’m sure it’ll look pretty though.

  • It’s more SpecBeasting now. They need to go the Samsung route and start innovating software. Sense is killing them

    • azndan4

      Sry dude, sense is a million times better than touchwiz. If you think touchwiz is better you’re either a girl, an anime freak, or you’ve never used sense on an S4 processor.

      • Well instead of trolling, try contributing something intelligent. List the reasons Sense is better than TouchWiz. And that’s not including the quad S4. Just the skins.

      • TouchWiz is not aesthetically pleasing I’ll give you that. It’s downright ugly sometimes. The lockscreen water sound is annoying as hell. But when you really get down to it, a skin should be to improve on the Android experience. Samsung does this. Notification toggles (a must for me after running AOKP for the longest) true multitasking, (in the note 2. soon to be on the S3) pop up browsing and video playback, a proper app switcher (HTC messed up the stock ICS version) and a wealth of other useful software features. Sure there are some that are overkill and not really necessary, but yet with all the extras, TouchWiz is STILL lighter on the OS than Sense. And if you want a skin that will bog down the OS it better damn well come with features. But oh wait, it doesn’t. All Sense does is muddle up stock ICS/JB without adding anything useful. But hey at least u get an awesome clock widget for your trouble

  • Mark

    It needs a removable battery and expandable storage to get my attention. I am one of the millions of people who put a protective case on my phones. Durable phones made of plastic don’t bother me…… I often laugh at how much people flip flop on what they want just to ride the trend wave. First they wanted a thin phone, now they don’t care if it’s thin as long as it’s fragile glass on both sides…. Lol.

  • im hoping this is aimed for at&t and sprint cause i dont want my dna to my out dated so hopefully their are getting a similar dna

  • steve30x

    So will it be called the DNA+.. boy I saw this coming a mile away but then again that’s how phone tech goes. Im guessing this will have a 32 gig and maybe..maybe a sd card option.

  • kervation

    This is why people should wait when an HTC device launches. The phone from tomorrow is eclipsed within a couple of months, usually by another similar HTC device with upgraded specs.

    • Tim242

      This phone will not go to Verizon.

      • Yep

        Holy Christ you have a lot to say. How do you know this won’t be a TBolt –> Rezound Part II situation? You don’t. Quit speaking so definitively, or submit a leak to Kellex if you’re so damn in the know.

        • Tim242

          The Thunderbolt was Verizon’s EVO that was released in March It was supposed to be out in Jan, but was majorly delayed. The Rezound was the new gen of their phones. It released in Nov/Dec. They have since adjusted their releases even more.

      • kervation

        I know it won’t come to Verizon, that wasn’t my point. The point was that HTC devices cannibalize each other, so it makes today’s device yesterday’s news when a similar device launches on a competing carrier. Why not just launch one killer device with the specs to match across all carriers? And if you can’t launch simultaneously across the board, then just launch the best device you can on one carrier.

        Build trust and brand loyalty with one, you reach more based on reputation. Just my few cents.

        • Tim242

          The problem with that is that HTC doesn’t hold the same clout with carriers. Samsung just got to that point. HTC makes what carriers tell them to. Unfortunate, but true.

          • kervation

            That is true, sad that it has to be that way though. I’m no fanboy of any company in the game, I’m about Android. Just want to see everyone eat at the table.

          • Tim242

            Definitely. We need them all well fed, to keep us from starving : )

  • Butters619

    Please, for the love of all things holy, put a 2500+ mAh battery in it.

  • Geo

    5″ man 4.8″ is good enough, I hope samsung don’t go that route

    • Tim242

      The DNA has a 5″ screen, but fits in the hand much better than the 4.7″ Nexus. Less bezel, tapered edges, and thinner profile.

  • dsass600


  • Samvelavich

    This could be my next phone. HTC dont disappointing me!!

  • Dlongb13

    So it’s the DNA but aluminum? And maybe a better camera. You all have to know by now that VZW won’t get this version right?!?!

    • QQpayne

      Whats the point, with it only being a few months from now, it will probably be the same proc, with maybe a little faster clock speed, and all other same basic stats besides camera. Honestly Verizon is smart to pick up the DNA before the Christmas rush for better sales than to wait for this phone that is almost identical from the leaked stats so far.

      • I doubt it. This phone will probably have 32 gigs of onboard storage minimum.

        Which means that Verizon will never allow it – after all, we’re all supposed to stick our fingers in our ears and chant “the cloud! the cloud!” as if you can install 2gb games to the cloud or something.

        • It might have 64 and the One x+ does!

      • kg215

        I don’t know, the DNA is a great device but there is a good chance it follows the path of the Rezound. HTC could have made it the best flagship android phone ever but S-on+small non removable battery+16gb with no expansion holds it back. It is still one of the best phones (best display, LTE, S4 pro), but HTC decided it will share 2 of the limitations of the nexus 4 without the major advantages the nexus 4 has (unlocked bootloader/no s-on/more software development/350 unlocked no contract). Imo the DNA is the better device but it’s like HTC doesn’t want it to be the absolute best when it absolutely should have been.

  • mcdonsco

    Did my 24 hour old DNA really just get one upped by its own creator? Seriously? Hopefully it won’t come out on Verizon so I won’t feel like an idiot for getting the DNA when it hits.

    • Tim242

      It’s the same, except for the aluminum. 13 MP won’t increase the quality of your pics, unless you plan on printing huge posters. That will be the version of the phone that goes to other carriers.

    • steevka

      Return for the note 2. I did after a week with the dna. I would suggest it.

    • C-Law

      This is probably a windows phone. Didnt samsung recently announce another phone similar to the s3 but that was aluminum for windows? Maybe this is the same situation

  • rob

    you’ve got to be kidding me

  • tomn1ce

    This might as well be the variant of the DNA for the other carriers….Hopefully they don’t sabotage the battery capacity in this one….less then 2700 mAh is not something to write home about…

  • Tony Byatt

    HTC Sense + Hardware Buttons = No Go…You’ll have my undivided attention when those two elements are not present…

    • Tim242

      Why do you want on screen buttons using up your screen space?

      • Exactly. I’ll never understand the desire for onscreen buttons.

        • cooksta32676

          I’ve seen about ½ dozen Gnex with burn in where the buttons are.

          • Captain_Doug

            this would be LCD…

          • Wow, never even thought of that, but that does make sense. Seems like a humongous oversight in quality control..

      • Tony Byatt

        Hmmm, let me think…5 inches kinda gives enough space for onscreen buttons, yeah, I’ll go with that…

        • Tim242

          But, that cuts a 5″ screen down to 4.7″. Why not have full use of that 5 inches of glory?!

          Sent from my Droid DNA

          • Tony Byatt

            I won’t miss 0.3″…

          • Tim242

            Yes you will. I had the Nexus for the last year. It drove me crazy having a huge phone to accommodate a 4.7″ screen, when I only saw 4.3″ of it. The main reason I put custom ROM’s on it was to shrink the buttons.

  • Captain_Doug

    PLEASE! On screen keys and 32GB of storage or microSD card. That’s not too much to ask is it?

    • Tim242

      Why would you want on screen buttons wasting your screen space?

      • Captain_Doug

        You’re kidding right?

        • Tim242

          No, I am not kidding. On screen buttons serve no purpose whatsoever. There’s no advantage at all. They waste screen space and the phones still have big bezels. The DNA with its capacitive buttons has less bezel than the Nexus, and I can use my whole screen!

          • Captain_Doug

            But the phones don’t have to have big bezels. Having on screen keys makes room to have a smaller bezel. Just because that hasn’t been utilized yet doesn’t make it any less valid. Also, on a phone wiht a 5″ display, I’m really not worried about taking up some of the space if it could possibly have a smaller bottom bezel. This is even more so true because these 720P and 1080P phones are 16:9 meaning if a little vertical space is killed during normal operation, it’s really not a big deal. Customization is also huge.

  • Nah, this is HTC, which means the specs will be short somehow: low RAM, low on storage, no storage expansion option, or something like that.

  • Dan

    Does this mean the DNA will be considered old already?

    • Tim242


  • chris125

    So much for less phones.

    • Tim242

      It’s the DNA for other carriers. Verizon didn’t even get a One variant. Stop whining.

      • chris125

        We will see once it is released. Idk why you care anyway you have your note.

        • Tim242

          My bf has it now. I’m using the DNA. It fits much better in my small hands. I do miss the Note though.

          Sent from my Droid DNA

  • D.B.Evans

    I would be amazed in Verizon actually carried this one. Considering they already have the DNA, it would need to significantly improve the specs over that phone – otherwise, I suspect it’s too similar for Verizon to be willing to carry both. I would expect this phone to be more likely on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

    • Tim242

      The EVO LTE 2…I called it!

  • Should I take a jab at HTC? No, will just wait for their quarterly earnings reports to confirm how inept they are…

    • cooksta32676

      Pretty soon they’ll have to bail on the phone market like they did on the tablet market.

      • C-Law

        Does HTC even do anything else?

  • DroidXFanatic

    If this has a removable battery and SD card slot it’ll have my attention as well.

    • I can already tell you it won’t have a removable battery given its rumored design.

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        People seem to be so stuck on removable batteries. I think inclusion of an SD card is far more important than a removable battery. I know people want to add bigger batteries, but OEMS have to step up like Moto did and use a killer battery from the start. Im sorry but im not going to add some 4400 mah monster battery that makes my phone look like a freaking brick even if I had the option of a removable battery.

        • Agreed 100%

        • PhillipCun

          when you’re in vegas, you need removable batteries. TRUST ME. I dont want to worry about charging my phone when im out partying for 48 hours

          • xformulax

            I just put my phone and a power pack into my fanny pack… works just fine

          • Stevedub40

            You mean your satchel? Indiana Jones wears one.

          • Diablo81588


          • Second. I’m going to CES in January, and the 6hr heavy use battery life of the Gnex wasn’t going to cut it. RazrHD Maxx should be a champ.

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            Droid RAZR Maxx HD

          • Dain Laguna

            right….because the ladies love it when your pants bulge…..from the extra batteries your carrying.

          • gokusimpson

            They should put wireless charging pads or micro usb cables at the tables!!!!!!!

        • rekem

          It’s not to put in a bigger battery, it’s to swap in a backup battery if need be. I currently have great battery life on my OG Evo but there are times when I bring along my backup, like when I’m using GPS extensively. Also, I’ve managed to wreck a few batteries. In this case it was from a cheap aftermarket charger, but there are other ways to wreck them. Still, it was no problem. Buy a new one off ebay and keep on truckin. Lastly, it extends the life of the device if you want to repurpose it down the rode. Eventually the battery will wear down naturally. When it does, just toss in a new one.

        • erc

          It’s not just a question of size and duration (that’s what she said) but a question of serviceability. After a period of time, constantly charging and discharging a battery reduces its ability to hold a charge. Batteries eventually need to be replaced — some of us don’t view our electronic devices as disposable, and continue to use them beyond whenever the next best thing comes out.

    • TSY87

      hopefully HTC will return to its glory days like when they came out with the droid incredible. Removeable battery and microsd slot are a must for me… Even though my friends note 2 can last him easily for a whole days worth of useage… I dont always have the luxury of several hours to recharge, hence the removeable battery necessity.

      • Nathan Corachea

        Droid incredible was niceee. but i just didnt like the plastic back cover.

    • It is a unibody design, so no removable battery…

      • Tim242

        HTC has made several unibody phones with removable batteries.

        • Diablo81588


          • Tim242

            Inspire, Thunderbolt, Sensation, just to name a few.

          • Diablo81588

            Fair enough, although the inspire is the worst HTC phone ever made. A 1200mAh battery that’s not upgradable, even though it’s removable, due to the way it slides into the body. Absolutely terrible design and the battery life is atrocious.

          • jmasterj

            Thunderbolt is in no way a unibody phone.

          • Tim242

            It most certainly is. It is molded from a solid piece of aluminum.

  • thesailingboss

    NOOOO! Screens need to get smaller, not bigger! Why is the Razr M the only phone that gets this!

    • jstew182

      Just out of curiosity does anyone know how well the M has been selling? I like the size of my Galaxy Nexus but I am not sure how much bigger would be comfortable.

      • thesailingboss

        Not sure, I’m looking at swapping my Nexus for a Razr M

        • I have sold quite a few of them price point is right matched with the screen it packs into suck a small space.

      • Tim242

        The DNA has a bigger screen than the Nexus. It fits in the hand much better than the Nexus did. Less bezel and tapered thinner profile.

      • Rob Dennie

        I use the M for work and really like it. The battery life is great and I hot spot it all day. I do think that it is small and like the 5 inch screen size. Jelly Bean is amazing in any case.

    • Kurt Weber

      I agree The m feels awesome. A lot of people like the iphone because of form factor but the M blows away the 5 in usability with one hand. i still like my s3 though

    • I heard they have smaller phones in some hole somewhere.

  • I’ll buy it… maybe.

  • Tyler

    HTC, make it 1mm thicker and put a proper battery in it.

    • This. The 2040mah pack in the DNA is a joke. With as thick as the DNA is, they should be stuffing at least a 2500mah battery in there.

      • I actually own the DNA and the battery life is much better than anyone thinks.

        • Diablo81588

          That just goes to show that if they put a decent sized battery it could have great life.

        • C-Law

          The problem at least to me, is the screen on time. My gnex with the 2100mah battery only gets between 3.5 and 4 hours of screen on time. Any reviews I’ve seen of the DNA that actually gave screen on time showed similar results. When I upgrade my gnex, I want a phone with more screen on time, not the same.

        • kg215

          All reviews say the same, but HTC is making all their batteries non removable. In the razr maxx hd, non removable is fine because the battery has awesome capacity, in the DNA the capacity is already on the smaller side and li-ion batteries degrade over time. It’s just not a good combo, atleast give it 2500 like Robert says if you can’t go 3000 mah+.

      • rics

        Do you have a DNA? If not don’t talk about something you don’t know. I been getti.g about 14 hours with plenty if usage.. text, email, fb, music and web.

        • kg215

          No one is saying the battery life is unusable (no one sane anyway) but they missed out on a chance for it to have good-great battery life. the S4 pro and 1080p screen don’t drain as much battery as people thought, the battery should have been bigger because it is non removable.

        • Shaun Hardey

          That’s good you get about 14 hours of usage, but what about screen time? No one ever mentions screen time on the DNA. I could barely manage 3-4 hours with my One X and about 6-7 hours on the GNote2

          • Sam

            3-4 hours of screen time and you’re complainig? REALLY??

      • ObviousNinja2

        Unless you have actually used the DNA, you shouldn’t really call it a “joke” maybe every phone should just get 3000mah and be done with it. The phone lasts me 30 hours. Do you know how long the Galaxy Nexus Lasted me? 12?! 12 effing hours in the same usage. So please…enough with the battery.

      • Plus I don’t think anyone would say “as thick as the DNA” it’s a pretty thin phone

    • Better have an SD card slot! Thats the only reason I didnt get the DNA

    • michael arazan

      Energy.Gov the US Dept of Energy Just invested in a new battery technology that’ll have 5 x the power of the most powerful battery by 2015 i think it said, this ll help with electric cars and all sorts of tech devices.

      • Shaun Hardey

        Yeah and how long have electric cars been around? It always sounds good on paper, but commercially it usually is unavailable.

        • Sobr0801

          Electric cars have been around for a short period of time. See what we happen to gas cars in a hundred years.

  • ddevito

    AAAAAAAND…then the DNA will be tossed to the side like all previous HTCs

    • Guest

      Sad really but that’s how it goes

    • Sobr0801

      It is the world equivalent of the DNA. Much like the Incredible 4G was the equivalent to the One S. The real problem is Verizon and their inability to adopt to the better phones HTC makes. The One Series is amazing, and Verizon stuck you guys with plasticy Incredibles and DNA’s.

      • memyself&i

        According to rumors this should be coming to Verizon as well as Sprint so no its not the world version. What worries me is if it’s a slight upgraded DNA it could be very expensive.

        • Sobr0801

          I guess we will see.