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Rumored HTC M7 Sports 5″ HD Display, 13MP Camera, and Aluminum Unibody Frame – You Have Our Attention

Making the rounds today is a new rumored device from HTC called the M7. As of today, we haven’t discussed this phone whatsoever, but over the past week, it’s been gaining attention through Asian-based tech sites and for good reason. The M7 is said to come to market here in the U.S. sometime in mid Q1 of 2013 in direct, but early, competition to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device. In order to compete, it looks like HTC is sparing no expense in the spec department and it is reported that the M7 will feature some pretty impressive characteristics. 

For starters, reports claim the device will come equipped with a 5″ HD display, much like the DROID DNA’s. It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core chip, which means you’re almost guaranteed LTE capabilities along with a massive 13MP back-facing camera. To top it off, it’s all packed inside of an aluminum unibody case, much like the One X series, but more metallic.

If HTC is serious about the time frame the rumors are claiming, and it does launch sometime in Q1, you can bet we are going to be hearing about the M7 a whole lot more in the coming months.

Excited for a new superphone offering from HTC already? Let the hypebeasting begin yet again.

Via: Android and Me

  • memyself&i

    If this comes to T-Mobile in the next 4 months, I am sold. This will finally be an HTC phone with specs and features that aren’t beat within the month.

  • jordan reed

    I’ve owned quite a few “flagship phones” and the HTC Droid DNA IS TERRIBLE! The button placement is bad and the on/off switch is unbelievably difficult to turn on(way worse with a case), sense 4+ sucks, the battery is embarrassingly bad, the text messaging is so so bad(terrible keyboard even with the 5″ screen, as I text it lags behind badly at times, WHAT NO SD CARD SLOT? That has to be easily one of the dumbest things HTC decided on then only gave it 16gb. After less than a week I had .1gig left which made the phone nearly inoperable. I had high expectations but after loving my Razr Maxx which was a terrific phone, this Droid DNA is pathetic!!!

  • HOX

    and as per usual HTC will put the smallest battery required to give a max screen on time of 3 hours under average use. I learnt my lesson I will go cheap plasticky Samsung S4 or wait for the DAN+ after the market pushes this phone aside.

  • Im sure this would be for at&t