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Chart: Nexus 4 vs. DROID DNA vs. Galaxy Note 2 vs. RAZR MAXX HD


Verizon customers with upgrades or a craving for a new smartphone are going to have a tough decision to make as we head into the holiday shopping season. The HTC DROID DNA hits stores next week on the 21st, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shouldn’t be far behind it on the 29th, and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD with its mega-battery is already available. Making matters even more complicated, you also can’t ignore Google’s new Nexus 4, even if it would take you off of Verizon and into the land of unlocked GSM phones.

So how do they stack up against each other? To hopefully help answer that question, the chart below was put together as a breakdown of all of the major specs, plus pricing. You should also check out our Galaxy Note 2 review and RAZR MAXX HD review while we work our reviews for both the DNA and Nexus 4.Β 

Well, have you decided?

  • Uriah Romero

    I chose to get the Droid DNA over the Note 2, RAZR MAXX and Nexus 4
    mainly because of the screens. The other two weren’t bad, but they weren’t as
    good as the 1080p display on the DNA. Screen appearance is important to me. For
    one, I use the DISH Remote Access app on my phone so that I can stream live TV
    through the Sling Adapter that I have connected to my receiver at home. The app
    is really useful when I can’t be at home to watch my shows, and having a
    display like this is fantastic. One of my DISH coworkers also bought a DNA and
    they are in love with it just as much as I am.


    The DNA really is not a Note 2 competitor, it is a S G SIII competitor. It is just a little taller than the SGSIII, and not wider or thicker.

  • cocamoxb

    Awesome battery review for the DNA. Makes me even more excited for when my bundle of joy arrives next week!


  • New idea, going to strap a car battery and transformer to my back. No more battery worries.

  • The Razr Maxx HD can take 64GB SD cards.

  • Dain Laguna

    so anyone check out the verges review of the dna?

    epic screen, crazy benchmarks…and doesnt feel as fast as the n4 (minus lte) in aboiut everything.

    real life> benchmarks.

  • Amenemhat1

    Funny how the RZR HD is not so much HD any more…

  • BlackHoleSlam

    i might go back to HTC from my galaxy nexus because the color scheme is amazing and the specs are insane.

  • r0lct
  • Michael swaim

    Droid DNA for me, Just cuz HTC is what i have stuck with ever sense i got the Eris and its an upgrade from the Rezound.

  • iphone5Lover

    Down with AMOLEDs! Samsung should take their AMOLEDs and shove it!.. Glad to see HTC not using them.

    • Sqube

      What’s wrong with AMOLED?

      • My GNEX is burned in badly πŸ™ Very sad… never once had that problem with my Droid1

        • Sqube

          Maybe… maybe turn the screen off? What happened? My GNex hasn’t had any burn-in issues, but maybe I haven’t had it for as long as you’ve had your phone.

          • K. Nelson

            Why must people make insults before gathering facts? And why must people assume that every person in the world uses their phone the exact same way? *sigh*

          • I use it for navigation and drive a lot… all the little icons have burned in on every white screen I see them now πŸ™

  • ouch1976

    Can we throw the SGS3 in the mix too? Specs wise, it’s right up there.

  • MikeSaver

    I would be down for the razr maxx hd If I could root it and put stock on it

    • JoshGroff
      • MikeSaver

        haha yeah I guess so. I’m on a GNEX and won’t have a new upgrade for another year, so technically I’m not down for anything else. This is probably what I’d recommend someone that wants to buy a new phone to do though. Unless they are already on like t-mobile or something and can get the Nexus4. No LTE on that phone is really a killer, especially since I’ve heard its battery life is still not that great.

        -Mike Saver

    • zUFC

      I’m telling you Mike you don’t even need it. It i so close it’s unbeleivable. Throw on Nova launcher and you basically have a stock phone. They did good with this new blur

      • MikeSaver

        yeah but i’d want to get new android upgrades fast. I guess if it’s not for me it doesn’t matter. That 36 hour battery life just seems too good to be true.

        -Mike Saver

  • The DNA looks great except for the battery and no microSD slot. What is it with manufacturers these days – we want storage we can switch out (and is significantly cheaper)

  • Taildraggin

    Nexus 4 – not on Verizon, no LTE: Dead
    DNA – It’s HTC (I had a Thunderbolt – say no more): Dead
    Note 2 – Big SIII

    • Steve Benson

      Taildraggin – moron (need I say more?)

      • JoshGroff

        No, that about sums it up.

    • JoshGroff

      The Thunderbolt being the first LTE/CDMA phone in the states, not sure I’m gonna put the blame on HTC for the battery life there. Look at the Charge and Revolution, they weren’t too hot either, not to mention the Bionic.

  • ezpotato

    wah wah go get a battery pack for cheap when you know you wont have access to a charger… I’m assuming it’s all about cost of the device, which is probably why they also crippled my decision to get the DNA by putting a limited storage space on it…

    (although battery life is important to me as well, as I dont always want to carry around a battery pack, but at least they’re getting smaller and smaller)

  • John Mozelewski

    Just bought a note 2 now I have wait until 27 to get its so sad droid DNA ships first but o well its worth waiting for a better phone:-)

  • gdi2290

    isn’t the Droid DNA unlocked but sold on Verizon it’s a global phone after all

  • wintercold74

    I love my nexus 4 with tmobile, excellent built and really fast lag free. And on tmobile network I am getting 22-28 Mbps speeds.

    • Steve Benson

      ^^^This exactly.

      People bitch all the time about lack of LTE but HSPA is plenty fast and in many areas of the country is faster than Verizon’s LTE. People need to understand that Verizon’s CDMA network is crippling our choice of phones. The sooner Verizon moves to Voice over LTE the better and they can ditch CDMA for good.

      Carrier dependency is a huge issue in the US that Google is quickly trying to rectify. We need to hope for our sake that the Nexus 4 is a huge success (at $299 off contract) because this will all but kill carrier dependency. Just imagine being able to buy any phone at or around $299 off contract and being able to take it to any network on the planet (assuming every network eventually ends up being some band of GSM).

      I’m very curious to see where Google’s talks with Dish Network go. If Google does indeed get into the mobile network industry, the current US carriers better take notice.

  • Junk in the trunck

    Dear Santa,

    I want a android phone that….

    1) Has a decent battery that is removable

    2) At least 2 gig of ram to keep up with future software demands

    3) I’m not greedy 5 inches or less, I lack Lebron James hand size πŸ™

    4) An SD card slot, there is the cloud but…all these phones tout camera’s and megapixels and when one takes quite a few quality pictures along with video, well Santa uploading to the cloud can become quite expensive while trying to manage music and movies all at the same time, not to mention how much larger the apps are growing in size, so yeah Santa definitely an SD card slot

    5) A manufacture and wireless provider that get along and desperately want to provide me with updates and after sales support on a timely basis

    6) A screen with decent ppi that allows me see the wonder of the world in and out of the sun

    7) I am inundated with commercials showing me the wonders of fast internet so too be sure I would really need 4G

    And Santa if you can’t give it to me, don’t worry I would gladly pay a premium for it.



    PS – I also would need to make and receive calls with it too……

    • Nazzi_Muhammad

      Good luck bro. Not in your lifetime…..

      • James Mac

        Motorola and Google are going to come out and absolutely kill it in 2013!!!

    • JoshGroff

      In a perfect world, meanwhile back in reality…

    • This made me cry more than The Year Without a Santa Claus. Add my name to this letter, but I’m just not sure if I *believe* anymore. If it happens, my money is on Moto being first.

  • ndog21

    Galaxy Nexus LTE FTW

  • BigFonz

    I wish they would’ve made the DNA with a kickstand.

    • TylerChappell

      Me too! This is such an underrated feature, I can’t imagine having a phone without it. If they included a kickstand identical to the one on the Thunderbolt, the DNA would be a no-brainer for me, and it’s a simple great feature that helps Android stand out from the monotony that is the iPhone

  • s

    16 GB is just not enough memory for the Droid DNA. This might discourage a lot of folks that are deciding between the DNA and the Note2.

    • TylerChappell

      True. But $100 will also discourage a lot of people that are deciding between the DNA and Note II.

  • I’d appreciate any thoughts on whether the fact that the RAZR HD has only 1GB of RAM, compared to the others which carry 2GB of RAM, is a significant, practical, handicap for the RAZR HD, or if Android’s memory management makes this a non-issue.

    • Charlie

      Just my thoughts. I do believe that 2gb is becoming the norm and will be standard starting next year. I believe the DNA and Note 2 will use the extra ram more because of Sense and Touchwiz. The Note 2 has many features that will need the ram. However, because the Razr HD is nearly stock, it doesn’t necessarily need the extra ram. I’ve had extensive time with a Razr HD and it’s very fluid, fast and doesn’t miss a beat.

  • itsacardigan

    The DNA is a spec monster but i don’t see that battery lasting more than 6 to 7 hours….escpecially with the 5″ 1080 screen

    • LionStone

      Yea if you’re Facebooking all day hah!

  • Timbahhh

    All I see about the DNA is storage issues, 16 gigs isn’t enough for you guys? Seriously, what are you putting on your phones that you can’t put on your tablet or laptop? People bitch about anything.

    • Zach

      As has been mentioned, games would take up that memory quick. You really only have 11gb usable on the device, then say you install NOVA 3, Modern Combat 3, Dark Knight Rises and Asphalt 7, you are now left with around 4gb. That’s it. Pitiful and and huge deal breaker for many that a device of this caliber would be this handicapped.

      • wickets

        so outside of games it should be enough? Also, how does this all fit in with pictures etc automatically uploading to dropbox, the drives,etc? Thanks in advance

        • ezpotato

          Music. I have about 10gb of music, or if i went through it, i could narrow it down to 8gb…. but i travel a LOT. I travel through towns with terrible 3g coverage, and i need my music. I need to have offline music when i fly, which i do a lot. Cloud isnt an option all the time… people dont get that. oh, and lets not forget, not everyone has unlimited.

          and i’m tired of this justification, when a phone with 2gb of ram, a quad core processor, and the first 1080p screen in the US launches with 16gb, that’s just disgraceful, honestly. It was a massive deal breaker to me. I dont care about microSD slots, i just wanted at least 32 gb… my GNex will stick around a little long, until a DNA comes out with 32gb. (note 2 is toooo big, razr HD is not worth the upgrade at this time, although tempting)

          • wickets

            thanks, forgot you doodz luv your tunes haha. Sorry for repetition, but I’ll say it again since you mention it, owning a gnex has the drawback of being good enough that something else has to be beyond brilliant/perfect in order to switch

          • DynamikD

            The music argument holds no water since Google music not only allows you to upload 20,000 songs for free. It also allows you to save it for offline listening if you have no reception.

          • BSweetness

            But the amount of songs you can store for offline listening is limited to your available internal storage…

            And some people frequently travel in areas with poor to no reception or internationally where cloud streaming does them absolutely no good. So for some, the music (and media in general) argument holds a lot of water.

          • DynamikD

            Here is what I’m saying. The whole purpose of pinning music is for offline listening. Unless you are flying to the other side of world, you won’t need to pin your entire playlist. Pin certain albums that will get you to your destination. If I’m on a flight to Korea, I won’t be using my phone the entire time. Hell no one will use any device for the entire trip.
            Now if you regularly travel overseas and then common sense would tell you either NOT to purchase a phone with no sdcard support or just purchase an MP3 player.

          • Guest

            Here is what I’m saying. The whole purpose of pinning music is for offline listening. Unless you are flying to the other side of world, you won’t need to pin your entire playlist. Pin certain albums that will get you to your destination. If I’m on a flight to Korea, I won’t be using my phone the entire time. Hell no one will use any device for the entire trip.

          • John Pisano

            You realize offline listening uses STORAGE? Hence his argument still holds water because he said he needs OFFLINE music not cloud based music. So when he has no reception the offline listening still uses the same storage space as putting it on the phone in the first place.

          • DynamikD

            OK let’s me say this again. If you are traveling and you know there will be some time when you will be offline. Then pin the songs that you are going to listen to WHILE offline. What so hard to understand about that?

          • TylerChappell

            I don’t know why people foolishly try to justify needing their entire music collection on their phones, and lets be somewhat conservative and assume that these people’s music collection is roughly 1500 songs and takes up about 9GB of space. Having that much music is well over 24 hours worth so anyone who thinks they need 24+ hours worth of music for 3-4 hours of traveling on a plane etc is insane.

          • DynamikD

            You are a breath of fresh air. I actually gave up on this post because I figured me and the com mentors would just continue going round and round about pinning music. THANK YOU! Finally someone who sees my point.

    • hkklife

      Games. If I had a lovely 1080p screen & a S4 Pro like that (my laptop and tablet are both 720p) then I’d want to load it up with as much awesome games as possible. Same goes for the awesome HTC camera. I’d be shooting pics and recording 1080p videos like crazy and would be serious PO’d at having nowhere to store them. You have obviously not bothered to check how large the average new top-tier Android 3D game or FPS is nowadays.

    • seriously…who carries around a tablet or laptop wherever they go…..look, i am 100% in the cloud…i can survive on 8gb if i need to. but not everyone has unlimited data, not everyone is connected to wifi all day.
      some people like taking all their music with them so battery life is better when listening. streaming all day KILLS battery like no ones business.

      just because you and i can survive on 16gb doesn’t mean everyone else can. everyones phone/media usage differs. dont thing you are the typical user…because you probably arent.

  • Dain Laguna

    crazy how out of all the phones here, the nexus4 is 2nd lightest…AFTER the dna.

    granted, i like the way the hd feels in hand

  • nightscout13

    Nexus 4 should not be in this chart. Come on… I know you guys love this phone, but comparing it to these other 3, is just fanboy-ish.

    • Dain Laguna

      how so?

      • nightscout13

        No LTE, laughable battery, no SD. Yes you get the updates, but these 3 things are more important than updates. Besides, Android OS has gotten so good, that you can barely see a difference anymore between the updates.

        • Dain Laguna

          you are saying that a 720p screen on a 4.7 inch device with a 2100mah battery is more ‘laughable’ than a 5 inch phablet with a full 1080p screen with a 2020mah battery? how does that make sense?

          lte doesnt matter to everyone. some people are seriously gonna have to get over that. sd is preference, but more and more people are living in the cloud. maybe not all of us nerds on droid life, but if phones were made only for us, even google would go broke.

          updates are important because it keeps the device running well. its not about having features for the sake of features. and in the same way the og droid was amazing spec-wise when it came out, with time, the dna, the razr hd and yes even the note 2 will be laughable, with their ‘old’ versions of android and ‘not to everyone’s taste’ skins.

          and yet that nexus4 will continue to chug along happily for quite awhile longer.

          i just think its silly to say that ‘it doesnt belong on this list’ when the dna is missing all the things you just said werent as important as updates. does it not belong on this list either?

          • nightscout13

            The DNA battery is even worse than the Nexus, but at least it has a 1080P screen. SD is important, especially for people who are on tiered data plans. Cloud access gets VERY expensive. Skins – easy fix, ROM. Enjoy the puny battery on your N4. As for the DNA, the ONLY feature on it that is even slightly attractive, is that screen. Everything else about it is vomit. The Note 2 and the MAXX HD are top overall performers. Motorola radios are amazing. LG radios? we’ll find out soon enough…..

          • Zander

            lol you make me laugh. You keep talking about how great the DNA is but it also doesn’t have expandable storage. 1080p is cool but honestly, does it matter so much on a phone? 5 inches may be a bit too big for some. Maxx HD is a great phone but honestly android 4.0?

          • Dain Laguna

            i’ve never heard of any issues with lg radios to be fair.

            in what sense is the hd a ‘top overall performer’? is it that 2011 screen? the fact that despite googles involvement and motos ‘dedication’ to its fans, it still shipped with ics? and despite being the flagship for moto, allowed a mid range device to get jb first?

            if my experience with my droid razr is any indication of that, then what you mean by top performer is that their skin looks stock but is just intrusive enough to cause more force closes and random “DROID” reboots than my gnex has EVER had. (ive counted 1 so far on my nexus)

            i’m on a tiered data plan. i stream music to and from work every single day. i rarely exceed 3 gigs of data. most of us have more than that here. cloud access can stay cheap if you spread your stuff out, something i havent needed to do.

            and as various threads and bricked devices on xda forums have proven…newer htc devices and ROMS are NOT good bedfellows.

          • nightscout13

            Again, skins are easily removed. When I said Cloud can get expensive, I was referring to accessing cloud. If you want to put an entire season of some TV show in HD in the Cloud, you will exceed your data limits quickly. Not to mention LAG……For someone who just sticks documents in the cloud, that’s fine. I have Thousands of photos, and dozens of long videos on my SD, and to try to stick them in the cloud, would give me a $500 monthly bill.

          • wickets

            “LG radios? we’ll find out soon enough”……personally i wish the reviewers of these phones paid more attention to the radios after all these are phones first!!

        • Dain Laguna

          you know whats really ‘vomit’? the price of all these phones, except the nexus, out of contract. call me back when i can get a galaxy note 2 for less than 400 bucks.

          • nightscout13

            Yes, price is an issue, no doubt.

  • Knlegend1

    Lol and the Razr Maxx HD is already out muslced smh!!!!

  • JoeInMO

    I like the specs on the HTC but they building such cheap feeling devices. From what I read LG has improved the Nexus 4 so it feels like a quality device. Hopefully HTC will learn to do the same.

    • Dain Laguna

      the nexus4 looks great, but i’ve never held a ‘cheap feeling’ htc..maybe the new incredible

  • Buckoman

    No SD card? Fine.

    16GB of storage with no SD card? Nope.

    I don’t care how awesome the phone is, I need SD card support, and if that’s something they won’t give, I won’t take.

  • Christopher Moore

    Darn shame that the DNA has 2 dings against it. That would have been the perfect superphone. Just give it a 2500mah battery and 32gig internal and I would have paid a little more. The price to performance ratio is the one thing keeping it in the game big time. Guess HTC wanted to go after $200 iPhone customers.

  • duke69111

    The RAZR suddenly looks old after this chart.

    • hkklife

      That’s because it should have come out in the May-July timeframe. Had it arrived prior to the SIII, it’d have been THE device to beat this summer. I still cannot fathom why Moto and VZW dragged their feet all year in releasing the RAZR HD models.

      I still feel that something horrible happened with Moto’s roadmap over the past 18 months. The Droid 3 and Bionic should’ve come out earlier in 2011 and the RAZR HDs should have arrived 3-5 months earlier in 2012. I think that we won’t see much out of Moto for a while now that they have likely cleared the pipeline of the last of the Jha-era rubbish and are furiously working on some fresh designs.

  • DNA almost had me, but with merely 16gb and no SD support, and what looks to be a pretty weak battery, I can’t justify the $200 and losing unlimited data. To me, the GS3 looks like it’s still the best phone on Verizon.

  • michaelbrandonw

    I drank the VZW Nexus Kool-Aid for long enough. I went through 6 and all had horrible radio issues and battery life. Dropped LTE and poor LTE to CDMA hand offs.. daily dropped calls and text messages not going through, 3 of the 6 got shattered screens from 12″ drops.. and the battery life… 5 hours tops. F that. I picked up the RAZR HD and have been loving it.

  • Just when I was starting to question whether I was going to stick with Android (contemplating WP8 or iPhone 5), along comes the Droid DNA. It’s a dumb name, but the device looks very compelling. I’m not as hung up on the 16GB storage. I mainly stream music through Google Play or Rdio. Like others, the only thing that gives me pause is battery life. I’ve come to appreciate OEMs staying projected battery life when they launch a device. HTC and Verizon had to know that this would be a major concern for a device with such a large screen and and an LTE radio. Instead, it feels like a game of hide the pea.

    At this point, I think that I will wait for a week or so before making a decision. I want to get real-life feedback from reviewers and users.

  • Galaxy Note 2 all the way. Nexus isn’t 4g and its LG, DNA has no expandable memory, and MaxxHd is stuck with 4.0 like my GS3.

    • Buckoman

      Getting 4.1 not much later than the GS3.

    • leoingle

      Nothing wrong with the Nexus 4 being LG. LG does badass on hardware, It’s the software support that sucks, but that will be coming straight from Google, so no LG software worries.

    • Josh C

      RAZR M is already approved and rolling out. Why would the RAZR HD’s be far behind?

    • lemonhead127

      Most of the people on hear are Nexus fanboys or Samsung fanboys (especially towards the Note II)

  • cgalyon

    I’d like to see off-contract prices included as well, though I may be in the minority with respect to looking to abandon contracts.

  • Paul

    Rather than a chart, it would be nice if 4 people (or someone with all 4) could walk around together reporting reception, call quality, camera quality, and battery life from doing the same things with their phones. Which is a lot to ask, but those are things that are harder to compare or know from the verizon store while this chart tells me what I could have seen from opening a few different tabs in seconds.

    • Futbolrunner

      Here here!!

    • JoshGroff

      That would be cool.

    • zUFC

      Not that I should be telling you guys anything I can tell you all the reports I see on the DNA have said it has great reception. People getting 4G in basements where they barely had 1x with their previous phones. I came from two samsungs (Gnex & S3) and now have Maxx. the Reception is inbeleivable (compared to those two). Call quality perfect. Battery can’t be beat. Non stop use with EVERYTHING on (that i would have to have off with the other phones) and still plenty left when I charge at night. But I have been having reception issues lately. I don’t know what it is. It hasn’t been as good at my work as of late. it was in the beggining but now people are saying it’s cutting out? I’ve been studying the DNA reports and everyone braggs about the reception. Some say batt is great and other say it’s alright. But all say the reception is the best they ever had.

      • Diablo81588

        Battery can’t be beat huh? Lol

    • If anyone could do it, the fellas at Droid-Life could. Best android news and review source ever.

    • Moto= Still rated #1 for Reception. I got 34hrs of battery with moderate use 2 days ago. its a SOLID phone doesnt feel chincy what so ever. Screen is awesome. HTC has never been known to have good reception or battery life. Nexus would always be first choice……..but not from LG. Played with one yesterday and is buttery smooth but reception wasnt the best, and just felt like i would break it. Samsung will always have top of the line Super AMOLed screen which is super bright and sharp, and will also pack an awesome camera. But reception and gps hardware always seems to lack accuracy.

      • Paul

        Any reviews of the DNA that I’ve seen have said that it has some of the best reception they’ve ever had though.

  • Zander

    HTC dna’s battery is going to last 2 and a half hours without even touching it… 2020 mah.. 5 inch screen. are u for serious

  • bananatroll

    I realize the nexus is nice device but for most of us i imagine it doesn’t really matter, because Verizon is our carrier of choice.

    Not that we aren’t grateful for the data!

    thx kellex

  • that fact that your getting a better display and front camera than the note 2 for a hundred bucks less on contract makes up for the storage to me

    • Futbolrunner

      I love the DNA and its gorgeous display. However, the way I see it does it even matter when a small non removable battery can’t support that killer display for as long as the Note 2 can?

      • Mike H

        The DNA is said to compete with the nexus 4 on battery life. K thx bye!

        • Charlie

          Which is TERRIBLE! Check out the top CON in this Engadget Nexus 4 review. So if the DNA is competing with the Nexus 4, they both are last place! http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/02/nexus-4-review/

          • look at other reviews….where battery life is on par with the S3…which is pretty good. Phil over at AC was getting 3.5-4hrs screen on time with his usage.

        • How so? same processor, Larger, higher res screen, and a smaller battery. i expect battery life on the DNA to be right around the current Gnex on battery life. which, for me, is about 2 hours screen on time.

      • NemaCystX

        I bet there are battery cases coming, the non-removable battery spec is a money maker for accessory makers that make battery cases like the one for the GalaxyS3 or the iPhones

    • Eddie G…

      You say that now but 2 months down the road when you’ve maxed out your 11 GB of internal storage with apps and a few songs and now have to start rationing storage space you’ll be wishing for the extra space an external SD card could provide. App sizes are getting bigger not smaller…

  • Craig

    Regardless of what the specs say on paper I would be willing to bet that the Motorola has the best radio. It also has the best battery life, it supports 64GB MicroSD, it works globally, and Jelly Bean runs flawlessly. Quad core, 1920 displays, and unlocked bootloaders are meaningless if you can’t hold onto a signal πŸ™‚

    • Bionic

      well said

    • kixofmyg0t

      Here’s what happens when you hammer on the Maxx HD.

      • Very well said, It might not be a top pick phone but for me it’s all about the battery. What good is the best phone out there if it won’t stay charged all day. My GS3 would never make it a full day for me.

        • Raven

          Personally, I love the RAZR Maxx HD, but the SGS3 definitely has one other thing going for it that chart does not take into account and that is a replaceable battery. A friend of mine bought a 4500mah extended battery for $10 and although it is now a bit thicker, that beast outlasts even the Maxx HD.

          • Diablo81588

            I think a bit thicker is an understatement. That battery is over twice the size of stock. If it’s not twice as thick then they’re over rating the mAh.

          • Raven

            A large part of a phone battery’s thickness is simply the walls and insulation layers. Doubling the battery capacity does not necessarily mean doubling the thickness, only the amount of LiPo material inside. Even so, the replacement back is curved and it is thicker in the middle and thinner on the ends and still felt good to hold. I didn’t have a micrometer handy, but I would say that it did not appear to be that much thicker than a Maxx HD or my Droid 4. Anyway, my main point was that the SGS3 still gives you that option, and I REALLY wish Motorola would go back to replaceable batteries as I MUCH preferred having that option.

    • FAL_Fan

      The Note 2 also has amazing battery life, supports 64GB MicroSD, works globally, and runs Jelly Bean flawlessly…The only argument that might possibly be made is for the radios inside, until the Note 2 comes out on Verizon we will not know.

      • Detonation

        No doubt the Note 2 is a great phone, but for a lot of people it’s just too big.

        • FAL_Fan

          I would agree that for some it is just too big, the point I was making is that it doesn’t only have similar characteristics to other phones; it exceeds them. My point was of pure comparison of the hardware and functionality of such hardware, in addition to having an amazingly smooth operation of Jelly Bean. Whether one thinks the phone is too big or too small is merely subjective, I was being objective.

    • billy routh

      I get at least 24 hours on my note 2

      • wickets

        what do you get when you turn it on???


        • hiyo!

          i do consistently get over 24 hrs on my gs3 though too πŸ˜‰

          • Diablo81588

            With 20 minutes of screen on time? πŸ˜›

        • Larizard

          i lol’ed

    • Dain Laguna

      has the nexus4 had signal issues?

      • BrianPowell12

        Not that I’ve heard. It has the same Qualcomm radio as the DNA.

  • thedanks

    hold on… the razr maxxx hd is still on ics???

    • john

      not for too long. Razr m is already on jelly bean so hd is next on the list

      • thedanks

        for a pretty close to stock rom that is just not fast enough. If they wanted people to consider that phone over the competition they should have it on jellybean by now. i can’t be going from jeallybean 4.2 on a nexus down to ics. Thats rubbish.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    now if only someone could post a size comparison between all 4…that would be great!

    • Jonathan Bunch

      this should have been the nexus 4

  • thedanks

    hah… so glad you made this chart. the decision with phones right now is driving me nuts. except i am 99% sure i am going with the note 2 for verizon, stickin with unlimited.

  • Asimoalex

    So what do you guys think ….for a galaxy nexus replacement ??
    I’m done with the 2hr battery life

    • Crazydog

      I’m definitely getting it to replace my Galaxy Nexus IF the Nexus 4 on T-mobile doesn’t work out…

      • Asimoalex

        The note ?
        Unfortunately where I live tmobile isn’t an option it’s vzw or AT&T

        • Crazydog

          No, sorry the Droid DNA. I currently have Verizon, and they’re launching LTE here before the end of the year, but I want to try T-Mobile, if I can get my hands on a Nexus 4 soon, since the monthly cost would be much cheaper, and I wouldn’t be locked in for two years.

      • Yea, way to leave us hanging πŸ˜‰ what phone you talkin’ bout willis? I think I’m biting the bullet and going with the Maxx HD. Need that battery life.

        • Crazydog

          I thought it was obvious – The Droid DNA. That’s what this article is mainly about! πŸ˜›

  • I’ve actually ordered both the Nexus 4 and DNA, and will get a T-Mobile prepaid plan for a month to decide between the two.

    It will probably come down to whether the advantages in the DNA’s hardware outweigh the advantages in the N4 software. Network could also be a big factor, if T-Mobile’s NY coverage and data speed disappoints.

    • Dain Laguna

      it shouldnt…ny is one of the places where they actually support the 42mbps standard on hspa. real world its closer to 25-30mbps, but thats better than my real world lte on my gnex

      • John Pisano

        Maybe in your area, I get anywhere from 30-45 depending on the day on my GS3 on LTE

        • Dain Laguna

          speeds like that on lte are becoming a rarity. i used to see speeds like that too. ill take the extra battery life.

  • Based on this DNA>4>Note2>HD
    But based on Nexus Love…. 4>DNA>Note2>HD

    • billy routh

      The note 2 blows them all away.

      • Dain Laguna

        your opinion. i’ll take updates over a phablet. (thats my opinion)

        • Eddie G…

          Before I got the Note 2 I had an iPhone 3G and then a Moto Atrix 4G. Having stepped up to the GN 2 I can’t imagine any circumstance that would compel me to go back to a smaller phone. When I first opened the box I thought I might have made a mistake but after experiencing the hundreds of different and innovative features in this amazing device I defy anyone who gives it a chance not to love its expansive screen and fluid functionality with the S-pen taking pride of place.

          • James Mac

            well said…

    • Nazzi_Muhammad

      Based on real world usage Note 2> all of those.

      • Dain Laguna

        you have used all of them?

      • ezpotato

        again… too effin’ big for MOST people. Note 2 is not even a contender for most people cause of the size… just people like us (not me, but people on forums)

  • Ayyy

    Something different for everyone. You’ve got the nexus, the spec beast, the phablet and the battery phone.

    I chose the battery phone and ain’t looking back. You can either have LTE, a regular sized phone, battery life or top of the line specs. But you can only pick 3…lol

    • Also an unlocked bootloader is a big deal for me these days after waiting for updates with my Bionic. So the Nexus 4 and the DNA get the green light in that category.

      • Diablo81588

        The bionic had tons of ROMs and leaks. You shouldn’t have waited for anything πŸ™‚

        • I was running safestrap for ICS on the GB kernel, then all the leaks up to .232 for ICS. Now there are JB ROMs but problems with Bluetooth, camera, etc. The bottom line is it is a hassle, and even hen you get a leaked ROM installed your level of customization is nowhere near what you could have with an unlocked bootloader and CM/AKOP.

    • The answer is always Nexus…………………..for me

      • Diablo81588

        Too bad it’s not on Verizon πŸ˜›

    • i was all set to buy the battery phone, but then i found out it didnt have a gyroscope, what! i just presumed the maxx would have a gyro included for that price.

      im dying to use that photosheres feature so im gonna have to go with the nexus now i think. which is a shame cos it looks like a girly phone with all that glitter on the back. the maxx is the only manly phone available lol

  • staticx57

    The next generation should be really good. Right when cortex a15 starts taking hold and 1920×1080 starts appearing.

    • Paul

      The GS4 will be a beast if they put the Exynos 5 quadcore in it. It’ll also have larger storage options than the 4, DNA, and Note2, as I doubt they would reduce the rom from the GS3’s 32GB option. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a 1080p screen.

      • staticx57

        If that ends up being, there is a good chance that the GS4 will be next phone. That or something just like it.

  • Josh Oberg

    Maxx hd has 1.5 GB RAM and bus also expandable up to 64gb ( 32+32)not a Maxx defender but just saying

    • Ayyy

      Maxx HD has 1GB.

    • BillyT

      Not to mention the only one on the chart that will never need a charge throughout the day.

      • Paul

        People are reporting around 8 hours of on screen time for the Note 2, I doubt many people will need to charge it. Most people won’t with the 4 and DNA too.

        • unless its a fully white screen the 8 hrs doesnt really count for amoleds i have the gnex and by simply changing my theme to a darker theme i can gain roughly 2 hours more between charges

          • Paul

            To be fair, I’m also guessing it’s the 3G TMobile version. I didn’t think to check. I’m sure it will be down at least an hour with verizon’s. I still doubt many people will need to charge it though.

        • john

          32 hours of talk time over lte… just saying

      • billy routh

        My note 2 lasts at least 24hrs with 6 hr on screen time

    • BSweetness


      The MAXX HD has 1GB of RAM.

      As for the storage, the chart is stating the maximum internal storage followed by the maximum officially supported expandable storage. With the MAXX HD, the internal storage is 32GB and it officially supports up to a 32GB microSD card (64GB work, but they’re not officially supported nor or are they guaranteed to work). For none of the phones does it add the two together like you’re trying to do.

      So, the chart is correct on both of those things.

  • Adam Medina

    IPhone 5 is 7.6mm thin. I guess Apple always wins.

    • Well, when the battery is 1440mAh, it’s hard to make it thick.

      • Matt Schroeder

        My Thunderbolt disagrees πŸ˜›

        • That thing is 2 years old though. Times have changed.

          • Nicholas Neveu

            But the bolts keep on ticking!

    • dog on it

      Right. Because a thin phone means it’s better…ass.

    • john

      year old droid razr is 7.1 mm thin and has a 1780 mah vs iphone’s 5 1440 mah at 7.6. Guess iphone couldn’t catch up even with a tortoise on the thin deal.

      • Dain Laguna

        and the old droid razr cant hold a candle to the battery life on the i5. plain and simple. maxx is a different story, but as an ex droid razr owner, i can attest to it. not being a troll or ifan either (i’m totally not) but facts are facts.

      • nightscout13

        John, be serious. The RAZR is NOT 7.1mm. It’s 10mm. To ignore the hump at the top, is asinine.

        • john

          so 85 percent of the phone being almost invisible from the side is asinine?

          • nightscout13

            To measure it as 7.1mm is asinine. To ignore the hump is asinine. If the phone cannot fit through a 7.1mm opening, it is not 7.1mm thin. Same as when Apple announced their new iMac, and said it was super thin. It definitely looked thin in the press shot. But in person, there’s a massive bulge towards the center. I’d rather have a 15mm phone, but a massive battery.

        • Paul

          But his point on the battery in a thinner area remains. The battery isn’t in the hump.

  • You should put the i*hone 5 on there for shitz n gigs.

    • FAL_Fan

      I agree! This way the iTrolls can see what iSheep they are!

      • New_Guy

        Or at least they can see why Q1- Q3 is going to be a bit gloomy for Apple.

  • etg9

    Nexus 4 looks the best, but I’m on Verizon. SGSIII is staying around.

  • Sjcea

    By that chart Droid DNA kills everything else !! Not even close !!!

    • Abe21599

      I believe that’s fairly subjective.

    • Battery is on the chart.

    • uzo ufondu

      What are you talking about? From the chart, the only thing that is significantly different from *everything else* is the wide angle front camera and a better display. Again, from the chart, it has the worst battery, second to worst storage. It does not “kill” anything (By that chart). I would even venture to say that it under performs. HTC had the chance to completely blow everyone out the water, but they dropped the ball with the storage and a seemingly underpowered battery. Sooooo close, but yet, so far…

      • zepfloyd

        Perhaps you stop talking out of your ass and start reading some reviews on the DNA battery life.


        ” I’m head over heels for the HTC DROID DNA. It offers everything I want in a modern smartphone, including solid battery life, excellent data speeds, a super fast quad-core processor, a big and bright 1080P display and a great camera. ”

        • uzo ufondu

          Perhaps you stop talking out of your ass and read that I was replying to his statement that by the chart, the DNA kills everything.

          By the chart, the DNA has the worst battery. Obviously, the chart does not take into account the real world performance.

          Stop speaking before you think. It’s embarrassing.

    • Lorne Serpa

      Ya, battery killer eh? Worst of the batch. Memory, ya, off the chart also since there isn’t room on the phone for it with 11gb usable to user. 5″ vs. 5.5″ is subjective so a loosing feature also to me.

      • Apostrafee

        Has same memory as Nexus 4…..No one bitching about it though

        • David asaro

          Actually that and lack of lte have been a big turn off for a lot of people.

    • Micah Black

      Yea, until you want more than 16gs of space

    • Paul

      It doesn’t in space, battery (one of the most important things), and doesn’t necessarily in screen size. The screen on the Note 2 still looks great and a lot of stuff will be more enjoyable on that bigger screen.

    • billy routh

      You must of been looking at a different chart.

  • Me

    Will you guys be doing any DNA giveaways from HTC???? I’m beginning to give my SG3 dirty looks.

    • DeeMat

      My OG RAZR has been getting dirty looks for a year…

      • The dirty looks my Galaxy Nexus gets is just too much…
        Oh, and the dirty looks my broken Nexus 7 is even worse :/

        • nightscout13

          1 year warranty on the Nexus 7, why don’t you use it?

          • It only covers manufacture defects, not smashed screens :/
            And I don’t have the $160 to send it in to get fixed πŸ™

          • Master O’Disaster

            Smashed screens? You know, you really shouldn’t use your own light saber when playing Angry Birds Star Wars.

          • stnkycheezman

            He’s giving dirty looks to the warranty

          • r0lct

            dropped it?

          • John Pisano

            Maybe like my Nexus 7 where the screen went black and staticy out of nowhere and you can’t get the serial number off it because it is ONLY in the settings screen and not on the hardware itself…(Threw out the box a while ago) and they won’t replace mine because I can’t give them a serial number. It’s the first and LAST product I will ever buy from ASUS

          • Daistaar

            You know, you can always get the serial through ADB. It reports it when you list devices…

          • nightscout13

            Interested in selling it? what’s your email address?

        • t3chi3

          With stable release of CM10 on my Gnex, along with franco kernal, I’m loving it more than ever.

        • Thomas Partida

          I broke my screen a week after I bought, good thing I bought it with my american express, was able to get a full refund. Try out your credit card policy to see if it covers accidental damage.

          • Got it June or July, might be too lat for that :/

      • Jared Persinger

        You wouldn’t think the the Razr HD would be much better but wow smooth ui, flawless performence awesome screen and a tank build

      • Emilio Fahr

        My DROID X….

        • Matthew Merrick

          my droid charge….

          • leoingle

            My bolt…

        • BrianPowell12

          My Droid. Full stop.

        • ^ this πŸ™

      • AK

        What does OG mean?

        • BrianPowell12

          Original, specifically Original Gangster. For instance, I’m still rocking my OG Droid.

        • MGardnerDA1235

          Also…I’m pretty sure there is a rule against calling the Droid Razr an “OG” anything since…you know…the original came out 7+ years ago.

          • Diablo81588

            OG Droid RAZR*

        • Drooooid

          “Original Generation”

          • nicotinic

            What?! Original Generation my ass. It stands for Original Gangsta! It’s a colloquialism.

          • jed

            I rock my OG Huawei Ascend. Take that sukkas

      • Chris

        My G1… just kidding, My galaxy nexus… lul

    • zepfloyd

      Yeah, the GS3 has me completely burned out on Pentile for sure.

      • S2556

        really? I haven’t noticed it once and I had it from launch. and my previous screen wasn’t even pentile! (however, it was the droid so…)

      • BrianPowell12

        I had the GS3 for two weeks and once I noticed the Pentile I couldn’t unsee it, so I ate the restocking fee and resigned myself to losing unlimited data.

        • hack pyre

          why didnt you just switch to your old phone and sell the gs3 for a little under retail

    • palomosan

      How about I trade you my Gnex for the DNA?

    • JC

      My Thunderbolt has become my shackle

      • finally ditched mine for the sensation (bought second hand) and now I’m saving for the Nexus 4!