Google Fiber Expanding to Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Nashville (Updated)

Update:  It’s official.

Google Fiber is expanding to four new markets that include Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Nashville, according to sources of the Wall Street Journal. Local news organizations have reportedly been sent invitations to attend events this week that will make the markets official, though details on those invitations didn’t reveal any subject matter. Of course, anyone who has followed Fiber news on any level can see the significance in those four cities.  (more…)

WSJ: Google’s Wireless Service Might Let You Switch Between the Best Network Available From Different Carriers

Last week, headlines were dominated by talk of Google creating its own wireless service through network deals inked with T-Mobile and Sprint. Unfortunately, those were really the only details that surfaced through a number of stories all claiming to have “sources” close to the matter. We still don’t know pricing or plan details, where or when the service will be available, and why any of us would consider switching to it from our current carrier options. We talked on the DL Show about Google potentially having something special in mind that would attempt to change the way wireless service plans work in order for them to even consider entering the market, but didn’t necessarily have any suggestions as to what that “special” something might be. According to sources of the Wall Street Journal, we may now know.  (more…)

Report: Google Strikes Deal With Sprint, Will Sell Wireless Service as MVNO in 2015

According to reports from both Businessweek and The Wall Street Journal, Google has reached a deal with Sprint to lease capacity on its network, then run its own wireless service for customers as a MVNO. As reported yesterday, Google was also looking to use T-Mobile’s network for its service, but that has yet to be substantiated.  (more…)

Wednesday Poll: Does a Google-Operated Wireless Service Interest You?

After today’s news of Google looking to possibly become a wireless carrier that uses T-Mobile and Sprint networks for service, our comments section exploded. Right now, we know very little other than this service could launch this year.

Putting aside the lack of information, if Google made a prepaid/postpaid type of service plan, based on pricing and coverage areas of both Sprint and T-Mobile, is this something that would interest you?

Clearly, we all have a fondness for Google, but let’s hear your take and honest opinion on if you think Google could make this work.

Does a Google-operated wireless service interest you?

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Series 5 Android Collectible Preview has Started: Here are the First Two

The new Series 5 Android collectibles set is close to debuting, so the folks at Dead Zebra are doing as they always do when a new set is about to arrive – preview it. In the new series, we are getting collectibles designed by some of the series’ staples, like Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri, but they are joined by new faces Devilrobots, Reactor-88, Jon Paul Kaiser and Lunabee. If the early looks at these are anything to go by, coupled with that line-up of designers, I can’t help but think this is going to be an amazing bunch. (more…)

Goodbye, GPE: HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition No Longer For Sale

The HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition, the last remaining Google Play Edition device, is no longer for sale. In fact, the device isn’t even listed under the “Phones & Tablets” tab on Google Play; you need a direct link in order to see it. Not that this change is much of a surprise, since the new HTC flagship is around the corner, but it’s sort of sad to see, because this could be the end of the Google Play Edition line of devices.  (more…)

Report: Google is Becoming a Wireless Carrier This Year, Will Use T-Mobile and Sprint Networks

According to a report from Amir Efrati of The Information, Google is planning to launch its own wireless service this year, a service that will use T-Mobile and Sprint networks. The service would be similar to StraightTalk or any other MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in that Google won’t actually own any of the network, they will simply be cutting deals with T-Mobile and Sprint to have access to networks, so that they can then sell you a service plan that works on those networks. Think of it like you do the prepaid cards you see slung about checkout lines at stores like Target. (more…)