HTC U Will be Announced May 16

On May 16, at an even in Taipei, Taiwan, HTC will announce its next U phone. We believe it will be called the HTC U even if HTC hasn’t fully revealed that in a “Save the Date” they sent us last night.

The teaser they sent does show a big “U,” along with “Squeeze for the brilliant” quote. That, of course, is in reference to the phone’s squeezy sides that allow you to perform actions, like unlock your phone or fire open Google Assistant or launch the camera.  (more…)

HTC Drops U Ultra Price to $599 for a Bit ($150 Off)

HTC is hosting a sale on its entire line-up of phones in the US for the next week. You’ll find hefty discounts, though it’ll be up to you to decide if any are big enough to get you to pull the trigger.

The recently released HTC U Ultra has been dropped by $150 to $599, while last year’s HTC 10 is now $499 ($200 off). You can even pick up the HTC Bolt ($450) or One A9 ($199) for a discount.  (more…)

HTC’s Spring Surprise was Nothing More Than a Sapphire Version of the U Ultra

When HTC Taiwan teased a Spring surprise for March 20, press couldn’t help themselves but jump to the wild idea that HTC was going to unveil an HTC 11. Seriously, look at this. Forget the fact that we don’t even fully know that an HTC 11 will ever show up because the U line is supposed to be the company’s new, new going forward, but that’s just absurd. The U Ultra just went on sale all of a week ago, yet HTC is going to unveil another flagship? Just, stop.  (more…)