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U12 Plus from HTC

Report: HTC U12+, Not the U12, Now Expected in May

Thanks to a new report from VentureBeat, we're getting what could be our first look at the U12+ from HTC, expected to launch this upcoming May. According to VentureBeat, the U12+ will not be accompanied by a U12, which is the name we all assumed HTC would use...
htc chialin chang

HTC’s Smartphone Boss Resigns

If HTC wants to turn things around, they'll have to do so with a new leader in their smartphone division. Chialin Chang, the company's president of smartphone and connected device business, has resigned effective immediately. Chang has been at the helm for a...
best version of android

Poll: Pick Your Flavor of Android

I probably already know where this poll is headed, but I still want to see the numbers. We're bringing up this subject of Android flavors today, because the folks at OnePlus have asked their OnePlus followers which version of Android they prefer: pure or...