Camera Comparison: Galaxy S8 vs. Pixel vs. LG G6

Thinking back to the early days of Android, it’s insane to see how far cameras inside of smartphones have come. The innovation doesn’t seem to be slowing this year either, as there are many phones available to buyers with very capable and exciting shooters inside. In an attempt to see which is the best of the best with regard to daily usage, we’ve put Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S8, against the Google Pixel and G6 from LG. (more…)

Google Reportedly Really Wants LG to Make Them OLED Displays for the New Pixel Phones

On a recent DL Show, Tim and I talked about how frustrating it was that LG continues this slow (read: non-existent) move into OLED smartphone display panel production. We brought it up because Samsung moved into the space years ago and has become the king, yet LG, who makes and sells lots of OLED panels for TVs, continues to push LCD displays in smartphones. I don’t want to call LCD technology the past, but smartphone makers outside of Apple (who is constantly rumored to be switching to OLED), HTC, and LG, are all onto AMOLED. LG may have new reason to fire up the ol’ OLED production lines, though, according to a new report that claims Google wants to make a hefty $876 million investment.  (more…)

Reminder: G6 Owners, It’s Time to Redeem Your Free Google Home

Just a quick reminder, but don’t forget to redeem your free Google Home if you purchased an LG G6. The redemption link just went live this morning!

In order to receive your free Google Home, you’ll need to register at the link below and fill out a form that asks you for name, phone, address, carrier, purchase date, retailer, IMEI, and some pictures to show proof. It won’t take long, but it is a bit of work. I’m sure you are fine with that, though, since this is a free $129 Google Home.  (more…)