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Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out to Transformer Prime Owners This Morning

Now that’s what I call a turn around time. Yesterday, we reported that ASUS’ Gary Key took to XDA to let owners of the Transformer Prime and Transformer Infinity tablet know that they could expect to see a Jelly Bean update within 48-72 hours. Less than 24 hours later, we have Jelly Bean.

Prime owners, go update and we’ll update all of you Infinity owners as soon as we hear it has gone live.

Cheers Andrew, Nick, Angel, Bill, and Steve!

  • ChrisVe

    Amazing Tom. Thanks. I’ve been trying to get 4.1 for weeks. How the heck did you figure this one out???

  • maidenus

    Hi! Had upgraded my tf300 from ICS to Jelly Bean two days ago. I see a very big improvement on my tabby. But my Adobe Flash didn`t working anymore. Anybody know howto revive the Adobe Flash? Thanks.

  • Just bought my TF201 for half price at Staples 2 hours ago, then i get my ICS update notification 30 minutes later. What a day! Wish my GNex received updates that fast.

  • Despite707

    I got it today in the US. I’m rooted and locked. Little warning don’t have ez over clock installed. I used voodoo to get root back who went fine But when I went to open up ez over clock the prime crashed and rebooted and then repeated the process after being on for 30 seconds. It went on like this till I was able to uninstall ex over clock before it could crash. Just an fyi

  • Woke up, update available, couple of clicks,flawless, no issues. Great update!

  • Chris

    just got my Jelly Bean update for ASUS Prime!!! smooth!!! now I wish it roll out for my razr maxx instead of the crappy ICS they pushed on us.

  • simon

    last night my tablet updated the firmware and when everything was done it stared only at this window . here the picture. what should i do?

  • I keep getting Failed to connect to the Internet. Please check your internet connection

  • Joe

    I’m getting a “Failed to connect to the Internet” error when checking for update. Anyone else getting this? And, YES, I am connected to the internet, all my apps and browsers still connect fine.

    • MES

      same here. tried IW’s method twice and couldn’t get it to work…

      • Joe

        Yes have tried his method as well. Now sometimes it will tell me “There is no update available…” but it still takes like 5 mins each time it checks. And most of the time it says Failed to connect to the internet.

        • MES

          same exact problem sometimes. good to know it’s not just mine.

          • Aaron Carrell

            This is happening to me too! I’m not happy.

          • Joe

            Finally updated last night before I went to bed. Didn’t do any tricks or anything, just kept checking for update every hour or so until it worked.

    • ray

      same story .. in Ireland

  • ragg

    OK, I received and install the update, but my prime looks like it’s still running ICS…What the heck???

  • Julian Cortes

    downloaded it installed, and i am seeing a serious improvement in stability and speed, i love asus and their quick updates =)

  • I’m having a strange issue with this update and was wondering if anyone could help? I was able to get the file to download and it passed the hash check but the update failed mid-update (I was rooted at the time, don’t know if that matters). The system was able to revert and reboot but now it’s on 4.0.3 and every time I go to the update check, it says that there isn’t an update available for my device. Can anyone help?

    • Marsg

      I have the same problem. did you find a fix for it ? my device was rooted before the last update and it broke the root but still got that error mid way.

      • No fixes that I have found as of yet. I was still rooted after the failed install and decided to unroot and Factory Reset but still nothing after resetting it. Got it rooted again and running 4.0.3 but still getting the “No Update Available”. I read somewhere that ASUS only allows a unit to download an OTA update once so I think we might be SOL until ASUS publishes the update on their website and we can push it directly. Update me if you find a fix.

    • Bigsike

      Me too same boat. :/

    • I was not rooted and had the exact same thing happen. I’m not willing to put the time in to the instructions below…This is a pretty terrible update package I have to say…

  • androidFan 4 life

    Hey Android people on here goto your tablets turn off your wifi then reboot your tablet wait for it to come back on then turn wifi back on that will allow the firmware to jelly bean on the Transformer Prime to activate that’s how I did I’m on jelly bean 4.1 .1

    • Edgar

      Thanks. after trying other people’s suggestion. I tried this and it is now installing. Thanks

  • Android can 4 life

    Same here people all mine says it firmware update for your device and says check not a vacation and there’s noting there then did it again and said could not download file was up asus

  • Raven

    Obligatory how about an update for my OG Transformer?

  • Trevon Buchanan

    I am getting failed to download message as well.

  • Joshyz73

    Kicked my update off a little before 6:00 am EST today. It finished in about 15 minutes with no issues whatsoever.

  • AZ Chris

    Downloaded and installed with no issues this morning. Jelly Bean is quite the upgrade from ICS! Still running Nova launcher on it and that even seems to be running quicker than before. Can’t wait for the S3 to get it now!

  • You Got Ngata

    After you are prompted to notification tray mine showed downloading %. I like having Gnexus and prime combo and having the updated software within a week each other!

  • bwarwick98

    Downloaded, Update Failed, now no update available.

  • A_Rod

    I am also getting the same message to check notifications but nothing is there. I’ve rebooted several times but no luck 🙁

    • Parfumeur

      What you are seeing is the ‘Apple’ syndrome, where the user is deemed a twit, and the hardware does it’s thing, right or wrong, with no significant error message. Hence the birth of the ‘genius’ and the long lines.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    So far so good with it.

    Got it about 7am EDT. Took several tries to have it download, but finally happened.

    Flash still sort of works (adobe’s site doens’t but many others do)

  • SteveG12543

    The update for the Infinity won’t be until “early next week,” as said by Asus’ Gary Key on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=32085072

  • Bigsike

    Got the update went to install, it reboots back to ICS check for update and nothing is there. Well that went well :/

  • Czep2012

    How about the OG Transformer? Do you think they’ll be updating that as well. Right now I’m using Paranoid on my rooted OG. IS it possible to put CM10 on it?

    • Lucky Armpit

      That’s what I was wondering. My TF101 is fine with ICS but I guess it didn’t make the cut. Oh well. For what I use it for, I won’t miss JB.

  • tomgillotti

    I hate the way ASUS does updates. Mine always says update available, check notifications, yet there is nothing in the notification tray. Anyone know how to find this?

    • Treknologist

      I’m having the same problem. I am restarting my Prime to see if that makes a difference.

    • IW

      This is what I did to fix it:

      Go to Apps -> All -> DMClient -> Force stop and clear data
      Do same for CMClient
      Turn off
      Hold volume down and hold power button until it starts and there is small letters in the upper left hand corner. Let go of buttons and don’t press anything. This will cold boot Android.
      When it comes back up check for an update. It will more than likely fail again.
      Stay on the System Firmware screen and click the notification bar
      Turn Wifi off and let sit for about 10 seconds
      Press the Wifi button again and leave the notification bar open
      Behind the notification bar you will see the System Firmware page refresh
      It will say Firmware Available, Check Notifications. The notification will pop up on the open notification bar.

      That’s what did it for me after hours of trying. Let me know if that works.

      • JPC776

        FYI…Just restarting it did not help. I also had to do a cold boot. After the cold boot everything worked fine.

      • juscozimme

        That worked thanks

      • ratnok

        I tried it exactly like you described and I got “Failed to download the file. Please wait for a moment and try again.” I’ve been getting that all day.

        • ratnok

          No- wait. I turned off my wifi, and tried it again, and it worked this time. Thanks IW! You have saved me MUCH irritation! Come on ASUS! Get your act together!!! Users shouldn’t have to go through this.

          • ratnok

            Does anybody know what it means to lose “Wi-Fi direct?” I get that Adobe Flash is unsupported, but we are also losing “Wi-Fi direct?” What, if any disadvantages are there for that?

          • DroidJ

            I was wondering that too.

          • ratnok

            UPDATE: Jelly Bean on the TP is SOOOOOO smooth! I have it on my GNEXUS, but with the quad-core T3, it soars! I still maintain though, that there are too many errors and problems with the update process.

      • aaron

        i did all of that and all it does is have the loading symbol for about 10-15 minutes then it says network lost. any help?

      • Dude, THANK YOU. This was driving me freaking nuts! This totally worked!

      • Awesome!!! That worked!!! Why the heck didn’t it work just by the normal process, though? Man, was that overcomplicated. LOL

      • Good stuff man it worked

      • thelovro

        worked like a charm, thanks!

      • MtnBikerChk

        🙁 nope

      • robert young

        so im using the USB ethernet cable hook up because i dont have WiFi. i tryed the steps best i could but they dont work.. any suggetions??

      • Thank You, It also worked for me

      • Big thanks

      • JeremyJamesSimpson

        we needed to download the official update, put it on a micro sd card and then it easily in stalled. also note it’s a zip file inside a zip file so extract it.

    • Raven

      I was getting the same thing. I had to reboot my tablet after my first failed attempts. Then it showed up and is currently installing perfectly.

  • Rob

    I have CM9 and would like to get this… anyone know where you can directly download it to install?

    • MKader17

      You have to wait for a dev to make it available. Once you unlock you cannot accept Asus updates.

      • Rob

        That’s why I was asking where I can get it…

        • JustTrollin69

          Once you unlock it, you can’t get updates. You have to wait for a developer to provide it.

        • JB

          Since you have CM9, then you probably alredady know to be on the lookout over on the XDA Forums. Once the devs get their hands on it, turnaround is fairly quick usually within a day or two…

  • IW

    Mine started downloading this morning and then stopped. Now every time I reboot and try again it says the download failed and to try again later… 🙁

    • me08053

      I keep getting the same error. Or it says to check a notification that doesn’t exist. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Got the update last night… Both the combine inbox crash and most of all the bluetooth headphone sync is fixed! Joy!

  • Amar

    Woww thnks droid life so much!! I just updated mine and i love it!!

  • Makes me wish Verizon would hurry up and approve the Jelly Bean build that Google did for the Xoom. WiFi-only Xoom got the build in July. Here it is almost October and we’re still waiting for a simple go-ahead from VZW.

  • Travis Faulkner

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby