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CyanogenMod 9 RC1 is Ready for Download, Do You Have One of the 37 Devices it Covers?

The code freeze that happened just a few days ago was a good sign and now it is finally here. The first official Release Candidate for CyanogenMod 9 is released and as of today, 37 devices can flash the ROM if they so choose. It has taken the CM team 225 days since Android 4.0 hit the AOSP servers, but it seems like they hit it out of the park with this one. 

It wasn’t quick or easy, but we are extremely proud of this release and what it represents for us as a group… It meant a lot of hard work, and late nights, but also a ton of fun.

Get.CM is the place for your downloads and it seems to be under a lot of stress at the moment, it took me a while to get it to load. Curiously, Toro (Verzion Galaxy Nexus) build isn’t up yet so we’ll have to wait and see where that is. However, the GSM Galaxy Nexus, Transformer, Transformer Prime and tons of other devices already have RC1 ready for installation. Hit the download below and happy flashing!

UpdateToro build is up and ready for download! Go get it!


Cheers TJ!

  • CM9?!?! I’m running CM10 and it’s Grrreeeaat! (VZW GNEX)

  • Just breathed some life into my HP Touchpad with this, It might actually get some use now!

  • grand0

    first release candidate released a day before jelly bean is announced….lame

  • Railroaded Randy

    It hurts my balls every time I see SGSIIE4GT missing from these lists. Especially since I just purchased it this past March. A device update is not in my immediate future, so a good ROM to flash would be great. =/ Help Me Howard.

  • kfath1978

    ok….so i am ready to root my galaxy tab 10.1 4g verizon. i have tried a few times last night and have bricked it. thankfully i was able to restore the stock image on it. when i root it my wifi doesnt work and i cant get into recovery mode w/ rom manager. what am i missing? i have searched a few sites for instructions. can someone point me in the right direction!

  • Lucas

    I have to comment again … CM9 will stable and full functional is no where near Liquid Rom at all. Liquid is faster, has many more features and includes Gapps in a smaller file size. Nice try Cyanogen, but no cigar whatsoever.

  • Where are you getting 37 from? I count 24 with CM 9.2 or 50 in all with 9, please explain to me someone.

  • ahmedbabul

    Cool and very nice.I love to see a video of it.

    • jonkido

      get out of here, spammer

  • Does every CM update wipe your device so you have to start over and install everything from scratch?

  • How do I make sure that after I flash the rom, all my existing/current apps are still there, settings and data intact; just as they were before flashing the custom rom?

    • dean2359

      Always do a nandroid back up first

      • That doesn’t help what I’m asking for. Nandroid is like Windows system restore. If I restore a nandroid backup, it’ll revert back the rom too, right? Say –
        Right now am at stock 4.0.4. I create a nandroid backup, factory reset/wipe, flash this CM9 rom, all apps will get wiped. Now if I restore the nandroid, will I go back to stock 4.0.4 or stay at CM9?

        • dean2359

          The back up makes a copy of everything you have and allows you to restart where you left off so if you need to do a restore you haven’t lost anything..you will revert back to stock. This is a nice failsafe system in case something goes wrong you’re OK. I did that with cm9,backed up,factory reset,wiped dalvik cache,then flashed this to which I didn’t like,then I simply restored my back up and I was right where I was before,loving Protostome B3.,an amazing from with unbelievable battery life. Don’t forget to flash gapps by the way

          • Thanks a lot for the details. I’ll see how lucky I get with this. 🙂

  • JulianZHuang

    castle master 3D drinked my gnexus battery from 83% to 29% within 20mins of playing haha

  • Chris Badalucco

    just in time to be outdated by jellybean tomorrow???

  • jquest68

    can’t believe you guys went with that nasty looking logo as your company logo, yuk. why even bother to ask us about the design if you’re still going to use it regardless what we say? I guess we’ll get use to it

    • Royal2000H

      “you guys” ?

      Droid-Life and CM are not the same team. The people you’re trying to reach probably won’t see your comment on here.

  • guest

    Does this take gapps 20120317?

  • get off kellex’s site with your SPAM !

  • Still no camera on Galaxy tab 10.1??? No switching to this on my galaxy nexus linaro AOKP is to nice

  • Yay! CM9 RC1 being released just in time for… Jellybean? lol

  • OreoMan

    This will be on my GNex tonight!

    • dean2359

      you may be disappointed….but see for yourself

  • whoisjohngalt

    tried to dl toro twice now to no avail, anyone else getting stuck? first time got 107/137mb and second try only was able to download 74/137mb.. each time i tried opening the zip, i get error warnings

  • cmonnats23

    dumb question… but are the gapps included?

    • dean2359

      no you have to dl gapps sep

  • Why can’t I find a list of features anywhere? Their site only has 7.2 stuff, and Google can’t seem to locate it. I’ve got AOKP and I’m very happy with it, so if I’m going to switch, I’d like to know what I’m getting before I leap.

    (Yes, I know about Bootmanager, but it’s had issues for me in the past on my DX involving the second rom bootlooping and not being able to get back to my phone rom and having to wipe sbf, so I’m a bit wary of it.)

  • Don’t see Incredible 2 in the list…

    • Esteban_Colberto

      My bad. only CM7 for now. Try Bracketkang. It’s not bad. It’s a CM9 takeoff that works without many FC issues.

      • Got it. Thanks!

      • Looks like it is cm7 and not cm9.

  • teschall

    Installed, restored apps…I missed AOKP and I immediately restored my backup.

    • dean2359

      Same here. Not enough options and tweaks plus it didnt seem as smooth.

    • moelsen8

      I went back to gummy pretty quickly myself. It seems pretty solid though.

  • androiddict

    Does anyone know if they have plans to support the OG Droid?

    • Jigga_Z

      Nope, no support. Not enough RAM.

  • Chris Dugger

    WOW! HTC kicked to the curb…..

  • I’m good with Eclipse 3.0 on my Bionic.

  • Is there any reason why they don’t have anything out for Motorola phones?

    • Hunter

      Locked bootloaders….

  • Will Tisdale

    Hahaha, 7 months for a first RC? Seriously? Lol. Most of the carriers already pushed their ICS updates. This is what happens when you customise to the extreme. CM is now more bloated than most of the manufacturers ROMs, and takes longer to be released. Congrats.

    • 9host99

      hope you are trolling and not just a dipshit

    • PC_Tool

      this is almost more wtf than the whole funnyjuck/oatmeal debacle.

      • moelsen8

        holy crap i missed that. that’s funny. what a piece of sh*t funnyjunk is.

        • PC_Tool

          You avatar gives that post so much more *feeling*…

          love it.

    • Joe

      So am I going to be the only one who agrees at least with the aspect that 7 months is a long time? And that is by no means meant to be anything against the great work that these devs do on their own time, but its getting to the point where the RC or final versions BARELY make it out before the next full iteration of Android is released by Google. Just saying, if it continues to head in this direction it will in essence become self defeating.

  • dean2359

    Ive run Aokp and now Im running Protostome B3 and its amazing. Its got unbelivable battery life and is still super fast with all the features of Aokp but im going to give this a shot.

    • PC_Tool


      Screw loyalty. This is what Android is about. Crack-flashing. *grin*

      I’m guilty, too. I almost wish my Nexus had a flash-counter. I am dead-certain it would be well over 200.

      (Yes, I realize that’s more than one flash per day, and no, I am not exaggerating if you include restores from backup and flashing to stock occasionally to clean up the cruft.)

      • rudy poo

        Yeah, pretty sure Noone was gonna say anything.

        • PC_Tool

          I am sure I’m not the only one here…. 😉