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Pre-order For Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is Live Now, “Ships by July 9”

It’s live! For those looking to get in on the most hyped Android phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can pre-order yours today through Verizon. As a reminder, the device comes in either blue or white and in 16GB and 32GB models at $199 and $249 respectively. If that extra $50 for an extra 16GB of internal storage seems a bit much to you, remember that the phone does have a microSD card slot, so you could essentially save yourself $50 and just slap in one of your existing cards to expand it above 16GB.

During the checkout process, we noticed that it certainly says “ships by July 9,” a date we first reported yesterday. We have actually been told that warehouses are expecting devices during the last week of June, so there is always the slightest of chances that we will see this shipped before July. Otherwise, you have exactly 1 month to go before naturistic technology is in your hands.

Update:  Verizon realized that they screwed up in their confirmation emails, having said 6/6/2012 as a ship date. They are now sending out “Oops!” emails to let everyone know that July 9 is still their expected ship date. 

And yes, as we also told you on Monday, pre-ordering will lock you into unlimited data. For those not familiar, Verizon’s pre-order process is not the $50 deposit method that retailers like Best Buy use. With Big Red, you actually purchase the device and extend your contract.

Here is the unlimited data proof from checkout:


*Note – We had originally reported that a confirmation email said it could ship by July 6, but it actually says “6/6/12” which is today. That is clearly not happening.

Cheers interstellarmind, Taylor and Tim!

  • Jeff

    If you currently have grandfathered unlimited data plan; you can keep your unlimited for one more upgrade( 2 yeasr). Not sure about people who do not have unlimited data plans at the time of this upgrade. I have talked to many different Verizon reps and they all acknowledge that you keep your existing plan past the two years for as long as you want(buy your own phones) or until you use a subsidized phone in two years.
    Good luck to you..

  • Bleeds

    Also, that choice to Keep unlimited is NO LONGER in the kiosk. Go try.. Just went thru it, and thats why I called in.

  • Bleeds

    I just got off the phone with Verizon, and they confirmed to me the (after calling me back so they could talk to the Head account manager) that all these people that were told they would get to keep the unlimited plans are not. In fact, when you go to activate the phone after receiving it (after the 28th) it will not activate and will make you connect to customer service. At that time you will be required to choose a tiered plan. I know this goes against everything we have been reading, but I am telling you I was just told this. That is why the official release date is the 28th. All prepays will ship after July 10th. Just FYI. Take it or leave it..

  • terich22

    If I order the white but end up liking the blue, is it possible to switch?

  • Jeff

    Is everyone still gettting this message when they check their Verizon order on line?
    Just curious to not get anything more after placing our orders..Thaks
    Order Status
    Here is the status of your Pre-order:We received your order and it is in process. Expected Ship Date: Not available at this time. Another Order Status? Review your order history in My Verizon Is everyone still gettting this message when they check their Verizon order on line? Just curious to not get anything more after placing our orders..Thaks Order Status Here is the status of your Pre-order:We received your order and it is in process. Expected Ship Date: Not available at this time. Another Order Status? Review your order history in My Verizon
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  • Mike S.

    Can you preorder and buy it without a contract renewal? As in pay full price? I plan on buying it out right but would like to keep existing unlimited data.

    • Either way you do it you will keep your plan no worries. However, yes you can preorder at full price.

  • Hey everyone…if you used the “Ship to Business” option, the Line 2 of the address will not appear on the order and is NOT in their system.
    If you need this in the address, you will have to jump through the same hoops as me…
    Call VZW, they cancel the order, then the order has to be remade. In my case they did it for me.
    Good Luck

    • Oh, and put the LIne 2 content into Line 1
      I had the friendly VZW rep put my office number in Line 1, Line 2 AND the APT box, and only Line 1 made it to the order.

  • nitsudstems

    Pre-ordering will lock you into unlimited data even though ther advertisement says “data paq req’d”?

    • Yes you will keep your plan. It dsnt say a new plan is req’d .. just says you have to have one.. which you already do. They ask if you want to keep or change your plan during checkout.

  • Sky_Guy

    i can’t justify needing more than the 16 gig model when you get another 50 gigs of dropbox as well as any previous sd cards you have..

    • Exactly .. Get the 16gb, $25 32 sd card, plus the 50gb of dropbox .. your good to go !!

    • Dannyboy2

      Sorry but no 50gig dropbox for Verizon.

      • Sky_Guy

        thanks for trying to appear smart by reading news later than this article. All the same, 48 gigs is way more than I will ever use. (16 internal + SD card)

  • bchampnd

    Saddest email of the day:

    Important information about your Samsung Galaxy S III Congratulations and thank you for your Samsung Galaxy S III purchase. We know that you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new phone. Unfortunately, our original confirmation email to you contained an incorrect Ship By Date of June 6; the actual ship date for your order is July 9. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We recognize that you have a choice in wireless service and thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless.

  • kevin

    I have no idea if someone can answer this question to put my mind at ease but ill give it a shot. Just about an hour ago i paid full retail price for the phone and im really excited! now supposedly the phone might arrive as soon as june 28th according to the articles that are being posted. My question now is will i get the phone by the day of release which is supposedly june 28th or will that be the day they start shipping it out thus i get the phone about a week later?

  • hfiawefaw


  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Nice!!! I have an upgrade on my second line today and I *WON’T* be blowing it on a Sammy 😛

  • 18footJ

    Not really the phone I was waiting for, but I had to lock in the 2-year Unlimited Data contract. Well played Verizon, well played.

    Now the 1-month wait.

    • It showed on mine only 1 yr contract or month to month.. I was pleasantly surprised by that. This time next year the next big thing and the Jelly Bean updates will barely be rolling out anyway so no complaints here. #Winning

  • Can I just say that I am EXCITED for this. This will be what the galaxy nexus never was/should’ve been. I love my GNex, don’t get me wrong, but this just seems like a better deal all around (radios included! haha). Agreed?

  • Bob

    WoW! 9 million Pre Orders and now look @ the Train of Pre Order comments on a phone that is HardWare Challenged, Compared to EU Model and was dangled @ you all since it was rumored to be released in May, than June and now July 9th. Samsung can just about abuse Americans any ol way it wants and we just reward Samsung with PreOrders to the Maxxxxxx. When did having a Cell Phone become so important that people sell there body parts to own one? WoW!

  • Am I the only one who got white?

    • Cheryl

      Nope I did as well.

  • Shawn

    how does the unlimited plan effect people who are on family plans in terms of keeping unlimited. my father got the maxx couple months ago and renewed the contract for unlimited then. does pre-ordering this or not effect that existing plan?

    • It should effect each line individually, depending on who has/doesn’t have unlimited data already; and also who has an upgrade available.

      • Shawn

        i have the upgrade and im the main number in the plan

  • Mayneman

    Just bought a Gnex yesterday and don’t have any regrets. If the GSIII Didn’t have touch WIZ I would be all over it.

    • This why we have the ability to ROOT !! I’ll take the upgrade in specs and be able to go back to stock ICS. Can say the same on a GNex.

  • slops

    anyone notice how the verizon picture is 12:45 PM and the att/sprint picture is 7:00. does their version not know whether it’s morning or afternoon?

  • Are discounts just not being counted during this preordering stage?

  • PC_Tool

    Pre-ordering the Blue 16GB for the wife tonight.

    • LionStone

      You are definitely gettin laid! 😉

      • PC_Tool

        Don’t know about that, but after the last phone (LG Spectrum) I might actually be allowed back into the bedroom, at least. 😉

        (FWIW: I like the Spectrum, great specs and nice screen, but almost *zero* dev support…AOKP would fly on that thing if we had some ICS source for it.)

  • SMD

    Question …Does storage space affect a phones performance? With computers its often recommended that you leave enough hard drive space otherwise the computer can slow down. Are phones affected in the same way? This would help me decide on 16gb vs 32gb for the s3.

    • Yes it can. You can get the 32gb for $50 extra w/ your current sd card and have everything on your phone .. or get the 16gb pay an extra $25 for the 32gb sd card and have more external storage and move apps to your sd. Going the 16gb route you’ll be saving $25. However just comes down to personal preference.

      • SMD

        Thanks! I figured that, but wasn’t 100% sure. Much appreciated.

    • florious80

      i could be wrong, but i think Android uses the RAM for that (2gb in this phone). It’s not exactly like a computer where windows need a section of the HD to run properly.

  • e_droid

    Happy I got my Preorder in!! If VZW changes up anything with the unlimited in between now and the release date…. I’m outta’ here!

  • Sean

    I am not seeing the unlinited data feature in the data packages section. I already have it but the “existing feature” is not there.

    • Snowcrash

      Go into your “My Verizon” account
      (then click on “upgrade phone”). Don’t try to preorder from Verizon’s main page
      (where the SIII is advertised). When I tried to preorder from the main page, it
      didn’t have the option for me to keep my unlimited plan (like you). When I went
      through my actual account then clicked on “upgrade phone”, it had the option
      “keep current plan”.

      • Sean


        • Snowcrash

          No problem!

  • iceburgh

    I wonder with all the emails and mail that I’ve been getting to upgrade to any 4G phone and get $100 off, if I’ll be able to take advantage of the offer or not.

  • Adam

    Definitely finished with the Galaxy S phones after 2 years with the Fascinate. Happy with my Maxx. Enjoy the phone though, I could still return this one and get this S3, but I’m content.

    • yellowcanary73

      I hear you had the G/N traded for the Maxxt last Friday. The Maxx has been running great and the battery life is amazing. Had thought about returning the Maxx and reorder the SIII but once the Maxx gets ICS think it will be the perfect phone for me.

  • Skyline

    I just placed a pre-order for the white 32GB, $299 and change after tax for a ONE year contract, around $60 more than a 2 year contract. Seems like a no brainer to go with a one year so I can sell the phone next year and get a new phone then. I thought one year contracts were gone, but I did this for a small business line.

  • joegard

    Just preordered 16GB blue through VZW.com, confirmed unlimited data in the order confirmation. $30 New Every Two discount cancelled by Upgrade Fee. Employee discount not used is for device only, ship date 7/9/2012

  • Has anyone been able to get their $20 off data plan discount to stay on their line?

  • Jonbo298

    To pay retail price or not to pay and wait 3 months for renewal…I’m itching for a new phone.

    • slops

      if you’re on unlimited data, you’re going to need to pay full price either way. if not i’d wait, they will have fixed the sgs3 bugs in 3 months and the razr hd should be out then as well

  • imdarchitect

    I pre-ordered from Best Buy yesterday (6/5/2012) for Verizon to keep my unlimited data and they said they show my phone being in stock on June 17. I hope this is true instead of the July date.

  • Howard Hedger

    Ordered GS3’s for me and the wife for: $328.58 TOTAL 😀
    I did a LOT of asking at both Verizon and my bank before placing the order because I wanted to know when I will see the charge. Verizon said they ping the bank, but don’t charge till the day it ships. However, what I found out is it’s really down to how your bank handles them pinging for that amount, they may just keep it pending for a month. Best bet is call your bank. I’m with Great Western and I haven’t seen a charge yet.
    Roll on July 9th 🙂

    • Howard Hedger

      woah, that’s messed…

    • Jonbo298

      With how you say it, it’ll create a hold until the phone is released. So essentially that $328 you won’t have access to. Almost every bank uses that from that available balance even though you haven’t been “charged” for it.

      Also, your reply is all sorts of messed up on coding.

      • Howard Hedger

        Fixed it… called the bank, and it’s not showing as pending so I won’t see the charge (which hasn’t happened) till is ships.

  • BlueMouseBlues

    Dammit, my upgrade isn’t until 7/21/2012. So close and yet so far. Well here’s hoping Verizon needs more time to polish up their family data plans.

    • Jonbo298

      Did you try calling and seeing if they will budge a little on the date?

      • BlueMouseBlues

        No, guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Will do that, thanks.

  • Wolfman

    Anyone here still feel like it’s worth waiting to purchase the phone from Amazon Wireless?

  • gimlet72

    I just pre-ordered the phone. It wasn’t a bad deal. It was 199$ with a 2 yr contract. They also gave me an extra 100$ off for some reason and then an extra 30$ upgrade charge. Also confirmed that I will keep unlimited data with a ship by date of July 9th.

  • zkdreads

    Does anybody know if I can by a case for the international s3 and it will fit verizons version cuz its i900 vs i535

  • almost like false advertising even at the 199/249 rates. considering its $280 with upgrade fee & taxes for the 16gb for me. they should disclose the full prices like airlines so dont get the sticker shock when trying to check out.
    will still prob get sucked into preordering.

    • paul_cus

      No carrier discloses full price, taxes included.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    white, 32gb from BB preordered so I could use that “phone freedom” $50 offer

  • SIII all the way

    Just got off the phone with vz representative, and she said even if you are upgrading in July ( when the phone is released) you will still keep the unlimited data plan

    • Jeff

      This is good news for those not sure what to do right now.. thanks

      • SIII all the way

        Just keep in mind that I am NOT on a family plan…And I highly doubt they’ll drop us from unlimited data for quite a while

  • Jeff

    Hi Kellex
    In a possible answer to our questions when upgrading our plans and getting that “No Employee Discounts at this time “Just saw this message in the Verizon aggreement that no one EVER reads! So even if it does not show up now while upgrading. We should be able to get the employee monthly discount..

    Am I Eligible for Special Discounts?
    If you’re a Postpay customer, you may be eligible for a discount if you are and remain affiliated with an organization that has an agreement with us. Unless your discount is through a government employee discount program, we may share certain information about your Service (including your name, your wireless telephone number and your total monthly charges) with your organization from time to time to make sure you’re still eligible. We may adjust or remove your discount according to your organization’s agreement with us, and remove your discount if your eligibility ends or your contract term expires. In any case, this won’t be considered to have a material adverse effect on you.

  • Jeff718

    Really? Preorder for a phone that could be more than a month out? That’s ridiculous.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      not to keep unlimited data its not. plus, you “can” change your mind. so whats the loss?

    • fillyo

      For those with jobs, its not that big of a deal.

      • I have a job (actually am owner of a company) and I want to keep my unlimited data, its called being smart with your money and not spending

    • LionStone

      That’s what I say too! Wish they would just announce a week or two max before delivering. Well, we’ll see how this one rolls out.

  • Disappointing having to wait til July 9th as opposed to the other carriers, but I much rather wait for better service from Big Red

  • If the main line on my family plan is already upgraded does that lock in all of our unlimited data or do I have to upgrade all the lines to keep it before the tiered family plan comes?

  • Jon

    One things for sure…Samsung hit a home run with this release. Announcing the device and actually allowing for pre-orders only weeks later while the buzz is still going for it is a win win for Samsung and consumers. It baffles me as to how everyone hasn’t jumped on Apples model of releasing as close to announcement as possible.

    It’s quite amazing to see all the buzz behind these phones. I think this is going to be quite epic for the Android platform. Up there with what the OG Droid did for Android back in the day. My Galaxy Nexus wowed the most ardent of iPhone users in the two weeks I had it. I think the Galaxy SIII is going to turn some heads and is going to make a dissapointment of the new iPhone.

    • paul_cus

      Motorola launched the RAZR just a few weeks after it was unveiled. I think everyone is starting to get the picture now, which is good.

  • Creed74

    Got my white 32 ordered. Would have loved to get the blue but the “brushed metal” look covered by a sheer smooth gloss got my OCD running. But as many others have noted, the most important thing was getting 2 more years of unlimited data before I start having to pay full price for a new device.

    And who knows? Maybe the Razr HD will show before this ships and be a world beater. Either way, I am content right now unless VZW manages to screw up another launch!

  • Now THIS is how the Gnex launch should have been handled. Announced on May 3rd, a month later it’s announced that it’ll be on pretty much every US carrier. A few days later, preorders with ship dates go live.

    • hkklife

      I agree 100%.

      Widespread availability with the same branding and specs all around, no formfactor tweaks or deviations. No frontal carrier branding, US hardware specs that are arguably better than the international versions (2GB of RAM + LTE in exchange for no quad-core Exynos). I’m DELIGHTED to see Samsung put the damn carrier in their place and flex their muscles a bit. This will make it easier to live with TouchWiz and all-plastic construction, especially if the SIII’s radios and GPS capability are up to snuff.

      This is shaping up to be the Android equivalent of the iPhone 5 launch.

    • well part of the gaff that was gnex launch was the brawl between verizon and google over nfc if I remember correctly… but ya, this was handled as it should be and gnex just was a disaster that killed a ton of excitement for that device back then

      • michael arazan

        Start placing bets on how much verizon bloatware is going to be on this device.

        • J Dub

          Root and ROM. Will be a ton of support behind this phone as with all the Galaxy S line.

  • zkdreads

    Does anybody know if I can by a case for the international s3 and it will fit verizons version cuz its i900 vs i535

    • chris125

      Yes its still same size as every sgs3.

  • Destroythanet

    Is there a fee for cancelling a pre-order from Verizon? I might do that and pre-order it from Best Buy because I have tons of credit I can use toward the phone with them.

    • Creed74

      Call ’em and ask. I know the answer as I cancelled an order 10 minutes after placing it during the G-Nex launch. I was charged a restock fee but maybe I was just unlucky. This is Verizon though and if they could figure a way to run their web site on a pay-per-view basis they’d do it.

  • bronx

    Do any of you know if this will work:
    I have a family plan with 3 lines, the main line which is mine has unlimited data but is not eligible for an upgrade, the other two lines do not have a data plan but are eligible for an upgrade. If I pre-order using the other line without a data plan with a 2gb data plan and then switch the galaxy s3 phone over to my main line and then cancel the data plan on the 2gb data plan, will I still get the unlimited data on my main line? Thanks for any feedback.

    • burkett375

      You can go into My Verizon and transfer the upgrade to your line then do the upgrade. I just did it and it works…didn’t have to mess with canceling data, etc.

      • sinofueramos

        I tried that, and it didn’t work. But the guy on the phone at VZW said to order it on Line 2 and just switch it when I get the phone. Shouldn’t be a problem.

        • picaso86

          Dude, if I was you I wouldn’t count on that. I had a similar situation when I bought my Thunderbolt a year ago. When I tried to transfer my line, they have me going to a corporate store and get a new SIM card. then, my other line got all screwed up- be careful…

  • Preordering this device does not mean this is the last device you can purchase to keep rolling with those unlimited plans. Hell VZW hasn’t even given us a date…hoping to heat more about the Razr HD before I pull the trigger.

  • Eric

    I pre-ordered mine at Best Buy yesterday. Any idea what this “Metallic Blue” is? I noticed on some of their info sheets other’s had the option of White and Pebble Blue but Verizon’s was called Metallic.

    • Jon

      Metallic Blue is a more accurate description of what it looks like. It’s smart of them to ditch the pebble blue description.

      • Eric

        Awesome, thanks man. I liked what I saw with the original “Pebble Blue” when they first previewed it but seeing Metallic for verizon and pebble for other carriers I was concerned verizon had them change the blue just for their version.

  • bsteen

    Will people be able to preorder up until the time they actually ship, or will preorders be cut off at some time? I’m still holding out to see what the Razr Maxx HD looks like, but if Verizon announces an end to unlimited data I wonder if I could quick order the SIII to lock it in?

    • I would think that pre-orders will be available for a while, probably until launch.

    • slops

      i’m thinking they’re going to end the pre-orders probably the day before they say unlimited data grandfathering in ends.

  • zkdreads

    Best buy has confirmed and so did Verizon. Best buy rep.showed me there bulletin that you keep your unlimited data as long as its pre-ordered and he called verizon on.speaker to verify as well and they confirmed too. I also called when I got home to make sure and they verified the same thing as well too. Unlimited data for 2 more years yeeaaaa boi!

    • This is great news. Thanks for confirming that.

    • Destroythanet

      Sounds good. I’ll call up my nearby Best Buy and verify that they received the same bulletin. Thanks.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I just called VZW and they said… yes we are in with keeping unlimited IF we preorder (& I even had him note my account to be safe.) and I told them I did my PO with BB

  • interstellarmind

    Got a 32 gb white…

    Anyone gonna get the flip cover? I will probably go 3rd party folio cover myself, but I liked thatit was an accessory option.

  • rippinitup

    really wanted the razr HD, but i guess ill order the s3 to keep my data safe. hopefully the razr HD comes out before they take the unlimited data away. i would cancel the s3 pre-order and pick up an HD

    • dill

      Can we just cancel the order for the INC 4G and the razrHD? Restocking fee apply??

  • Sp4rxx

    Sweet –

    They say available in June, shipped in July…. next will be postponed for bugs ’till August, to be relaunched for September, then only to find out VZW has to customize it to hold off until October ….

  • Jeff

    Do you know why it is saying that employee discounts are not valid for this order? I get a discount of 18% on my monthly bill and it does not show this discounted price towards the end of my order so I cancelled it for now.. Want that discount like anyone else would.
    Thanks in advance

    • slops

      to reiterate a previous post.. “pretty sure that only applies to the device and not the plan. i’ve never gotten a hardware discount, only the plan/feature discounts “

      • I’m assuming it means the device as well. I’ll know when it shows up I guess if the service isn’t discounted any longer and then I’ll throw a massive fit. I don’t see how they can mess with service discounts though.

        • florious80

          I’ve gotten that message as well, but since the line i’m upgrading is the not the primary line, the discount on the plan still exists. I think that message shows up because it isn’t the primary line. Furthermore, the discount i’m getting is only on the plan, never on the phone (no equipment discount).

      • chris125

        You mean applies to the plan and not the device.

      • ostensibly

        I know that my discount is on the lines, accessories and new hardware. VZW still wouldn’t apply it to the preorder though.

  • TimXer

    Anyone else surprised at the price point? thought it’d be $249/$299…stoked

    • AlexKCMO

      I was even more pumped when upgrading my wife’s line got me a $100 discount!

      Couldn’t justify 32 GB with expandable storage, so it came to ~$128

      • picaso86

        How did you get a $100 upgrade discount on Verizon? now days, they are only honoring a $30 discount towards a new phone. At least that was my case when I bought my Razr MAXX.

        • AlexKCMO

          I have no idea. I just selected my wife’s line and it was there; the $100 discount.

          Really? I got a down vote? Something is wrong with some of you.

          • Got a $50 discount which listed as the “New Every Two” discount on mine, but they killed that…it was only on 1 of my lines, the other line i upgraded didn’t get any discount.

        • nograz

          I got the same/similar discount, I was a little surprised upon check out to see I was getting the 32 GB version for $100 + $30 upgrade fee. I was due for my upgrade back and January or so and for some reason held off on buying the Nexus (probably the wife saying no). After a while, I just decided to wait for the next solid phone, which for me is the S3.

        • jdr

          I received a $50 discount + a $30 upgrade fee.

        • n8Dwg

          I got an $80 discount which I was happy about…came to $169 for the 32GB

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    Hello all I called verizon last night to ask about the phone. the rep told me that if I pre-ordered the phone it would be shipping today. I don’t know if that was a mistake or something but that is what I was told.

    • Trevor

      I’m thinking they have no idea what they’re talking about (I find this occurs more frequently than it should with CSRs and sales people in B&M stores….), but that’d be awesome if people actually got it that soon.

  • Curious

    on Verizon do you have to pay for it when you order or when they ship you the phone?

    • When you order. That $30 upgrade fee bites. But ohwell… I had a $150 credit for any 4g phone, so i ended up spending $80 total for a new phone 😀

      • Chris Hollenbeck

        @Sirtopeia:disqus How did you get the $150 credit?

        • Verizon sent it to me in the mail (The one with the Stock ICS Razr Max lol) and it was good for any upgrade to a 4g phone… for being loyal or somethin…

    • brandonmee

      You aren’t charged until it is shipped. You have to “pay” when you order, but your card is not charged until the day it is shipped. That’s how it was with my Razr.

  • bchampnd

    I pre-ordered and during the ordering process it showed ship by date of July 6. When I received the email confirmation, however, it says ship by: 06/06/2012, which would be today. So that is obviously a mistake but wouldn’t that be something if Verizon actually got this first (in the US) instead of a few weeks after the other major carriers.

    I was able to upgrade and keep my unlimited data. I also got a $50 new every two discount which surprised me and softened the blow of the BS $30 upgrade fee (and led me to bump my order up to the 32 GB instead 16 GB model).

  • Me

    Do you have to pay for it now or when it is shipped on verizon. Does anyone know

    • JoshGroff

      50 and the rest when it comes it looks like.

      • wickets

        My bill was for the full amount…. 267.49

        • JoshGroff

          “Verizon’s pre-order process is not the $50 deposit method that retailers
          like Best Buy use. With Big Red, you actually purchase the device and
          extend your contract.”

          Maybe if I would read, the keyword is not. *facepalm*

    • ostensibly

      when it ships, I think.

  • Ken Bosse

    Got mine in 16 GB blue, gonna slap in my 32gig card from my trusty Thunderbolt and call it a day

    • I’m doing that too. I had the DX though.

      • Ditto. I’ve loved the heck out of my DX for the past 2+ years, but this phone + the (possible) last chance to keep unlimited data for another 2 years is just a no-brainer. Not trying to troll, but really glad I didn’t get a Gnex.

        • sfeather

          I’m in the same position. Loved my DroidX (still do). Made the decision to upgrade the night before the deadline just to keep my unlimited account.

  • My confirmation email said ships by 6/6/12. That has to be an error. I don’t think they will ship mine today. Unless I am special. 😛

    • It does say 6/6 heh. I saw the 6 and assumed it said July 6. Silly. Fixed post. 😛

  • r0lct

    I’m waiting for other nature inspired colors to be released. Like tree green, banana yellow or dog crap brown.

    • legalkill

      So why does ATT get RED, isn’t that Verizon’s color?

      • r0lct

        You would have thought.

      • paul_cus

        Probably to throw it in Verizon’s face.

  • fallenshell

    Yup did the upgrade and let the wife and I keep our unlimited Data so two blue 32s en route… well will be when they decide to ship them.

  • raymac73

    More is goog to go.

  • FredQuik

    My friend has the Nexus and I love how the softkeys are. Why couldn’t this phone follow that trend. And the middle Home button makes me dislike it more. I’ll get the Nexus

    • Jon

      I hear ya. That annoys me too, especially since I had a custom rom that re enabled the search button which I would use all the time for voice actions. I actually like that they subverted the recent apps button as I don’t give that button much use and would rather long press the home button to see it.

      All that being said, I just returned my Nexus to Amazon and will be getting the SIII. The nexus has really poor call quality I found out. I unfortunately had one with all of the reported call problems. People would all the sudden sound garbled even though I’m in good connection spots. Also they could not hear me at times. The speakerphone sounded down right horrible. Even my wife who has a Fascinate told me “what’s wrong with your speakerphone? Sounds terrible.” Battery life on stock Nexus battery is abysmal as well. You will need to get a Seido 3800 mAh battery to compensate. Or just turn 4G off most of the time.

      You should totally go with the SIII. It’s got larger stock battery and has been reviewed by many that say battery life is OK. It has a color corrected screen that delivers a less bluish looking tinge than the Galaxy Nexus. It’s got faster processors. It’s just a better phone all around.

  • Brian

    Employee Discounts do not work for the preorder process?

    • Doug

      I have the same problem says Employee Discounts do not work for the preorder process? So I exited out. I have a 20 percent discount off the main line and 20 percent off the unlimited going to call customer service to figure out whats up.

      • Brian

        Let me know what they say if you don’t mind.

      • slops

        pretty sure that only applies to the device and not the plan. i’ve never gotten a hardware discount, only the plan/feature discounts

        • Doug

          If its off the device im ok with that but primary line and feature discount better not be removed. I haven’t called yet. I am debating on just heading over to the vzw store that is bout 10 minutes away.

        • Brian

          Well I thought that originally as well, until the monthly estimate on pre-order screen was showing $11/more a month than my current monthly rate.

        • Jeff

          Yes Doug
          Please let us know what they say

          • Doug

            Well I ended up going there and talked to two guys they pulled up my account and saw what I was saying, but they couldn’t give me a definite yes or no on it and told me to call customer service. They told me basically that they thought it applies just to the device but didn’t confirm it 100 percent and to call customer service.

          • Jeff

            Thanks for trying Doug.. I am thinking it is just for the device.. noticed that accessories did not give a discount like normal either..
            I posted this for everyone to read on the Verizon agreement.. Thanks again..
            Am I Eligible for Special Discounts?
            If you’re a Postpay customer, you may be eligible for a discount if you are and remain affiliated with an organization that has an agreement with us. Unless your discount is through a government employee discount program, we may share certain information about your Service (including your name, your wireless telephone number and your total monthly charges) with your organization from time to time to make sure you’re still eligible. We may adjust or remove your discount according to your organization’s agreement with us, and remove your discount if your eligibility ends or your contract term expires. In any case, this won’t be considered to have a material adverse effect on you.

          • Doug


            Thanks for the info. I ended up calling customer service and they handled the upgrade right over the phone. I go the phone for blue 32g for $149.99 since I had a NE2 $100.00 dollar credit and then the 30 dollar upgrade fee and tax. He told me that my discount of 20 percent on the access line is still there and my 20 percent discount for unlimited data is still there. I’ve had an upgrade for awhile and wanted to lock in unlimited data for another 2 years. Now if the RAZR HD comes out within the 14 days of exchange I may take a look at it and exchange it for that and keep my unlimited data.

          • Jeff

            That’s awesome. Thanks Doug!

          • rippinitup

            Within 14 days of the preorder or when you get your phone? I was planning to preorder the s3 and cancel it if the razrHD came out in time.

          • Doug

            Rippinitup, I am pretty sure the 14 day return policy starts the day you receive the phone.

          • Doug

            Actually i am not too sure now. VZW website says you have 14 days to return a phone from the day it was purchased. Problem is this is a preorder and and it isnt coming out till at least july I should be able to have time to decide if i like it or not. My guess is the return policy might start the first day the im billed and the phone is shipped out. It would not be fair for them to say I can’t return it before I even get it or try it out. Since we are only in june and the phone wont be out for a month. I guess there needs to be more clarification.

          • rippinitup

            thanks for the info bud.

      • LiterofCola

        Yeah I noticed that too. I went through the process to see if I could get the $199 price and the sytem told me I could only move forward at full retail price ($599) Weird.

    • Doug

      I got the same message that Employee Discounts do not work for the preorder process? so I quit order. Next step is to call customer service.

      • 10lbmustache

        I proceeded with process not using my employee discount. “My Verizon” page still has my employee discount listed so I think its fine.

    • ostensibly

      nope, customer service wouldn’t apply my employee discount.

      • Doug

        I don’t understand why if you are doing an upgrade everything should stay the same.

    • droidbionic

      I am also confused about this if you find out more I would appreciate it! Honestly I don’t even know what exactly that’s trying to say

    • Brian

      My typical bill is around $85 a month and the monthly estimate without employee discount is showing $96 on the preorder screen. Guess I won’t be pre-ordering after all! 🙁

      • SIII all the way

        I had this problem before and they refunded to my account after the 1st month. But try to call the customer service to double/ triple check though!

    • bruinbiochem06

      I just called Verizon customer service regarding the employee discount and they informed me that I will continue to have discount even after pre-ordering the S3.

  • Dill

    Can I order this now and then cancel it for the INC 4G if I can actually get my hands on it before July 6-9?
    It’s tempting to lock in my unlimited data now and not have to roll the dice to see the INC 4G comes out before they take it away.

  • Just Pre-ordered mine! I cant wait. I was sufficiently surprised with a $100 discount during the checkout process. What was my $250 device + 30(BS upgrade fee), was 190 in the end!

    • oh and i get to keep my unlimited data too!

      • I cringed at the upgrade fee too heh. This is the first time that most of us will have dealt with that new fee. Guess I better attend a training now to get my money’s worth. 😛

        • r0lct

          You on the east coast or did a neighbor’s dog wake you up early? 😛

          • Heh up early for some odd reason. I’ll go back to bed now. 😛

        • JoshGroff

          I know right, then maybe you could teach them a few things about android so they can actually know what they’re talking about for once.

    • slops

      same thing happened to me. i’ve had the DX since it was launched and i guess this was the last of the big new every 2 upgrade discounts

    • DX OG

      Exactly what I saw.
      $ 190.07 final price (which included the tax). I was very pleased when I saw that.

  • so let me make sure I get this straight. if i chose to use Best Buy for pre-order then i may lose my unlimited data? Anyone know the answer to this. thanks

    • Silent Majority

      I’d like to know the answer to this as well

    • It could potentially happen, yes. With Best Buy, you are only putting down a $50 deposit on the phone until the phone is released. When it is released, you go in and purchase the rest of the phone and extend your contract. If Verizon changes to shared data by that time, we don’t know for sure, but you could essentially lose out on unlimited data and be forced onto a new plan.

      • Silent Majority

        Good to know, thanks. If i preorder at a brick & mortar do you think i risk it taking longer to get the phone? Going on vaca the 12th and want to ensure i have the phone by then

        • I’ve noticed in the past that pre-orders have often times arrived a day earlier than stores are allowed to sell them. No guarantee that it will happen with this phone, but it has been a trend.

      • slops

        so funny story, i went to best buy yesterday to ask about the pre-order and they said they had never heard of the galaxy s3. guess their ineptitude saved me from potentially regretting that purchase.

        • r0lct

          thanks for the laugh, i could picture that

          • JoshGroff

            That and asking if you need help when pretty much any person not flocking towards the iPad and instead looking at android tablets/phones probably knows what they’re looking for.

  • legalkill

    Yeah my new every two credit got reduced to $20 ( due to $30 upgrade fee). I guess that’s what i get for holding on to it for so long, but I took the plunge to keep the unlimited for as long as I can possibly muster.

  • Nick

    So. What color is everyone ordering? Blue or white?

    • legalkill

      I choose the blue, well I asked my wife and she said blue in her sleep.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • slops

      blue. white phones are for girls/hipsters

      • r0lct

        I think grouping all users into one category because of color choice is getting old, I’ve been guilty of it too but it’s just worn out now.

        The more relevant argument to me is when they were ripping off the iPhone’s look the white version was just too much of an iPhone mimic. Now that they have a unique design I don’t have a problem with white. Having said that though I prefer the blue.

    • Been on a white kick, went white.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I’m not a fan of white phones… But this material looks better in white.

    • bchampnd

      I went for the blue. I feel like the white shell makes the device look enormous and calls too much attention to itself. I would have preferred there to be a more sedate black or dark gray option but the blue doesn’t seem too obnoxious.

    • DX OG

      Pebble Blue.

  • gregba

    Looks like they took away my unlimited data when ordering:
    our Plan
    Plan Features

    • That looks to me like you weren’t on unlimited. Because that’s the double data rate of 4GB for $30 which is no longer available. During my checkout, I had to choose my unlimited or 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB plans.

      • gregba

        I am currently on unlimited with my R2D2

        • Killer4247

          Then you may want to call customer service and have them revert it. They will see that it was on your account before you upgraded and they will revert it. Happened to me when I was reactivating my charge from an iPhone 4s. Simply call and they will fix it.

    • Ken Bosse

      it didnt give me the option for unlimited when I checked out, only 2 gig..I’m hoping once it comes I can call and get it back

      • Ken Bosse

        Actually now that I look at mine, mine doesnt show Data package, does that mean I’m still on unlimited? I did have it

    • r0lct

      Use Google Voice just for voice mail and save yourself $2/month and get those fun translations.

  • Destroythanet

    It looks like pre-ordering direct from Verizon is the only way to keep unlimited data before they introduce family share data plans, then. That sucks. I have tons of credit with Best Buy.

    • Yeah, it may be the only way to lock in. If this is the phone for you, it may be worth doing to, as we have no idea what Verizon coud introduce in the month prior to the device actually arriving.

      • Jon

        Hey Kellex, so do you have any info as to if or when pre-ordering will be closed at some point? I returned my Galaxy Nexus to Amazon yesterday. They don’t have pre-orders for the SIII on their site yet. Seems odd for them to sit out the pre-order party. In any case, I have to wait till they get my phone and release my commitment so then I can pre-order the SIII.

        I’m biting my nails thinking they will close the pre-orders before I can do it!
        Also hoping that Verizon would at least give everyone a bit of a heads up before their data plan scheme changes. You’d think we would know a month or two in advance huh?