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DROID RAZR MAXX Drops to $199 From Verizon

At the end of last week, we were tipped to a possible $100-off deal from Verizon for the DROID RAZR MAXX, which normally runs $299 on contract. As of today, that deal is in place online and in stores for those looking to make 3300mAh of battery juice a part of their daily ritual. Not a bad price for 4G LTE, top-end specs, and the best battery in the business. You can read our review of the MAXX here.

And we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t throw out the idea that normally when we see price drops like this, that new phones tend to be around the corner. That would be me referring to the RAZR HD and not the Incredible 4G LTE. Is it time to clear house and welcome in Motorola’s next big thing? It would be about time.

Via:  Verizon

  • [email protected]

    The razr maxx and verizon suck d$ck. I’ve gone through two of these phones in a months time. First one died after two weeks of use with no damage. The replacement from the factory died after a month. Verizon refuses to give me a non android phone as a replacement, just the same phone. I’ve been a customer with verizon for 7 years, but not after my contract expires. Customer support, what a joke. I’ll be going at&t shortly. I’ve talked to everyone I know with a droid/iphone, at&t/sprint/verizon… Only the iphone people site no issues. Nuff said? Poll the people you know yourself

  • boolou2

    I love my RAZR MAXX. The battery is amazing. This is my 4th DROID phone and I cant imagine ever having another type of phone.

  • Hocky

    Boy I just want to hear more about this RAZR HD soon.

  • bigpimpin

    Will the Droid HD/Fighter have the S4 chipset with integrated LTD? It’s starting to look more and more like my next phone! (might have to wait for the iphone5 though )

  • terry

    ok, look, i had a nexus, i dreamed of having one from the first time I heard about it, I waited and waited, got one in march. 1st, amazing device, did you get that? I said DEVICE! I rethought about it, like every 2 hours, why you ask? Damn BATTERY! So, I bought that 3800mh battery and stuck it on there saying, now I fixed it! Well, I guessed wrong, not much better. I also noticed I was dropping calls in weird places, IE where I never dropped them before, how weird. After too many dropped calls, I had an idea! I need a phone to be a phone first! Then a device 2nd. Made the switch to a maxx, boys (GIRLS), lets just say, I go all day hard on a phone, and use it as a device, NOT PLUGGING IT IN! Wow, what a concept! Just wish this special was in my 14 day period. Love a phone that works as a phone first, device 2nd.


      I also was having signal issues with the Nexus. Text messaging was the worst. When I activated my iPhone after selling it I got a bunch of text messages I hadn’t received!! Man that phone was killing me. And after a week of ICS it was enough for me. Although AOKP had a lot of awesome features, it couldn’t save my battery life.

  • cjb3ck

    Have any of our Razr users who are giving so much love to this phone ever been able to use a phone with ICS on it? Or a phone with a premium screen? I suppose it comes down to preference and what you need the most, but I would take being able to run ICS or having a nice screen over extra battery life + GingerBlur any day of the week.

    As soon as this phone has the latest software or a better screen, let me know 🙂

    • Jon

      And to further your argument, even if the Maxx gets ICS, Google will probably release the next great Android release in the Fall. The Maxx won’t get that update anytime soon. And if it’s anything like the Bionic, the custom ROMS will come, but will probably have issues like data drops, video not working, and such…just like the Bionic has now with it’s ICS custom Roms.

      The Nexus has received or will soon receive an update that addresses the Data drop issue and other bugs. A proper 3rd party extended battery should fix the battery issue as well.

      But I will agree that for many people, if not most people, your probably better off Getting a Droid Razzr Maxx at this point. The price is right and it’s a great phone.

  • ostensibly

    The last few times I was in my local store the Maxx was sold out. I really wanted to check one out – I feel like I don’t like the shape at all, but maybe it’s less angular in person.

  • Derp

    LOL Fanboys ? I have the gnex and had the razr and can agree the screen is a problem for me also. It was just to noticeable, If i’m gonna keep a device for two years i’m gonna pick the one that is pleasing to the eye.That being said if the razr hd is all its cracked up to be I would definitely consider it.

  • TheDude

    Replace “top end specs” with “last years specs”

  • Is the RAZR HD the same thing as the Droid Fighter?

    • LiterofCola

      That’s what we’re thinking

  • rp780

    I called my local store & they said “we don’t have that special in our system”

  • Bought a Maxx for my wife almost 2 weeks ago with $100 off due to the “upgrade to 4g” promotion in my area. I wonder if they would adjust the price to $99.

    • Bionic

      LOL, no

  • fanboy1974

    Just a rant after reading some of the post. Am I the only one that likes to carry a spare batter with charger? The official charger for the Galaxy Nexus is very portable and it protects the spare battery as well. Find it much easier to charge the battery in the charger to avoid wear and tear on the usb port and the charging circuit of the phone. Plus the phone feels better after a cold reboot. I’ve had this setup for the last 2 months and I wish I did this with my other previous Droid X. I rather have 2 1850mah “removable” batteries then one non-user replaceable 3300mah battery. Actually I have 3 batteries total; 2 1850mah and 1 2100mah.

    • Bionic

      You are in a very large minority my friend. I would much rather have a huge battery and a charger at my place of work.

  • Mark Lordi

    I am beginning to grow tired of buying these phones at the price tag of $299 and then all-of-a-sudden they drop the price a hundred or two-hundred dollars a month later. Kudos to them for getting the price down but jeez do I feel ripped off.

    • EC8CH

      Especially considering it normally takes them at least a month to push out a bug fix to solve all the issues that should have been discovered during VZW exhaustive testing process for the initial release.

      $100 beta tester charge I guess.

      • Mark Lordi

        The price of being an early adopter I guess!

      • Droidfann

        Whe the heck has Verizon ever released a bug fix in a month?

        • Hocky

          The “it’s a 100 dollars too much” bug? 😉

    • Bionic

      well then dont buy the damn thing right when it comes out. Duh.

      • Mark Lordi

        I hear you but I was trying to not have to pay the $30 upgrade fee. Still would have been cheaper even with it.

    • Chidoro

      Cost of early adoption I guess. I couldn’t justify the $300 expense myself. W/ taxes, fees, etc, it’s even more. It’s a shame that $300 is turning into the entry point for halo phones

      • cjb3ck

        The $300 entry point seems to be a Verizon thing now. The One X came to ATT for $200, the Lumia 900 for $100, One S to TMobile for $199, so VZW early adopters also seem to be subsidizing the network expansion…and corporate bonuses…

    • Jon

      I personally just buy phones 6 months after they are released. And I do so twice a year. I got my Bionic when it had already received 2 updates and was finally a very good phone in February. I’m buying a Galaxy Nexus next week 🙂

      In 6 months I’ll see how the developer community is around the Samsung S III and if it’s solid and the phone isn’t too gimped by a locked boot loader or other roadblocks, I’ll go with that then too and already have my eyes on the next hotness that I’ll buy 6 months later.

  • picaso86

    I got the Razr MAXX couple of weeks ago instead of the GNexus – best decision ever… Battery life is just amazing!

    • [email protected]

      battery life is great, but how soon until your apps force close or stop responding all together. suck it verizon & suck it motorola

  • I would love this phone if:

    1) They got a better screen
    2) They increased the screen size to remove some of the bezel
    3) It ran ICS

    • LiterofCola

      Sounds like you’d probably like the Razr HD better.

      • sgtguthrie

        Don’t forget the Bootloader 😉

        • LiterofCola

          Doesn’t sound like it was an issue to ol’ Slinky. And if it was he didn’t mention it.

          • sgtguthrie

            So it can’t be to me? That makes sense…

        • Bionic

          not everyone gives a flying shitt about bootloaders.

        • sgtguthrie

          Wow…so the Droid Life community doesn’t want Motorola to unlock your bootloaders anymore? Just wow…

          • LiterofCola

            Go away troll

          • sgtguthrie

            So I’m a troll for voicing my opinion? Did I tell you to go away? Grow up…

          • kixofmyg0t

            Its not that we dont, Im sure we’re all for it. The point is we dont care if theyre locked or not. It doesnt stop ROM developement. It doesnt stop overclocking. Moto’s radios are accepable so what exactly do you need a unlocked bootloader for?

        • Shadowcell

          Who else but the bootloader guy!?


  • DanSan

    think this price change takes affect in other stores like BJ’s or walmart or best buy?

    • BigRed4X15

      I don’t think the Maxx is available in those stores. I know that best buy only offers the Maxx online.

  • Dave

    Moto needs to get something competitive out before the Galaxy S III makes its way over.

  • bkosh84

    This is very tempting..

    • EC8CH

      If I were to get a RAZR, I’d wait for the RAZR HD. That’s finally the phone the original RAZR should have been. Huge battery, but still thin, and finally a top-tier screen.

      Screen on the current RAZRs is noticeably inferior to the competition.

      • bkosh84

        Yeah but I don’t plan on watching TV or movies on my phone. I plan on texting/making calls/playing random phone games (Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, ect), and browsing the internet and whatnot with it.. I have a tablet and a 42″ TV if I want to watch anything. I dunno, we’ll see I guess. I’m trying to get Verizon to move my upgrade date from the end of next month to end of this month and they won’t do it. hrm..

        • EC8CH

          I saw it a lot while looking at text in the browser. I’d see jagged text a lot on the RAZR, while the same text was still nice and smooth on the higher res screen of the G-Nex.

          Maybe not a huge deal, but it was very obvious with them head to head.

          • Big_EZ

            While I won’t disagree that there are better screens out, I will say its bs that you saw jagged text (unless the screen was messed up) The screen on the RAZR is great, the 720p screens do look better but not by much, if the RAZR’s screen was 5″ or bigger it would be a big difference but at 4.3″ its not.

      • mustbepbs

        While I agree, I am getting tired of people saying after every iteration of the RAZR that this is “what the original RAZR should have been”. How far is it going to go?

  • every new LTE phone should have this size battery in it.

    when i hear people saying “the galaxy s3 with a big 2000 mAh battery should last all day”

    i’m like wut

    • sgtguthrie

      2100mah actually, and it probably will thanks to the LTE integration in the S4 processor. If it doesn’t, I’m sure they’ll have extended batteries. Razr max is now old tech…just saying. It’s still a nice phone, if you don’t mind having a locked down bootloader. I don’t like Motorola or VZW telling me what I can and can’t do with MY DEVICE!

      • ERIC REED

        I just got rid of the Nexus I had for a week. Charging that phone three times a day with the extended battery was just not worth it. After the OG Droid flashing different Roms daily has lost its appeal. Back then everything that came out seemed new. I didn’t get that feeling with the Nexus Roms.

        • sgtguthrie

          Ya, the LTE isn’t integrated into that chipset so it will consume more power. The S4 Chip should make a battery last about 30% longer if I remember correctly…

        • Jon

          The extended battery that Verizon sells for it is a joke. You get 1-2 hours extra life tops. That’s so lame. Everyone should search on Amazon for a 3rd party solution, that yes, will be a much larger battery that will have a new back cover to your phone making it much thicker, but will actually give you all day battery life, as in wake up in the morning and it goes until you lay your head in bed at midnight.

  • LiterofCola

    Waiting to see what the Razr HD officially has to offer. But will probably still stick with what I have now.

  • Bionic

    I really hope Motorola does not go under. I love their phones too much.

    • unaffected

      Me too. Returned a G Nex for a RAZR and could not be happier.

    • Hocky

      Aye. I love Motorolas… Even if they are always a DROID something’er-other, even if they come out with another after 2 months. I still appreciate them. I’ve lived too long as a WIndows PC and Android guy too long to not expect some sort of quirky/backwards thinking from my products… In what ever form it might come. I just know to wait a month or two and check up on the blog-o-spheres before I buy one. But I’d do that with any phone.

  • John

    Nice. Wife is due for an upgrade. We’ve been waiting for the maxx to come down on price. This won’t be too bad with my employer discount pricing that I’ll receive on top of this as well 🙂

    • Jon Thao

      what employer are you with?

      • John


  • davetheAndroid

    WhileI miss my gnex, the battery is just too good on the maxx. New standard for me on phones going forward without a doubt.

    • Mike

      If I could simply trade phones I would definitely go for a Razr Maxx. I had the Razr and absolutely loved it back in December and then swapped it for my Gnex. Love it but that battery in the Maxx is so sweet….

  • roosterk506

    I hope to god its true been waiting to upgrade for awhile even knowing verizon was gonna stick me for another $30 just to upgrade i still decided to hold out for the next flagship phone. If the RAZR HD is the next verizon flagship phone ill be the first in line for it. Motorola may have there problems but you cant beat there build quality, they just feel so solid.

    • Bionic

      I agree. I don’t care about locked bootloaders.

      • unaffected

        Neither do I. My RAZR does everything I need it to do.

  • EC8CH

    Three things jump out at me when I jump between playing with the RAZR and the G-Nex.

    1. Screen on the RAZR is noticeable worse
    2. Batter on the RAZR is noticeable better (way better)
    3. Blur on the RAZR sux compared to ICS

    Otherwise everything else is pretty equal (that is until you decide you want to root & rom), both great LTE phones.

    • I have ICS on my Droid X and would be suprised if there is not a way to get it on the RAZR yet. 😉 Root all the way.

      • LiterofCola

        I thought there were two ICS leaks for the Razr already?

      • Jim

        There’s an ICS leak for the RAZR, but it throws you off of the upgrade path. Our CM9/AOKP builds lack in some major areas (most notably, Hardware Acceleration), meanwhile, so they aren’t really an option as a daily driver. Sucks /:

      • Jon Thao

        hey penis, i have an X too. does all the functions work properly tho if you have ICS on it? I’m hesitant to root my phone again since the first time it screwed up on me. If all the gadgets and gizmos work properly, please let me know which program you used to root it and what steps to take next. thanks bro!

        • kretz7

          “hey penis” LOL, I’ll never grow up…

          • LiterofCola

            I lol’d

    • LionStone

      One thing jumps out to me…Why are you telling us this?

      • chris125

        To justify him purchasing a nexus over the maxx, needs reassuring like all the other nexus fanboys.

        • EC8CH

          Nope, personally recommended the RAZR myself. For some people it’s advantages outweigh the issues that I personally have with it.

          Each version of the RAZR stack up better and better. RAZR is pretty weak IMHO, but the MAXX with its bigger battery is a huge improvement and very important to lots of people. When the HD comes out it will finally have a great screen, and the only issues left will be it’s skin (which is becoming less and less intrusive) and it’s locked down bootloader. Which are still problems to me but not to the vast majority of people.

          Before someone jumps on this deal they should go look at the screens head to head and decide if $100 off is worth staring at a lower quality screen for a year or two.

        • LiterofCola

          He actually gave the Razr some points with what he said. Not really sounding fanboy-ish at all.

          • EC8CH

            I spent a lot of time this weekend jumping back and forth between the two.

            Those were just the three things that stood out very dramatically.

            Seems like the HD will address the most glaring current weaknesses.

      • EC8CH

        If this means the RAZR HD is around the corner, two of those issues (poor screen, non-ICS Blur) when compared to the G-Nex might be greatly improved.

        Just something for people to think about before jumping on the $100 off deal.

        • LionStone

          Come on brother, most people want a smoking deal, don’t know what ICS is and don’t care that the RazrMaxx doesn’t have it now. The build quality and battery will win them over. The screen is good enough and it’ll have ICS anyway.

          • EC8CH

            sure it’s “good”… but “good enough” to stare at for 2 years and not wish you spent the hunerd bucks on something better… i dunno?

        • OnTheFence

          So, how does the Maxx screen compare to my X?

    • i’m so glad we finally have a downvote button!