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Asus Calls Android 5.0 “Jelly Bean” – Says They Will Be One of the First to Release It

If you follow Droid Life on Twitter, then you may have joined in on our conversation over the last hour that had to do with OEMs that provide the fastest updates to the newest version of Android. Asus always comes to mind as one of the fastest, as they released Ice Cream Sandwich to a tablet long before anyone else in the business and continue to provide bug fixers on a regular basis. According to Benson Lin, Asus’ Corporate Vice President, their close relationship with Google is to thank for such timely updates. That relationship may also allow them to update to Android 5.0 first, or as Lin called it, “Jelly Bean.”

“Asus is very close to Google, so once they have Android 5.0 I think there will be a high possibility that we will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update.”

Their track record speaks for itself. And while some can see that Asus seems to issue bug fixes so often because they rush to be the first out of the gate, I think most of us would accept this approach over waiting 6 months for an update that still has bugs.

Via:  TechRadar, DroidDog

  • Debfj

    Be careful what you ask for! I have ICS on my ASUS TF101 and I hate it!! It’s a disaster. It turned a tablet that I love in to one that I hate! Wanna see how popular this release is? Go to ASUS’s facebook page and see all the complaints about this upgrade. Constant reboots, apps freezing, decreased battery life! I desperately want to go back to Honeycomb!!

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    I feel like Google’s release dates are so pathetic they will come out with a better tablet/phone for “Jellybean” leaving the older phones in the dust. And then we’ll listen to Google bitch about there being “fragmentation” little sick of hearing it actually. Maybe if they held AT&T,Verizon (etc.) to the Open Handset Alliance the fragmentation rate would decrease. Also better release dates would help cough cough Google.

  • MobiTily Forum

    If asus is so close to google then y not it manufactures the next nexus.Asus is great compnay and is doing well with its tablet,but in smartphone front its not been that much in news.


    Is it “ASOOS” or “ASUSS”

  • Asus rocks love the Prime!!

  • and remember how fast that update came to fix there battery problem?

  • ok, thats one problems,androids are always full of problems, and takes forever to get them fixed

  • GazaIan

    ASUS is the best when it comes to updates. Honestly they might outdo Google.

  • i put wallet on my phone long ago and have never changed it, and it has always and still works great

  • and do you? really? and after its released, how many months will people suffer thru,waiting for them to fix it, my point is,test it,perfect it, then release it,  by the time they get updates available to  fix your phone, your phone is already old news and new models are out, android could compete very well if they change this

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    it would be a damn  shame if an OEM released jb before google and their flagship phone

  • cizzlen

    I’m pretty sure they have no idea wtf “Jelly Bean” is. 

  • have no idea why all the android phones are released before they should be, one thing about apple is when the release something, it works like it should,right out of the box,, when you buy an android it 4 or 5 months later before it works like it should have on day one,I think this hurts android,you get the feeling  that android phones are built in a garage, its great to be able to root it and change things, but you shouldnt have to ,to make it work, they would be far ahead of apple if they would make it work,then release it

    • Dan

      Yeh, Apple products work perfectly when they are released.. as long as the users don’t hold them wrong 😉

      • OldPeopleSuck

        That news is old and gone, like you and your hair.

    • CORYK333

      The 4s was released with horrible battery life & didnt get better until Apple put out an update for it. Sound familiar?? The grass isnt always greener buddy.

  • Jason

    It’ll be buggy. Sometimes, first isn’t all that good when it’s not tested well. I hate my Prime.

  • zhengyou37


  • zhengyou37
  • I’m glad that Asus is updating quickly, and I appreciate that my Transformer has ICS already.  I was annoyed that it completely slowed down my system and required a factory reset, but now that I’ve gone through that, it’s fantastic.  

  • i guess you are right,we all bought the nexus

  • never seen any iphone have nearly as many problems when released as androids do,  lot to like about android, but its still true

  • thats one thing I give credit to apple for, when they release something it works as stated

  • jdrch

    Release early, release often

  • should have said from the get go that the galaxy nexus is a beta phone

  • jldleo

    All this talk about Jelly Bean and there is still only one phone with ICS. I thought that the “fragmentation” issue was going to be a thing of the past?

  • GCurry

    Been there, did the pre-order thing with Asus Transformer Prime.   No more bleeding edge for me with Asus.   I’m waiting for customer feedback a month past first customer ship on new products, especially OS rev.

    Right now the $349 Samsung Tab 10.1 at Costco with ICS around the corner is looking more appealing that some Asus mirage.

    Sorry.  Burned.

  • I’m more excited for CM10 =op

  • socalrailroader

    I thought Google was trying to do away with fragmentation?  They need to get ICS out to the phones out there now and THEN work on Jelly Bean.

  • Asus Transformer Prime 2 to ship with Jelly Bean?? I hope so because that is the tablet I’ve been waiting for…

  • Balls

    wouldnt google be the first to get their own OS?

  • RoadsterHD1

    I was thinking about trading in my Bionic for a RAZR and yesterday i did a side by side comparioson cause a friend of mine has a RAZR and what I found blew me away. 
    1. I compared data speed in a fairly good area for speed. My Bionic was faster in the up and down loads on about 7 test I took. The RAZR dropped to 3G and my Bionic stayed in 4G. The RAZR eventually returned to 4G and retested them again. The average score were Bionic down was 8Mbps and UP 5 to 6Mbps. The RAZR was 7 to 8Mbps down and 1 to 3Mbps up. My down at my home is 20 to 28Mbps and up is the same.
    2. The screen on the RAZR is more color saturated than the Bionic, but looking further I discovered the reason for the saturation on the RAZR is because it has a blue tint to it. You can really see it if you look at the RAZR’s screen side ways. This causes the brightness to go down.. Bionic screen is brighter. The gray scale really tells the story. Bionic’s grey scale is blacker and whiter more true. The RAZR is blueish even greenish at times. Look at the power widget and you will see what I’m talking about. Open GOOGLE-MAPS and it’s obivious that the clarity and color is better on the Bionic. To make this more interesting I compared the GNex screen and it was worse than the RAZR. 
    3. The RAZR was faster onthe bench marks but in everyday use you will not notice the difference. 
    4. All the Verizon 4G phones have data drop issues, Bionic’s “were” worse but are just like or better than most now after the 902 update. 
    5. Pentile Screen can be seen in direct sun light, the other HD amoled screens can NOT. Pentile will show what’s called compression on low resolution video but that’s because Pentile is more focused and clear than the others. I use “Vplayer Version0.99 and Daroon Player and play back High Def 1080i video and it looks incredible, no compression and no lag. The video recording at 1080p look incredible. But put crappy video in and it will give you crappy video out. Colors in my opinion are more realistic than the RAZR. For poor quality video the Bionic tends to favor reds, so I use “screenadjuster” and “filter your screen” to adjust for this. Netflix has different resolution streams and you can tell the two. For the most part Netflix does and incredible job and the streaming looks great. Please know that different player play differently on any phone. The old version of VPlayer is allot better that the newer versions. Daroon player play high quality HD video very well.
    6. The speaker is louder on the Bionic.
    7. I decided to keep my Bionic and not get the RAZR or the RAZR MAXX.
    We have high end phones with high end screens, use high end video and you will be happier…   🙂  

    • CORYK333

      So. Many. Words. Cant. Comprehend.
      Just f’in with you, nice write up you put down there. Loved that you used real world comparisons & not just opinion, WELL DONE sir.

  • Jim McClain

    cant believe you idiots worship this thing ,like its sent from heaven

    • I agree,its like you buy a new car and then find out you have to wait months for the dealer to fix the engine,headlights,air conditioning so it preforms like its supposed to in the first place and these people think thats fine

  • you know, i wouldnt be surprised if Asus becomes a dark horse for the next Nexus phone (and maybe a Nexus tablet??)

  • squrel23

    So since I have the Prime and the GN I should be good shape… 🙂

  • Jim McClain

     its a mass market phone, shouldnt have to buy it and wait 3 months for them to fix it

    • ddevito

      then buy an iPhone and wait for updates once a year. Oh, and for the features you want you’ll need the NEXT one entirely.

      • Kr00

        Sounds exactly like Android. Didn’t you say for GWallet to be fixed on your Nexus was for you to buy a newer phone? My friends with Android phones are still running Froyo because their carriers and phone manufacturers keep holding out on the updates. Yeah, I know, you’ll just say “they can root the phones themselves”. Why does it have to be so damn hard just to get an updated pushed out to the users?

        • ddevito

          Well, the GWallet issue was self inflicted. “Root at your own risk”, I learned my lesson. Usually you back up your app data, which I did like a good boy scout – only this time I needed to do the opposite. Anyway, GWallet’s getting fixed for those with a bricked app, anyway….

          Yes, I know it’s frustrating to wait for a manufacturer to update your phone. It’s the EXACT reason I rooted my OG Droid to begin with. I wanted Gingerbread and I wasn’t going to get it from Motorola. My wife has a Droid Charge (which I’m not allowed to root) and she just got Gingerbread 2 months ago – that’s insane. 

          But Android is for two kinds of smartphone users: uber geeks like the users here, and folks who don’t give a rat’s ass about updates or the iPhone. 

          • Kr00

            And what about users who are still waiting for updates for bug fixes? Do the have to become “uber geeks” too just to have a functional phone?

    • omg SHUT UP   if you are that unhappy go bitch at verizon until they give in

  • ddevito

    Google I/O June 2012!! Why is this so surprising? 

  • Mike McCrary

    A little off-topic, but I don’t know why so many people are aiming pitchforks at Verizon and the GNex in this post. First of all, it’s about ASUS. Secondly, if anyone was paying attention, the Verizon GNex had 4.0.2 at least a month and a half, if not 2 months, before the GSM version. And also, the Verizon version has had a leaked 4.0.4 with new radios for at least the last 3 or 4 weeks, whereas the GSM version has no leak insight.

    So, what is everyone complaining about? The LTE Gnex so far as been catered to first. I sometimes think people’s sometimes irrational hate of Verizon gets in the way of facts analysis. 

    • ddevito

      It’s also a hate for Samsung (when hating the GNex)

    • CORYK333

      Dude, it could be an article about a unicorn phone that sh!ts rainbow sherbert & these cats would find a way to spit negative nonsense, welcome to the droid life comment section.

  • Chimeratech366

    I can only pray for a nexus-branded super tablet from Asus. 1920×1200 AMOLED please?

    • ddevito

      NOW we’re talking

  • Jim McClain

    just made a comment, never replied to you or anyone else

    • bakdroid

      About what?  This is about Asus.  It has nothing you and your constant bitching about the GNex. Go troll elsewhere.

  • bakdroid

    This is easy for them to say but they have yet to have to deal with carriers and their test procedures. When Asus releases a phone or 3G/4G tablet, then we will see how fast they are.

  • Jim McClain

    its so sad,this phone could have been great,but is so crappy,  damn mic just cut out again during a call

    • bakdroid

      WTF are you talking about.  How about you learn to reply to the post you are referencing.  Douche!

      • Jim McClain

        what are you talking about

        • bakdroid

          You are a moron.

          • Jim McClain

            kiss where the sun dont shine cake boy

          • HAHAHAHA

    • clearly you have an issue that warrents a repleacement   go to verizon

  • I’m not all in love with the update release schedule thus far. 99% don’t have ICS and we already have JB? Lets get timely updates to most devices before we just roll em out one after the aother (imo)

  • cleffy

    Didn’t Motorola Xoom wifi release the ICS update first?

    • bakdroid

      No.  Prime beat it out of the gate by about a week or 2.

    • yeah… cause Google only had to deal with Moto not Moto AND Verizon….

  • LOL

    just like verizon was the FIRST to have the Galaxy Nexus,.. and look how many times it got delayed…


      Except what Verizon says is never true. Asus is very good with updates, at least what I’ve seen with the transformer tablets. I don’t own one personally though.

      • harryharry

         I have the TF Prime and have been VERY impressed with the frequent and timely updates.

    •  How man?  I never heard of it being delayed.  I remember them announcing it, then I remember it being released.  Never heard bout this delay you speak of.

      • David Henry

        I think [email protected]:disqus is more referring to the rumor mill reports. I don’t think that the majority of people were aware, but the unofficial release date changed incredibly frequently. I followed those closely myself on this site, Endgadget, etc.

        But, that said, officially there was never any delays. But that is just because Verizon was playing CYA by not releasing the date until is was already stocked in stores.

  • martyjones

    Well, if Benson Lin is anything like Jeremy Lin, the new, Oriental sensation for the New York Knickerbockers, the Jellybean will be here FAST!

  • I’m still waiting for my God Damn LTE Xoom ICS…..

    • tjpeco

      You aren’t alone.
      I’m thinking about flashing a custom ROM.

      • Brianlucas81

        Just sold mine on ebay and ordered Transformer Prime

        • I’d do that if I could move my data plan onto it….

      • Pete’s ICS rom is as stable as an official update. peteralfonso(dot)com –> downloads —> stingray

        • ddevito

          Pete’s ROMs are the best

  • Bcorrell34

    I’ll be pissed if the Galaxy Nexus isn’t the first to see the update. Google’s flagship not getting the most love? Not okay.

    • Jim McClain

      hell they cant even fix 4.0 on the nexus

      • Bcorrell34

         True. I’ve been waiting for the official release to update my radios. When messing with the radios I don’t like to flash. I get terrible service in areas that all other 4G phones are at least at 75% bars.

        • clearly you dont remember the story stating the the Gnex displays more accurate bars but still gets about the exact same signal as the other phones.

      • ok on every story all you do is complain about the nexus    calm your tits

      • ddevito

        4.0.4 is fantastic. Either wait for it or sell your phone.

        In the meantime STFU

        • Jim McClain

          hard to sell crap

          • No it isn’t. Crap is pretty easy to sell. Just depends on what kind.

    • Liderc

      There will be a new Nexus this December released with 5.0, then Asus will get it. 

      • Bcorrell34

         Yea that would make sense. We’ll only get 4.0.4 by the time the new Nexus is out… Anyone think that this is more a Verizon problem or a Google problem?

        • Liderc

          They always said 4.04 would be out in March. 

    • ddevito

      We’ll get the leaked version, stop worrying. It’s a Nexus. Did you actually think it was going to be GIVEN to you?

      The power of a Nexus is that we can do it OURSELVES.

      • KevinC

        um, Nexus devices are updated OTA, you don’t need to apply leaked versions manually.  that’s just silly.

  • Fake


  • Michael Forte

    I guess no one else realizes that the reason ASUS can update so quickly is because they only have 2 products to support so far, the Prime and original Transformer. All the other OEMs have countless phones and tablets to update.

    • Greg Morgan

      Very True, but maybe those OEM’s should learn from Asus.

      • Liderc


      • tjpeco

        Learn from them like what?  Develop inferior products so quickly that they can’t be properly tested and vetted before they’re released for public consumption?

        Thanks but I’d rather have slower updates but devices that don’t have catastrophic design flaws and quality issues.

        • ERIFNOMI

          I don’t have a transformer, but I have used a prime. What the hell are you talking about “inferior?” The GPS problem? I can’t comment on that but without mobile data, I don’t have a real use for GPS except MAYBE using torque to log a trip. But I use my phone for that now so I’d probably use my phone if I got a tablet.

          If other OEMs updated two or three of their devices out of their whole line, then I could understand the argument that they have more devices than they can handle, but that’s still their fault.

          (I do not have a single Asus device, nor do I have a tablet yet. This is my honest opinion as an outsider looking in.)

        • zUFC

          yes, what are you talking about. I had the prime before christmas (one of the lucky ones) and it is great. wouldn’t trade it for anything. My GPS is perfect so I don’t know what people are talking about. GPS is the last thing needed on a WIFI tablet. haven’t needed it once.

          does everything i need plus some. Love it !!!!!!

  • John

    Less talk more action. 

  • Butters619

    Asus was fast with the Transformer Prime, but the Xoom wifi got it what a month later? and the Transformer OG got it after the Xoom?

  • Riseonfire

    Asus to make the first Nexus tablet….?

  • i gotta say.. i got the ASUS Transformer when it first came out, not knowing that ASUS would be so good at keeping with updates.. and now that i have ICS on it .. and its one of the first tablets with it.. i know i made the right choice and ASUS really has stuck to their word. I even bought a new ASUS laptop, just because i was so impressed with ASUS as a company. I am not shocked at all by this new news… they are really on their game and I am glad i went with them to be one of my android providers. Golf clap for ASUS.

  • Alex

    “Lin called it, “Jelly Bean.””
    I dont think thats correct O.o

    • Alex

      any way to delete this?

  • My Transformer Prime thinks this is Fully. Awesome.

    • and it also thinks you are in china… haha #gpsfail

      • OhAaron

        Lol! The Transformer Prime is the best Tablet on the market right now, but I still laughed…

  • Br_d

    “One of the first” = weasel words that mean nothing.

    • juniorsgv

      ala motorola. lol.

  • Asus may be one of the first, but I would hope the Galaxy Nexus is THE first.

    • Agreed. But I’d be more convinced if they actually released 4.0.4 to us.

    • The next Nexus phone will be THE first probably followed by the Galaxy Nexus a couple months after

      • Couple months? The Nexus S (at least in the states) didn’t have to wait a couple months.

        • It had to wait a month I believe didn’t it?  I added more time because Verizon is well, Verizon….

          • mustbepbs

            We’re not talking official updates here. The Nexus S had ICS first from source. Just like the GNEX will have JB first from source. Or are we talking official updates?

          • delta echoe

             There were some relatively long waits on this version of android because of some serious core issues that have only just been fixed on 4.0.4 (now all we have to do is wait for the source to finally drop)

          • Arman Samimi

            what core issues? thousands of people are running 4.0.3 aosp or official 4.0.2 and even 4.0.1 without major issues. 

        • AlexKCMO

          I may be wrong, but last I checked, there is still not an official stable Nexus S ICS ROM.

          I know one was rolled out, but the roll out was stopped due to serious issues from my understanding.

          • SimplicityPrevails

            That update was resumed quite some time ago, and we are currently on 4.0.4 at the moment. 

      • ddevito

        Nexus TABLET will be the first to get it, in June 2012, then the GNex

    • James_C_L


    • BrianWenger

      Clarification: The international version of the Galaxy Nexus should be the first (if a new Nexus isn’t out yet). Then once the American carriers get done gargling each others balls we can get it over here.

      • Sorry, but the Verizon Nexus got 4.0.2 first.  If the GSM nexus gets JB first, the Verizon version will be very shortly after.  I know it’s cool to rip on Verizon and all, but we’ve seen no evidence that we will see delayed software updates.  Verizon finally released the phone after much bitching from everyone and it’s still buggy which leads me to believe it really was being held back because it simply wasn’t ready.

      • ddevito

        Who cares? Can we get it at the same time? :p