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Galaxy Nexus Landscape Pogo Dock Now In Stock and Shipping From Samsung

The Galaxy Nexus landscape pogo dock that Tim found the other day through Samsung’s site is now in stock and apparently shipping. One of our readers even called in to verify that the product was available and was told that it is. It’s still $90, but you do get 3-day free ground shipping since the order is over $50. Can you believe it? The day has come that we can brag to our friends about having official Nexus accessories. Assuming that is something to brag about, of course.


Cheers Seth!

  • I got fed up with waiting and just made my own dock. No pogo pins, but not $90 dollars either…

  • Will

    Sorry if I missed the answer, but…….Does the Verizon LTE phone with extended battery fit in this dock, and work correctly with it?  

  • Acniehaus04

    When I saw the leaks of this a few months back I debated if I’d pay $50 for this, but $90? I feel insulted.

  • While this thing looks cool and I have always wanted to get horizontal dock for my smartphone but this price tag is ridiculous for thing that doesn’t add much value to anything

  • LOL…for less than $90 I can buy one of those Philips Fidelio devices with a clock, nightlight, bluetooth speakers, and a usb dock for charging. This is comical.

  • RC

    a $3.99 card holder is doing the job just fine for me…$90 r u kidding me Samsung…very disappointing.

  • Somebody needs to buy one of these and figure out if the pogo pins can charge with more than 0.9A.

    Unfortunately, anybody with the know-how to figure that out is also smart enough not to waste $90 on a hunk of plastic.

  • I’ll just be sticking with the freebie they tossed in when I purchased my GneX. It works just as well and charges a spare battery too. $90…pffftt. 

  • way to screw up an accessory launch… wait 3 months then overcharge the hell out of it.  The dock is worth $45-50 on launch day, just like all the other SGS2 docks with audio out.  Doesn’t matter that it has bluetooth audio and pogo pins, its still just a dock.  

  • $90 to charge your phone in landscape, an maybe watch a movie on the 4.65 inch screen.. am I missing something here?

  • ABerry5

    A step towards the pogo car dock at least.. im sad to say i would gladly pay $90 for the pogo car dock.. i am so sick of having to connect the charger everytime.. its worsebthan u think and now my gnex is all scuffed near the port because you cant see the damn port from the angle i have it… my car would be complete with the damn pogo car dock..i dream of hardwiring power the aux audio.. this is getting ridiculous.. i may end up buying this damn dock putting it in my car and calling it a car dock

  • Kurt5153

    I want galaxy note so who wans to buy my gnex

  • Hambeast

     For $90 they can politely go F themselves.

  • nightscout13

    Price is too high. All it does is USB and audio out? If it had HDMI, it might be worth $30

  • JackA$$

    wheres the deezamn car dock. those commy b@[email protected]$ ripping us a new one

  • Kuboo99

    I think I shall stick to my homemade dock. 

  • Redflea

    What a joke, this kind of crap pricing is what ruins a good phone.

  • CIFchamp24

    I wouldn’t even buy it half off.

  • Jlschweiger

    Anyone found any info about this being compatible with the extended battery & cover?


      also maybe the holster? 🙂

    • Kuboo99

      From looking at the picture, it looks like the docks contours might not let it fit. At least not well.

    • I modded my Gnex to work with the Palm Touchstone.  I have one at home, one on my desk, and one in my car.  It’s pretty awesome, and you can get the required materials for under $20.

  • ckeegan


    • ThomasMoneyhon

      verizon one? that one was already released and it didnt have the pins. I assume you mean the international version of the car dock with pins, which is the model EVERYONE ELSE is waiting for.

      • ckeegan

        Actually, Verizon released a MOUNT, not a dock. Everyone is waiting for Verizon/Samsung to release a car DOCK for the Verizon GNex.

        • Scott Souder

          Yeah, Everyone. 

  • Aaron

    Seriously Samsung??!! If your going to charge outrageous prices like Apple at least make it out of aluminum and glass so people can think they got a good deal.

  • Keii Graham

    $90? Are they going to try to subsidize the price on a 2-year contract or something?

  • Anon


    For ninety bucks I bought a standard dock for my Droid Bionic.
    And –a car dock.
    And –a Motorola OEM extended battery.

    Nice dock, but Samsung’s price is ridiculous.

  • They spelled “useless” wrong.


    no f***** way i would pay 90. Ill wait for the 49 or 45… hell’s no.. id rather pay for shipping…

    • Whatissammysmoking

      45 is still way too much.

  • Zen55

    $90.00!?!? I think I’ll stay with my inductive charge hack, only cost me around 25.00 and about an hour of my time. For me it was worth it. Not only do I not have to worry about cables I also don’t worry about the wear and tear of the mini usb port. 

    When I had the Droid Incredible I had to exchange the first one because the mini usb port wore out.



      this uses the pins not the micro usb… 

      • Up until this was released, there was no other option to charge without using microUSB; other than inductive charging.

  • Arameth

    at $90 does it wipe my a$$?

  • Bryan

    Yeah, wtf? I’m supposed to be excited about a $90 card holder?? I want one, but for $90, I’ll just use my case that has a stand which I got off eBay for $3…

  • moelsen8

    I love the “goes great with” section at the bottom. Thanks for clearing that up, samsung. Haha

  • studwig98

    If something is coming so late to the game, shouldn’t it be cheaper?

  • Arameth

    $90 wow, the dock for the xoom was only $50.  

    • fartbubbler

      just picked up a Xoom dock on eBay for $12.

  • tech247

    No one should buy this highly overpriced crap.

  • Arcospark

    Using two large binder clips and a cardboard cutout a little shorter than my G-Nex, I **MADE** my own horizontal stand for less than $2.  You guys go ahead and by the plastic one – mine won’t break and if someone destroys it I’ll build another in five minutes!

  • Paul Messina
  • JulianZHuang

    90$ for a charger haha