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Galaxy Nexus Landscape Pogo Dock Now In Stock and Shipping From Samsung

The Galaxy Nexus landscape pogo dock that Tim found the other day through Samsung’s site is now in stock and apparently shipping. One of our readers even called in to verify that the product was available and was told that it is. It’s still $90, but you do get 3-day free ground shipping since the order is over $50. Can you believe it? The day has come that we can brag to our friends about having official Nexus accessories. Assuming that is something to brag about, of course.


Cheers Seth!

  • I got fed up with waiting and just made my own dock. No pogo pins, but not $90 dollars either…

  • Will

    Sorry if I missed the answer, but…….Does the Verizon LTE phone with extended battery fit in this dock, and work correctly with it?  

  • Acniehaus04

    When I saw the leaks of this a few months back I debated if I’d pay $50 for this, but $90? I feel insulted.

  • While this thing looks cool and I have always wanted to get horizontal dock for my smartphone but this price tag is ridiculous for thing that doesn’t add much value to anything

  • LOL…for less than $90 I can buy one of those Philips Fidelio devices with a clock, nightlight, bluetooth speakers, and a usb dock for charging. This is comical.

  • RC

    a $3.99 card holder is doing the job just fine for me…$90 r u kidding me Samsung…very disappointing.

  • Somebody needs to buy one of these and figure out if the pogo pins can charge with more than 0.9A.

    Unfortunately, anybody with the know-how to figure that out is also smart enough not to waste $90 on a hunk of plastic.

  • I’ll just be sticking with the freebie they tossed in when I purchased my GneX. It works just as well and charges a spare battery too. $90…pffftt. 

  • way to screw up an accessory launch… wait 3 months then overcharge the hell out of it.  The dock is worth $45-50 on launch day, just like all the other SGS2 docks with audio out.  Doesn’t matter that it has bluetooth audio and pogo pins, its still just a dock.  

  • $90 to charge your phone in landscape, an maybe watch a movie on the 4.65 inch screen.. am I missing something here?

  • ABerry5

    A step towards the pogo car dock at least.. im sad to say i would gladly pay $90 for the pogo car dock.. i am so sick of having to connect the charger everytime.. its worsebthan u think and now my gnex is all scuffed near the port because you cant see the damn port from the angle i have it… my car would be complete with the damn pogo car dock..i dream of hardwiring power the aux audio.. this is getting ridiculous.. i may end up buying this damn dock putting it in my car and calling it a car dock

  • Kurt5153

    I want galaxy note so who wans to buy my gnex

  • Hambeast

     For $90 they can politely go F themselves.

  • nightscout13

    Price is too high. All it does is USB and audio out? If it had HDMI, it might be worth $30

  • JackA$$

    wheres the deezamn car dock. those commy b@[email protected]$ ripping us a new one

  • Kuboo99

    I think I shall stick to my homemade dock. 

  • Redflea

    What a joke, this kind of crap pricing is what ruins a good phone.

  • CIFchamp24

    I wouldn’t even buy it half off.

  • Jlschweiger

    Anyone found any info about this being compatible with the extended battery & cover?


      also maybe the holster? 🙂

    • Kuboo99

      From looking at the picture, it looks like the docks contours might not let it fit. At least not well.

    • I modded my Gnex to work with the Palm Touchstone.  I have one at home, one on my desk, and one in my car.  It’s pretty awesome, and you can get the required materials for under $20.

  • ckeegan


    • ThomasMoneyhon

      verizon one? that one was already released and it didnt have the pins. I assume you mean the international version of the car dock with pins, which is the model EVERYONE ELSE is waiting for.

      • ckeegan

        Actually, Verizon released a MOUNT, not a dock. Everyone is waiting for Verizon/Samsung to release a car DOCK for the Verizon GNex.

        • Scott Souder

          Yeah, Everyone. 

  • Aaron

    Seriously Samsung??!! If your going to charge outrageous prices like Apple at least make it out of aluminum and glass so people can think they got a good deal.

  • Keii Graham

    $90? Are they going to try to subsidize the price on a 2-year contract or something?

  • Anon


    For ninety bucks I bought a standard dock for my Droid Bionic.
    And –a car dock.
    And –a Motorola OEM extended battery.

    Nice dock, but Samsung’s price is ridiculous.

  • They spelled “useless” wrong.


    no f***** way i would pay 90. Ill wait for the 49 or 45… hell’s no.. id rather pay for shipping…

    • Whatissammysmoking

      45 is still way too much.

  • Zen55

    $90.00!?!? I think I’ll stay with my inductive charge hack, only cost me around 25.00 and about an hour of my time. For me it was worth it. Not only do I not have to worry about cables I also don’t worry about the wear and tear of the mini usb port. 

    When I had the Droid Incredible I had to exchange the first one because the mini usb port wore out.



      this uses the pins not the micro usb… 

      • Up until this was released, there was no other option to charge without using microUSB; other than inductive charging.

  • Arameth

    at $90 does it wipe my a$$?

  • Bryan

    Yeah, wtf? I’m supposed to be excited about a $90 card holder?? I want one, but for $90, I’ll just use my case that has a stand which I got off eBay for $3…

  • moelsen8

    I love the “goes great with” section at the bottom. Thanks for clearing that up, samsung. Haha

  • studwig98

    If something is coming so late to the game, shouldn’t it be cheaper?

  • Arameth

    $90 wow, the dock for the xoom was only $50.  

    • fartbubbler

      just picked up a Xoom dock on eBay for $12.

  • tech247

    No one should buy this highly overpriced crap.

  • Arcospark

    Using two large binder clips and a cardboard cutout a little shorter than my G-Nex, I **MADE** my own horizontal stand for less than $2.  You guys go ahead and by the plastic one – mine won’t break and if someone destroys it I’ll build another in five minutes!

  • Paul Messina
  • JulianZHuang

    90$ for a charger haha

  • Motospark

    Well to start off for $90 dollars I would expect it to have HDMI adapter built in, a passive chamber to amplify sound from speaker, then I might shell out that kind of cash.  Samsung missed the mark. 

  • Dirty Dan

    No thanks.  Do Sammy and netflix share a marketing team?  and to think I might have gotten sucked into paying too much for accessories –when the phone dropped.  But now?  No thanks.  I’ll still buy the pogo pin car dock though–if it ever comes out–and isn’t priced over $50.

  • $90. I’ll pass. Does this mean that the car dock is going to be that much as well? I may as well just get the other dock that has been out forever if that is the case.

  • Honestly, this is the sort of thing which would prevent me from ever getting a Nexus device. My Motorola devices, I use a holster, a car dock, and a home dock. I can get all three of those on release day. But every time I hear about a Nexus device, a car dock seems to not arrive until months later.

  • EC8CH
    • EC8CH
      • beerme828

        What I cant figure out is how it’s “designed to be used in portrait or landscape orientation” – those edges look pretty rounded, can’t imagine it standing on its side… or am I missing something stupidly obvious?

        • EC8CH

          yeah, and the extra set of volume controls is probably bogus too.  I think some of the description must be incorrect.

          • Drummer62

             Product Description
            your phone into a convenient desktop media center with this innovative
            dual-mode Multimedia Dock. With the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, you can listen
            to music via the built-in 3.5 mm stereo audio port, watch movies in
            either portrait or landscape mode by simply tilting the unit 90°, and
            keep all of your communication tools and favorite Android apps close at
            hand. Charge and synchronize your device using this Galaxy Nexus docking
            station. This cradle will allow you to charge and sync your Samsung
            Galaxy Nexus, allowing you to stream content to your big screen TV or
            any any other compatible output. The right side of the cradle features
            an HDMI female port and on the back of the dock you will find a micro
            USB charging port 

    • Has anyone bought this yet? I know the link has been posted a few times now. Just curious.

      • EC8CH

        don’t think they’ve ever been in stock at that site yet.

  • kidtronic

    Things I’d rather spend $90 on: Shoes, a trip to disneyland, a custom So Long Sanjay t-shirt, the complete dvd box set of Alias, one of those wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, all the jelly beans. 

  • 90dollars is Over PRICED

    I would rather buy a flesh light with that money.

    • fartbubbler

      I’m almost afraid to ask, but what on earth is a flesh light?

    • Migamix

      what if i already own one, does that mean i have to pay for the dock, of which contains less plastic (and fun) than the fleshlight

    • JulianZHuang

      with that kind of money, i rather pick one up on the street for a hrs. 


    It’s expensive because it uses BT for audio.

    • EC8CH

      do you have a source for that?

      Link please 🙂

      • ERIFNOMI

        Not off hand. Google it. The three pin pogo thing doesn’t do any data.

        • EC8CH

          it’s just odd that bluetooth is never mentioned on Samsung’s product page, but you’re probably right and it does use it.

          That’s also why it costs more than other docks.

  • I’ll wait till I can get it for $20 on amazon or ebay

    • kwubba

      Exactly…and in 2 days with Prime!

  • Ryan

    when will we have a nice car dock????????

  • Jim McClain

    anyone who pays that should have ‘idiot’ tattoed on his forehead

  • Is it too much to ask for a $20 dock that just charges the phone via the pogo pins, Samsung?

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    So, I have to spend a total of 101bucks(not including tax) to buy this and a Samsung MHL MicroUSB to HDMI Adapter(11bucks) just to watch movies from my phone to my TV?  Wow!  When I had my Droid 3 all I had to do was buy a 3dollar HDMI cable from Amazon and I was set.  This is bull Samsung.

    • Soapinmouth

      you dont need the dock to watch on your tv, just buy a 15$ mhl adapter off amazon, mine has a  charger slot built in

      • Benjamin Landwehr

        Ah, I may have to look into this then!

        • NexusPhan69

          Its amazing. It goes into a desktop-like mode. I have a mouse and keyboard hooked up to my Nexus which is displayed on my TV.

  • all the modified docs of the nexus and nexus s look almost as good and are about 75% cheaper

    • grantland

      care to post links to these?

  • $90!  What’re they smoking?  Pass it to the left!

  • OreoMan

    Wow!  For $90, I wouldn’t leave that on my desk at work!

  • jab416171

    Where’s the portrait HDMI dock?

    • edaddy

      That will be $190.00 please!

  • Tyson Sukeforth

    For $90, I’d rather just have a usb cord hanging out of my pocket…

  • fartbubbler

    used my gift card from my in-laws at Christmas to order two!

    • beerme828

      I’m going to assume you’re joking…

      • fartbubbler

        was gonna get three, but they’re kinda pricey.

  • I just chatted with a VZW rep on the live chat on VZW’s website – they don’t have the dock. I also had my boyfriend check his stock room at his corporate store (he’s a rep for VZW) and he said they don’t have any. Doesn’t seem like an accessory Verizon will be carrying any time soon (if ever?)

  • EC8CH

    So is the audio passed through the pogo pins or over bluetooth?

  • It says that you can watch videos while docked. Is that because the USB port on the back is MHL or because the phone’s USB port is still accessible to connect an MHL cable to?

  • Pdiddy187

    In more affordable news the extended and regular batteries are 50% online with VZW.

  • viewthis74

    $90… no thanks. not a lot of value for that price. at $49.99 there is.

    • amosk

      How come you don’t round up, bro?

  • ViciousKing1914

    …and I see no mention of an HDMI out…C’mon Sammy. I like the pins, but $90 and no HDMI is absurd  

    • beerme828

      MHL. Works just fine ($10 off monoprice)… a bit less convenient than putting in an HDMI jack, but I suppose we knew what we were getting into when we bought the phone on this one…

      • pezjono

        Does MHL work off of the dock micro-USB port?

        • mjmedstarved

          I am going to guess no, because it in reality is having all data delivered over the 3 connector pins..

          Hopefully someone can validate..

          EDIT: Now here is to hoping a cheap Chinese knock-off comes out that has HDMI!!!!

        • beerme828

          I’m going to guess yes – so long as there’s data coming out of the micro-usb, it should. You’ll prob need the MHL adaptor (unless they somehow built it in), which requires its own power source. Here’s a pic of how I’ve been connecting my GNex to HDMI (obviously minus the dock)

          • pezjono

            I don’t think the dock port has data. If what people are saying is correct and that 3.5mm audio port only works through bluetooth sync, the POGO pins are strictly for charging.

          • beerme828

            Wow. That just made this dock next to useless (at least in my opinion).

          • Migamix

            rand and price please, i see them using it on all about android, and in other places.. want to find a good one

          • ckeegan

            I think i got mine for $7 or so from Monoprice. Works great.

          • NexusPhan69

            I disagree. No way that those 3 pins transmit HDMI out.

          • 4n1m4L

            No. The usb powers the 3 pins for charging and the spdif adaptor for the Mic jack. The dock doesn’t touch the micro usb where mhl also lives. There will be another dock for that. Or you can get an mhl adapter off of amazon and use the micro usb port with it. Most mhl adapters require usb power to operate though.

  • br_hermon

    I still have yet to see anyone answer this…. How in world do you have access to the power button with it covered, resting in the dock!?

    • EC8CH

      you don’t

    • You don’t need the power button… while docked, the screen can just stay on… it’s charging, why wouldn’t you leave the screen on?

      • Reggie

        Because my (CDMA) Nexus discharges while plugged in with the screen on.

        • EC8CH

          You plugged into the wall or a USB port?

        • Then you have a problem. Your phone should draw enough power to still charge despite the screen being active. I can understand how it would discharge while charging, say, if you had it charging via computer USB (low charge) while using Google Nav or something else CPU/battery-intensive, but I leave my phone sit on my desk charging all the time with the screen on and I have no issues with it discharging. Maybe you’re not using a wall charger? That’s what this dock is designed to be plugged into, by the way…

        • I have the same problem unless I am plugged into a source that identifies as AC and supplies at least 1amp of power.

      • PC_Tool

        Burn-in.  I did that with my Fascinate and now the Pandora buttons are burned into the screen…

    • mtkregs

      Why would you need access to the power button if it’s in the dock?

    • br_hermon

      Why wouldn’t I want to shut the screen off? I’ve never had a landscape dock but If I’m having it there just to charge, maybe I’d rather just shut the screen off rather than leave it on.

  • I’ll wait for the pogo pin car dock…

    • ThomasMoneyhon

      Yup. This will be when Samsung gets any additional money from me. Screw the fake verizon version.

  • amosk

    For 90$ there better be some sorta suction device on it…

    • Ernest

      If you know what I mean…

      • Michael Forte


    • Humidity16

      To make sure the phone doesn’t fall out?

      • mjmedstarved

        No, because for that price it should include a blowjob.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


        • Now that is a response LOL!!

          But I agree $90 for just what looks to be a piece of plastic? Seems like it is just as overpriced as motorolas laptop webdocks are.

  • Frizzle19

    That little hump on the dock appears to make it useless phones with the extended battery

    • beerme828

      this is why we need one sucker to buy one and let us know. Not it.

  • EC8CH

    Now find your way to a 3rd party retailer and you will be mine.

  • Extended Battery Compatibility? Anyone?

    • EC8CH

      looks like there’s a bump out in the back to make it compatible, but I haven’t seen anything official yet.

  • Maybe I’ll get it when it’s $20-$30…

    • Expect $49 or $59 to be the lowest. I waited for a months for the Nexus One to drop and it never did. The bluetooth chip and other stuff keeps the cost up…

      • EC8CH

        is the audio passed over bluetooth, or through the pogo pins?

        • ERIFNOMI


  • Ernest

    Sigh… $90? 

  • Any idea if the extended battery is gonna make my Nexus not fit? I know it’s a slight difference but I’d rather not blow 90 bucks on something I can’t use.

  • Thenew3

    Was going to buy one, but not @ $90 a pop

    • mjmedstarved

      Same here…. 

      • Noyfb

        Why don’t the put speakers on docks to boost the freaking sounds? At least it would almost be worth the $90.

        • Arther Casillas

          A compartment to house or encloseure to support an extended battery charging station would enable: depleting. Displaying HDMI and backup charging while feeding the device.

    • Dirty Dan

      I think you get multiple pops for your $90 when you buy a fleshlight…

  • ViciousKing1914

    For $90, this thing better INSTANTLY give me full battery!

  • Michael Forte

    I just want a decent car dock. That’s one area where Moto excels, accessories available at launch.

  • Christopher Bement

    So it’s got a micro USB and a line out? Is there even HDMI compatibility?

    • The USB is only for power. It does not do communication.
      And no HDMI – it’s impossible with the POGO pins

      • lamenting

        Different phone, but this says it creates HDMI output via microUSB: http://bit.ly/zcIrp1 

        • Robhimself79

          But that’s with 8 conductors. The pogo plug has only 3 HDMI cannot go through 3 conductors.

          • lamenting

            ahh.. stupid pogo pins.

    • lamenting

      Nope. But they have micro-USB-to-HDMI adapters, but I don’t think those would charge at the same time.

      • beerme828

        It does. With MHL you have to provide the adaptor with power (also micro-usb), but it works just fine (albeit less conveniently). I’ve been using it for a while to watch netflix with the gnex, obviously minus the dock.

  • sc0rch3d

    i’m surprised that none of the devs have accessed the features of the dock. does anyone know if a special part of ICS is activated for the “dock experience.”

    for example, my D2 on dock would show time, music, and weather with a special homescreen while on the dock.

    • Dana Pagliarulo

      There must be…In ICS 4.0.4 there is a new setting for Docks. Right now there are only 2 options: “Audio” (Don’t know what this does because it won’t activate without being docked) and “Dock insert sound” which must obviously allow you to assign a sound when you dock or undock. That being said, there has to be some way for an app to determine if docked or not to provide the services you suggest.

      • sc0rch3d

        rip the wire from my lamp and test the leads on the 3 pins. maybe something will happen…


      Do you have a nexus? Open clock.

      • sc0rch3d

        yup…it sucks…simplified version of the lock screen & I can’t even control my music from it. I do like being able to dim the screen with a touch, but I would expect that anyway.

        • fartbubbler

          alarm clock plus.

          you’re welcome.

  • amosk

    Will HDMI adapter work? If so….ca-ching! (not being racist, ala Sports Illustrated)

    • EC8CH

      doubt it. HDMI can’t pass through the pogo pins.

  • JamesU513

    ugh! Too much coin

  • Inquizitor

    I remember thinking $30 for my old iPod video’s dock was pricey, and passed on it. No way am I paying $90 for this.

  • Kaizen_2012

    $90, are they insane?

  • ViciousKing1914

    YIKES! $90 for a dock?!

  • tjmonkey15

    Good lord.  I really want this dock, but I really don’t want to spend $90 on it.  At least if Verizon sold it I’d get my 25% discount.  Booooo Samsung; that’s weak.

  • David Hussey

    Might be tempted to get this and mount it in my car since the FREAKING CAR DOCK WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET HERE!


    OR better yet 3rd party cheap docks!!!

  • Benleonard79

    Rip Off

  • I would much, much, much, much, much, MUCH rather have the car dock than the desk dock. I find it far more useful.

  • Car Dock! *clap* *clap* *clap*  Car Dock! *clap* *clap* *clap*  Car Dock! *clap* *clap* *clap* 

    But no this is good news! Hopefully this doesn’t mean the Car Dock will cost $150 though!