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DROID RAZR MAXX Battery Test Day 2 – Things Looking Good

As you can see from the top two screenshots, day 2’s battery test with the DROID RAZR MAXX was the polar opposite of day 1. As we mentioned yesterday, the first charge on a new battery is almost always going to be your worst. You spend a ton of time setting up your phone, plus these things just seem to need a full day or so to get ready for the grind. So while during day 1 the phone managed to get through roughly 17 hours before begging for a charger, day 2 could have easily gone into the majority of day 3 with all of the juice it had left. 

Day 2

After unplugging from the charger yesterday at around 10:15AM and taking it through my normal routine of Gmail, Twitter, calendar, browser, some phone, a Blazers game with pictures and video, a night on the town, and 6-7 hours of sleep, the RAZR MAXX still has 30% left. And this is all 4G LTE, folks. No WiFi, no toggling between 3G and 4G – this is straight LTE the entire time. I should also add that my LTE connection at home never reaches 4 or 5 bars and usually sits somewhere between 2 and 3 which could put some extra strain on the battery.

As someone that considers himself to be a “moderate” or normal user, I could not be more pleased with these results. My time with the original RAZR, Galaxy Nexus and Rezound could never get me close to results like these on straight LTE. It took a 3300mAh battery to get us here, but since Moto managed to keep the profile of this phone so thin, I’ll take it.

How long to charge?  I missed this on day 1, but the full charge from 5% to 100% with a Samsung charger took roughly 3 hours. The phone was plugged in at or around 7:15AM and hit the full mark at 10:15AM. Today, I’m going to charge it with the Motorola charger that came with it to see if that will make a difference.

Going into day 3, I’m expecting to see similar numbers again. Will report back tomorrow!

  • not worth it with the motoblur and no ICS i just cant do it 

  • Yamaha3240

    well the battery should take 3hours and 18 minutes to charge from zero to full at 1 amp/hour

    • mario7

      Not according to Moto.  5.5 hours.

  • With this kind of battery life on 4G LTE, I don’t even care about the locked bootloader!!

  • trumpet444

    too bad the bootloader is locked, otherwise this’d be my daily

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me?? Sorry, the screen is still going to take the most power on a phone..

    • Anonymous

      not true, my incredible would last about 10 hrs of normal use, battery would be about dead after 10hrs and the screen was probably 5th or 6th on the list.
      same with my droid X (although it lasts 15 or so hrs with hundreds of emails per day because it is a work phone).  my nexus on the other hand, yes there is no way the battery can die without screen being #1

  • Joelseph

    Why do we never see how much time the display was on in these tests?  El Frustrato…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Gnex fans, isnt it funny that every time a phone is known for poor battery life, such as the Gnex, its loyal fanboys rush to the internets to counteract the consensus with “I consistently get at least 17 hours from my Gnex, so I dont know what the hype is about, etc” or “Maybe I’m lucky but I always get at least a full day from my Gnex, heavy 4g all day” blah blah. Just because you say so doesnt make it true.
    Why do I get the feeling that no matter what Kellex reports, Nexusnation will try find some way to disprove it.

  • Trets24

    I got screwed over. I bought my razr December 14…is there any way I could exchange for the maxx?

  • Jim McClain

    most battery problems are the owners fault, they want their email and facebook checked every 5 minutes they want to watch movies ,cant imagine wanting to watch a movie on a phone, I have the extended battery on my gnex and have no battery problems so folks should be extremely happy with the maxx, my gnex right now is showing 47 % discharging and 17 hrs 43 minutes on battery wifi on,4g always on , folks with the maxx should blow these numbers away,if they use their head

  • Anonymous

    My rezound, custom rom w/ stock kernel. 30% after 12 hours of extremely heavy use.

  • NotoriousNeo

    Well guys, I am happy to report that as of my last post, which was a little over two hours ago, my battery is STILL going. An hour of that was spent at the gym using the MP3 player too, so it’s not like I wasn’t using it. At the moment it’s been steadily displaying 5% battery. Moral of the story? Amazing battery life…and it wasn’t even a full charge either. 

  • 不错,转啦

  • NotoriousNeo

    My usage so far broke down like this:

    Pulled it off the charge with the charging status indicating a 70% charge at around 8:30AM with the screen brightness set over 50%, I would say around 75% brightness.

    What I recall doing is downloading like five apps, checking Facebook, refreshing status updates throughout the day, sending around 51 texts, checking Pulse a few times, taking like fifty or so pictures, playing Words With Friends sporadically and just in general messing around through homescreens, consistently flipping through them and turning it on and off to check the time, etc. It’s now 12AM and it’s at 10% battery. 

    I have a strong feeling this will last me for the next two hours or more while I go to the gym, use it as my MP3 player and come back. We’ll see. But yeah, so far, it’s amazing having an LTE and just in general Android phone last me through a full day. 

  • 来啦,好文章,转啦

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love my razr, but no question I would give up the unique thiness for longer battery life. Either way, Moto has set the bar for design and battery life with the Maxx. 

  • Bionic

    II think this phone is setting a new precedent, for LTE battery life and use. Other manufacturers would be wise to use this method as would Motorola would be smart to continue.

    Maybe the Droid 4 will have this battery?

  • Rp780

    I’m due for an upgrade should I get the Nexus or Maxx?

    • Kuboo99

      Well, do you like flashing roms and tweaking your phone for fun? If so the nexus is good. If you just want a phone that will run apps and last a long time get the Maxx.

      • Anonymous

        You can flash ROMs on the RAZR. Might not be as easy but no one was complaining before the gnex

  • ShackGeek

    Just a note on Li batteries.  While they are much more efficient when it comes to memory than NMh batteries, we have to take into consideration that any new rechargeable battery should be fully conditioned before taking any test too seriously.  It’s usually recommended to run the battery out completely and then fully recharging it.  Do this 2 or 3 times (after running down the original charge since it will not be fully juiced when you first turn on the phone).  This is also known as calibrating the battery.  When I say run it down, I mean run it out until the phone turns off.  This will not only condition your battery to make use of the totality of each cell, but it will extend the overall life of the battery.  Since the Razr  has an integrated battery, this is even more important.  It is also a good idea from a maintenance standpoint, to perform this calibration once every 3 or 4 months.  (I only know this from the time when I worked at Radio Shack… you know, the original battery stop shop).

  • tyson184

    my galaxy nexus extended battery last about 5 hours until red…. be thankful you can make it to work and back. 

    btw – not rooted, no live wallpaper and no ‘video chatting’ – just standard fare….

    • Jason Naylor

      Well, something is wrong. Mine lasted 16 hours and 45 minutes and had 4 % remaining when i plugged it in with numerous voice calls during the day, and being on 4G and browsing/downloading apps when I was gone most of the day.

  • Sinofueramos

    I would love to be proven wrong, but it looks highly unlikely you’ll get 21 hours of talk time on this thing.

  • Ahsan

    I kind of want to upgrade to either Razr, Rezound, or Nexus. I actually kind of like Motorola’s UI, and their radios and build quality are amazing. HTC has beats integration, and an unlocked bootloader. The Nexus has decent build, HD screen, and ICS + dev support.

  • Harryballs1234
    • No

      yea douche its all about battery life….idiot

      • Harryballs1234

        Nexus freak.

  • Justinmoser

    Once I tried charging my Galaxy Nexus with the Transformer Prime wall charger and once my Galaxy Nexus was fully charged it seemed like every hour in sleep mode the battery would drop 20%. When I charged it using the wall charger that came with the phone the battery returned to the way it was.

  • Mustang5Oh

    These posts are 100% useless without showing a screenshot of the screen on time. I’m not overly impressed. My thunderbolt with a 2750mAh battery got better battery life than this. Plus locked bootloader overrides decent battery life.

  • I’m holding out for the DROID RAZR SUPERR MAXX!

  • I’m holding out for the DROID RAZR SUPERR MAXX!

  • Neff Reyes

    What about using internet and phone mine lasted 11 hrs

  • jbonics

    Not even close to real world usage, for me. Do wifi teather to a device being used while streaming music from google cloud, that REDO phone wont last 5 hours and thats without the screen on, BUT batt. Life should improve with a few more charges. Droid 2 ics miui w/extended batt. 1650, goes a whole day on 20% if i use it like in your demo. Stay trolley my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the comments in this thread are absolutely ridiculous. The phone wasn’t used…the screen wasn’t on….ummm, yes it was. It’s pretty clear that many here have no idea what they are looking at   in the battery use screenshot. This is incredible battery life. Stop being jealous. It’s only going to get better! Motorola has set the bar on 4G LTE battery life and it’s easy to see the reactionary attitude  from a lot of you. This is very entertaining. 

    • Anonymous

      Hey… It’s impossible not to be jealous of a battery this big. I don’t care what phone you have you would love for it to last this long.

    • Mustang5Oh

      False but ok good call. The screen usage is well below even Android OS. He hardly used the screen in the grand scheme of things over that 21 hours.

  • Anonymous

    I’m at 70% 10 hours on my nexus. That was with regular use. 3G on ect.

  • lostsync

    Standard battery. This wasn’t heavy use, and I was on WiFi but still. TXTs, Gmail, Talk, youtube, and shot a few pics and 1 video, which I switched to 4G to upload to youtube, because it’s faster than my home internet. I don’t do anything special to save battery. I work from home, so I don’t care if I have to charge it.

    Still, if I get this kind of battery out of this phone, I imagine I could go two solid days on the MAXX, and that’s pretty awesome.

  • Display is at 11 percent, ….. 

  • myresults_so_far

    I got the maxx on the 26th right when it released, I’m still on my first charge with 1day and 17hr and its still has 40% battery left.  Granted this is with light use, but the same type of use that I had on the original droid razr which I returned in antisipation for the launch of the maxx.  I couldn’t be happier, I would get about 8-12 hrs on the original razr with light use before it was completey out of battery.  I love this phone(maxx) but cannot believe the BS motorola pulled on all the original razr purchasers; I was just very lucky I could return my original razr when I heard the buzz about the launch of the maxx, I know many others were not as fortunate.

    • myresults_so_far

      Regarding usage requests; 2hr 32m screen, 1h 27m voice, I was fiddling with the internet radio thought the phones speakers 1/2hr-1hr but that doesn’t show up on the battery use; like I said I’m a light user but its still at 40% and right now its 1d and 19hrs.  I am starting to wonder if on my original razr had a below average battery with respect to its spec, and on my maxx I got an above average battery.  I’ve always wondered what the tolerance limits they give on the batteries….Anyhow this maxx is a beast so far. 

      • myresults_so_far

        Ok, its still going…
        I have 3d 12h on it and the battery is at 15% battery life left.  39% voice calls, 22% idle, 17% standby, 13% display.  I also noticed verizon added a ‘verizon location agent’ app which was not on my original razr.  This app has kept the phone awake the entire time, except for when it dropped below 20% battery life

  • And after you’re done with these tests, you should send it to me….for testing of course 😀

  • No

    is it news that an extended battery gives you more time than a standard battery?

    • Anonymous

      Caca in your cornflakes? Sheesh!

      • No

        no but original razr owners got cacaed on by moto

        • Yups

          and its another non-razr owner talking like they can represent razr owners. Can you be anymore translucent?

  • LionStone

    Yea I agree, screen time and call time please. Just with my Incredible recently I got 1 day and 10 hrs. That is with 3 hrs screen time and 1 hour of call time with low to moderate usage of internet.

  • Moto has always had the best hardware. With roms it can have the best software too.

    • No

      yea now pass that crack pipe..

    • Anonymous

      Not with that locked bootloader it won’t

  • Unexpected62

    Why the high Android OS usage?

    • Anonymous

      It’s more like the screen is being under-represented. One of two things is happening: Kellex is lying about actually using it, or the MOTO software is lying about screen usage. Most likely the latter. I had the same problem with my DX before switching to an AOSP ROM. MOTO lies about the amount of power the screen uses.

  • Dbarden31

    Battery envy! Haha but i still wouldnt go back to the Razr from my Nexus. Even if it was for the Maxx. Had too many problems with my Razr. So far so good with my Nexus minus the grandma molasses lag on screen rotation and multitouch keyboard in landscape not being able to keep up with my thumbs.

    • Thelegendofdavid

      For a quick fix on the landscape issue go into settings and click on language and input. After that look for the box that says spelling corrections. Uncheck that box and your all done. Your landscape issue should be no more.

    • Thelegendofdavid

      For a quick fix on the landscape issue go into settings and click on language and input. After that look for the box that says spelling corrections. Uncheck that box and your all done. Your landscape issue should be no more.

    • Anonymous

      They have the screen rotation addressed in most of the roms that are out now. You should check them out, these roms are really starting to get sweet. But heck I guess the longer you wait the better they will get.

  • ddevito

    Moto’s checklist:

    Better Blur: Check
    Super thin: Check
    LTE: Check
    Redonkulous sized battery: Check

    ICS Update: ???
    Better Screens: ???
    Unlocked Bootloader: ???

    So sorry, try again later

    • LionStone

      OMG! Its not puure vanilla!! Wahhh!! LOL…

      • ddevito

        enjoy your Blurwich. 

        • Anonymous

          so explain what it is you don’t like about blur? 

        • LionStone

          Haha…ok…you mean on my Incredible or the Thunderbolt?

    • Anonymous

      They switched from Pentile matrix to Super Amoled, that seems like a step-up to me.

    • Anonymous

      Nexus Checklist:

      ICS: check
      Unlocked Bootloader: check
      LTE: check
      Google support: check

      gorilla glass: ???
      hdmi port:???
      better camera:???
      better signal: ???
      better battery: ???
      Better speaker: ???
      better materials than cheap plastic: ???

      Nice toy, but no thanks

  • Could you post screen time shots please!?!?  My nexus lasts longer than that… if I only have the screen on for an hour or so.

  • tjmonkey15

    That’s awesome!  I hope other manufacturers follow suit soon, as long as they can still keep the phones relatively thin.  I don’t mind a sealed battery either if it will last that long.

  • Delwyn77

    I upgraded to the Maxx from my Tbolt and I love it…….a battery that can last all day…FINALLY!!!

    • Phoneman67

      Hey i am thinking about getting one do you have good call quality and how do you like the screen?

      • Darthseph23

        I have the regular Razr and haven’t had any issues with call quality or the screen quality.  Make sure to check it out for yourself though.  The screen on the D4 looks like it was a step back personally, so it may be worth seeing in person.  I also live in a major metropolitan area of Southern California so that’s worth noting.

  • Andrew Seraphin

    you kept the screen off all day, my nexus can hit those humbers

    • Anonymous

      Really? Hmm thats funny he says he actually used the thing. Ur “G-Nex” couldnt get that number if you actually used it. My Atrix can get 5 days if i dont use it, so using ur logic my Atrix beats everything right? 

      • ddevito

        He’s right – if you keep the screen off any device of course it will last. My GNex can get 20 hours if I barely use it.

        Don’t forget the qHD screen on this Maxx won’t need nearly as much as the GNex’s screen. 

        • Anonymous

          SAA in the RAZR is ~18% more power efficient than the HD-SA in the Nexus.

      • OreoMan

        I beg to differ.  I have the extended battery for my GNex and with light use, I can get 20 hours bouncing between WiFi, 3G and 4G.

        • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

          LTE only. Kellex didn’t bounce between 3g, 4g and wifi.

        • Soba1

          Thats light use. I liked the G-Nex….
          But with the Maxx we want to see heavy

  • i had 1 day and 4 hours on my nexus with the extended. i was on 3G and wifi, since there was no 4G in the area i was in.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus (gsm) with 3,800 mAh battery…. this razr isn’t that good!

    • Anonymous

      So ur “G-Nex” with a brick battery went down 15% in 12 hours with almost no use. Good job. 

      • Anonymous

        From reading all the comments, it seems the Razr has screen that draws little power, compared the nexus’s power hungry beast! Kellex’s screenshot seems to suggest minimal use, so I’d like to see a screen on time screenshot!

        Check out how the battery did with real life tests here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1450898, it’s pretty good for such a power hungry phone!

        • Anonymous

          why don’t you put your gnex back to stock and see what kind of numbers you get then.  

  • Only took 3 hours on an unofficial charger? That is so much better than I thought it would be.

    • Anonymous

      How many amps is that charger? My extended batttery Bionic takes like 3-4 hours to charge from 4% with my 2 amp charger. 

      • Tom

         I assume the device is only designed to draw up to what the included charger is able to output. That is, if you’re OEM charger can put out 850 mA then your phone would likely only pull 850 mA max out of a 2A amp charger.

        If the phone draws more than 850 mA then it could break the OEM charger. There is no current draw negotiation for dedicated USB chargers (detected by a short on the data lines).

        • Anonymous

          The stock charger that came with my Bionic took over 6 hours to charge from 11%. I think it will accept 1 amp max. I bought the 2 amp charger because it came with a 2 amp car charger as well. They’re meant for tablets but my Bionic seems to like them. 

        • Daniel Archibald33

          Quit trolling in a droid razr forum. The galaxy nexus is slower than the droid razr. It has been proven to many times. Motorola has been around a lot longer than sammy!!

          • eh?


    • M Dequardo

      Motorola says 5.5 hours for full charge from empty. Something is wrong.

  • Aubreyvt

    For those wondering how long the screen was on look at the blue lines under the graph. Thats the awake time. Usually that is when the screen is on, not all the time but most. Doesnt look like it was used much in the almost 22 hour period.

  • Anonymous

    This finally looks to be the phone for those that want long battery life and don’t care about bootloaders and stuff like that. 

    • Lgreg64

      that’s me. i have a life where i don’t have time for bootloaders but i need my phone to last longer than 8hrs

    • Anonymous

      no question. I’m all for freedom to do what you want with your phone. However, I just don’t have time for toys. 

  • Azndan4

    That sounds pretty good.  Too bad the screen is low res 🙁

    • Ahku Droid

      It’s by no means low res, just slightly less res.  It’s qHD which is better that the Galsxy SII.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus Stock – 21 hours at 17 percent. Pretty good for me. 4G on or Wifi. Not sure how long for each. This is the Extended Battery, the 2100 one.
    I will try 4G only soon.

    • Anonymous

      What does the G-Nex have to do with how long the Maxx will goes? Are we not to test the Maxx because you are getting 21hrs?

      • I am just comparing them, you don’t have to get on my case about it.

      • Oh, and learn to speak English.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry just typing too fast

    • Anonymous

      I think where the Maxx will change things is in the design of the phones. While extended batteries have been around, they also added quite of bit of bulk to the phone. While not as thin as the razr, it is still a incredibly thin design and still very light. It’s a game changer imho whether a person likes Motorola or not, you have to be impressed with where they have taken things.  

      • Definitely. I am just sharing my battery life and comparing it to the razr. Definitely loving the big battery and the slim phone idea 😀

        • Anonymous

          hopefully will change how things are done in the future. Although a nice slim extended/removable battery would be even sweeter.

          • That would be the only reason not to get this… and the nexus 😀

  • Anonymous

    I went 15+ hours on my day 1. One 10 min. phone call, moderate FB, Twitter & web browsing, 1 youtube video, 1 pic upload. I plugged in at 10%. Guru Chris suggests conditioning the battery will improve this. While tons better than baby Razr, daddy Maxx not yet living up to the claim.

  • The numbers for the clock on the lock screen are ridiculously fugly… what’s Moto thinking there? It doesn’t match the aesthetic of the phone at all.

    It’s a solid choice for a phone, although I don’t know why there’s an original Razr at all. The Razr hurts to hold since it’s so thin, this is probably more comfortable, and it doesn’t have much of, if any hump. I just don’t understand Motorola sometimes…

    • Anonymous

      Hurts to hold? That has to be the most moronic thing I’ve heard yet.

    • Pranksta

      Hurts to hold? Lol worst troll attempt ever. FAIL
      and personally I Like the hump. It gives a better fell for orientation when your pulling it out of your pocket. Had other devices that I always grabbed upside down when pulling out of my pocket

  • this phone is actually looking good now if only it had a hd sxreen


      It wouldn’t surprise me if a Razr MAXX HD came out sometime this year.  However, unless they add a bigger battery I don’t think it will get the same battery life.  Current screen isn’t bad though.

  • Anonymous

    What’s your screen on time? 

  • fartbubbler

    this is very interesting.  Thanks for documenting the battery performance Kellen!  Should improve even more in the next couple days I would imagine. 

  • Anonymous

    What is the output of the charger that comes with it?  Is Moto still using a lowly 850mA to charge it or have they finally upped the output?

    • Staticx57

      My HTC pre android came with 1 amp chargers. Motorola is always behind the times.

  • TheRobotCow

    This is awesome, maybe more phones need a powerhouse battery like the razr maxx

  • Anonymous

    seems like the screen wasnt on at all?

    • In4One

      Benefits of Super AMOLED Advanced?

      • Nopples

        As in Screen-on time.  Not the type of screen.  If the Android OS is using triple the battery as your screen…you kept it in your pocket all day untouched.  This “battery test” would be nice if the phone was actually used at some point other than checking the time every couple hours.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          We could definitely benefit from a screen on time screenshot!

        • Soapinmouth

          Actually the screen is really low percent no matter what, it’s same with the razr. The screen tech just has VERY minimal draw.

          • Anonymous

            It wasn’t with his last report, the display would have been #1 if he hadn’t had the long phone call:


          • jbonics

            Screen on for a little over 2 hours you tard. 2.35 hours

          • Anonymous

            Apparently you didn’t read what I was responding to. 

            The guy above me said, 

            “the screen is really low percent no matter what, it’s same with the razr.  The screen tech just has VERY minimal draw.”

            I just pointed out that the screen does come up high on the battery usage, don’t see why I’m a ‘tard’ for pointing out what Kellex already posted.

          • jbonics

            Just trolling dont listen to me screen on 3.36 hours i suck

    • Poko

      Doesn’t matter. Most of these phones draw roughly the same power anyway. I’ll take the 3300 mAh battery.

      • Frank

        I guess 3300 mAh is worth having a sealed battery unless you keep your phone for a long time before upgrading. I wonder what the full capacity would be after a year. Does Android provide the current full capacity of batteries? You could check this on notebooks.

    • Andy

      Looking at the blue lines, it was on about 25% of the time. So maybe the screen was on for 6 hours?

      • Luis

         If I used my Tbolt with a 2750 mAh battery for 6 hours of active use then it’d dead for sure.

        • really. i can go through a full day of moderate to heavy use.  if i stream pandora all day, i get maybe 12 hours, and that’s with using the interwebs too.  im using cm7, and it makes a huge difference in battery life.

      • jbonics

        LOL lol lol STAY IN SCHOOL……11% of 21.42hrs is ……….2.35 hours the screen was on… everyone that let that slide. I forgive you i cant spell good at math waaahaaaaahhh

        • Anonymous

          11% is how much of the battery was used, not how long it was on. The blue bars under the graph indicate the on-time.. and 25% seems to be a safe guess.

          If you’re going to be so smug, try not being so moronic at the same time.

          • jbonics

            Ok your rite im a worthless idiot. I did think the 11% was 11% of the time…… so on to business the SCREEN WAS ON 3.36 HOURS, sorry…… 11% of 70% is .157142… so that means the screen was on for 3.36 hrs of 21.42hours…. 25% your an idiot

          • Emailhere

            Again you are mixing the wrong things to come up with numbers.

          • Joelseph

            Holy balls dood, 11% of the amount that was used was used by the screen.  There is no way to know how long the display was on from that info.  Just move on.

          • jbonics

            Ok your rite im a worthless idiot. I did think the 11% was 11% of the time…… so on to business the SCREEN WAS ON 3.36 HOURS, sorry…… 11% of 70% is .157142… so that means the screen was on for 3.36 hrs of 21.42hours…. 25% your an idiot

          • Guest

            So many spelling errors it hurts to read.

        • Emailhere

          The 11% is 11% of the used battery not 11% of the time on. Learn to math.

          • jbonics

            To the guy that thinks G.E.D stands for good enough degree….. 11% usage of a battery that has so far lasted 21.42 hours is 2.35hrs of a 70% batt. Just because its the batt usage doesnt mean the equation is wrong. Sad

          • Emailhere

            You are mistaken. 11% usage is of the used battery. Not of the time on. Something could use 11% of the battery and be on for 2 min. In this case you are trying to mix information that just does not mix. Look at the screenshot and see the Display used 11% of the used battery in roughly 25% of the time between the charge and the screenshot.

            Rough math:
            21.75 hours * .25 (25%) = 5.43 hours the screen was on
            In this time the phone used 70% of the battery
            In this time the display used 11% of the 70% of the used battery

            Your math tries to use a % of used battery to figure out the time the display was on and that does not work because you do not know how much draw the battery has while the screen is on.

        • hmmm

           He got the 25% from the blue bars on top of the screenshot. They tell you when the phone was active or likely had the screen on. How about learn how to read.

        • Guest

          Are you in third grade?  You’re making yourself look like an idiot.  You don’t understand how the battery stats work and your comment is painful to read.

    • Hi

      exactly. you can see where the phone was being used by the blue under the line which charts the battery drain. the phone was barely used at all during that 21 hour period. i’m pretty sure if you put the phone to sleep for the entire time it would last even longer. pretty pathetic attempt to pretend the battery last if you ask me. 

  • Im220ph3

    What about the boot up time? My droid charge takes almost 10 mins sometimes.

    • Ihavetastedblu

      That is because the Charge was one of the worst phones to be called a DROID, IMO. I never could find a reason to show that phone any love sad to say.

      • Phoneman67

        Yeh tell me about it, ihave one and have nothing but problems with it since i got it.
        Hope the razr maxx is going to be better. I wish it had a HD screen.

  • Alexander Garcia

    ZOMG Finally!!! An LTE phone that can last a full day on a single charge and still remain thinner than an iPhone 4s. Amazing job Motorola! Kudos!

    • Hi

      yeah except it only last a day when you leave the phone in sleep for 80% of the time. amazing…

      • Yups

        nah you mean it only lasts a day in normal usage, you power users(aka disorganized schleps who got nothin better to do but stare at your phone all day) wouldn’t know that though I guess

        • Anonymous

          No….. look at the amount of power the DISPLAY used, not much; this phone hardly had the screen on people. Know your ish.

          • Anonymous

            ever think the display just uses less power than older displays?  Not to mention a majority of the power was consumed by OS, not standby.

          • Anonymous

            My galaxy nexus always has around 50% used by the OS, even if i leave it in standby most of the day.

          • Anonymous

            You have a lemon then. I would either return it and try a new one, or do what I did and ROOT it and get this kind of battery life! 

            Franco kernel + AOKP 21

          • mario7

            The Android OS % is a known issus affecting many devices across all manuf.  There is no know correlation between the widely varying %s displayed and any effect on battery usage.

          • Anonymous

            Why do you assume I’m not rooted? I’m running AOKP with Franco kernel as well.

        • Hi

          haha so know people who actually get emails or make phone calls or lord forbid listen to some music are considered “power users”. haha

    • Tony
      • KillApple

        Oh my god! that is crap. We had market share for about 12 months and now they release one stupid phone with an S slapped on it and now they have market share again. So they make all this money, hijack Verizon, own the tablet and phone markets all off of stupid stolen ideas. I wish Google would just buy Apple and end all of this crap. 

  • Anonymous

    Most people actually use their cell phone for actual phone calls, which uses a lot of battery life. Every battery test I ever see the people never use it to talk on and therefor give a different outcome then most people would actually see. I use my phone for a lot of things other then calls, but I do use it a lot for calls as well.

    • Anonymous

      I think playing around with your phone (screen on) is more of a drain then phone calls. The screen sleeps during calls, and the phone probably also either clocks down or goes into some power saving states.

      • Alexander Garcia

        That’s actually a pretty accurate statement.

      • Agreed. 4G and screens are the big battery users nowadays. It used to be that calls drain your battery the most, but not anymore. I know from experience that an hour of streaming music over 4G uses up a lot more battery than an hour long phone call (processor strain should be the same-ish for both)… and we are not even going to talk about an hour of the screen being on.

    • Anonymous

      Ater looking at the day one test it says 25% battery was used for phone calls and on day 2 test only 3% was for calls. So I’m guessing that it the major difference of why the two days are so different.

  • Ahku Droid

    This is sounding like the 4G Droid I have been looking for.  It may not be unlocked (hopefully that changes), but at least it won’t leave me stranded after a day of drinking on St. Pat’s when I am trying to find my ride.

  • Anonymous

    Android OS bug? It’s battery usage should be no where near that high…

    • Anonymous

      It’s just calculated wrong. Android OS doesn’t affect the battery life. There is a bug that supposedly adds the display awake time to it. And every other process in the phone that doesn’t have a way to be measured also falls under the Android OS category. So if you have some rogue app that doesn’t report correctly it could add to Android OS as well.

      • guest

        if the os didnt drian a battery it wouldnt be on….