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Video: Galaxy Nexus Volume Issue Could Be Hardware Related?

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The volume toggling issue that has been plaguing the UK Galaxy Nexus over its first few days on the market was originally thought to be software-related. Many assumed that a simple OS tweak would take care of the problem, but that may not be the case after all. Through the testing you can see above, the volume rocker on the G-Nex is being toggled up and down even while in the bootloader, hence the scrolling between options on the screen.

From what we can tell, the tester has placed a call on his secondary phone, is then moving it up against the G-Nex which is causing the internal radio to freak out (official term there). When the radio is doing whatever the heck it is doing on the inside, it is also triggering the volume rocker to adjust all the way down, leading people to believe that this is a hardware problem rather than software.

Still no way to tell if this issue lives on the 4G LTE version until we get the phone in our hands.

Via:  XDA

Cheers jefbystereo!

  • Anonymous

    lol, they will not be able to do that at this point. They are crying so hard in a corner specially devitto, and 1badass69. Those two are the worse cry babies ever.

    • Guest

  • Anonymous

    Do you play with the smart actions?

    • Guest

  • Anonymous

    I said it all along, Samsung’s radio suck big time lol. I will get a nexus once moto makes it thank you.

    • Guest

  • Yikes.

  • Theandyplan

    I have an OG Droid that has never been replaced. Its sadly on it’s way out. I didn’t want the rezound because it seemed bulky and the small battery was kind of what broke the deal for me. I didn’t want the razr because it didn’t have a removable battery. I rode the bionic train and was glad i didn’t get it. The nexus will most likely be my next phone. The “issues” with it are negligible to me. No SD card? I have a 16gb card in my OG that i have never ever taken out. No USB support? From what I’ve read you can still put and take files on or off of it, just on on Macs. I have a PC so no biggie. Now this volume thing. They said its only a problem for 2g. I have yet to be in a 2g area. If it has the same issue with 4g then yes. That’s definitely a huge issue, but we won’t know until its released. I plan on making an informed purchase and waiting for several reviews before i go out and grab it. I suggest we all do the same before praising or damning the phone and each other.

  • Boss1634

    Sadly the more i read on this phone the more i dislike it alot, thinking the Rezound will be a much better experience than this!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been thinking the same thing… Except there are some serious complaints running in the Rezound forums about lag, and HTC’s choice of somewhat dated SOC.

  • If it is a hardware issue, wouldn’t a baseband firmware update be able to fix it?

  • Bill Mitchell

    Eh, no worries guys, they’ll probably give all of them free bumpers or something.

  • John

    software issue. going to be fixed soon

  • hatethanet

    Quite a few G-Nex owners on XDA have this volume problem. Check it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1353590 .

  • Dbarden31

    This may not even be a problem with the CDMA version. Bottom line is thery’re all gonna have cons. You just have to pick the one the easiest to deal with and from the two that’s out now its the RAZR for me despite Moto’s past.

  • Just release the phones that are already built. People with the problem can make an exchange for a later build. I know this wouldn’t stop me from picking one up, even *pple with their supposedly superior quality have bigger problems than this.

  • Greg_churtson82

    Webster Dictionary:

    Rezound: Not a word. Beats shit.

    Razr: Not a world. Blur shit.

    Nexus: Hocus pocus pixie dust.

    • Andorid Devices-Schlepily Made devices designed to appease the instant gratification g-spot of the average everyday moron.

  • Wh

    I know how to get Verizon to get us information: have the White House make them!


  • Anonymous

    This is going to delay it’s available date. 


    hhmmm so much for the greatest device EVER! here I thought ICS was the greatest thing since slice bread, the most ambitious project google ever came up with- the one that will unite ALL… well looks like the Nexus is a POS and ICS is just BLEH! like any android fans BEG for another update just to try to fix the BUGS from the last one, Oh wait this is HARDWARE related HAHA. Unlike android Apple makes sure everthing is polish and smooth from the get-go.

    • Like the 4s ? lol.

      • Anonymous

        you fail….my 4S runs like a champ without having to hack the shit out of it

        • GPU wipes the floor with the Nexus’s antique graphics proc.

        • Guest


    • Did you think ICS was the greatest thing since sliced bread because posters on this site said it or because some actual, authoritative expert or unbiased reviewer said it? If you flopped because of rumors and poster-opinion, then what does that make you?

      Hint: no more credible on this than my shoe.

  • Ij can’t wait to get this beast…..its the best phone hands down….screw waiting 8 months to get ics…..bloat free….this hone is so much more about software and I can’t wait…..if you now want the razor with that horrible screen go ahead, if you want the rezound that’s like every HTC phone with piss poor battery life, gingerbread, laggy sense, go ahead…for me tho its all nexus skin free from this point forward….I could careless about these bugs every phone has bugs at least the nexus will b updated at a timely matter….you get the rezound have fun with that bug for 5 months cause that’s how long It will take….I don’t know’how’anyone could get a skinned android device when the nexus is about to be released…..these are the same people that complain about how bad the skins are too…

    • Tom Klien_897t

      Beast, it will be. LOL.

      • POSNEXUS

        a beast of a failure

    • I love the screen on my RAZR! No volume issues for me. Oh and I am getting to use right now while you are stuck with old.

      • Except on a black screen in the dark you can see spots.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that this can be fixed with a firmware update. I highly doubt it’s a physical hardware issue that would require the phones to be physically repaired…


      believe it the nexus is a POS

    • Anonymous

      depends, if it’s true it’s a shielding interference issue, no firmware will fix that. Also that would be one egregious thing to get through quality control I would think….  

    • Sniperdroid

      Oh, NOOOOOO!  This ain’t your daddy’s leaky faucet, son.  This is a full blown disaster happening right before your eyes!  NOT ENOUGH RF SHIELDING IN THE UNIT!!!!!!!  Obvious to any radio op on the marble!  What you gotta figure is how many times are you gonna stick it next to another toaster oven to make it wonk out on ‘ya?  Remember the Ibone antenna problem….? Here’s your android version.

  • Tom Klien_897t

    Toddler: Mommy, when will I get the nexus?

    Mom: When you learn to spell.

    Son: Mommy, when will I get the nexus?

    Mom: When you go to school and do well.

    Teen: Mommy, when will I get the nexus?

    Mom: When you go to college and get a job.

    Adult: Honey, when will get the nexus?

    Wife: When to learn to …. well.

  • Anonymous

    The pain of my OG and it’s shenanigans became unbearable today. I bought a used Bionic… No contract extension, so it’ll be a nice upgrade until the Nexus gets its knickers out of a twist (and if I’m hating the Bionic by then 🙂 )

  • Dcasimiro

    I’ve owned both the Razr and the Rezound. Went from Rarz to rezound back to razr. The Razr just feels great and the battery life is very good. I’m really liking the the motocast, it’s really nice to be able to syn to your pc from anywhere over 3g or 4g. 

  • Maybe he’s holding both phones up to his ear to try for better reception?  I don’t know about you but I have a work phone and my personal phone and never have them that close together.  What a wasted video.  This is all that’s been found so far as an “issue”?  

    • And if this comment was taken seriously, I’d suspect you’re not going to jump on the phone anyway until this decision breaker is fixed.

  • Greg_churtson82

    If the Nexus is a hardware recall, then all the imaginary boxes shipped to all the imaginary locations would be returned, and we are talking launch after Super Bowl. We would have HTC Edge by that time.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe one of the Verizon testers should make a video trying the same thing, so people can stop assuming this is why Verizon “delayed” the release.  You know, because somehow you can delay a product that hasn’t publicly been given a release date.

    • Stating El Obvious

      Another apologist response.  If you think that it was Google intention to announce a product in Mid-October, and then have it release in the 2nd week of December, I have a bridge that I want to sell to you.  But you have to Paypal me the money first, and then I’ll email you the map of the bridge’s location.

      • Anonymous

        I literally have no idea what you’re talking about, but I honestly don’t care either.

        PS – Shouldn’t “el” be “lo” since it’s the article?

        • Stating El Obvious

          I don’t know, this isn’t Spanish class!  Who cares?

          • Anonymous

            …about your opinion? no one really.

          • Stating El Obvious

            Wow your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired.  Try reading it again…slowly.

  • vincent scala

    if hardware issue hopefully it just a defect in some and can just be replaced 

  • vincent scala

    is it all or just some of the phones?