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Motorola Preparing Special Project for the Original DROID?

An email about the original DROID from the Motorola Feedback Network, now there is something I don’t think anyone thought we would ever see again. Could it be an update to Gingerbread? Maybe a simple bug fix? Maybe something to highlight the glory of the old days when bootloaders weren’t locked up like a prison and bloatware wasn’t flowing like wine? Tough to tell, but here is the email that just went out to anyone registered on the MFN with an OG:

Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are preparing a project for owners of the original Motorola Droid on Verizon, and would like to invite you to participate. Click this link to take a short enrollment survey for this project. Please note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to take part.

If you are no longer using your original Droid and wish to update your Motorola Feedback Network profile so you can be part of projects for a different Motorola phone, please click here. If you use the same computer as previous registrations, you can update your profile. If you do not, simply re-register with your current Motorola product. To opt out of the MFN see the link at the bottom of this email.

This is a confidential project under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this project on any public sites.
Thanks — we hope to be in contact with you soon.

– Matt
Motorola Owners’ Forums
Motorola Feedback Network

I’m at a loss for words. Almost brings a tear of joy to my eye. We knew this was the greatest phone ever made, but who knew that it would continue to receive some sort of support 2 years after initial release? Such a bad, bad machine.


Cheers M and C!

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  • TC Infantino

    I was already a member of the Motorola Forums, but I just now took the survey so I hope to receive an email.  If anyone hears from them I do hope they will post the information here for us.

  • Anonymous

    i was wondering if there are any current root methods out there for the og droid… i would not mind signing up for this as i will be getting a new phone soon and root is not a huge deal but i really enjoy the ability to run custom roms and root apps.

  • Jon

    I think the author of this post is reading a lot into this. Could simply be a focus group survey of OG Droid users or some sort of insentive to get them to upgrade to a new droid. 

  • This is a confidential project under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this project on any public sites.

    Especially loved that part.

  • Fatmattyd

    You guys are not only drinking the OG kool-aid, you’re brewing it yourselves and pushing it on kids outside schools!  

    The OG was the best phone ever (since I couldn’t get the i*hone on Verizon), for about 2 months!!!  Then they came out with the X, and the rest is history.  

    By the end I was all too happy to sell my OG on Craigo to some sucker for $100 and go back to my Blackberry Curve!!!  What a POS the OG was.  Sure, it started it all.  Sure, it was unlocked and unfettered.  Maybe we’ll have that again with the Gnex.   I sure hope so… otherwise I’m switching teams.  

    • Keith Sumner

      Get out of here, idiot.

      • Fatmattyd

        Seriously?  That’s all you have?  
        Hiding behind the wall of a forum is easy.

        Look at the article… best phone ever?  

        Did you somehow get a different OG Droid than I did?  Mine took several seconds to take a picture.  Mine had some many missed screen swipes that I started using the page flip buttons at the bottom.  Mine would hang constantly and take seconds for screen draws.  I stopped using most apps since it was so painful.  

        I stand by my comments.  

        Sure… Apple is locked down, Apple controls their app store… Apple… blah blah.  My 3rg gen iPod touch is buttery smooth.  And by buttery, I mean not choppy, doesn’t hang, does what you’d expect.  Apple nailed the user experience from day one.  Sure… they’ve had their problems.  There are obviously pros and cons.  And, I’m not exactly preaching to the choir here.  

        All I’m saying is the the OG Droid, in my experience, was *not* the best phone ever.  I’m sure hoping the Gnex is all they say, and that Android (as an ecosystem) has finally caught on that the user experience is an integral part of the picture.  If the Gnex isn’t all they say… I’m switching.    

        • OG

          Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

          • Fatmattyd

            You    m a d    bro?

          • Anonymous

            You o l d bro? Come up with some original lines

      • Fatmattyd

        Wait!  It just dawned on me… and I’m not sure why I didn’t realize it before!

        You’re the sucker I sold my OG to!!!  No wonder your knickers are all up in a twist.  

        The best part is that we both know I’m right about the OG too.

      • Anonymous

        To be fair, Droid Classic wasn’t exactly a zippy phone. It’s slow, it’s huge, and it gets crazy hot. That said, I’ve had my Droid for two years now, and I love it to death- but with the new dual-core super fast phones, I won’t have any hesitation in upgrading. But I think I’ll always have a spot in my heart for my Droid.

  • David

    When I was looking at the Bionic, Target offered my $50 for my OGD.  I wouldn’t take it.  I’m looking to update to the GNex, but I don’t see myself turning in my OGD unless it’s for a lot more than that.  I don’t think it’s ICS – not enough memory.  I can’t imagine what it would be.  I signed up to be a part of the MFN hoping that I would be a good fit for this project.  

  • How do you get to participate? My OG is da shiz! Cant wait till Nexus drops! but if my OG can get some love from moto I WANT IN!

  • Guest

    Still rocking the OG Droid here as well! Runs fantastic using Project Elite clocked at 1Ghz. I only wish it had more RAM and 4G. That’s one of the biggest reasons for me to move on to a new phone. And the only one worthy of being a successor is the Galaxy Nexus (as imperfect as it is!). Still waiting to try it before I buy it, otherwise I’ll stick with the OG until whatever the next great phone may be.

  • new project.  they are encrypting the boot loader
     so noone can say any moto phone is unlocked 🙂

  • David Louie

    what does this mean for me if i’m rooted and running a peter alfonso ROM?

    • it means you’ll have two wait 4 whole hours for pete to release the rooted version of the update. and another 2 weeks to get the bugless beast version of it. .. probably 

    • none

      it might mean u don’t need the project since ur at the latest version of GB and u can do ur own projects

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think my OG D1 can last much longer.. G-Nex hurry the F up!

  • STill rocking my OG D1 with CM 7.1

    Can’t wait for the Nexus though… need more RAM fo sho

  • Anonymous

    Free Droid Razr.

  • so what’s the link to the survey? I still use my OG Droid (when it decides to actually answer calls, that is)

  • John Lane

    i just signed up hopefully i recieve something

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Well…unless the send out a secret code that magically converts the OG to a SUPER OG…I don’t see this making a whole lot of difference when I pick up my new beast this month!

  • Keithsmnr

    They’re going to test bootloader unlocking.

    • Anonymous

      been done years ago, this isn’t any droid it wasn’t locked and encrypted like the new moto’s.

      • Keith Sumner

        Right, but it still required hacking, so it wasn’t accessible through any official means.

  • Hey you also posted this on a public site. Oh sh!t you will definitely see and cease and decease letter from Moto in 3.2.1.

  • Well I still have my OG Droid and I can say that probably Motorola is planning to do to it what it did to all of its other phones there after. Lock them down and don’t let people upgrade to the latest and greatest software update. I also use Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast distro and I’m happy with it. I would say thanks Moto, but no thanks. You’ve made me a firm believer that I should not go with your locked out phones. Galaxy Nexus here I come.

  • I am still rocking my OG Droid until 2/2012 so I am really interested to see what they have going here!  Project Elite 4.3 is great and all but supported 2.3 optimized by Moto……. yea, that could seriously ROCK!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    This is good news for the droid owners 🙂

  • Dominick DeVito

    The OG’s getting more attention tonight than the Razr. Amazing

  • Matt

    50 cents off the Devour 2.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…still have my OG and a new Bionic.  Wonder if I can get on the program now?

    • Anthony Lamberto

      same here man

  • Dominick DeVito

    The OG is still the best current Android phone on the market. It’s grey bearded, but still a bad ass

    • lmao is this comment serious?

      • I hope it is, cause its undeniable. There is a reason the Droid will forever be known as a revolutionary phone in the Android community, how many have done so after it? not many.. and considering it was the one to start it.. no one phone can compete in reputation 😀 hoooraaay

  • Gee Queue

    The greatest gift ever would be a new spec-matched device (same physical specs PRECISELY) while internally the device is a new dual or quad-core cpu with a ton of onboard ram, storage and AMOLED+ display which runs vanilla ICS.

    As all existing accessories still fit/dock/etc OG Droid owners would rejoice and new Droid owners would flock to this device already having such a rich accessory market.

  • Alexander Garcia

    *applause* *raises shimmering glass filled to the rim with colt 45* To the Godfather of Droids!

  • Dominick DeVito

    My OG’s rockin 2.3.7, thanks to Peter Alfonso (GPA19). If it wasn’t for him my OG would’ve been done with almost a year ago.

    CHEERS TO PETER ALFONSO. Like this post if your rocking a Pete Alfonso ROM!

    • Anonymous

      I was going to like your post . . . until you requested it.

      • whatever chief – it was a toast to Pete Alfonso

      • Whett Phartz

        Yeah. I hate attention whores. 

    • none

      After Pete, Matt from Moto Support forums is the coolest OG Droid tech I know…

    • Cyanogenmod > x

      • millidooms

        Pete had GB on the OG Droid well before Cyan. Also his GPA series runs much smoother than Cyanogen. 

    • Peter Alfonso gave my DInc and OG Droid life when there was none to be had! I love that guy!

      • Shiz… if it wasnt for him I wouldn’t be the Android geek I am today!

    • Liquid Smooth 3.1 here 

    • Millidooms

      He is the reason we have been using Gingerbread since January. So awesome. 

  • KevinC

    my droid still runs exactly like it did when i bought it 2 years ago.

    if you take care of the hardware, it will last.  it’s not like the software is programmed to start getting slower the longer you own it.

    i’m glad motorola is still supporting this one.

    • Anonymous

      Does a 1.2Ghz Kernel count as taking care of it? Or running Nav, Pandora, and taking calls while having your phone docked in the window with the sun beating down during Texas 100* heat count as taking care of it? (In my defense I turned on cold defrost) 

      😛 I really need the Nexus.

      • Take care of hardware?  Son, use that beast.  Slap it and call it suzy.  My OG took every inch and came back for more.  Now, it acts like a spun out meth head and we all know when that happens its time to upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    yeah I bet they add motoblur… real special project

  • i’m pretty sure its some sort of “turn in your droid for $100 off the razr” program. 

    • Anonymous

      I think they should do something like turn in your droid and get a new free phone. I mean that way they can burn all the OG droid’s and get rid of the proof that they had an unlocked stock android experience in the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably a project that will help you “upgrade” to a new phone.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe 11/11/11 is causing a rift in time and the OG is the new hotness.