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HTC: Gingerbread for the HTC Thunderbolt Will Be Out Some Day

Been wondering what happened to the Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt? Well, after early adopters noticed that their device could no longer receive voicemail notifications once they had updated, it was pulled with no future date in sight. And then, just a week or so later, a security vulnerability was pointed out to HTC which we are assuming is what’s causing the additional delay. A voicemail bug can’t be that hard to fix, right? Who knows about a security issue like that though.

So what is the latest? According to HTC’s official Twitter account, it will be here “soon.” Damn do we love that word! With no time table given at this point, we are about out of ideas as to when you may see it. The original Incredible still doesn’t have it by the way, so you aren’t alone Tbolt owners. What a mess.

Stay tuned!

Via:  Twitter

  • Brian

    Skip GB and give us ICS!

  • Ninja Skilz

    You guys are ridiculous, sometimes a bad product gets made. You can’t flame the entire brand for one crappy phone. What about the good ones HTC made? Both Incredibles were pretty sweet not to mention HTC has made many of the flagship phones for Android. Keep whining, in three months you’ll all be back here saying the same thing about some other phone.

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Got 2.3.4 on my T-Bolt the morning of the release. Hell, I didn’t even know they pulled it until last week. Works great, no issues, love the additional tweaks. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. The only thing that was a pain was the stock battery, replaced with the 2750mAh and this phone rocks! Bring on the creamy sangwich!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, it still isn’t officially available? That kinda sucks for non-rooted users.

  • Anonymous
  • Kobrakaiff

    I grabbed the OTA gingerbread update for the short amount of time it was available. I don’t have any problems with receiving voice mail notifications..

  • Anonymous

    Never had any problems with the TBOLT, none of the reboots, texting or dialing issues.  Definitely not a good look for HTC after riding a huge wave of success.  After hearing of all the problems of other Thunderbolt owners on this blog and elsewhere I probably would have gotten rid of mine soon after purchase.  The only gripe was the Gingerbread update which I corrected with rooting.  TEAM BAMF has some of the best Sense based Roms for the TB and it is sad that these are running buttery smooth with none of the problems of the official OTA’S that are being pushed to customers.

  • No one should be surprised.  It isn’t like HTC is exactly johnny-on-the-spot with these updates now are they?  Reason no2 why I won’t buy HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Well about 9 months into owning the tbolt and I’m very disappointed in HTC. It shouldn’t come to the point where you have to root in order to fix all the bugs

  • I’ve had Gingerbread for months. Thanks CyanogenMod. 🙂

  • Djenks24

    Had no complaints about my droid X but I thought I should get grandfathered into the 4G!?!?!?!?  Now I have a Thunderbolt, thought I would be OK because HTC was so much better at everyone else about getting updates out.  Reboot, Reboot, Reboot, Root, Reboots fixed but for some reason, in my area I can’t get a signal, now I’m back to stock and waiting for my 4th replacement Thunderbolt.  Its not my responsibility to make this phone work right, that’s why I pay money for it.  I enjoy rooting and trying roms but I do it for entertainment not to make the phone work correctly. HTC needs to focus on this problem or they are going to lose a lot of customers.  My solution is going to be calling Verizon customer support until they realize that they need to just replace my phone with something else, (Samsung or Motorola) otherwise they are going to have an unhappy customer!

  • BallsOnTheWall

    *shrugs*  I’ve been on Gingerbread on my TB for months and it is awesome.  No voicemail bugs or anything else.  TeamBAMF for the WIN!

  • Guttatae22

    Dont HTC know they are loosing A LOT of customers behind this POS phone Smh o well

  • Josh Flowers

    “soon” is exactly the reason users are resorting to ‘root’ their devices (myself included several months ago–Thunderbolt) & also push us to buy Nexus devices (bye bye HTC, hello Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to avoid skins.

    sorry HTC. your ‘Soon’ was the nail in your coffin & the deciding factor in my purchasing only Nexus devices from now on.

  • Anonymous

    i got the OTA update on 9/28 and my phone works great. with the exception of the voicemail icon thing. its faster, smoother and big improvement on the battery.

  • Tzoller

    Interesting but what happened to the old HTC Droid Incredible update to GB?  Is HTC that far behind the eight ball?  Are they too busy going forward kind of like one step forward two steps back?

    • Tzoller

      Headline: HTC does not infringe on Apple patents… Yeah, Apple can update their software…..

  • Anonymous

    How could I possibly consider the Vigor? No thx HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, am I glad I rooted my phone over a year ago. 

    I’d never want to deal with these buggy and not-so-simple to use UI,s and let,s wait half a year updates. Now as I start looking for a new phone, I won’t as much think about the brand or the interface, but rather does it offer high end performance, do I like the form factor, and more importantly… Will I be able to load MIUI onto it.

  • Bearguru

    While the forum might dislike Motorola, I believe they have kept their word to upgrade to Gingerbread to all their 2H 2010 phones – Droid X, Droid Pro, even R2D2. Though the upgrade came  after 10 months of Gingerbread launch, consumers were still happy to get the latest Android. Samsung and HTC have been very poor in upgrading to the latest version, unless it was a Google owned device like Nexus. So, you can buy Nexus Prime or trust Motorola device for upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Matches the botched tbolt launch
    I gave up waiting and downloaded liquid thunder bread 2.6

  • Samuel Mosley

    but i already have GB for my T-Bolt when they first released it.  Does this mean there is GB 2.0 coming out?

  • I got tired of waiting for HTC and their year long wait for updates, so I switch to the Droid Bionic and I’m so glad I did… 

  • This is not all. HTC updates destroyed the Sense Alarm Clock/Weather widget on Incredible 2


    hmmm, yeah htc…been running this forever… sad this is ill be getting your “rezound” too…lol, maybe the nexus too…but thats costly…2 phones outright… though verizon could be nice and give an early upgrade … 🙂

  • I’m running the official GB update and other than not getting the notifications for voicemails, I don’t mind it. I’m a fan of having my front camera working for skype calls. Other than that, I don’t notice much change in it. To check if I have any voicemails I just go under the third tab under texts and see if it says I have any. All that being said, I’ll be upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out and letting my dad have the option of my Thunderbolt if he wants it over his Droid X.

    • LosingCredibility

      How are you able to upgrade to the galaxy nexus if you recently purchased the Thunderbolt? Will you pay full price for it? Just curious…

      • Well I bought my Dad’s Droid X as my upgrade when it came out. Then I used my Dad’s upgrade to get my Thunderbolt and gave him the Droid X. I’ve convinced my sister to swap upgrades with me, since she has an upgrade now and mine’s in March. This way I can get the Nexus…and maybe possibly convince her in March to give me that upgrade if an EVEN BETTER phone comes out then.

  • Anonymous

    lol what a joke .

  • It does have this option. It was introduced with MR2 update this summer.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…and I’ve been considering the new Rezound. If it has a unlocked bootloader, I’ll seriously consider it. But if it’s locked and I’ve got to wait for this nonsense? Doubt I’ll bother. Cannot believe the Tbolt still doesn’t have Gingerbread! Everything is headed twoard ICS and HTC hasn’t even gotten around to the old sys on a new phone yet?? Unreal….terrible support

    • Anonymous

      Lol… Didn’t the Motorola Droid 2 Global just get the upgrade about a week ago after more than a year?


      • Anonymous

        Yea but the D2G wasn’t as highly touted as the Tbolt,either. That was HTC’s flagship model! Still on Froyo is totally absurd!

        • Anonymous

          I haven’t been on Froyo with my Thunderbolt for about 4 months. 

          • Sporty

            You rooted,wise choice. But for those who aren’t tech savvy it’s been a lonnnng wait.

  • “The original Incredible still doesn’t have it by the way, so you aren’t alone Tbolt owners. What a mess.” umm.. what are you talking about? the incredible was given the gingerbread OTA update quite some time ago. 

    • LosingCredibility

      umm… what are you talking about? The Incredible update was pulled as well… 2 people in my family have incredibles, stock, still running froyo.

  • FknTwizted

    There might a reason now…. isn’t ics still compatible even on a single core? But then again I’ve been rocking cm7 and let me tell u f that is fast and customizing is ridiculous!

  • Telephoneteck

    Root and yes I will be upgrading to nexus

  • Thanks HTC and Verizon for ensuring I never buy one of your half-baked devices or run anything on your network again.

    • Tim242

      Oh shut up. Such whiney babies. Vzw has the best network, so saying you’ll never run anything on the network again is nonsense. The people that want Gbread, can get it. The rest are wondering what the hell gbread is. Btw…it isn’t that much of an upgrade.

      • Kierra

        Damn you caping for corporations being terrible? No bueno . 

        • Tim242

          2.2 works great. Nothing terrible about it.

          • Ganesha1994

            Igot the official gingerbread update, and I love it …no voicemail notification don’t give 2 craps Its called answer the phone people ….I bought the charge on Craigslist last week….it sucks sooooo freaking bad compared to thunderbolt and I hate Motorola os ….so I guess it’s either wait or nexus here I come….stop complaining people

          • DaveDoug

            I’m pretty sure wanting a functional voicemail notification isn’t really on par with “complaining.”  It’s a pretty standard feature on phones, and has been for decades.  I might also mention that anyone with either an active social life or a desire to not be tethered to their cell phone at all hours so they can enjoy the company of others and give them the respect of their full attention would like to be notified when they received a call that they may have missed either intentionally or unintentionally.  Overall, the update has been very beneficial for me, but technical issues have been a mainstay with this device, and performance concerns are genuine. 

      • I don’t care how large their network is, if I own a device that has trouble picking it up then coverage is irrelevant to me. Verizon should have the foresight to release phones that can take advantage of their infrastructure. 

        No one should pay upwards of $200 for a device in this day and age and be required to modify it (against the carrier’s rules and regulations, mind you) to make it work properly. Sorry, “root & rom” isn’t a good enough answer. There are a lot of people out there who don’t know what Gingerbread is, but there are a hell of a lot more whose phones automatically reboot, send texts to the wrong recipients, and have crippling data issues. You can tell them to shut up too. 

        I love it when people like you tell users with serious problems and complaints to just suck it up. You’d be right at home at VZW customer service. 

        • Tim242

          That is all a bunch of bs. The rebooting stopped 2 or 3 updates ago. The rest of what you said was a bunch of bs. You are such a drama queen. Are you gay?

  • I’m one of the early adopters.  Voicemail notifications missing is a bummer… hope the fix comes much quicker than VZW’s translation of the word “soon.”

    • Anonymous

      Its been fixed for weeks for the rooted users. Takes about a half hour of effort. But I understand that most would rather complain.

      • Anonymous

        More like most people dont want to F around and void their warranty, or screw up and brick their phone.  besides the fact that voicemail notification is a very BASIC function of ANY damn phone!@.

        • Anonymous

          Never known anyone to brick, you don’t void your warranty because the moment you revert to stock you have it back. And I have voicemail notifications with Gingerbread just like everyone else with a rom!  

          Where you been, you are not up to speed.  

  • Hadlicksr

    and this is why I do NOT want a phone with a UI “skin” over Android. Not even getting in to which is better, but Sense, Motoblur, Touchwiz etc are the reason for delays in the updates to Android. Google releases the updates and it takes so long for the companies to make their software compatible with Android. Give me vanilla Android without the delays anyday. Nexus Prime, Here I come. 

  • I don’t care anymore my contract is up in December & i’m done with VZW & HTC i’m jumping ship & looking for another carrier. I’m sure those arrogant @ssholes don’t care because they’ve done nothing to compensate us for the endless problems we’ve had with this phone.

    • Tim242

      Uggh you make me sick. This phone has been great. The network is the best. What other carrier do you think will be better? STFU you crybaby.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny, I got the Gingerbread update before it was pulled.  It was probably a week after HTC and Verizon pulled it before I even heard that it was pulled.  I never realized that voicemail notifications were broke.  I guess, in the future, if I get a missed call I’ll just check my Google Voice app and see if I got a voicemail.

  • Flatpick1981

    Screw GB we want ICS!

  • Anonymous

    Wait….but my ThunderBolt has 2.3.4, am I not supposed to?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I think if you got rid of skins like Blur, Sense, etc.. these devices would be easier to update efficiently and successfully.  It is unfortunate that these companies have teams of highly paid developers who cannot pull off have of the quality of programming work that the developers in the Android community do for fun, and all they ask is for a thank you and a donation.  Imagine the sad state Android would be in if we were stuck with what the OEM gave you and that was it.  

  • Anonymous

    If you look at the tweet, they asked about the “Thunderbolt software update.” Not a mention it confirmation for gingerbread. That is because they aren’t getting it. I think after tomorrow, we will find that all phones are getting Ice Cream Sandwich. Fragmentation days are comingto an end. This is the reason for the silence on many devices and their upgrade dates. Ice cream for everyone. This is the big announcement.

  • Furious_TBolt_Owner

    Want to hear something crazy?  I installed the latest update from VZ and HTC a few weeks back and have had major problems since.  Before the update, the phone wasn’t the best but I didn’t have major complaints.  After that update, damn!  It routinely and randomly restarts itself several times a day.  It can’t seem to connect to the network at times and just seems to stall out.  HTC Sense crashes numerous times a day and many apps just stop for no reason and have to be restarted.  This is a total mess.  Thanks VZ and HTC!!

    • Complain to VZW, they’ll likely replace your phone.

    • Anonymous

      If I had your phone with the issues you describe I would just fix it.

      Which by the way is very easy to do.

  • i am running sense 3.5 and loving it

    Root and room for the win

    • Wintrmte

      Which ROM are you running?

  • Froweman

    Maybe they can fix the unstable video playback while they are at it. Damn this phone was just great til this happen. I think it might be time root. Didnt think i would have to do this to this phone.

  • Ok Lets say about 25% of the android community knows how to install roms & root devices … what about the other 75% who has no vision where we the people on these forums and blog site do … They are stuck like chuck … For that person who just wants a phone that just works stock these android phones just dont cut it…   For the tech savi they are perfect …

    • Well, 2.2 on Thunderbolt “just work”. It’s not really broken.

      • Tim242

        Thank you! Best comment on this thread!

  • Jred Smitty

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that the thunderbolt tore down my professed love of android. I jumped ship to the dark side after being with android since the Eris. Before I get flamed just know that I love android and the things it brought to the table. However after almost every great phone release there was a load cry in the back from users that know the poor development and deployment of fixes/updates has really diminished the OS that is android. I think google should have staggered the use of their OS with manufacturing companies as they really screw up what android was all about. I think if google was closer with the companies that made the phones android would succeed much more then it has. I love android and always will. I will always follow this site because I hope new things to come will pull me back to it. Much love to all android users and the developing community.

    • Tim242

      Yeah, and the walled boring garden is paradise, right? Enjoy being behind.

      • Jred Smitty

        you are such a troll…..

  • Anonymous

    Idc what you guys say but the lack of updates is a big reason why I left android and got the iPhone 4S…super smooth OS…timely updates..and superior build quality…things run a lot better when the OEM is in charge of both hardware and software

  • Richsavg46

    I have it I have no problems

  • My thunderbolt is running gingerbread just fine, with cm7. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I don’t agree with all you guys. The Thunderbolt is great and I don’t have any issues.

    But then again I have been running roms since I got the phone.

    But I still plan on getting the Nexus… Or the Rezound.

  • Cwhyte2005

    I got the gingerbread update and my phone run like a dream. Voicemail thing is a small issue. All you go to is check you email. 4g 3g switch. Go to setting on your menu where you turn your data on. You will find it there.

    • Cwhyte2005

      Check your voicemail.

  • I feel bad for the thunderbolt cuponsuners this phone was the beta for 4g and it shows with all these bugs and promised dates for upgrade that have been passed by….this phone should of been cancelled…..and with some reports that the rezounds battery life will be horrible…I will not consider that phone at all

  • Anonymous

    Another reason I will never buy an HTC phone again.

    • Tim242

      The phone on 2.2 runs fine. It “just works.” 2.3 is nothing special. This phone is great.

  • Ortizchief

    Just Root it and instal Bamf Rom sense 3.5 is the best, i have no problems with this rom

  • Andy Christiansen

    anyone know how to fix the gmail syncing problem with the incredible?

  • Andy Christiansen

    how about the incredible?

  • Mbrown3460

    My six year htc love affair is over.

  • Djspikezz

    Straight up, HTC may allow unlocking bootloaders, but a lot of good that has done. HTC IS CRAP.

  • It may be broken but i still like gingerbread over froyo.  Works a lot better and the VM thing is very small… just check ur vm

  • Anonymous

    The Thunderbolt has Cyanogenmod right?  And does it have less bugs than the Gingerbread update that was pulled?

    It cracks me up that a bunch of people doing this in their spare time can not only release an update faster, but also release it with less bugs.

    • Dude CyanogenMod and BAMF both are so much more stable then any of the “stable” releases that come from HTC. CyanogenMod has 2.3.7 which is awesome and BAMF has Sense 2.3.4 with Sense 3.0 and 3.5 ……. Hello people it’s not hard to figure out that you just need to root the damn thing. and please don’t come at me with “oh it’ll break my warranty” you have to be a complete moron to really brick a device.

      • Anonymous

        The point is that you shouldn’t have to root just to get the latest update..avg consumers don’t know how to root nor do they care to root

        • Average consumers doesn’t care about updates either. Do you think they know what OS version the phone is running? Heck, they don’t even know what’s the OS it is. And these who care about GB have it for a while.

          • Tim242

            From an Atheist…Amen!

  • And this goes for ALL android phones minus the Nexus brand … You spend 200-400+ bucks on an Android phone and there’s a 50/50 chance your going to get a update …. Now what kind of support is that ???  Say what you want about the competition.. But thats BS.  

    • tommyz

      Who spends 200-400 bucks on a phone? More like 100.

      • Rizzidy

        People that aren’t poor.

  • Anonymous

    If you haven’t rooted yet, for God’s sake, watch a darn how-to video on YouTube and flash Cyanogen.  You’ll wonder what took you so long. 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is why I’m not even considering the Rezound as an option.

    • Anonymous

      You are making a good choice.

    • Anonymous

      Ok… and since any Motorola phone also isn’t a choice because of the lockdown policy that just leaves the Galaxy Nexus.  That’s fine with me.

      After reading many of the posts in this thread I honestly feel many would be better off with an iphone. Most Android phones have some glitch or another and they often require the ability to think. I’ve been on Gingerbread for 3 or 4 months and my Bolt has been great. None of the issues you all moan about. Yes I root and load roms but that half hour of effort saved me all the pissing and moaning.

      The time spent writing about all your goofy issues could have been spent fixing them…. 


      • jason6g

        i agree sadly enough.

        the 4s isint looking to be that much of a downgrade from most android phones. and to have a bug free smooth polished experience again would be nice.

        same boat as you, but mine bogs down every now n then. popping up a keyboard, searching, opening the app draw, etc. android is so awesome, but just not quite on the same level as apple. end user experience for those that dont root and whatnot isint even close in my opinion.

        im also curious how much bloatware makes it to the iphones of today…

  • unbelievable. *crosses HTC Rezound off list* chances are it will be a piece of crap like my thunderbolt

    • still trying to figure out why this phone has no option to toggle 4G/3G…makes no sense

      • Mine does, just just root the damn thing. Developers have made it so it’s actually a very good device. I know you should NOT have to do these things but it is a way to get some very nice features and good custom ROMs are usually more stable then the ones signed with release-keys. After all, all it takes is one click to root, s-off and flash clockwork…. Makes no sense why anybody would not want to do it. you can always unroot

        • Ortizchief

          Yes I root my thunderbolt and I installed Bamf HTC sense 3.5 Rom is awesome works really good 

  • Killershade

    Whats that? Sorry I was just sitting here on my TB with GB 2.3.7 and I couldn’t hear you from so far behind the independent developers.

  • Boblevel

    I suppose folks that aren’t rooted care about this, but the rest of us have had GB Rom’s for months..HTC will be hard pressed to get any of my money again in the future.. Nexus FTW!

  • DavidJPoma

    Thanks to CM7 I could care less

    • this, harrrd, if only flash worked 100% of the time

      • Killershade


  • hatethanet

    Because of the crappy manner in which HTC has handled the Thunderbolt, the Rezound is clearly in third place for me out of the big three LTE phones coming out.

    • Anonymous

      The razor is the way to go bro.

      • Anonymous

        If you have no interest in development. 

        • Anonymous

          Either way, it is the way to go. It will have top notch radios, sleek design and build quality.

  • Atmguajardo

    I’m confused. My Thunderbolt is currently running 2.3 is that not gingerbread?

    • Billy Jenkins

      mines currently running 2.3.4 and also HTC Sense 3.0 with very little to no lag. If HTC can’t get it done then I will update it myself and it works perfectly with no bugs

      • Ortizchief

        I have HTC Sense 3.5 is awesome, any other rom do you recommend besides this one 

    • Q

      Some people got the update before it was pulled..

  • wh

    Shouldn’t HTC and Verzion be embarrassed by their complete and utter lack of responsibility to the owners of the TB?  The flagship Verizon 4g phone doesn’t launch with GB.  GB’s going to get pushed Q2.  No wait end of Q2.  No wait end of Q3.  One day after GB is released and serious bugs found it’s pulled.  No timetable on fixing for people who already got the GB update, for people who never got the original OTA update, or for the Sense security issue.  Have they no shame?  I’ve already written off HTC after this debacle.  They aren’t getting any more money from me.  Oh and I like how HTC has conveniently not mentioned the dialer issue brought on with the GB update.  Before the update dialer was either 0 or 1% of my battery usage.  Now it’s regularly 10-20% and yes before anyone comments I shut off assisted dialing and it had no impact.

  • S9779

    This phone has been a constant disappointment. Looks like Verizon got rid of 1 year early upgrades just in ttime to s screw over us thunderbolt owners. This POS should have been recalled.

  • Wintrmte

    Having a Thunderbolt and seeing how HTC has handled this whole mess has opened my eyes to looking at other phones.  Notably, I was originally excited for the Vigor / Rezound (stupid name btw), but now I think I have my $$$ set on a Nexus. 

  • dexter

    Selling my tbolt on eBay the day gnex hits

    • Boblevel

      You and everyone else. Good luck..

    • no g-nex for you….. you keep the tb and like it!

  • Rachelzdesignz

    I have the Gingerbread update…received it about 2 to 3 weeks ago and I’ve had no problems!

  • Guttatae22

    This phone was a complete JOKE!!! I’m kinda hesitant on getting the rezound I’m leaning towards the motorist razor because HTC is really on some BS

  • Anonymous

    What about the Incredible?

  • Cameltoe4me2

    i got rid of mine HTC can kiss my ass. back to moto. FU HTC and verizon

  • Guest

    I am so glad I got rid of that Phone when I did….

    • Yeah I’m bailing on mine as well.  What’s sad is I had finally talked my wife into leaving the iPhone and giving Android a try… and the Thunderbolt totally ruined the experience driving her back to the iPhone.  At first I tried to make excuses, but gave up after a few weeks when the list of problems were just too much.

      • Tim242

        List of prpblems? You are such a drama queen. I have zero issues. She needs to leave you, for being so full of bs.

        • Go home troll

          • Tim242

            You’re the biggest troll on here tonight.

        • Drama queen… that’s a first, and a fun one! ;).  Don’t take this the wrong way, but if I were to guess I’d say you’re insecure and trying to defend your purchase (in your mind at least).

          Anyways, yes, list of problems, she went through 3 tbolts in the first month:

          After two days, the first one had a few problems but the big one was the screen colors/graphics suddenly began looking smeared, you couldn’t make out what was on the screen.  Verizon took it back and sent a replacement.

          The second one:

          -She couldn’t get the top button to register it was even being pushed without using her keys
          -It was constantly rebooting
          -It was texting the wrong person randomly
          -It froze a lot and went to a white screen
          -She hated the camera and how long it took to take a picture as well as it’s poor focusing and colors (compared to the iPhone)
          -The kickstand started peeling (only a couple of weeks old) and I had to take my dremel to it to polish it
          -She hated the facebook app and how you couldn’t tag people in pictures (FB app problem I know, but when it works on the iPhone, she was associating it with the Android experience)
          -She was horrified by the battery life, after coming from the iPhone
          -Then one day the bottom half of the screen stopped registering touches, it just flat out stopped registering touch input.

          So she got a 3rd replacement and we sold it on Ebay and she went back to the iPhone.

          I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the problems she experienced.  Some of these things are no longer problems with Android and the TBolt I understand.  Some of them were freak things, I know, but they all lead to her having a horrible experience with Android.  My phone had some of the same problems.

          Yes we could have rooted but the phone was still a few weeks from release and I didn’t trust what was available and didn’t want to make it worse for her.  Plus I’m in the group that agrees you shouldn’t have to root to have a good experience with Android.

          • Anonymous

            I agree that you shouldn’t “have” to root to have a good experience.  But I do think that if it is the answer to all the issues it is at least worth the effort.  I have loved my Thunderbolt and never had any big issues like you mentioned.  My only issue has been related to the network when they are having problems. 

            But….with that long list of problems with your phone I certainly understand not being happy. And I understand it messing up your recommendation to Android. I do feel you got some rotten phones and I want you to know they were not all like that.  Mine has been great and I even recommended on to a friend that had a new iphone that was having problems and she likes her Thunderbolt much more than the iphone. But I manage her phone myself and have it rooted with a custom rom.

            I know your wife has the iphone, but what phone do you have now?

            Slightly off subject but I got a Droid 1 back in the first week they came out. I wanted the phone so bad but kept having problems with the software and went through 3 phones. Finally they offered me a different phone but I declined because I liked it except for the issues. I went home and rooted and tried my first rom (Bugless Beast) or something like that… lol  And from that time on all of my software issues were fixed! Because of this the D1 was one of my favorite phones and always want a phone that is unlocked so I have the option to try and fix things with the software if I have problems. Sadly Motorola has let me down since the D1. I had the X and loved it except it was lacking because of being locked.

            A phone is a phone, but whatever you do… keep your wife happy!  🙂

          • Thanks for the reply, all good info.  I refer a lot of people to Android of course still and love what they do.  I’m currently still using the TBolt.  I know I should just root it at this point, but I’ve been burned and want out of it like a bad relationship lol.  Multiple times I’ve been on conference calls, with GOOGLE of all people/companies and had my TBolt reboot lol, though the update awhile back fixed that thankfully.  Then there are the text messages I meant to send to my wife being sent to random business contacts… that’s pretty horrifying.  I’ve been gunshy to root, at first, worried about the builds for such a new phone, and now, because it’s finally working (except for notifications and some freezing).  I don’t want to risk even more issues by messing with it, just going to walk away.

            I’ve considered the new iPhone, Razr, and Nexus, but I refuse to just jump on something.  I want bug-free, an awesome camera, and a better speakerphone in addition to the norm.  But if nothing really stands out as worth going to, I’ll probably suck it up and look up how to root the TBolt one weekend… provided all my apps will continue working, everything from HBO Go, NFL Sunday Ticket, to custom apps for software I use with work.

          • Anonymous

            I understand everything you are saying.  You would have everything you wanted on a rom and if you ever choose to go in that direction I would be very willing to help you.  Just contact me if I can help in any way or answer any questions.   

  • Mattvo

    This makes me hesitant to buy the Rezound (Vigor), at what point would it actually receive ICS?…who knows! 

    • Anonymous

      Judging by how long it is taking to get Gingerbread I’d say a year, lol think about it, Gingerbread was released in December of 2010, it’s almost a year old and HTC still hasn’t release a bug free update for the Incredible and Thunderbolt. Glad I’ve been on CyanogenMod on both devices since February / May respectively.

  • Anonymous

    Done with this phone and done with HTC. It’s been a definite disappointment. 

    • Yea I agree I owned the thunderbolt a week and returned it…it was the worst phone I have ever bought….and now I think all HTC phones are like that so I tend to stay away

      • Tim242

        How’s the buggy, blurry bionic working out for you?

        • Shadow

          Don’t know about his but my bionic works great! I don’t see the blurriness all you cry babies mention. As for the camera I connect it to my TV with 1080P play back it also looks amazing. How’s that sanding galaxy s2 working out for you? With the over heating battery and auto rebooting because of it? Maybe you bought an I*hone 4S? Nice camera… no 4g? That sucks… Siring working out great for you? Wait you still have to activate a personal voice assiant by button pressing??? Doesn’t sound so voice technology enhance as they promised… say what you will about my bionic but it has done everything it has wanted and more… haters gonna hate… taters gonna tate… also I work at Best Buy Mobile so I get a wide choice of phones… until the RAZE comes out… no phone has my interest. That includes the shitty plastic sanding uses to make their phones

          • Shadow

            Also before we get hammer police in here… im typing this all while still finishing up sales. So I can care less if you try to correct my spelling.

          • Tim242

            I have the aluminum thunderbolt, thanks. No issues.

          • Shadow

            That’s better how? Still not impress… if I had the choice I would still choose the bionic all over again. Like I said the only phone that seems interesting is RAZR

          • Tim242

            Oh yeah…it’s soooo interesting. They need to lose the tumor hump already.

  • Justin Garrison

    Obviously a very necessary post, but I officially don’t care anymore. Nexus, here I come!

  • Soon isn’t soon enough