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HTC: Gingerbread for the HTC Thunderbolt Will Be Out Some Day

Been wondering what happened to the Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt? Well, after early adopters noticed that their device could no longer receive voicemail notifications once they had updated, it was pulled with no future date in sight. And then, just a week or so later, a security vulnerability was pointed out to HTC which we are assuming is what’s causing the additional delay. A voicemail bug can’t be that hard to fix, right? Who knows about a security issue like that though.

So what is the latest? According to HTC’s official Twitter account, it will be here “soon.” Damn do we love that word! With no time table given at this point, we are about out of ideas as to when you may see it. The original Incredible still doesn’t have it by the way, so you aren’t alone Tbolt owners. What a mess.

Stay tuned!

Via:  Twitter

  • Brian

    Skip GB and give us ICS!

  • Ninja Skilz

    You guys are ridiculous, sometimes a bad product gets made. You can’t flame the entire brand for one crappy phone. What about the good ones HTC made? Both Incredibles were pretty sweet not to mention HTC has made many of the flagship phones for Android. Keep whining, in three months you’ll all be back here saying the same thing about some other phone.

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Got 2.3.4 on my T-Bolt the morning of the release. Hell, I didn’t even know they pulled it until last week. Works great, no issues, love the additional tweaks. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. The only thing that was a pain was the stock battery, replaced with the 2750mAh and this phone rocks! Bring on the creamy sangwich!

  • Anonymous

    Wait, it still isn’t officially available? That kinda sucks for non-rooted users.

  • Anonymous
  • Kobrakaiff

    I grabbed the OTA gingerbread update for the short amount of time it was available. I don’t have any problems with receiving voice mail notifications..

  • Anonymous

    Never had any problems with the TBOLT, none of the reboots, texting or dialing issues.  Definitely not a good look for HTC after riding a huge wave of success.  After hearing of all the problems of other Thunderbolt owners on this blog and elsewhere I probably would have gotten rid of mine soon after purchase.  The only gripe was the Gingerbread update which I corrected with rooting.  TEAM BAMF has some of the best Sense based Roms for the TB and it is sad that these are running buttery smooth with none of the problems of the official OTA’S that are being pushed to customers.

  • No one should be surprised.  It isn’t like HTC is exactly johnny-on-the-spot with these updates now are they?  Reason no2 why I won’t buy HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Well about 9 months into owning the tbolt and I’m very disappointed in HTC. It shouldn’t come to the point where you have to root in order to fix all the bugs

  • I’ve had Gingerbread for months. Thanks CyanogenMod. 🙂

  • Djenks24

    Had no complaints about my droid X but I thought I should get grandfathered into the 4G!?!?!?!?  Now I have a Thunderbolt, thought I would be OK because HTC was so much better at everyone else about getting updates out.  Reboot, Reboot, Reboot, Root, Reboots fixed but for some reason, in my area I can’t get a signal, now I’m back to stock and waiting for my 4th replacement Thunderbolt.  Its not my responsibility to make this phone work right, that’s why I pay money for it.  I enjoy rooting and trying roms but I do it for entertainment not to make the phone work correctly. HTC needs to focus on this problem or they are going to lose a lot of customers.  My solution is going to be calling Verizon customer support until they realize that they need to just replace my phone with something else, (Samsung or Motorola) otherwise they are going to have an unhappy customer!

  • BallsOnTheWall

    *shrugs*  I’ve been on Gingerbread on my TB for months and it is awesome.  No voicemail bugs or anything else.  TeamBAMF for the WIN!

  • Guttatae22

    Dont HTC know they are loosing A LOT of customers behind this POS phone Smh o well

  • Josh Flowers

    “soon” is exactly the reason users are resorting to ‘root’ their devices (myself included several months ago–Thunderbolt) & also push us to buy Nexus devices (bye bye HTC, hello Samsung Galaxy Nexus) to avoid skins.

    sorry HTC. your ‘Soon’ was the nail in your coffin & the deciding factor in my purchasing only Nexus devices from now on.

  • Anonymous

    i got the OTA update on 9/28 and my phone works great. with the exception of the voicemail icon thing. its faster, smoother and big improvement on the battery.

  • Tzoller

    Interesting but what happened to the old HTC Droid Incredible update to GB?  Is HTC that far behind the eight ball?  Are they too busy going forward kind of like one step forward two steps back?

    • Tzoller

      Headline: HTC does not infringe on Apple patents… Yeah, Apple can update their software…..

  • Anonymous

    How could I possibly consider the Vigor? No thx HTC.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, am I glad I rooted my phone over a year ago. 

    I’d never want to deal with these buggy and not-so-simple to use UI,s and let,s wait half a year updates. Now as I start looking for a new phone, I won’t as much think about the brand or the interface, but rather does it offer high end performance, do I like the form factor, and more importantly… Will I be able to load MIUI onto it.

  • Bearguru

    While the forum might dislike Motorola, I believe they have kept their word to upgrade to Gingerbread to all their 2H 2010 phones – Droid X, Droid Pro, even R2D2. Though the upgrade came  after 10 months of Gingerbread launch, consumers were still happy to get the latest Android. Samsung and HTC have been very poor in upgrading to the latest version, unless it was a Google owned device like Nexus. So, you can buy Nexus Prime or trust Motorola device for upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Matches the botched tbolt launch
    I gave up waiting and downloaded liquid thunder bread 2.6

  • Samuel Mosley

    but i already have GB for my T-Bolt when they first released it.  Does this mean there is GB 2.0 coming out?

  • I got tired of waiting for HTC and their year long wait for updates, so I switch to the Droid Bionic and I’m so glad I did… 

  • This is not all. HTC updates destroyed the Sense Alarm Clock/Weather widget on Incredible 2


    hmmm, yeah htc…been running this forever… sad this is ill be getting your “rezound” too…lol, maybe the nexus too…but thats costly…2 phones outright… though verizon could be nice and give an early upgrade … 🙂

  • I’m running the official GB update and other than not getting the notifications for voicemails, I don’t mind it. I’m a fan of having my front camera working for skype calls. Other than that, I don’t notice much change in it. To check if I have any voicemails I just go under the third tab under texts and see if it says I have any. All that being said, I’ll be upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out and letting my dad have the option of my Thunderbolt if he wants it over his Droid X.

    • LosingCredibility

      How are you able to upgrade to the galaxy nexus if you recently purchased the Thunderbolt? Will you pay full price for it? Just curious…

      • Well I bought my Dad’s Droid X as my upgrade when it came out. Then I used my Dad’s upgrade to get my Thunderbolt and gave him the Droid X. I’ve convinced my sister to swap upgrades with me, since she has an upgrade now and mine’s in March. This way I can get the Nexus…and maybe possibly convince her in March to give me that upgrade if an EVEN BETTER phone comes out then.

  • Anonymous

    lol what a joke .

  • It does have this option. It was introduced with MR2 update this summer.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm…and I’ve been considering the new Rezound. If it has a unlocked bootloader, I’ll seriously consider it. But if it’s locked and I’ve got to wait for this nonsense? Doubt I’ll bother. Cannot believe the Tbolt still doesn’t have Gingerbread! Everything is headed twoard ICS and HTC hasn’t even gotten around to the old sys on a new phone yet?? Unreal….terrible support

    • Anonymous

      Lol… Didn’t the Motorola Droid 2 Global just get the upgrade about a week ago after more than a year?


      • Anonymous

        Yea but the D2G wasn’t as highly touted as the Tbolt,either. That was HTC’s flagship model! Still on Froyo is totally absurd!

        • Anonymous

          I haven’t been on Froyo with my Thunderbolt for about 4 months. 

          • Sporty

            You rooted,wise choice. But for those who aren’t tech savvy it’s been a lonnnng wait.

  • “The original Incredible still doesn’t have it by the way, so you aren’t alone Tbolt owners. What a mess.” umm.. what are you talking about? the incredible was given the gingerbread OTA update quite some time ago. 

    • LosingCredibility

      umm… what are you talking about? The Incredible update was pulled as well… 2 people in my family have incredibles, stock, still running froyo.

  • FknTwizted

    There might a reason now…. isn’t ics still compatible even on a single core? But then again I’ve been rocking cm7 and let me tell u f that is fast and customizing is ridiculous!

  • Telephoneteck

    Root and yes I will be upgrading to nexus