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Verizon Announces Newest Batch of 4G LTE Cities to Go Live on November 17

Verizon began unveiling their next batch of 4G LTE markets this morning with an expected launch date of November 17. The list includes 13 new areas along with 5 market expansions in some major cities like Pittsburgh. Once 11/17 hits, we will have 178 activet LTE markets in the U.S.  

New Markets:

  • Appleton, WI
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Lincoln, NB
  • Rapid City, SD
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Springfield and Branson, MO
  • Orange County, NY (Newburgh, Montgomery, Middletown, etc.)
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Greater Providence
  • Lexington, KY
  • Little Rock, AK
  • Savannah, GA


  • Louisville, KY
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nashville, TN

Update:  The full list is now out.  Added them above. 178 markets total after November 17.

Cheers JW!

  • When will Oceanside, Vista, Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook and Carlsbad get 4G LTE? most of carlsbad only has expanded coverage and not true Verizon 4G LTE. It’s shocking how slow the San Diego expansion is going. Whoever the contractor is in San Diego county, they are amateur. Other counties like Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside have been built out much faster with better coverage.

  • Still waiting in Oceanside, CA! They are taking forever to build out Southern California! Really, Hemet and Lake Elsinore have coverage before Oceanside???

    • chelsey

      actually hemet doesnt have it!

      • joseph

        Hemet has it as of today. 26 SEP 2012.

  • Siff

    Really, none in NJ….. That is where Verizon is based!!!!!!

  • flatfloridasurf


  • Misterriggs

    I love how Verizon keeps forgetting about the North West. Come on Verizon only one city in oregon get it together!!!!

  • Rich

    well the list doesn’t show DC area…. yet you say it does on the homepage under this heading….

  • Ed

    Blah.. Still waiting for Dutchess Count..Sheesh whats goin on here

  • Brad Cleveland

    Got 4g in Birmingham, AL metro right now!

  • 4g is up in parts of Kansas City, MO as of about an hour ago…..

  • anon

    come on open some more in alabama. like auburn, gah

  • Rich

    Come on VWZ WTF is wrong with you… I am near the DC area and you have 4g and I don’t… Ge with the expansion program and get me some 4g lol…

    That nexus looks pretty sweet, and I like the curve to it…

  • mcapehart

    What state is NB?  If you mean Nebraska, it’s NE, not NB.

  • Tim242

    Little Rock is in AR, not AK : )

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Savannah huh? I wonder if itll reach down here in Fort Stewart……

  • Adam Elghor

    yesss more mn 4g for my future galaxy nexus!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Finally getting some expanded VA coverage for LTE.  Now just needs to spread and little further east and a little further south, come on Hampton Roads…

    • Korey Page

      They have 4G. I had it this past weekend when I was down there. Well I had from williamsburg down to hampton so I dont know about across the water

      • Anonymous

        My understanding is that they are doing testing and that the signal keeps getting turned on and off.  It hasn’t officially launched, or if it has Verizon hasn’t said anything official about it.

        I’m on the VA Beach side of the water if that matters any.

  • Paul Ternahan

    Rapid CIty, SD…..represent

  • Anonymous

    Still no Redding, CA.
    You’d think Northern California would be an area…

  • Anonymous

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  • I think they switched it on briefly last week in Kansas City. I happened to look down and see the 4G icon on the notification bar, it was there for maybe a minute max.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, All the people in Kansas City can quit whining now.  Just kidding.  I am surprised it took this long to get 4g there.  

  • Anonymous

    Glad Lincoln is getting some love.  FYI Nebraska is abbreviated NE not NB.

  • trumpet444

    Its about freaking time Virginia!

  • dr2703

    Appleton WI is getting 4G and granted they have the states largest mall, but UW Oshkosh is the third largest university in WI. Kids here would benefit greatly from faster speeds! When does the rest of the Fox Valley see the love??

    • Anonymous

      appleton is massive business wise. colleges don’t need faster phone speeds. you have wi-fi anywhere you are on campus and it’s usually just as fast as 4g anyway. most of the cities with 4g are major business cities.

      • dr2703

        If you have used UWO’s wi-fi, you would realize it is spotty and not reliable. Appleton has a lot of businesses, granted but Oshkosh is no slouch in the business segment. My thoughts are they started in Green Bay(Lambeau) and are working their way down the 41 corridor. Hopefully it will be here for Nexus time!

        • odfo

          My 4g icon just lit up today, so it looks like they are working their way down 41!!

  • Anonymous

    YES! Lexington is getting LTE. This only makes me more likely to get the Nexus Prime.

  • Anewbreedx008x

    Got 4g lte here in Richmond VA had it constantly for 2 weeks as well as the tri-cities chesterfield Petersburg Hopewell ect. Surprised its not on the list, though

  • Finally 4G for KC!

  • First, Arkansas is AR.  AK is alaska.  Second, FINALLY in little rock!!!

    • Tim242

      Hell Yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Roanoke…….and still no Richmond or Newport News?   FU Verizon.

  • How can I look at the full list?

  • Roanoke, VA!!!

  • Nick

    Still no Buffalo?! Damn you Canada ….

  • AlwaysAndroid

    LTE FINALLY coming to Central Iowa! And just in time for me to get a new phone once I win the Eliminator Challenge.

  • babadush

    Richmond, VA has been live for 2 weeks and they don’t mention it. It’s like Verizon’s dirty little secret

  • Anonymous

    Curious about what the expansions in the Twin Cities area is going to be.

  • Nice, glad to see Pittsburgh is expanding. Now I just need an LTE phone to take advantage of it.

    • What

      Hello fellow Pittsburgher!
      I have no idea what they mean by expansion, but I’m happy.
      Now all we need is that Galaxy Nexus!

  • Cel7gevolution

    What about goldsboro nc please.

  • Asher

    Little Rock is in AR, not AK.

  • Hodgewdm

    Bought the Bionic last in the hope of 4G soon. Des Moines is on the list…Thanks BigRed….

  • Anonymous

    You’re about to break the hearts of everyone in Lincoln, New Brunswick you realize?  

  • Jpenrod86

    Little Rock, Alaska? never heard of it. 

    • hahaha.  should of looked it up first

  • Murphy

    Damn, I was just visiting Branson….that’s going to be awesome 🙂

  • Jikhead

    That’s Little Rock, Arkansas (AR)….not Alaska (AK).  People do that all the time.  Not sure why so many people don’t know their state abbreviations.

    • babadush

      Especially since there’s no R in Alaska.

  • Savannah GA! About time! 😀

  • Bob Cu

    Really?! It iis grade school knowledge that AK is Alaska and AR is Arkansas.

  • Anonymous


  • TheEerieCold

    Finally, 4G in Roanoke! Just in time too!

    • Guest

      Hopefully Lynchburg is not far behind!

  • Hopefully there is not a Little Rock in Alaska and that is suppose to be AR (Arkansas)! I have been waiting soooo long for LTE here! Woo!

  • BloodiedWraith

    Orange County, NY?!  I’m glad VZW supports us unlike AT&T – AT&T customers didn’t even have 3G until November of last year.

    • Billy Jenkins

      then what did AT&T customers in Orange County have before November of last year if they didn’t have 3g? Or was there just no AT&T in Orange County? 

      • Anonymous

        EDGE….that BARELY worked.

  • Anonymous

    Yeaaahhhhh OC-NY!!! Bout time!

    • Anonymous

      Should note AT&T still only has EDGE in almost all of OCNY…fail, hahahaha

  • Jason Purp

    Still no Putnam County, NY? You gotta be kitten me.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Orange County, NY – wahoo!!!! Hopefully the Prime will be available by then…

    • Hurricane2017

      Where in Orange County, Newburgh here

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t realize there were so many people from the stomping grounds around here. Good to see.

        • Ramnxtl

          Cornwall here.

          • warwick here…def good to see some people from OC, NY.  Seriously surprised they are activating it so soon but a buddy’s dad is in charge of the fiber optic cabling going to the Verizon towers.  He said they finished in Warwick a few months ago and even installed a new as yet unused tower on top of St. A’s hospital.  This should make my life AMAZING (and yes 4g makes my life amazing).

    • Ctychick

      Still waiting here in Northern Westchester. Why do the skip around so much?

      • SPiKEfail

        >Orange County, NY (Newburgh, Montgomery, Middletown, etc.)

        >Not Dutchess County or Westchester County


        I guess 4GLTE at Torches will be nice.

        • Bsassaman

          Dutchess co would be nice, had a 4g phone for almost a year. Only got 4g at the yankees game. Lol.

  • id like a little nh love, come on verizon

  • Greg

    Lincoln F*cking Nebraska!  Anybody see those shirts being sold before games?  Anyway 4G LTE is gonna be awesome here

  • The abbreviation for Nebraska is NE not NB.  #6th Grade mistake.

    • Anonymous

      so is putting a # before 6 and also capitalizing the g in grade.

      “judge not lest ye be judged”

      • eric

        i think that was the idea

    • Billy Jenkins

      the “g” in grade shouldn’t be capitalized. That’s a fourth grade mistake.

  • Anonymous

    I want my Nexus!!!!!!!

  • Sw64270

    Remember when the middle of nowhere got 4g and pa barely has any?

  • Anonymous

    Would love to be using my 4G LTE.

    Unfortunately, this morning Motorola told me that my tablet upgrade is taking “longer than expected”.

    Too bad it took “longer than expected” for me to sour on Motorola.

    • Anonymous

      When’d you send it in? Mine’s on it’s way back, just got confirmation. Sent it last Monday.

  • Anonymous

    come on with this. how about fairfield county north of I-95. Danbury, CT to be exact!!! it has about 100,000 people, lots of verizon customers. they need to get on this already.

  • Bewara2009

    where can i check the whole list? 

  • Jacob Bowen

    I suspect my local verizon store was lying to me about 4g coming to Lawton Ok in November, this only confirms it…… We have 4g 50 miles to the north and south along a major interstate, how is it not expanding to here…..

    • Tim242

      They throw in cities at the last minute, a lot. Fort Smith and Jonesboro weren’t in the announcement for Sept. 15, but were added and launched. Keep your head high!

  • Korey Page

    There is already 4G coverage on 64 east from richmond into most of the 757 in Virginia. I was shocked when I went home this past weekend and I saw the 4G icon lol

    • Anonymous

      This is true.  Hampton Roads area appears to have LTE, but we aren’t on the map!

      • babadush

        Richmond isn’t either and we’ve had it for 2 weeks lol yet they mention roanoke. Too funny

        • Richmond, Va has had it for at least a month as I had it there over a month ago.  It went to about Newport News Airport and then dropped on 64 towards Norfolk.

    • Anonymous

      Would love to see Charlottesville and Harrisonburg get 4g so that a majority of the 81/64 corridors would be covered. VA is definitely seeing great progress though after being left out of the 4g party for awhile.

      • Korey Page

        Charlottesville 3G coverage for me is spotty at best lol. 

    • I guess Richmond VA’s 4G love is unacknowledged by Verizon.

  • Kershaw

    Finally my city is getting 4G. FYI, its Lincoln, NE not Lincoln, NB.

  • Pmagent2013

    Wheres long island

  • Glad LTE is coming to Lincoln.

    But, the state abbreviation for Nebraska is “NE” not “NB”, please fix your article. Thx.

    • Jordan Webb

      I opened the article looking for Lincoln…then I laughed at the NB.

      Good start to the afternoon.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        Is replying “u mad bro?” your only purpose in life? Because it’s really annoying. 

        • Tyler Fish

          I think it’s quite funny lol. 😛

    • DroidTrain

      It always seem NB is the last to get anything, like there is no respect for NB.

      Anyway, way to go Verizon, the people of Lincoln, NB are happy they are noticed and important too!

      • Mollysmally410

        NB isn’t the abbreviation for Nebraksa…

    • Arkansas isn’t AK either…that would be Alaska.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Verizon has let slip its plans to expand to New Brunswick?

  • Anonymous

    Still nothing in a lot of North Jersey. Getting humorous.

    • They need to take away coverage in Jersey

      • Sean


    • Anonymous

      NJ itself is pretty humorous. Go drive around another jughandle or sit in traffic on 4 and 46.

  • Verizon needs to cover all of Texas before moving on to other states.

  • Glad it’s finally coming to Lincoln, but the state abbreviation for Nebraska is NE not NB.  Please fix your post.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I want more 4g coverage in and around NY

    • Jason Purp


    • i want the rest of long island and ostego county

    • guest

      Suffolk county for example

  • Hooray Des Moines!  I was expecting to wait until 2012ish.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I was getting worried because of it not being on the list. My trips to Council Bluffs to visit friends/family and using my Bionic made me jealous they have 4G and then I go back home to “lowly” 3G in West DSM.

    • BOMBO

      Agreed! I was more than pissed to see Sioux City of all shit holes getting it before us!

  • OMG it’s finally happening… only 8 months after buying my 4g T-Bolt I’ll finally begin to see 4g here in KC!!!

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how much of KC will be covered.  Probably not far enough north for me.

    • Russell Parks

      I bought my tbolt to upgrade from a horrible blackberry experience so I didnt’ mind the lack of 4g.  The rep said we’d be getting it in either 3rd or 4th quarter and I didn’t believe him… I guess I owe him some credit

  • Franzie3

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! for me

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Hahahaha. Appleton Wisconsin! Cliff Yablonski hates Verizon. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I think appleton wisconsin is where Harry houdini stayed as a child

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Cliff Yablonski is Appleton’s finest resident. Too bad he doesn’t update his hatred of mutants anymore. That was a great website while it lasted… People of Wal Mart is a polite knock-off of Cliff. 🙂

  • Expand 4g coverage in CA.  I would like a star all over CA

  • Sweet, being in Central WI it’s good to know it keeps getting closer and closer.  Appleton and the Dells are each  only a short drive for me.

    • Anonymous

      Justin you know a guy named Chris? We went to high school together I’m assuming your from Wausau

  • Anonymous

    No Gnome, AK? WTF, Verizon?!

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to the day, when my current 4g signal is strong

  • Tyrian

    c’mon Roanoke,VA