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Verizon Announces Newest Batch of 4G LTE Cities to Go Live on November 17

Verizon began unveiling their next batch of 4G LTE markets this morning with an expected launch date of November 17. The list includes 13 new areas along with 5 market expansions in some major cities like Pittsburgh. Once 11/17 hits, we will have 178 activet LTE markets in the U.S.  

New Markets:

  • Appleton, WI
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Lincoln, NB
  • Rapid City, SD
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Springfield and Branson, MO
  • Orange County, NY (Newburgh, Montgomery, Middletown, etc.)
  • Roanoke, VA
  • Greater Providence
  • Lexington, KY
  • Little Rock, AK
  • Savannah, GA


  • Louisville, KY
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nashville, TN

Update:  The full list is now out.  Added them above. 178 markets total after November 17.

Cheers JW!

  • When will Oceanside, Vista, Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook and Carlsbad get 4G LTE? most of carlsbad only has expanded coverage and not true Verizon 4G LTE. It’s shocking how slow the San Diego expansion is going. Whoever the contractor is in San Diego county, they are amateur. Other counties like Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside have been built out much faster with better coverage.

  • Still waiting in Oceanside, CA! They are taking forever to build out Southern California! Really, Hemet and Lake Elsinore have coverage before Oceanside???

    • chelsey

      actually hemet doesnt have it!

      • joseph

        Hemet has it as of today. 26 SEP 2012.

  • Siff

    Really, none in NJ….. That is where Verizon is based!!!!!!

  • flatfloridasurf


  • Misterriggs

    I love how Verizon keeps forgetting about the North West. Come on Verizon only one city in oregon get it together!!!!

  • Rich

    well the list doesn’t show DC area…. yet you say it does on the homepage under this heading….

  • Ed

    Blah.. Still waiting for Dutchess Count..Sheesh whats goin on here

  • Brad Cleveland

    Got 4g in Birmingham, AL metro right now!

  • 4g is up in parts of Kansas City, MO as of about an hour ago…..

  • anon

    come on open some more in alabama. like auburn, gah

  • Rich

    Come on VWZ WTF is wrong with you… I am near the DC area and you have 4g and I don’t… Ge with the expansion program and get me some 4g lol…

    That nexus looks pretty sweet, and I like the curve to it…

  • mcapehart

    What state is NB?  If you mean Nebraska, it’s NE, not NB.

  • Tim242

    Little Rock is in AR, not AK : )

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Savannah huh? I wonder if itll reach down here in Fort Stewart……

  • Adam Elghor

    yesss more mn 4g for my future galaxy nexus!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Finally getting some expanded VA coverage for LTE.  Now just needs to spread and little further east and a little further south, come on Hampton Roads…

    • Korey Page

      They have 4G. I had it this past weekend when I was down there. Well I had from williamsburg down to hampton so I dont know about across the water

      • Anonymous

        My understanding is that they are doing testing and that the signal keeps getting turned on and off.  It hasn’t officially launched, or if it has Verizon hasn’t said anything official about it.

        I’m on the VA Beach side of the water if that matters any.

  • Paul Ternahan

    Rapid CIty, SD…..represent

  • Anonymous

    Still no Redding, CA.
    You’d think Northern California would be an area…

  • Anonymous

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  • I think they switched it on briefly last week in Kansas City. I happened to look down and see the 4G icon on the notification bar, it was there for maybe a minute max.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, All the people in Kansas City can quit whining now.  Just kidding.  I am surprised it took this long to get 4g there.  

  • Anonymous

    Glad Lincoln is getting some love.  FYI Nebraska is abbreviated NE not NB.

  • trumpet444

    Its about freaking time Virginia!

  • dr2703

    Appleton WI is getting 4G and granted they have the states largest mall, but UW Oshkosh is the third largest university in WI. Kids here would benefit greatly from faster speeds! When does the rest of the Fox Valley see the love??

    • Anonymous

      appleton is massive business wise. colleges don’t need faster phone speeds. you have wi-fi anywhere you are on campus and it’s usually just as fast as 4g anyway. most of the cities with 4g are major business cities.

      • dr2703

        If you have used UWO’s wi-fi, you would realize it is spotty and not reliable. Appleton has a lot of businesses, granted but Oshkosh is no slouch in the business segment. My thoughts are they started in Green Bay(Lambeau) and are working their way down the 41 corridor. Hopefully it will be here for Nexus time!

        • odfo

          My 4g icon just lit up today, so it looks like they are working their way down 41!!

  • Anonymous

    YES! Lexington is getting LTE. This only makes me more likely to get the Nexus Prime.

  • Anewbreedx008x

    Got 4g lte here in Richmond VA had it constantly for 2 weeks as well as the tri-cities chesterfield Petersburg Hopewell ect. Surprised its not on the list, though

  • Finally 4G for KC!

  • First, Arkansas is AR.  AK is alaska.  Second, FINALLY in little rock!!!

    • Tim242

      Hell Yeah!