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Beautiful Galaxy Nexus Render Created from Samsung Teaser

(Click for full version)

The Galaxy Nexus (or Nexus Prime) that made a brief appearance last night in Samsung’s teaser video for their CTIA event next week, has been polished up and presented to us in a shiny little package from one of our readers.

It’s obvious that the screen has a slight curve to it, but we are also getting a nice look at those odd dock notches on the side which are just down from Samsung’s famous side lock switch.  You can see the bottom hump that was included in the Nexus S and Galaxy SII, plus a possible camera housing on the other side of it.  The grey metallic color is a nice surprise after seeing black phone after black phone for the last year.

This phone needs to get here now.  Sexy doesn’t even do it justice.

Cheers Greyhaven7!

  • Tomgillotti

    This is like getting a bunch of side boob…. still impatiently waiting for some full frontal!

  • Anonymous

    I am not trying to bash this phone at all, but I am curious… What’s the point of the curved screen?

    • i read online it was said to be more comfortable to talking, i imagine thats not only reason but that is one.

  • quick question,…say that this comes out at end of october and my upgrade is for december 12, do they do anything to allow you to upgrade early or do i  have to pay full retail price?

  • Anonymous

    People putting in this much time just to get a render reminds me of all the Lost fans who would discuss every detail, no matter how insignificant, of the show.

  • Bryan Williams

    You’re looking at the right side of the phone in the side view and the left side in the front view, so no, they shouldn’t match up.

  • Terrace Manley

    Got to have this now…

  • I really really hope Verizon does not screw us out of this phone. This is what soooo many people have wanted since the first Nexus……. PLEASE VERIZON COME THROUGH FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR ONCE!


  • Steve Jobs, you’re on the way to heaven, Rest in Peace!  A gray color after a black one looks especially if almost like a metal one. I wish its toolbar icon color is the same with this grey metal.

  • Some Random Dude

    you with all those curves and me with no brakes 😉

  • Anonymous

    How does the image above match up with the previous image of the screen details?



    I’m having trouble matching the front view up with the side due to what looks like a button bulge on the device at the top left of the picture

    • Karl

      The bump on the left side in the screen capture is probably the micro-usb port.

    • Bryan Williams

      You’re looking at the right side of the phone in the side view and the left side in the front view, so no, they shouldn’t match up.

  • Aaron

    The buttons on the side are probably for a “hold the phone” to unlock type deal.

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    Curves are sexy…

  • Snwspeckle

    I never liked or heavily support Apple by their products but Steve Jobs was an icon to the world. Without him, this phone wouldn’t even exist.

    OT: Can’t wait! Also care to say they possibly figured a way to increase Lithium Battery life by 45% by dipping the batteries in nano-tubes.

    Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/06/dipping-capacitors-and-batteries-in-nanotubes-could-improve-capa/

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice but looks like it’ll be very similar to the Nexus S.

  • Legendarydog

    why is the power button on the bottom left side? did anybody else think that it looks like the TOP VIEW of a tablet and not a phone?

    • Anonymous

      all samsung phone have side lock switches

      • Anonymous

        so the right is the top of the phone then? with the large part at the bottom?

  • Anonymous

    sexy beast lol , this device wont come close to droid hd

    • Anonymous

      *cough* moto fanboy *cough*

      • Anonymous

        I am a fan of quality not garbage.

        • Anonymous

          Funny the sgs2 is pretty good quality and smokes the bionic which you love. It’s ok you have buyers remorse for buying the bionic.

          • Anonymous

            Im not 🙂 i am just stating the facts. If you call a plastic device good quality, go right ahead and get this garbage.

        • literofcola

          You need to be a fan of common sense

          • Anonymous

            We all know that Sammy put cheap plastic on their devices.

  • Riley Munks

    there has been rumors that it would have a metallic finish, does anybody think this is metal or plastic?

    • Anonymous

      im sure its the same as the rest

  • I’m not expert but I can almost guarantee they wouldn’t put the lock switch on the bottom left.  I keep trying to do it on my droid x and it just wouldn’t work.  you would be accidentally pressing it while holding it constantly.  that hum is def at the bottom

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Steve jobs is bigger news than some dumb samsung P.O.S.

    • One thing has nothing to do with the other moron, this is a android website not an obituary.  

    • Anonymous

      Sorry dude but life goes on.  Not everyone is going to stop what their doing and cry like a b*t*h.  I personally did not not know him but he did do some things right with iphone and ipad.  He died way to young from the same cancer that took my friend 2 years ago but hey, that’s life.  And this is a Android phone site and we come here for Android news.  If we want apple news we can go to macrumors, 9to5mac or Cnet(a bunch of apple lovers). 
      Apple failed badly yesterday and the phone you see above is going to prove how good Android really is.  And if for some ungodly reason this phone does not live up to the hype their is always another Android superphone just around the corner.  Good luck with that iphone “4”s. 

      • Anonymous

        droid hd will top them all 🙂 It will look better than this and it will have good spec as well

        • But will it have ICS at launch?

          • Anonymous

            So what, it will have it eventually.

          • Anonymous

            Eventually meaning 6 months. Have fun with your “amazing specs”, while we enjoy Ics With gpu acceleration, way more features, an unlocked bootloader, and constant updates. You’re a troll. Be gone.

          • Anonymous

            I can wait for ics, that’s a software issue not a hardware. On the other hand my droid razor will have better build quality and better radios :).

  • So is the right side the top of the phone, or the left? I assume it’s the right, since the power button’s usually near the top, but that would put the ‘lump’ at the bottom. At least on Motorola phones with a lump, it’s always been at the top too. Hmm…

  • Shut up and take my money!!

  • Anonymous

    Alright so this is one sexy beast. I know it’s already gonna have the good stuff like dual core, 4Glte, 1GB ram, etc..  But there are two things that I am really really hoping for and they have to do with battery life. I hope for some great battery life and wireless charging capabilities..

  • Anonymous

    Seeing this is what killed Steve Jobs.

  • SA

    The curvature looks cool–does it add any functionality?

  • Hyperyellow

    I returned the droid charge bc of it’s terrible switching issue between 3G and Lte in south Florida. I HATED having to give it up. I hope this phone fixes the glitch! My BB Bold is so ready to retire :0)

  • vernon

    i have a bad feeling this won’t be LTE.

    • Anonymous

      I can almost guarantee that this will be LTE especially if released by Verizon.  It’s not a superphone without LTE.  I bet Samsung was gearing up for a iphone 5 battle but a present fell into their laps.  Don’t worry, this is the real deal.

  • Anonymous

    My next phone hands down

  • Me

    Is this 4g? Wheres the battery go? They’d better have a rabbit in their hat or this is going to have worse battery life than the thunder bolt

    • Anonymous

      ICS will probably handle battery better though.

  • Sputnick

    The only phone I’ve been excited for this year….well…I was excited about the Bionic but the debacle of that phone made me lose interest.  I have a feeling that this phone will send ripples throughout the mobile world.

  • Ben

    After this view, I really think THIS is the phone I want. Prior to this, I was still looking at HTC or Motorola… because I like their build quality better. But THIS… looks exciting, and much more solid than what Samsung has done in the past.


  • Android69

    There’s a reason black phone after black phone came out… they look good. Grey isn’t too bad i guess.

  • Anonymous

    Which end is up?
    If it’s the right end, then there’s a bunch of fat stuff at the bottom.
    If it’s the left end, that’s a strange place to put the ‘on’ button.

  • Sporty

    That pic can’t be right. Can it be that curved and still function properly or sit evenly? What about the glass front??

    • Andy

      I don’t like the curve in the screen, either.

      • Anonymous

        this will be a failure. The display and the curve look ugly.

  • Davros

    If Verizon does let this be stock Google then HTC is gonna have to put the Vigor on their unlock list to have a chance. Can’t wait to hear more about these 2 phones. Haven’t been this excited about a phone since that first Droid commercial where they crash into the field.

  • this honestly looks better than any other device i have ever seen. just too slick!

  • Chris Jones

    Looks like contact charging/docking.

  • Anonymous

    I think that hump is the top of the phone.. meaning we are looking at the left side of the phone. If so, the lock button is on the bottom left, and not top right.

    • Guesty

      there’s no way they’d put a lock button on the bottom of the phone…

      • Anonymous

        Why not? It’ll be revolutionary, and its the most convenient way. No matter what, when your holding your phone, your ring finger or pinky is touching that area.
        I hope I’m correct. 😀

  • hatethanet

    It’s not as curved as I thought, and that’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    ya this is happening

  • Henry Evetts

    this looks like a phone that would make it sinful to put a case on it

    • LionStone

      Damn straight, or should I say, curvalicious!! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        it looks ugly

        • LionStone

          Too sexy for u…

          • Anonymous

            to ugly for most of us 🙂 The curves are ridiculous.

          •  I prefer the curve.  As a phone, it will wrap more towards my ear and mouth as a phone.  It is SAMOLED+ HD which is pure sexy. 

            If you think this thing is ugly you are either trying to defend your purchase of the Cryonic or you have to take your sister to prom.  

          • Anonymous

            How will you put that in your pocket? I love my moto devices 🙂

          • Anonymous

            How do you put those huge MOTO devices in your pocket? This would contour to your leg like the nexus s. Nice try MOTO troll.

          • Anonymous

            Huge lol, you are an idiot. No moto devices are 4.6, all of them are mostly 4.3. You are a turd.

          • Anonymous

            Because this isn’t going to be much larger if at all since it has no buttons. You are an idiot. I can see why you troll because you are clueless.

          • Anonymous

            You are a moron and this device is ugly period. Droid hd will be the best device this year. Now when moto make a nexus, then we are talking. Go back to canada with your stupidity.

          • Anonymous

            If its so ugly then why are you here commenting on an article about it? Jealous much? I think so. Go have fun waiting for the hd and to be let down.

          • Anonymous

            Jealous of what? I can get any device that i want if it’s worth it. If this thing turn out to be good not plastic, I’ll get it too

          • Anonymous

            Since my DX will likely be larger and thicker than the Nexus I would say “without a problem”.  I love Moto hardware too and all their accessories, but I have a feeling I’m going to like this even more.

          • Anonymous

            This one will be 4.6, therefore, this will be larger

          • Anonymous

            That’s like saying a car will be larger since they increased the legroom. It could mean that, or that they reduced the other non-screen space.

    • 360NikonD300

      Steve Jobs reportedly disliked the case people put on iPhones. Apple pretty much invented industrial design and people were covering it up.

  • Charlie

    If this phone has LTE and is this thin, how in the world can it have any kind of decent battery life?

    • Anonymous

      That is a legitimate concern. . .. good point

    • Simple, Verizon version won’t be as thin. Look at the Nexus S, Sprint version with WiMAX was thicker.

      • Anonymous

        Sprint version is no bigger than the other version.

  • Stunning…

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t been this excited about a new phone ever!

  • Kierra

    Gray is a nice surprise ?  LMAO

    Still waiting for confirmation that this thing is LTE

    • Anonymous

      It’s aluminum and that was expected.

  • Anonymous

    Looking good and sexy…….I want this sexy thing now……

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Steve…..you will always be remembered….

  • amy

    gawd I want this phone!!!!! FTW, give it to us NOW

  • Interstellarmind

    I can’t believe the people who brought us the omnia are bringing us this new hotness. Here’s to avoiding bad flashbacks to that horrible, horrible phone while killin’ it with this beast.

    • Anonymous

      I remember that thing. Wow….

    • Henry Evetts

      THAT WAS MY FIRST SMARTPHONE!!!! still have respect for it because of that, dont hate

    • Purpledoggy

      Is it sad that I’m still sporting my omnia waiting for a decent phone to upgrade to?

  • Vdsf

    There needs to be a Steve Jobs article.  And quick!

  • Jason Purp

    Steve Jobs, RIP. You were/are a legend.

    On topic, dat hump…

  • Tyler Cunning

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  • Anonymous

    What is the point of curved screen?  I don’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      Supposed to be easier to handle with one hand. Not sure though. Anyone have first-hand experience with these?

    • Philip LaRocca

      its also suppose to be for your eyes. because when you look directly at the middle of the screen its perfectly inline with your eyes. But as you look up a regular screen you are looking at the screen at an angle (the top of the screen is tilted up).  As you move your eye balls up and down the curved screen your always looking at it at the perfect angle……. In theory it sounds good but i don’t know how much of a difference it actually makes. Could be bullshit

  • Mormile2084

    CANTTTT WAITTTTTTT… Please dont be HUGE tho, dont understand everyone needing to make the biggest phone, we dont need tablet size phones!

    • Anonymous

      4.6 inch… big but not huge.

      • Anonymous

        Also no buttons so its essentially a 4.3 screen with the bottom buttons removed.

  • Dkrussia91

    Hope its gonna ba GSM + / or CDMA

  • Anonymous

    Sooooooo hot, want to touch the primey!

    • Anonymous

      This comment should be up top^

  • that’s sexy

  • aventador779

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs 🙁

    • He was a visionary 🙁


    • Anonymous

      Disregard. I re-posted under the Steve Jobs article.
      I know, crazy. All of a sudden I feel like there’s less innovation in the world. Before any sarcastic comments: He pretty much invented the way we use our phones, how we listen to music & compute. Hope someone steps up to the plate to continue innovation and competitiveness among manufacturers. As an Android user I recognize and respect what he has accomplished and brought, directly or indirectly, to the world of technology.
      R.I.P. Steve.

      • steve west

        i nominate kellex

        • Alexander Garcia

          i second that! kellex ftw!

    • Anonymous

      Disregard. I re-posted under the Steve Jobs article.
      I know, crazy. All of a sudden I feel like there’s less innovation in the world. Before any sarcastic comments: He pretty much invented the way we use our phones, how we listen to music & compute. Hope someone steps up to the plate to continue innovation and competitiveness among manufacturers. As an Android user I recognize and respect what he has accomplished and brought, directly or indirectly, to the world of technology.
      R.I.P. Steve.

    • Goblueboy

      13+ likes, yet nothing to do with the blog post. Go put these where they should be in http://www.droid-life.com/2011/10/05/steve-jobs-is-dead/

      • Anonymous

        It was there before that article went live. And as amazing as that render is, it is bigger news.

        • Anonymous

          It’s still off topic.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Once you post w/ diqus it’s there. Even if you delete it, it will stay there but just change your name to guest to preserve continuity of posts. 

          • Anonymous

            You can edit your comment and delete.

          • Anonymous

            I know you can edit but last I tried to delete a comment it just changed my name to guest and kept the comment. Unless it has changed since then. It could also have different rules if someone responded to your comment or you responded to someone else’s. Rather then having a stand alone comment. If that made sense. :]

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Definitely saddened by this great loss 🙁

    • Yeah it is off topic but iSad . BTW galaxy desing is really great 🙂 I love it

  • Koob33

    Lookin Good

  • Stephen D

    With a strong iPhone-bashing ad campaign, this device could easily outsell the disappointing iPhone 4S. Apple has some major competition here.  

    • Scott H

      But is Apple bashing allowed within the first 6 months after Jobs’ death? 😉

      (very much tongue in cheek, not a Jobs hater at all…)

      • pezjono

        Bashing Apple (or more explicitly, the iPhone) is not bashing Steve Jobs himself. The company lives on and is still in competition. That doesn’t mean every other company needs to stay idle in respect. Steve wouldn’t want it either!

        • Alexander Garcia

          well spoken my friend

  • Steve Jobs died 🙁

  • Hotcake

    It’s one sexy bitch!