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HTC “Vigor” Accessory Page Spotted at Verizon’s Site – Name Confusion at its Finest

Are we all now 100% confused as to the name of the HTC Vigor aka Rezound aka Incredible HD?  What you are seeing above, is an accessory page that has been built for the “Vigor by HTC” on Verizon’s website (view the page here).  So what does that mean?  Is it not the HTC Rezound like we reported last week?  Did Verizon actually settle on Vigor?  No Incredible HD as was once rumored?  Let’s try to walk through what we are seeing and what we know.

First let’s start with the fact that Vigor was originally supposed to be a codename and more than likely still is.  If you look at any HTC RUU that has leaked over the last year (Mecha, Bliss, Vivo, etc.), you probably won’t find one that includes the retail name of the phone in it.  And so far, we have seen “Vigor” used in both of the leaked RUUs from the last week or so.

Second, the product ID number that has been assigned to this Vigor page is really old at 5723.  The Rhyme – which just came out this week – has a product ID of 5758 and the Bionic sits at 5716.  Logic would lead me to believe that the HTC Vigor or Rezound will have a number beyond 5758 when it launches, but I guess logic doesn’t always win.  Big Red could be setting up the page well ahead of time.  And why would they go out of their way to trademark Vigor if they were going to replace it with Rezound?  So many questions.

Have HTC and Verizon finally settled on the name Vigor?  I hope so – it’s a fine name for a phone. Something in my gut tells me this may just be a placeholder though, but am certainly hoping I’m wrong.

And by the way, here is the accessory page for the Stratosphere too.

Via:  Phandroid

  • Anonymous

    Vigor is a gross word. It should never make it to consumers. I can guarantee that would hurt sales. Say it a few times, ViGOR, VigOR. Think about what “Vigor,” sounds like. It’s a terrible, awful name. It also reminds me of Vinegar. Or some sort of salty, disgusting liquid.

    Gross name. Gross name. And Rezound reminds me of Lemon rinds.Gross.

  • Anonymous


    Model ID 5723

    also went through numbers past Rhyme and one of them is a Pantech 4G Modem, so i don’t think there is a pattern with the ID numbers, makes it even more confusing, just like the naming confusion…

  • The companies have probably been trolling this site and know how us consumers feel about it.

  • Anonymous

    I just had a thought, Vigor could be Verizon’s name for it and ReZound is the international name

    Vigor was registered by HTC back  a few years ago, but it was never used, my guess is, they want to use that trademark since they paid for it.  Definitely a unique nameVigor does sound better 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hey Kellex, didn’t the Incredible’s RUU’s use the name Incredible as well? I don’t think we ever found the codename for the OG DROID Incredible, its a variant of the Desire too, so yeah, i think were all confused now.

    But seeing this on the website only means were close to launch.

  • Anonymous

    “The Rhyme – which just came out this week –has a product ID of 5758 and the Bionic sits at 5716.”

    Isn’t the Bionic MOTXT875? I’m sure you meant the Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt.

    • Anonymous

      I think he meant the PHP code on the website for the model ID the site uses.

      if you look at the sites address when your looking at accessories for a specific device, it will have a model ID, i think thats the number he’s talking about

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re right. I mis-read the 2nd paragraph. Thanks.

  • will htc be releasing the charm to work with their other devices?I wish my droid didn’t die last month and I had to upgrade early. Got droid incredible 2. Will we also be getting the new htc sense update?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they saw the Droid Life poll.

  • Katita0603

    Does someone know if this phone will have Voice over Data, Talk and Surf Wed feature on 3G?  I had the Droid Bionic but returned it because the screen and camera were horrible.  And I couldn’t talk and surf in 3G, only 4G (which I don’t have in my home area).  Even when I was in 4G area (miami), I still couldn’t talk and surf 🙁   I’m not a techie nor do I pretend to be a droid guru…but I thought these 4G phones should let you talk and surf.  I know my friend has a Thunderbot and can do that in 3g and 4g (so he says).  Just wondering

  • Daniels

    Clearly the HTC company does NOT have its shit together.

    • Anonymous

      HTC doesn’t name the phone, the carrier does.

  • Anonymous

    I spoke to an HTC rep just the other day and according to him it will be called the Rezound and should be avaiable early November, which sucks because I’m not a fan of the Rezound name…Vigor is much better and Inc HD is even better

    • Anonymous

      and yes mctype I am mad

      • Anonymous

        Thumbs up for good joke, thumbs down for believing a rep.  So I shall just leave you with this post and nothing more.

        • Anonymous

          Mmmm yes, rep was wrong word I suppose….he was more of a regional distribution manager for what its worth haha

  • EC8CH

    introducing the HTC Vigor Rezound Incredible HD Epic 4g Touch

  • Bionicman

    Wasn’t the HTC Incredible a codename as well and ended up sticking? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they kept Vigor. Though I would still prefer Incredible HD 😉

  • Anonymous

    The name Vigor makes me think of Viagra. +1 if they go with that name.

    • Anonymous

      Horndog. XD

    • Anonymous

      I think of the “Holy Vigoor Empire” from Ninja Gaiden whenever I see HTC Vigor

  • palomosan

    Just name it Inc. HD. It sounds better and the track of the Incredible will help with sales.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Keep it simple, Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      If this isn’t a Droid phone, which it appears to not be, then Verizon can’t name it Incredible HD.

    • JCS

      Why not the Incredible Vigor?  Keep a product family but add a genus and/or a species.  Hell, the Verizon HTC 4G Incredible Vigor is over half of a biological classification hierarchy by itself.

      • Blood

        You are an Incredible genius. 

      • compchick813


  • Anonymous

    I hope these dip shits in the future will spend more time getting updates than thinking of what to name a device.

    • Mctypething

      u mad bro?

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        As a person who recommended my wife a thunderbolt….yes I am. 

        • Anonymous

          You did her good then!  If you need help making her phone awesome I would help you if you were serious. We can make her phone great if you are willing. If you only want to complain however I will leave that to you.

          • Anonymous

            Shouldn’t HTC and Verizon be in charge of making her phone awesome?

          • Anonymous

            Yes but sometimes some people have issues with any and all phones or software. Go to any phone forum and you will find people with all kinds of issues, and others that are completely happy. The problems can drive some people crazy…. and they don’t realize that it can usually easily be fixed, or they are not sure how. 
            This is where it is our responsibility to help others…

  • Anonymous