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Download: Fully Working FM Radio App for the DROID3

If you were disappointed to learn that your brand new DROID3 did not have an FM radio app pre-installed, then you’ll want to thank the DROID2, Incredible or some other previous Android phone that had one available for pulling.  Over the weekend, a group of community members realized that the file we’ve attached below, can be installed and will then run flawlessly on your D3.  With FM capabilities already built in, it seems like this should have come pre-loaded.  Oh well though, now you have it anyway.

Download:  FMRadio.apk

To install – simply download the file, tap on it when it finishes, tap “Install” and then enjoy.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Lonnie and Adam!

  • I need Help 
    How Do I Download the apk File to My Phone? 
    I never Downloaded from PC to Device unless I send Page to Phone Browser

  • This apps rocks man. i love listening Nepali FM with this.

  • FMradioRules

    App seems to work GREAT!! The 3G data transfer lights were NOT lighting up (expected, but had to check)!! I used this link to get this app: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymmnzztdk1u

  • Maddog

    High Fidelity with no bandwitdth consumption.   Very little battery ussage like when you stream.  No drop outs either!

  • Anonymous

    Any idea where a working link is to be found?

  • Rob

    Tune In Pro works pretty well, I got it free when Amazon had it as their daily free app awhile ago…

  • meth feld

    File Removed for Violation.  yikes!  would have been nice though

  • meth feld

    File Removed for Violation.  yikes!  would have been nice though

  • Daniel Maginnis

    grab it before it’s gone! or please someone find a place to host it. i’m running a scan now and the reception seems to be very good. less static than when i’m in my car. pretty excited as i do still listen to the radio.


  • Homercalendar

    This is so great. Just this afternoon I was complaining to myself about the NPR app going on and off. Now with FM, I just listen. Thanks to the XDA wizards for this.

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  • Anonymous

    This is great! MIUI on my droid x doesn’t have a radio app, but this worked.

  • hmssn

    I never saw an answer to  jandrewcol ‘s question about whether the FM app would work on a Droid2 global. If not, is there another app that would work?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      i think the answer is simply it works or it doesnt. apparently it doesnt.

  • Anonymous

    That FM display looks very PENTILE!

  • jandrewcol

    Does this work for the Droid 2? I can’t seem to get it to work. I always wondered why there was no FM on this phone.

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    • Adam Elghor

      im 2 tired 2 diss this guy 2day

  • Anonymous

    Can this work on my OG Droid??

  • Anonymous

    … the droid3 is beast, summer, beach and foreign FMradio, this is sooooo Caipirinha …

  • Anonymous

    94.7! I miss Portland…

  • “To use FM Radio please plug in headphones with a round plug”    Brilliant! 

    • Well, it uses them as an antenna, so otherwise it wouldn’t work so well.

      It kind of sucks though because I use wireless headphones…
      It does work for speakers and other wired audio connections, just not the built-in speaker or wireless stuff.

      Edit: I just realized that there’s a loudspeaker mode that lets you go through the built-in speaker as long as there are headphones connected.
      I plugged in a random Radioshack audio connector with nothing on the other end and it plays, but there’s a lot of static. You could probably attach some wire to it and make a little antenna if you want. Or you could just carry headphones with you…

      • I think the funny part, or at least the part that I found funny was the “…with a round plug.” As if there were any other types of plugs for a headphone jack.

        • You can get audio from the HDMI. In fact, the Droid 3 dock converts the HDMI audio to a standard headphone jack output.
          Now that I think about it, the dock must have it’s own DAC to convert the digital audio to analog, unless there’s an analog connection in either the HDMI or USB for some reason.

  • Hmm… Can this work on my Motorola Milestone 2?

    • Eliotti2002

      Does not seem to work on my milestone 2 (french), open the software, but still “charging” , phone is not rooted….?

  • GotSka81

    Leave it to Verizon/Moto to load up a phone with dozens of bloatware apps, and leave out a functioning component of the phone.

    • I just paid $ 22.87 for an iPad2-64GB and my girlfriend loves her Panasonic Lumix GF 1 Camera that we got for $ 38.76 there arriving tomorrow by UPS. I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 40 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 675 which only cost me $ 62.81 to buy. Here is the website we use to get it all from, http://to.ly/aRzu

  • PyroHoltz

    Very cool, thanks for providing this. I was actually looking for an FM app that would work on the D3 over the weekend.

  • Why in the hell would you go through the hassle and cost of installing FM radio components and NOT include a FM radio app?

    • Anonymous

      because as I recall, it’s not really using anything other than the FM band of frequencies in one of the already included radios, (bluetooth I believe) 

      • Ok, that makes sense. I did not know it was part of the bluetooth components. Don’t they have to wire the antenna to the headphone jack though? You wouldn’t do this for the bluetooth.

    • Anonymous

      There’s also the Moto App called Slacker that’s spose to be a “radio” of some preset stations

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to use this to replace TuneIn Radio on my DX.

    • The DX has one built into the stock ROM, unless that’s not what you’re running, in which case I’d grab the APK from the stock ROM or have someone send it to you. I can’t guarantee this APK will work on any other device, so best to use the one that actually came on your phone originally.

  • someone’s using dr.dre headphones 😛

    • Audiophile

      Crappiest headphones ever made right there next to skull candy…

      • Yep, like Bose, all marketing. Try some Shure’s.

        • Droidzzz

          What?  I have some Bose headphones and I don’t see how the clarity could be any better.  I kinda wanna try Skull Candy and Beats or whatever the hell they’re called.

          • Apfire21

            I have a pair of beats and skull candy. Beats blow them away! The bad part of beats is the price

  • Anonymous

    Do any Tablets have FM?

    Also, I remember seeing this a long time ago but has anyone discovered the ability to make the Droid send an FM transmission? It would be really awesome to do that and you could play your phone through any radio. May not be as clear as bluetooth but works when that isn’t available

  • Carl Herr

    How did Moto leave that one out? Seems like such a “no brainer”

    • Exactly.. that’s why a few of us went digging.

      • Chevytothelevecom

        Damn link removed

  • Jonah

    Kellex, have you seen the root method for the Atrix on 2.3.4, and do you think that this might mean a root for the D3?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard that at first try, it did not work.  Hoping to hear more in the next few days though.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Kellex,
        What kind of earphones are you using? I like the cord…

        • Adam Elghor

          those are beats

  • I didn’t even realize that my Droid 3 had FM capabilities.

    • Apparently Moto didn’t either. 🙂

    • JMills01

      Does the Droid Pro have this, too?

  • Illinipoke98

    Which phones have an FM radio reciever turned on?  Does the TBolt?  I didn’t know any did.  I assumed that since the OG droid didnt that that was sometyhing they just weren’t going to do going forward.

    • Chris Findley

      To answer part of your question, Illinipoke98, I know T-Bolt & Droid X have an FM radio app. 

    • The FM radio hardware is built into the bluetooth radio, so if different models use the same BT radio, in theory it should work. There have been a few cases that it does not, and the speculation there was that there is an actual audio path out of the FM radio that must be connected inside that is not on those devices. The app launches and tunes, but no audio can be heard.

      • RW-1

        Lonnie, perhaps a licencing issue? Moto gets the chipset for BT, but hasn’t paid to take advantage of the chips FM capabilities.

        Wouldn’t be the first time … of course the gang at XDA doesn’t have to worry about that at all.
        Good going!

  • Nice