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Full MR2 Update Leaks for HTC Thunderbolt, Fix Those Reboot Problems Now

Earlier in the week we received the new radio for the Thunderbolt which will accompany the MR2 update that is scheduled to be released by Verizon in the next couple of weeks.  And when we say “MR2,” we’re talking about the update that will fix all of the random reboot problems that many of you have experienced after taking the MR1 update from a few weeks back.  Today though (thanks to Chingy and TeamAndIRC), we have the full MR2 RUU for non-rooted users to run and a set of ROMs based off of it for those with root to flash.

We’re still waiting on an official changelog from Verizon, but as you can see from the screenshot above, they have finally included the ability to turn off 4G without having to load up a separate app.  

*Note 1 – Rooted users, DO NOT try to flash the RUU or you will brick your phone.

*Note 2 – Non-rooted users, the RUU will wipe everything from your phone.

*Note 3 – Rooted users, you will need the new radio.  [Instructions]

Download (non-rooted users):  Full MR2 RUU

ROM Download (rooted users):  Flyweight (deodexed and debloated) | PlainJane v3 (stock rooted)

Instructions (non-rooted users):

  1. Download the full RUU from above, and re-name it to PG05IMG.zip
  2. Place PG05IMG.zip on the root directory of your SD card (not in a folder).
  3. Turn off your Thunderbolt.
  4. Holding Volume Down and then Power simultaneously until the phone boots into the bootloader.
  5. The file should begin flashing the update immediately.
  6. Wait, up to several minutes, for your device to reboot.

Instructions (rooted users):

  1. Flash the new radio we’ve listed in “Note 3.”
  2. Download one of the ROMs from above and place it on your SD card.
  3. Boot into recovery from ROM Manager.
  4. Create a backup.
  5. When that has finished, “install zip from sd card” and choose the ROM you downloaded.
  6. Install it and enjoy a stable device.

Let us know in the comments if you run into any issues.

Via:  Android Police

  • so if i dont have a gb rom i shouldnt install this update on my rooted tb? or install mr2 but not the radio? please reply mutualexcrement at gmail dot com

  • Maxxmentum

    hi, all rooted TB here. was running Froyo.  I installed the MR2, tried it with both gingervitus sense 3.0, das bamf sense 3.0, and black hole.  Radio worked with all three.  GPS on black hole 2.0 seemed to lock in just fine. Not so much with gingervitus or das bamf.   All three had trouble connecting to my pc as a disk drive, and the camera was choppy and had issues.  Sadly this was a deal breaker, the GPS thing sucks but I am so used to it now that I can get over it.  However no pc disk drive option is vital, and since I am something of a shutterbug I need the cam to work.  Though the cam was choppy did have full volume. Did anyone else have this issue?

    I am thinking the Sense interface is screwing with the GPS on the TB.  I like the sense interface, but not a must.  Has anyone tried CM7 on the TB yet?  What did you think or have issues with?

  • Anonymous

    Ok I did this when it leaked been smoothe sailing no reboots or anything until today HOLY SH*T!!! 4G is alive in Ann Arbor and my thunderbolt is rebooting, data freezing, calls wont end when i am done with a call.  Jesus Christ will Verizon get their heads out of their asses and wait to release this network when its ready?  I can even keep it on 3g even with LTE turned off and when I do theirs no data…..

  • Jboogie1289

    So the 15th has arrived, has anyone got the OTA update to cure the reboots yet?

    • Jimny Cricket

      I couldn’t wait so I flashed this mr2 download. I am getting steady 3g only and 4g isn’t to be found. Anyone know where I can get mr1 and even a Rollback is possible?


    HELP! it goes into hboot but it doesn’t self update…

    • MOTOX



    Hey so question….before i do this update….on july 6th since that’s when this update will probably come since thats when the hotspot now ends…new article on droid-life…will i still get this update if im not rooted…like will i continue to get updates or will this disable future updates…?

  • Jamie97

    Verizon has been riding this wave as being America’s best cell phone provider. I used to be on T-mobile and it was consistently bad in certain areas. Verizon by far is THE WORST cellphone provider in the USA. Unpredictable data service – 4G goes off if I don’t use the phone for more than 5 mins and the only way to turn data back on is REBOOT the entire phone. WOW! Great job of fooling the public, Verizon!!!! This is the result of manually testing “Can you hear me now?” in every corner of the land. …instead of using an automated testing system. People who are not on Verizon – please do NOT join. Go to Sprint instead.

    • MOTOX

      Just cause it sucks for you, if you even actually have it doesn’t mean it sucks for everyone. 

  • Steve Barman

    Too bad it doesn’t work. Getting the same amount of random reboots

  • Yagermeister

    Any further info on dates when VZW may release this?

  • Steve Richmond

    Still reboots, when I turn off WIFI. Battery life GREATLY Improved!

  • Steve Richmond

    Still reboots, when I turn off WIFI. Battery life GREATLY Improved!

  • Jager07

    My Thunderbolt was absolutely stunning before the outage.  But since then, I’ve had tons of issues here in St. Louis after the outage (and subsequent OTA update)–  rebooting, losing LTE connection (not dropping down to 3G or EvDo, unless I forced it via LTE On/Off), MMS not working, GPS not locking, etc.  Drove home to Northeast TN this past week.  Phone wouldn’t connect to 3G service at all while I was there (I’ve operated 5 phones there on Verizon in the past 9 years and each could connect to the current data service), and would drop the data connection altogether (unless I forced CDMA via LTE On/Off, in which case it would give me EvDo).  Installed the update this morning and drove back to St. Louis today.  The phone still wouldn’t connect to the 3G service in TN this morning after I installed the update, but it would connect to 3G service along the drive.  The GPS locked on well for Google Maps, but it would not lock on for News/Weather apps (the default widget and Weather Bug).  I’ve been messing with it all day, toggling between Google GPS and Verizon GPS, etc.  News/Weather apps lagged FAR behind (saying I was still in NE TN while I was driving through Nashville, 300 miles away).  It connected to the LTE network in Nashville just fine, and connected to the 3G network everywhere else.  But now that I’m back in St. Louis, it won’t consistently connect to the LTE network here and jumps between 3G and nothing.  It hasn’t rebooted all day, but otherwise, I’d say this update is still lacking quite a bit in terms of radio and GPS functionality (especially for those of us who travel a lot)….. 

    • Anonymous

      i’m having the EXACT same problems in Orange County, California.  and i’ve been having the SAME problems since the outage like you said.  i’m super frustrated.  I’ve called and talked to tech support like 100 times over the last few weeks.  i urge EVERYONE to call and explain the problems that you’re having like this because they don’t seem to think it’s an issue on their end.  and it is…… they seem to think it’s the phone or an app on the phone that’s making it do this.  so stupid!  it’s their shitty 4G network!  they should have done a lot more research and testing before they released phones on a network that doesn’t work properly.  i’m really pissed.  i’ve had nothing but problems for the last 2 months with the thunderbolt and it’s 4G connection. the first 2 weeks i had the phone it worked like a charm.  no problems at all…… then they had that outage and it’s been nothing but problems.

  • Smtxom

    Is it suppose to be 420mb? That seems a bit large

  • Does this fix the spontanious bricking problem?

  • Does this fix the spontanious bricking problem?

  • Michael Martin

    fyi guys, this kills off the working skype video app for thunderbolt

  • Anonymous

    nothing but problems for the last week.  i think it’s a verizon data issue.  both my wife (unrooted) and me (rooted) are both having data issues on 4g.  so annoying.  verizon needs to get their shit together.  their 4g network has been nothing but problem since they rolled it out.  i’ve tried everything being rooted.  nothing is fixing the problem.

  • Parsing…[SD ZIP]

    [2] BOOT – OK[3] RECOVERY – OK
    [4] SYSTEM – OK
    [5] SPLASH1 – OK
    [6] USERDATA – OK
    [7] MDM9K – OK
    [8] TP – Bypassed
    [9] TP – OK
    [10] RADIO_V2 – OKDid any NON-ROOTER users get the same results?

    • Dean2359

      Same here

  • Hmmm

    Gonna wait on installing this. This thing is supposed to start rolling out on June 15th and incidentally that’s when the free hotspot promo is supposed to end. Maybe, the update enables Verizon to detect the tethering while the current software version isn’t able to do that.

    • It does replace the HTC hotspot program with their own….