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DROID Charge Price Tags Show Up at Wal-mart Stores, is $298.88 Far Too High?

Maybe it’s the “DROID” tag that has been attached to it, otherwise, I can’t figure out how Samsung or Verizon can justify a $300 price tag for this phone.  Sure, the DROID Charge has a beautiful 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, but it’s still running Android 2.2 and TouchWiz with a single-core processor.  It also doesn’t appear to be launching with the 32GB SD card or even close to the 768MB of RAM that the Thunderbolt has.  I keep expecting there to be a surprise announcement about it having a dual-core or something, but so far haven’t heard a thing.  This has to be coming down at final launch, right?  Our MAP’d pricing list sure isn’t suggesting so though.

Oh, and all signs are pointing to April 28th for this device to be released.  If I were a betting man, I’d peg the Incredible 2 for next Thursday, with the Charge jumping in right behind it the following week.

Cheers S!

  • Anonymous

    its actually $749.00……ssoooooooo

  • It’ll be 200 or less in 30 days.

  • I hate to argue this point because it makes me sound like an Apple mark, but lets face it their competitor is the iPhone. I know the iPhone has 2 models a 16 and a 32, and this device has 32 gb of external storage. However, the market is saturated with Android devices as well and this phone only has one model.
    Unfortunately the average person will just compare it to the base model iPhone.

    Can’t justify $300 for this phone, when most only go for 250 or less. Let’s not forget tax shall we? In California tax is almost 10% and you’re taxed on the retail price, not the discounted.

    $700 retail = $70 tax
    Plus $300
    Equals $370

    vs everything else which comes in at under $300.

    So realistically it’s AT LEAST $70 more than other options. In addition, the specs aside from the screen is more or less the same as devices that are already released.

  • Anonymous

    I call shenanigans It just doesn’t look legit

  • This is just ridiculous….who would pay $300 for a phone on top of a 2 year contract….no thank you, next.

  • Cb2000a

    This phone is not worth $100 on contract let alone $299.

  • Anonymous

    Chaaaarrrggggeee!!! To your WALLET

  • Anonymous

    Charge > Thunderbolt in:
    Better screen technology
    Lower off-contract price

    Thunderbolt > Charge in:
    Better subsidized price
    Free 32GB microSD
    Sense > TouchWiz
    HTC actually releases updates
    HTC phones always seem to have better custom ROMs
    S-OFF, custom recovery, root already a sure thing

    I wonder which one I’d go for…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    prime example of where all the virtues of being “off contract” or the value of “1 year” flies out the window… $700 bwa ha haa

  • Anonymous

    Its nice to see samsung diffferentiate their device….but this pricing is gonna kill this poor phone.

    Wonder if the galaxys2 will be lte…if so this phone is set for a short lifespan.

  • db2guy

    I keep wondering why people are suprised, Verizon customers pay some of the highest rates in the world. If Verizon can get folks to pay that much then why not, just good business sense. There are several carries that provide the same or better service in most markets for a fraction of the cost. If you don’t like the Verizon price structure then move.