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Rumor: Gingerbread DROID X Build Rejected by Verizon?

Another rumor…yuck.  So a Twitter user named PydePypper, has apparently heard that Gingerbread for the DROID X was rejected by Verizon just after Motorola approved it.  This comes almost a day after we heard that there was a chance the update would start rolling out Sunday; who knows at this point.  We have been unable to get further confirmation on it actually going down this weekend, so to be safe, we’ll just have to tell you all to not expect anything any time soon.  We were unbelievably surprised to learn that it could have been released this weekend, and are definitely not holding out hope at this point.  It just seems way too soon.

Instead, let’s talk about the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi that officially becomes available on Sunday!  And from a quick look around the blogosphere, it appears as if everyone is taking our advice and heading into Staples to grab one early.  Nice.

Cheers webmastir!

  • Kmar

    So a twitter user has apparently heard .. eh?

  • Anonymous

    Total BS … Verizon approval/rejection would not have been at the last minute before release …

  • Mongerer

    If it wasn’t for rumors there shire wouldn’t be much to talk about in the android world.

    • mongerer

      Or sure wouldn’t be much to talk about.

  • Jawshua

    Isn’t someone with the name Pyedpyper, considered, well, not so credible?

  • PydePypper

    My lord this did not take long…lol. gotta luv DL

    You guys can believe and question all you want. The fact is I have contacts I get info from along with many other things I will NEVER comment on to not get my contacts into any trouble. If you want to question the info ask Team Black Hat they can vouch for that, but fyi I do keep a low profile 99% of the time and let others post the info that is received.

    Secondly I’m not dumb enough to use my normal online ID to post this kinda of info and that is why there is no info in my account. I fully understand the concern and questioning my post but it is the reality that it was rejected. And for a little info here maybe this will easy your folks minds I copied and pasted from the twitter account

    P3Droid Plz plz do not hold ur breathe I highly doubt a release of gb this weekend..but changed from soonish to very (cont) http://tl.gd/9fmhuv
    25 Mar PydePypper
    @P3Droid I’ll say for certain NO GB release this weekend, but very soon tho as I just got feedback on it about 20mins ago myself

    [email protected] yeh tbh members are in the know..I wonder if ppl knew u were a member?
    25 Mar via Plume   Favorite Retweet Reply

    [email protected] I doubt it but it is all good as I prefer staying under the radar anyways as you know.

    [email protected] oops I outed you. Hehehe

    Pyde [email protected] no worries seeing as my forum/online ID is not the same as this one…..lol.

  • Ufish2

    we will not get GB till verzion has sold enough tbolts and bionic’s to up there profit margin,see above for when the bolt will get it so don’t count on no love till then:(…then make your next phone a real google phone so you can keep it updated >)));> 🙂

  • Darrin

    Who is ‘PydePypper’, and why should anyone believe him?

    • Mark1263

      I don’t know. He has no bio and only 43 followers (probably had even less before the headline). His only source is his claim to have “inside info at Moto and Verizon”. Why did this guy get a headline without being checked out first?

  • Darrin

    Who is ‘PydePypper’, and why should anyone believe him?

  • digsoreos

    Hmmm… makes you wonder how serious the bugs were in this update since VZW let so many others by in the last two updates. Or maybe it was as some suggested, that VZW sent it back because they got some last minute deal with a software developer to add the demo version of a game no one wants.

    • Booboolala2000

      .probably the latter. I can’t believe that they make that much money off of that crapware. And at some point I hope it bites them in the ass, like maybe a super malicious app. Then they could be sued for millions.

  • Anonymous

    If only the manufactures/carriers could at least have a supported and unsupported rom. The supported rom would be the one that they require you to have for them to support the phone and they can run whatever crap they want on it. The unsupported could be as simple as the latest vanilla Android OS, like a beta, while they work on it to make it the supported rom.

    For companies like Moto/Verizon could still lock down the bootloader or whatever they wanted and have both roms signed. It would at least give us, the users, the option to run what we want and they technically wouldn’t have to do any real extra work.

  • faber
  • faber

    if it werent for root….id thrown the x away a long time ago