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Thunderbolt and Motorola XOOM Ads Enjoy Time in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

One of the difficult parts of this job is doing things like heading to the local market to pick up the brand new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and fondle it flip through it while looking for ads for the latest pieces of technology.  And sure enough, we were able to accomplish this difficult task which turned out to be a great success!  Like it wasn’t going to be anyway…

The Motorola XOOM found itself in a full page ad which we deemed far too removed from Irina Shayk, but the Thunderbolt sure opened up in a 2-page spread somewhere near Peter Island and Brooklyn Decker’s section.  Neither ad includes a release date, but we’re still holding out for the 24th.  And now you have an excuse to go buy this issue.  (Like you needed one?)

Tbolt spot after the break.  

And if you don’t feel like picking up the actual magazine to view the ladies, SI’s site is ready.

  • Ldanielson86

    The OG Droid makes an appearance also in the SI.

  • Ldanielson86

    The OG Droid makes an appearance also in the SI.

  • Ldanielson86

    The OG Droid makes an appearance also in the SI.

  • jas0n

    funny how these adds werent in the ipad version…

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    EExcellent placement of Droid-life logos lol for a sec I thought it was on the maps app, yeah I’m dumb sometimes

  • Greg

    How convincing. They have ads for a phone that they have yet to release. Only Verizon.

  • Tcal

    Going off-topic here, but has anyone noticed that this site is adorned with VZW iPhone ads?

  • Escub4

    From the for what it’s worth department; friend is a high level exec at BBY corporate, told me today they really don’t have a date yet but likely last week of month. No reason why or why not sooner or later. Also said they are sitting on 130k i*hones, only sold about 17k so far, sales have been a bust.

    • Anonymous

      Why does it say sold out online then

  • Scknoll123

    stupid question buy can you use google maps on the xoom with out using 3g or do you need to use data.

  • Kevoskee

    I have this magazine and I just opened it. Its one picture u missed with the sexy girl on the thunderbolt 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Inspire in that one. There is another XOOM shot towards the back too, but it doesn’t give a date either.

      • Kevoskee

        Funny thing is that it says expected Spring 2011. But we know its coming next week

  • Anonymous


  • The thunderbolt ad is also in Mens Health Mag that I got a few days ago..

  • Timmy13

    I talked to a rep high up in verizon and was told it was pushed back a week later than the 24th release date. He let me play around with the one he had on him and it was awsome.

    • HighBolt

      They haven’t pushed it back..

  • Anonymous

    Great , love that.they’re picking up the advertisement. But, would be extremely happy with a launch date, guess one can only hope

  • Huge Xoom ads in the newest Popular Science magazines too… Ill post pics when I get home.

  • Rampancy

    Why is the dude holding a helmet? Because the Tbolt is so DAMNED FAST?

    • NCX

      Motorcycle’s are fast, so are jets 😛

    • scrizzo

      The Blur Bootlocker Bullsh-t Brigade wears helmets too.