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Samsung Tab Coming to Best Buy as Wi-Fi Only and in Silver for $499

Hallelujah!  Wi-fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for just under $500 bucks and not in that boring all-black that Verizon will have it in?  Sold.  Well, maybe sold.  Since we all planned on tethering to the device anyway, is the $100 drop in price (from $599 on VZW) getting you a little more excited about the first major Android tablet?  This is definitely what I’ve been waiting for and have to admit that the silver color option has me even more jazzed.  (Yes, I said “jazzed.”)  Nice work Best Buy.  

Oh and Sprint just announced theirs for $399 on 2-year contract.

Anyone want to start the rumor with me that Verizon was forced to sell the Tab off contract-only in order to get the thumbs up from Jobs to sell iPads?

Via:  Pocketables

  • AT

    way too expensive …

    any tablet before Ginger bread will be krazy …

  • hmmm wen is this coming out?

  • aaronvail

    I might get this.. after I get newer android phone 🙂 Droid Incredible maybe

  • The350zWolf

    Unless the moto stingray comes in a wifi only version, the samsung tab is the ticket, at least for me, just need to save some greenbacks

  • Finire

    I'm glad to see the drop in price for a Wi-fi only version. If it weren't Jobs forcing Verizon to sell it without a contract because they're going to be carrying the iPad, then we might be getting somewhere.

    But, I am looking forward to maybe picking one up depending on what is released in January at CES. Maybe we'll see a 3.0 tablet with some decent pricing from HTC if we're lucky. I don't too much want to see the boxy version Motorola is going to be selling, but a decent design from HTC would be nice.

    Yeah, I was rambling… I know, I just got out of bed after noon..


  • PyroHoltz

    I'll wait for a Gingerbread tablet.

    Thank you.

  • Eric

    Verizon was forced to sell the Tab off contract-only in order to get the thumbs up from Jobs to sell iPads.

  • Higher_Ground

    still a bit too expensive. I'm probably going to wait until the 2nd generation of tablets before I make any decisions about getting one. It's not that the current ones aren't great, it's just that I've seen how much better devices like them seem to get after one or two years to work on them.

  • PizzaGuyInErie

    It's not so much a pad/tablet, as it is a really large phone. I'd do a 299.00/2 yr. thing.

    • Why? You'd end up spending over twice as much when you realize you can just tether it to your phone for free.

  • Stephen D

    I'll be honest, I played with an iPad in Best Buy when I was getting my Fascinate replaced, and I loved it. I thought it would be too big, and that the Galaxy tab was the perfect size, but now I think 10 inches is the perfect size. I'm so torn between the two. But I am leaning towards the iPad. I primarily want to play games, and that's one area where the iPad is better. Plus, I have a Fascinate, which is like a mini Galaxy tab. On the other hand, the GT has Flash. I was planning on buying a laptop, but now I'm going for a tablet. I'm planning on using the tablet like a laptop so Flash is a huge plus. Maybe I should get both 😛

    • zmpinqc

      Jailbreak your iPad and you'll have flash. It's ridiculously easy.

      • Stephen D

        How would I do that? I have a jailbroken iTouch, and I've looked through Cydia, but I can't find flash.

        • zmpinqc

          Here's one option:


          I'm sure there's easier methods. I started seeing things pop up about a couple days after the first shipped iPads arrived in peoples' homes. That webpage is from a simple google search. I'm sure there are easier and other methods. But I have read and seen it done quite a few times.

          • Stephen D

            Seems simple.

      • Or don't buy products from Steve Jobs and have flash given to you… It's ridiculously easy.

        • zmpinqc

          Or don't make fun of people because of which product they decide they like better… It's ridiculously easy… and mature.

    • DarthRogue

      The reason I would want the galaxy tab over the *Pad is that for one, it runs android, not *OS. Two, I can put it in my pocket, something I couldn't do with an oversized *Pad

      • Stephen D

        I definitely prefer Android to iOS, but with a tablet, I'd want to game, and that's the one area where iOS beats Android.

        • Unless you want to talk about gaming with emulators, where Android beats the crap out of iOS (20 years of gaming history in my pocket!)

    • NMMI89

      Yeah, get both…can't have too many toys. 🙂

      • Stephen D

        Nope, never 😀

    • Wait for the 10″ Motorola Tab then? Best of both worlds?

  • Jake

    Is the whole thing silver or only the back? The pre-release videos showed the Tab with a black front bezel and an all-white back. The VZW had a black back (all black). So, when they say that the Wifi-only and Sprint models are silver, do they mean that the back is silver and the front is still black, or is the whole thing silver?

    • kellex

      Guessing just the back will be silver.

      • Jake

        Okay, I've just viewed a preview of the tab by PhoneArena on YouTube. The device used in the review had a silver back and the standard black glossy front. It looked nice. I assume that's how the Wifi-only and Sprint versions will look.

        Two things I'm not crazy about are 1) the proprietary dock connection (wish it was standard USB, microUSB), and 2) the four buttons at the bottom appear to be susceptible to accidental presses. That's gonna be a major problem for me when I had this device over to a potential client to view my portfolio. It as annoying with my original Droid, and I haven't had the problem with my Droid X, because it has real clicking buttons.

  • rayz336

    Oh wow, I think I will be getting one of these for Christmas now. Either getting the all wifi or the Verizon one, can't decide.

  • RLJSlick

    Excellent job, lowering the price, and getting it in the market before Christmas, Good job Samsung/ Verizon!

  • droid guru

    or to promote the stingray when it comes out because it will be better

  • briderx

    399 or bust..

  • Getting better. This at least gives me hope for the future pricing of tablets.

  • Michael_NM

    I hear VZ had to sell the Tab off-contact so the could the maxIpad. 🙂

    • DarthRogue

      Wait… What?

      • Michael_NM

        See the last line of Dr. Droid's post… just playing along. 😛

        • kellex

          Thanks for playing along. 🙂

  • DarthRogue

    First! and even 499 is too much… D:

    • I completely agree. This device should be $349 – $399 for the wifi only version and $199 or $249 on a contract for the 3g version. Maybe $449 off contract 3g version. I hope the price drops fast after it's launch.

      • Anonymous

        If that were the price, I would gladly buy one. But seeing as I just got a nice laptop for 600, I can’t justify spending the same amount of money on a tablet. I have an OQO 01+, which is a nice piece of technology, it’s just aging, and I need to find an OS that runs better on it. If you don’t know what it is, google images can help you out… it’s really cool!

      • Yeah… The parts cost way more than that. Your PHONE costs $550 off contract, you’re expecting something with a bigger/more expensive screen to cost $200 LESS without a contract? Are you kidding me? Do you expect businesses to give away their product for less than the cost to build them so they can go out of business?