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Best Buy Already Selling DROID Incredible with SLCD Screens and Froyo

It looks like “end of September” for the SKU and screen change of the Droid Incredible has become middle September.  Best Buy is already selling DI’s with the new SKU (ADR6300VW3) meaning SLCD screen in tact and no more AMOLED battery-draining-but-beautiful-color-presenting goodness.

And it also appears as if they are now being sold out of the box with Android 2.2 preloaded.  If you look at the shot below, you can clearly see that the software version is “” which is the same version sent OTA just a few weeks ago.  Well, at least the same baseband anyway.

Cheers Anonymous from the Droid Life app!

  • Oh nice, thanks for share!

  • CyberMikey

    Are these goofy gadgets really worth all the fuss? Give me two tin cans connected by a taunt string any day!

  • Phillip_viado

    what if the last number of the sku wasnt a 3 like the picture is it still slcd??

  • Love my Dinc and Sense. Sense is more polished and enjoyable to use than ninja blur whatever is on the X. My bro and best friend have X and like sense better and attempt to duplicate it by getting Launcher Pro Pro. No battery issues either so glad to have my AMOLED. Couldnt be happier which is odd for me because usually want a new phone every week but been happy since Day 1.

  • Romma1

    Nice to see the Dinc getting the respect and support it deserves these days. It is a remarkable phone. Why do I this way about the Dinc?

    It is the first phone I have had for this long (4 months) that I have not wanted to trade in for a cooler, better phone. To me there is simply nothing out there that looks sleeker, and operates the way that it does..

  • marleyinoc

    Are these screens more prone to scratching? The D1 screen makes me want to buy whoever uses it for my next phone. End of year or so…

  • Blades

    I like my Droid INC. I'm glad that there will be more of them out in the wild now. As this is truly a great phone!!

    My best advice to people is to go to the verizon store and play with the different OS frontend's. Sense or Blur…. I like Sense better. But even with certain apps, you can change all that now.

    I like the Inc, for the simple fact that it was smaller, and not a brick like the X. But to each his/her own.

    But their are positives to both phones. Again, go play with each one, that is the only way “you” will know which you will prefer.

  • Glad I got one of the AMOLED originals. Couldn't be happier with the phone. Doesn't seem like the SLCD will really be that much of a downgrade. Slightly bummed that more of them will be in the wild now, though…it was nice being only one of a select few who had the phone. It's a testament to the phone that even 6 months after launch (a lifetime in the smartphone world) it's still in demand.

  • rona2004
  • there should be a movie called Troll Wars just about all these damn trolls on Droid-Life and Engadget..

  • My warranty replace dInc came with the SLCD. Jesus H Christ, I forgot what it was like to have a viewable phone in direct sunlight!

  • i prefer the AMOLED

  • Paul704

    I can't wait to see a comparison of these two screens on the DINC !!

  • Rrigia

    I am trying to decide whether to buy the DROID X or the INCREDIBLE! I would appreciate any advice,


    • Paul704

      Both great phones…I have the DINC and love it !!! The Droid X is nice but a bit to large for me. Go to the store on try both in your hand to see how they feel, plus remember carring it around, I went with the Incredible for size and I'm glad I did.

    • Xero149

      everyone talks about the dx like is a 42 inch lcd screen…..is only a tiny bit of a difference…i have had all droid, droid 2, incredible, droid x, fascinate…i say the droid x is the winner

    • WhereIsTony

      I have both, the incredible is a better phone IMO, though I am currently using the X.

      My wife and I swapped, because the lag and size were bothering her. However, if the update to froyo does not fix its issues I will be surpised.

  • Rrigia

    Do you think this is better than the DROID X? Is this slated for the DROID X also? I am having a tough time deciding which one to buy. I keep bouncing back and forth.

  • mcrib over froyo on x

    I love McRibs hahaha

  • Smminco

    a lot of you have to be kidding. bashing on Moto. You do realize Moto has successfully put 2.2 on two models, and is about to do it on a third with verizon, while HTC is just now completing its first model with Verizon? take a look at the scoreboard. i think motorola is doing a pretty darn good job. The Dinc has been out for 5 months, and the x has been out for barely 2. HTC had 3 more months to work on it than Moto did for the x.

    give it a rest already. verizon and motorola are pumping out 2.2 better than anyone else, and y'all are still bitchin? please…

    • IAgreeWithHim

      not only that, but Motorola hasnt said when they will put 2.2 on the x. an employee of motorola slipped by saying something, but the company never announced anything.

      i work for mcdonalds, and the mcrib is gonna be on the menu year round starting in march.

      so, is the world gonna hold mcdonalds to that now just because i said it?

      • If you are speaking to the public while being paid to be a spokesman for the company then yes.

        Bit different scenario but nice try =).

  • Apple973

    Yawn whatever ! Watching netflix on my iPhone 4 lmao

    • Chris Nimon

      Nice. Ive been watching live football and tv. Sent an email to my dad, txt message to my brother, set my alarm, did an internet search and most importantly, MADE A PHONE CALL and I didnt need a “bumper”, and did it all by voice activation. Used flash to search the real web instead of some little app, and Instant messaged my brother on the FULL Facebook. Set my Live wallpaper. flipped through my SCROLLING WIDGETSs – contacts,Bookmarked webpages, calendar, etc. Got tired of watching football on my phone so I used it to wirelessly tether my laptop. Of course this would've taken much longer if I couldnt multitask instead of doing 1 or maybe 2 things at once (if these 2 things would even work at the same time) But yes, I'll be happy in the near future when the Netflix for Android comes out. 😛

      • Apple973

        u wish u could surf the web and talk .go kick rocks!!!lmao

        • Chris Nimon

          Been able to surf and talk since day 1. Man, this site needs to get some smarter trolls. Is this really all you could come up with? Your not even worth playing with. So I guess I'll wait till tomorrow and see if there's any better trolls out. LMFAO

        • lakerzz

          I really don't see how you are able to surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time…don't you usually need a signal to do that in the first place? Im just saying…

          *hold on. Let me check…yup, full bars…”CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”*

        • Jasonws

          Whats an apple fan boi doin on droid life? Lol, it just doesnt make sense to me. I have no reason whatsoever to go lurkin around a crapple site, lol why would i? Id have to really not have a life or anything better to….oh…wait. lol, never mind. Carry on there cool guy 😉

          • Chris Nimon

            Ahhh, Its OK. I shut him down and insulted his intelligence. I think it was some 10-14 year old. No biggie. Its the ones who just keep repeatedly saying “But is it an *phone? I want the one with the bigger GB's” that are really annoying. This was just some kid playin around.

    • Xero149

      watching blockbuster on my droid x

  • I heart my Incredible. I have had it since the end of April and I still don't think there is a better Android phone available in the U.S.

    • TheXisBetterByAmile

      except the x (better processor, camera, video recording, HDMI, screen resolution, build quality, battery life, exchange support), and fascinate (better CPU, GPU, screen, design, etc.)

      incredible is a great phone, but it got smashed by x and fasinate in just about every way.

      • DINC rocks

        Yeah its a great phone if you want to carry it around in your man purse…LOL to danm big for my liking!!

      • Okay. What metrics are you using to say that the processor, camera, video recording is better? HDMI is pointless to me because there is nothing on my phone i wish to view on my tv. The screen resolution difference is marginal and i prefer the color on AMOLED screens. Build quality i will give you. Battery life on my Inc. is amazing. I don't use exchange so that part is useless to me. Also i can flash custom kernels and my phone fits nicely in my polo workshirt pocket. The Fascinate hahahahaha. That part made me laugh. Have you seen the internal Verizon memos. No thanks.

        • guest

          i know jeff the droid x is better by cpu/gpu and resolution. Anything that droid x and droid incredible is really similar or the same thing.

      • guest

        you buggin droid x processor is 1ghz so it same just different code name. big woop! Camera not really they both 8megapixes. Video recording as of now with 2.2 os droid incredible has an hd 720 p video recording like htc evo and droid x.

        Cpu that the only that droid x has better and resolution by 54 . Not big deal 800×480 droid incredible vs droid x 854×480.

        • Mrpicolas

          Actually they are 2 totally different processors all together so not the same the architecture of the 2 phones r as hardware is concerned Google omap vs snapdragon and read away

      • htcinc

        lol @u Serious nice man purse and my Di still rocks….

    • Xero149

      i see you dont get out much lol

  • telergy

    Thank goodness for insurance 😉

  • Dwall189

    actually when engadget did their battery tests between SLCD and Amoled. Amoled consistently came out on top.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it is more of a supply issue and just being blamed on battery as a reason for the change? Or is it just cheaper?

  • EggoEspada

    Man, Best Buy always gets everything out before everyone. lol

  • Jeff

    Still no official word from VZW or Motorola on when Droid X will receive Froyo other than the vague “late summer”. Please keep in mind that summer ends on 21-SEP-2010. Unless they are talking about southern hemisphere summer 🙂

  • I always thought that the amoled was the cause of the battery drain, but after seeing this, my thoughts have changed.

  • DxDude

    Yeah this makes moto look like jerks. Of course, they're quite capable of making themselves look like jerks without they're competition doing anything…

  • Michael

    Made in Taiwan! hmm, wonder how long it will last!

    • PigHeaded

      Can't be any worse than made in America.

      • Timoh

        Actually made in America quality, in general, is still pretty good it's just expensive. That's why it isn't very common anymore.

        • but pretty much anything that doesn't involve overly complicated construction can be made by slave children in taiwan lessening the quality

          • Timoh

            Sure but that can happen in any country really. Exchange children for illegal immigrant(exploited at low pay most of the time) and the results are the same.

            Automatically assuming everything that comes from Taiwan is assembled or manufactured with child labor, is the same as saying ALL Chinese products are inferior. It's just not the case, there are some very high quality products from both of those countries, and the USA. There are also some very low quality products that come from all 3 of them.

          • Kkoi

            slave children in taiwan? what planet are you on?

  • Rousellbrandon

    I wonder how much battery it saves?

  • One_ina_milli

    Htc just dick slapped motorola in the face.smh

    • Milkdud7000

      +1 for htc actually doing what they said they would do…..IN A TIMELY MATTER! Motorola: take notes!

  • First!

    • kellex

      Good morning!