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Custom Theme Friday: Golden Elegance for Lithium Mod

To those of you new to the site, we’d like to welcome you to Custom Theme Friday which is a segment posted at the end of each week featuring one of the hot new custom themes on the market.  You will need to be rooted to follow this process, but that should be easy after we showed you the “1-touch” method this morning (before it was suspended from the market that is).

So today we have one of the new themes for JRummy’s series of ROMs which is built off of FRG01B, the official Froyo release.  Again for those new, you’ll be seeing a lot of JRummy’s work around here and that’s a good thing.  The guy provides more custom color schemes and themes than anyone in the business.

We’ve also added some extra details to our usual instructions to hopefully help you out along the way…

Theme:  Golden Elegance for Lithium Mod  (Created by kookahdoo)


*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device.  Installing a custom ROM or theme could also possibly brick your phone.  This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.

1.  Download and install ROM Manager Premium.
2.  Open and tap “Download ROM”.

*If it’s your first time opening ROM Manager, you will need to tap the top option to “Flash Clockwork Recovery” first.

3.  Choose JRummy and “Lithium Mod V1.0.12”.
4.  Choose “Golden Elegance” or whichever color package you prefer.
5.  Choose a kernel, font, and any Addons.
6.  Once the ROM and add-ons finish downloading you will be prompted with this:

7.  Check the box to make a backup in case something goes wrong with the install.
8.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if already running a Froyo ROM.

*If you run into issues after installing, you may need to re-flash the ROM and make sure to wipe data and cache.  Just follow this same process, but check the box to wipe.

9.  Press “OK” and your phone will reboot and work some magic.
10.  Once it finishes, your phone will reboot and you will have Lithium Mod installed!

*If you get stuck at the boot animation, then something went wrong.  Either your phone doesn’t like the kernel you chose or you just need to “wipe data and cache.”  Boot into recovery (hold Power + X with phone off) and flash a “nandroid” backup that you created in step 7.

11.  Enjoy!

Let us know if you run into any issues!  And feel free to leave tips for any of our readers that are new to rooting their phones.

Full support thread and donate link here.

Full gallery after the jump!

Big Cheers to the whole Lithium Mod team:  Billygalbreath, insanenemesis, N8dyddy, jdlfg, romanrish, ronx, canvs2331, and JRummy!


  • Chris Nimon

    clear cache in rom manager – menu,clear download cache. flash alternate recovery at the bottom. then go back up and flash clockwork. If that doesnt work try reboot phone then these.

  • i keep getting an error everytime i try to flash my clockworkmod recovery.. any tips?

  • i keep getting an error everytime i try to flash my clockworkmod recovery.. any tips?

    • Chris Nimon

      clear cache in rom manager – menu,clear download cache. flash alternate recovery at the bottom. then go back up and flash clockwork. If that doesnt work try reboot phone then these.

  • T Mendoza89

    help!!! i rooted phone, and when i tried downloading this ROM a bunch of stuff went wrong, and as i recovered it and did some other stuff i think i might of wrecked my phone. nothing will load up but the motorola screen at the beginning of boot. The clockwork recovery loads, but it doesnt have any of my backups on there. is it possible i wiped my phone out completely? what do i do

  • Can I put any rom oh theme wit the built froyo rooted? Wit rom manager?it doesn't matter wat theme I want to put?.plz I need help

  • james34

    I downloaded this and i love it. The colors are just bad ass in my opinion but theres just one problem that i have been having from day one with this rom. I cant add a exchange account. I was on another 2.2 rom and it was worked perfect. Any ideas as to y or what i can do to get an exchange account working on this rom would be great.

  • D4L (droid 4 life)

    guys ,serious, how can i get the gold weather clock in this display…PLEASE HELP..

    • Chris Nimon

      Beautiful Widgets from the market

  • Deehill4

    i tryed to intsall a custom rom and it only did half of it and now my phn want access messaging,phone,search bar not anythang can someone help me plz so i can fix this????????

  • Deehill4

    I tryed to install a custom rom and wen i installed it only half of it installed now my messaging doesnt work nor does my search box or phone it says this app is nt installed on ur phn…someone plz help me out wat can i do to fix this and get my phn bak working rite..

  • Bjackson 4

    I tried to download the blueberry rom. and now it keeps showing the droid red eye and back to the words droid over and over again. please help


  • Jeaniekim

    i rooted w/ easy root… and got a custom rom.. etc.

    on the app “quadrant”, my numbers are in the thousands, my videos load fast, my downloads are speedy.. BUT

    my phone LAGS. when i open my app drawer it takes so long to load, when i click home my home screen takes SO long to load.. its slower than even before i rooted. WHY? am i supposed to do something with setpcu to overclock?? though.. i still dont understand what overclocking is… but i did set my battery profile to what kellex did in his demonstration. anyways.. i am currently on the newest cyanogen rom from rom manager.

    it would be SO awesome if someone could respond and help me understand my problem. please. thank you.

    • Doolidg

      Hey jeaniekim…quick question…when you used easy root does it wipe your phone ?

      • No it does not.

        • Doolidg

          hey thanks Brian….

  • D4L( DROID 4 LIFE)

    I want that weather clock …….how can I get it. I downloaded the rom but no clock. Need help

    • Doolidg

      I believe its beautiful widgets

  • Randy21671

    HELP!! Kellex…. How to follow “How to fix Quickboot and Rom Manager… at xda-developers. I must be an idiot..

  • bryan

    quick question if i use easy root to root can i every go back to stock

  • Quick question. I have ROM Manager prem. Do I have to download new roms like I did the first time I rooted my Droid??? Like change the name to updaye.zip???

    • Nvm. I'm a noob. I misread it.

      • Ok. I have downloaded this and tried it 5 times now. And it will not work. I done it step by stem. I do have a rooted droid 2.2. And prem ROM Manager. What am I doing wrong….

        • did you wipe your phone?

  • confused

    I'm new to theming so bear with me: I tried to install Lithium/Golden Elegance following the steps above (I think). I was coming from Cyanogen RC2. I did not wipe. Now I seem to have some weird bastid child of RC2 and Lithium. It looks just like it did before on RC2. And in settings I've still got the Cyanogen Settings menu. But About Phone says I'm running “Mod version/unknown”, “Build Number/Lithium_Mod 1.0.12” “Kernel version/, [email protected] #8”. Rom Manager doesn't list the Rom anymore. It says “Your ROM is not set up to recieve OTA updates.”

    What gives?

    • A wipe would most likely have prevented this, but you could find a stock rooted FRG01B, install that, and go about installing the theme again, making sure you wipe and clear


      stock rooted FRG01B is located there^
      doing this will lose your current apps/data so you could download titanium backup from the market and backup beforehand

    • no longer confused

      Update: I restored back to Cyanogen RC2 and then back again to Lithium/Golden Elegance but this time with a full data/cache wipe and everything is now working fine. The Golden Elegance theme is nice enough, but I'm even more impressed with Lithium Mod. I'm using a 1.1 ghz low voltage kernel, but with SetCPU limited to 1.0 ghz for added stability. I'm finding it to be more stable, speedier and easier on my battery than Cyanogen RC2. Thanks!

  • 1stliberal

    This is a stunningly beautiful theme, that I enjoy with the Ultimate Droid eXtreme rom. Kook has put a lot of care and craftsmanship into creating the theme, and it shows in his attention to detail.

  • dylan84

    Just installed Lithium Mod with the Purple Passion theme…I love Jrummy's work. It's always top top top quality.

  • thegod


  • Shawn

    Gold teefs for errbody!!

  • ThaRealDon

    This is ugly try the new intigernation theme its beast just type in lithium mod on google and ull find it lithium mod been out for a week or so kellex is slipping with these roms and themes

  • ThaRealDon

    This is ugly try the new intigernation theme its beast just type in lithium mod on google and ull find it lithium mod been out for a week or so kellex is slipping with these roms and themes

  • I have a question, I just rooted with the easy root app. I then have tried to download cyanogen, bugless beast and this theme but have been unsuccessful with all of them. What am I doing wrong? When I get to step 9, I get the triangle with the ! inside it but then nothing. It just stays on that screen. I then did the volume up and camera button and selected reboot. Any help?

    • Chris Nimon

      download Rom Manager from the market. flash clockwork mod, click download rom, and pick your rom.

      • I did that right after i rooted. I ended up being able to get Jrummys blueberry theme to install but afterwards I had to completely sign up again (like you do on day one). I didnt expect that. Also, all of my apps were gone. I was under the impression that the apps were tied in with my google account and when I singned in to that account they would be there. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have created a backup before I started messing around and was able to get my phone back to “normal”. I'm still rooted but everything for the most part is just like it was before root. Is it something I did wrong that caused my apps to “disappear”? I like the idea of installing all of these cool roms that everyone here talks about but if I have to start from scratch each time I do it I dont find it worth the hassle.

        • download titanium backup, you will still have to sign in to the first time screen and all, but running the backup app will give you your data, apps back. It created a backup on your SD card

        • Chris Nimon

          were you going from 2.1 to 2.2? then you have to wipe. if you were on 2.2 you dont have to wipe (unless you have problems, then wipe) I use adw launcher. it backs up your homescreen settings. when i flashed to jrummy lithium i did a restore through adw and had everything back. I Use appbrain with fast web installer. it stores which apps you have installed and which one you used to have installed so you can easily reload them. you can also search appbrain on your computer and have apps installed to your phone from there.

          • I was already running 2.2 but I use Launcher Pro Plus. I just downloaded titanium backup, hopefully that will help me. I really appreciate the help though.

  • Paulforshee

    Does the X root alow for wireless tethering ?

    • mathees

      for free? no, not until the bootloader is unlocked. then you can get “Barnacle wifi tether” and life is good

  • OOk what is odexed or deodexed?

  • tom76

    Not a big fan of the gold. LithiumMod is great though been running it since the day it came out. One issue though…every time I run a custom rom ( doesn't effect stock builds) the time in my notification bar is red. I'm sure I changed it at one time, i think in “spare parts” but can't seem to find the setting to change back,…any ideas???

  • xmetl

    so ugly

    • Droid

      Agreed. And worst of all is that it doesn't even line up.

  • Eric

    Clearly this does not work well in portrait mode. Gold is ugly.

  • not a guest

    as a droid x owner, i cry a little inside every friday.

    • Towelie420

      As a Droid X owner, and previous owner of the Droid, themes like these have and always will look incredibly tacky and lame to me. That is only my opinion, not trying to razzle anyone, as you are all entitled to your own opinions!

      • Tyler

        how is the freedom to modify everything tacky and lame?

        • belsonc

          I don't think he's saying the freedom is tacky and lame, I think he's saying the appearance is. One of those just-because-you-can-doesn't-mean-you-should kind of things. My car is completely stock, except for the tires. I could do all sorts of stuff to it – but I don't. Same thing here. 🙂

  • Yak

    Why not go full pimpzilla? http://www.pimpzilla.nl/index.php

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Another Snoop-D®oid venture… haha, smooooth

  • timmy

    Would anybody know of any themes that would go well with bugless beast v0.4 without it acting up? I want something dark. I really like the look of smoking glasses so something in that look would be sweet.

    • Pog-Mo-Thoin

      You can check the link below. There are a few themes for BB. The Black Glass theme and the Watermark'd theme are nice.


      • timmy

        thanks! i'll check it out

  • thegod

    Do you really need brick warnings when no one has ever bricked there phone ?

    • droidaholic

      If some idiot actually did brick his phone (or so they thought) and kellex didn't have the warnings, he'd get blamed. They're just there to save his butt 🙂

  • JohnnyD

    What's the difference between ROM Manager and ROM Manager Premium? I know one is free and one is $3.99, but are there features in Premium that aren't available in the free?

    • Flyinion

      Yep, in Free you can only access the top few ROMs. You need the pay version for things like Lithium or Simply Stunning or a number of others. I think I've more than made up for the $4 I spent on it with all the ROMs I've downloaded.

    • kellex

      You wont be able to access Lithium Mod unless you have Premium.

  • DeathofGrim

    So I have a question maybe someone can answer. When I run say lithium mod on my droid it lags videos, but when I use sapphire it doesn't the videos play clean. Any reason for that?? I'm not overclocked could that be it? Or is there a certain kernal I should use?
    If anyones got some feedback let me know,

    • Flyinion

      If you're not applying the “Stage Fright” option when installing Sapphire, that could be it. The Sapphire devs disabled the new for 2.2 Stage Fright codec because it was causing streaming audio quality problems, but maybe it affects video performance as well. They went back to Opencore which is supposed to provide better quality but slightly slower opening time. Maybe it provides smoother playback too though. I'm just throwing out wild ass guesses here but it's the only thing I can think of other than Sapphire is compiled from Android Source where Lithium is based on leaked releases so maybe Sapphire has better optimizations.

      • Gokuz89

        i was thinking of changing ROM's today (been running JRummy Kangerade) and i have seen 2 great ones today, the new Sapphire 1.0 and JRummy Lithium and now i am torn on which to get. Any general feel out there for which is running best / looks best?

        • The_Other_Ray

          I installed sapphire last night coming from lithiummod and truthfully they are both really fast and stable roms.

          you won't go wrong with either. I don't have the redraw issue that I've had with bb, kangerade, cyanogenmod.

          My current setup is sapphire 1.0 with watermarked theme running 800mhz with launcher pro.

        • mathees

          sapphire is the snappiest ROM i've seen. 1200mhz with launcher pro plus

  • Lizzz4

    Is there away to change my phones' theme even though I'm not “rooted”? I don't want to root, because with my luck I'd really mess up my phone, I'm not that tech savvy. But I'm jealous of the awesome themes. Is there an app?

    • nkhex19

      You have to be rooted to theme your phone like this. There may be an app to change a thing here or there but nothing like these themes do.

    • Honestly, the theme changing is more likely to damage your phone than rooting. Rooting is gaining administrator access, just like your Windows computer.

      But neither is likely to damage your phone as long as you follow instructions.

    • Dont be scared. 🙂 its not hard, I coached my mom through it. (shes 49) there's plenty of support for ya. 🙂

  • evltwn

    UPDATE….Easy Root has been pulled off the Android Market…

  • Ace Z.

    I love this ROM, but Sapphire is sickening with no remedies.

  • How about a custom Boba Fet wallpaper to add to your new Golden Elegence custom friday theme?


    • kellex


  • yay! custom themes ftw! Cyan for me though when it comes to LithMod. 😛

  • This is what the Former IL Governor Rod Blagovich's droid theme should be.. “It's (bleeping) Golden..”

    Sorry I had to. 🙂

  • Djspikezz

    Kellex The one touch root has been suspended from the market.. you need to update the blog about it!

    • kellex

      Really what happened?

      • Djspikezz

        If you go to the market, put in “easy root compatibility” and read the authors note. I guess it's been said on some sites as well if you google search the program. No reason was given but to “be patient”.

  • haha feel free to jump in the IRC if you need help 😛

    • nkhex19

      Is their a lot of people going in the IRC?

      • Yea man. It's fun 🙂

      • Anonymous

        there is seven in there now but i live on irc so thanks for letting me know the channel was around

    • Scottholstein

      Tim, I have a couple of questions and want to pick your brain concerning the droid x and our beloved droid 1. I am rooted with the D1 and love loading custom roms, kernels, etc…I cannot upgrade until Sept. and am not sure that I want to anyway with all of the talk about the droid x bootloader being locked. I guess you can root the DX with Easyroot from the market. Doesn’t that allow you to load custom roms? If it doesn’t, what does it allow you to do? You can’t overclock if you can’t install another kernel, right? I really don’t want to give up my D1 and its customizable abilities for a phone that will remain stock forever. Do you know any information or have any insight on this? Will the DX end up hacked with custom roms or is it really locked down for good?

  • Droidzilla

    Fellas, I've got a fever. And the only prescription I know of . . . is more custom theme Friday!

  • Michael_NM

    Golden Elegance? I'm not sure that's the best name for this…

    • Droidzilla

      At least it wasn't “Golden Shower” . . .

      • Kobeonradio

        haha golden shower

      • aczm1988


    • Pog-Mo-Thoin

      Stay gold, Pony Boy, stay gold.

      • jacko

        **stay golden pony boy, stay golden**